20 Sergio Ramos Haircut & Hairstyles For Long & Short Hair 2021

Sergio Ramos Garcia, a name that echoes when uttered, known by many and loved by all. He is a professional footballer who plays for the Spain national team and for Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos is also the captain of both the team, nationally and internationally. He is greatly known for his amazing defending skills in the game of football. Apart from his football game skills, Sergio Ramos is famous and renowned for the iconic hairstyles that he pulls off with much aplomb. Every now and then kids and adult men are seen sporting some of the iconic hairstyles of famous people. So it does not come as a surprise when men of all ages are seen sporting a Sergio Ramos hairstyle to up their appearances.

By every mean people do look good in these iconic hairstyles if done well. So, to give you all a better insight of the hairstyles behind Sergio Ramos’ hairstyles that makes him look so attractive and nice, we have jotted down twenty of the most famous hairstyles of the footballer. We shall discuss what the hairstyle is and how to perfect the hairstyle. We shall attach images so this way, you, as a reader and an observer can easily identify the hairstyles and learn the simple ways to get the perfect hairdo for you. Knowing something and applying it general life makes the process of getting something done very easily without obstructions.  Usually, there is a lot of hassle that goes behind finding a good hairdresser and explaining to them what you want. So with the information that we are about to share here will come in handy when you visit the salon next. By knowing how it is done and can be perfected you as a client can explain the hairdo to your hairdresser and get the look.

Listed below are 20 of the best Sergio Ramos hairstyles that will satisfy your soul every time you look in the mirror or walk past one when out on the road.

1. The Basic Boyish

This hairstyle is called the boyish hairstyle for the way it makes one look when gotten their hair styled this way. It gives a boyish feel to the person sporting this hairstyle.

How to get it: Sporting a choppy hair with ruffled locks is pretty easy and basic. Sergio did so at the beginning of his career. You need not lose much hair behind it, just the basic. With the sidelines trimmed and hair longer than an inch right on the temple, unkempt is what makes it look that amazing.


2. The Tapered Quiff

Sergio Ramos has sported aplenty of hairstyles in his career, among which, the tapered quiff has made him look sleek and suave in every way.

How to get it: This hairstyle is a pretty simple one at that, all you need a hairdresser with steady hands to trim the sides carefully and highlight the edges. With an inch long hair on the center, back brushed to any of the sides, this look is all a man needs.


3. The Undercut Ramos

This Sergio Ramos haircut is good for the summers. For footballers, the summers can be a huge load, even on the hair. So, Sergio Ramos finely gets his tresses done the undercut way.

How to get it: Trim the sides neatly and keep a minimum of two inches long hair on top. While the sides fade, the top remains a contrast to it giving a sleek look.


4. The Ramos Caesar Cut

This is a very Catholic looking haircut so to say, with neatly done edges and side-parted hair, one could actually look innocent in this hairstyle if done right. Avoid the catcalling of how innocent it makes you look, feel the vibe that it gives.

How to get it: keep it short and simple. Side it to one side and keep it intact with some good hair gel. You are sorted, it is that great.


5. Highlights

We are not talking about the game highlights. It is the hairdo that Sergio Ramos has seen sporting many a time blended with various haircuts. It spices up the appearance of any one’s hair by giving texture and hues to the dull hair.

How to get it: It is quite easily actually. All you need to do is get a hairdresser who has good knowledge about hair dying. Ask them for giving you a good shade of highlight color for your hair.


6. Double Levelled Undercut

Undercuts have become the norm when it comes to Sergio Ramos hairstyles. The double leveled undercut looks edgy and gives a smoother look.

How to get it: Ask your hairdresser to give you two arched undercuts. We are attaching a picture below so that it is easy for you to understand.


7. Faux Hawk Ramos

The haircut gives distinct features to a person; it gives shape to a person’s face, opting for a boy next door look.

How to get it: Trim your sides and highlight the upper portion. Trim the back of the head and keep the center hair long vertically upward. Style your hair by spiking it up with hair gel and perfect this look.

Also Check Neymar’s Faux hawk hairstyle


8. Officially Casual

This look sported by Sergio Ramos gave him a very official look with a touch of causal added to it. Service workers can easily opt for this hairstyle, as it is not extravagant and follow s a code.

How to get it: With a rectangular shaped section on top that flows down backward and sides trimmed to half an inch, this hairstyle is the best. Sides parted neatly and keeping it in place with hair gel will give you what you are looking for a smart business yet casual look.


9. Sleek Back Cut

This haircut makes a person look like they have volume in their hair meaning their hair is of great quality. It gives a fuller look to the wearer of this hairstyle.

How to get it: Finely trim and mix the highlight to the upper center hair. Keep the center hair longer than two inches and back brush it. Style it with gel and give it a fuller and fitter look.


10. Sleek Top with Undercut

Do not go by the name and judge the haircut unless you see the below-attached image. The image is clear as to why this name. Nevertheless, it gives one a sporty look.

How to get it: Ask your hairdresser to shave (not trim) the lower edges and give a distinct arched shaped cut to the side. The center hair should be kept long and styled to look voluminous.


11. Tousled Hairdo

Apart from all the messy hairstyles, Sergio Ramos has wowed his fans with this sleek and suave tousled hairdo. It gives him a sharp look. Men looking get a sharp looking haircut should opt for it.

How to get it: More than the haircut, hair products are given more priority to get this look absolutely right just like Ramos. So invest in good hair products and look your best.


12. Cornrows

Cornrows are the most facial-feature defining hairstyles sported by many. Be it a round shaped or rectangular shaped face, Cornrows just highlights you natural feature.

How to get it: It is difficult to do it yourself as cornrows are plaits done intricately on one’s hair with very fewer sections of it. So getting it done by a person who has steady hands is a better option. It requires a length of one to two inches minimum to get cornrows done on your entire head. It gives one a wild look.


13. Semi/Half Cornrows

For those of you with shorter hair at the sides and longer hair on the top of your head then the half/semi cornrows are the best for you. If you love getting those plaits done on your head for a wild bohemian look then opt for the half cornrows.

How to get it: Let your side hair be the way it is as nothing more can be done with it. Make neat cornrow braids  right from where the side end upwards and do it on the top portion of your head. Let the plaits ends loose and fall on the shoulders without having to tie them to a bun or curling it up. This way you can get the perfect Sergio Ramos half/semi cornrows.


14. The Highlight Top With Undercut Ramos Haircut

A person who prefers short hair or has a disliking for the long tresses hanging on the shoulder or coming on the face, this hairstyle from the collection of Sergio Ramos hairstyles is the one for you. It is sharp, sleek, neat and very uber looking.

How to get it: All you need to do is trim off your entire sides of your head and the back of your head and keep less than an inch hair on the top which should reduce while going downward. Gel it up and blow-dry it for it to stay that way for a longer period of time.

15. Punk Hairstyles

Spiked hair lovers, anyone? Love punk culture? Well, this is the best hairstyle you could adopt from Sergio Ramos’ nice hairstyles. This hairstyle is not the quintessential offbeat roadside spikes that might make you look bad. It is more of a classy spiked hairdo with finely defined sections of hair that looks good best in highlighted hair.

How to get it: It requires precision to be honest. You must have good hair products on your lot to get this hairdo right. Section your hair to one side and edge off the other. Then use gel and make sharp ridges on your hair and blow dry it to get the Sergio Ramos sculpted punk star look.


16. The Shoulder Length Cut

There are plenty of people out there, who just happen to be in love with shoulder-length hair. Nowadays nobody really wears the judge’s hat and get on peoples back for having long hair as a man. But, this is what it is, the world has begun to accept new things without having to feel awkward about it. The Sergio Ramos long hair does not work for everybody, but to those that are suited to it looks good sporting it.

How to get it: There is no hard and fast rule to get this look. Ask your hairdresser to trim your long tresses to a certain length as per the structure of your face and your facial features. Then choose your parting and look good with those long beautiful tresses.


17. Basic Spiked Sleek Haircut

The basic spikes are sported not just by Ramos but many other people across the globe. But, if you are new in the game of spikes then do give this look a try. Footballers have always had a liking for spikey hairdos; they are simple, easily manageable and makes you look cool.

How to get it: You need to have short hair as for obvious reasons long hair will not stand up unless there is an external force helping it out. Short trimmed hair with slightly longer front hair can easily avail to the spiked look of Ramos.


18. Side Sleek Haircut

This hairstyle is best sported for semi-formal occasions. It gives a person a gentleman kind of look with very less funk and class in plenty. Sergio Ramos is known for his undercut hairstyle, this side sleek hairstyle is just one of the versions of the undercut hairstyles.

How to get it: Keep the center hair on the top of your head, longer and back brush it. The sides should be trimmed and defined well. Otherwise, one could opt to shave off the sides to give the center section more attention.


19. Headband Hairdo

Long hair, check! Headband, check! The attitude on check!? Well, that is how it goes. If you are to sport a headband you would not want to look stupid in front of everyone, so having the right attitude and clothing is mandatory.

How to get it: Comb your hair and use hair gel to keep it in place and give it a wet look. Wear the headband strategically and place in over your head to your suited hair section. Voila!


20. Combover Hairdo

This hair is the most hassle-free hairstyles ever and so it comes last on the list as it has very fewer rules attached to it. It is what our mother always did for us before leaving for school, combing over.

How to get it: Get a good haircut. Make a parting and comb over without much precision and get the look, as simple and sweet it is.

These above mentioned hairdos are a must try. Let loose your inhibitions and give in to your desires of getting the best hairstyle from Sergio Ramos hairstyles.

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