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33 Heavenly Shag Haircut Ideas For Any Season In 2022

Shag haircut has been circulating around the trendy hairstyles since the 1970s at the inception phase from popular TV shows. Originated by the hairstyling expert Paul McGregor, Jane Fonda was the first to try this style out on television.

However, it later on became synonymous with Farrah Fawcett as she was the one who made it widely popular among hairstyling enthusiasts. As the craze slowed down in the late 80s, Jennifer Aniston revived this style with her interpretation back in the 90s in the TV show Friends with her Rachel haircut.

In the contemporary world, this style has been redefined and remodeled to cater to the taste of modern day consumers. In this era of fusion, you’ll see many varieties of this style fused with color or a different trend of haircut, making it more unique and prominent in the popular culture.

If you are a fan or looking forward to trying out an elegant, stylish and alluring hairstyle now, giving the shag haircut a go would be an ideal choice for you. Our article relishes on some of the most uniquely styled shag hairstyles that you can choose from with a general DIY guide.

So hop on and scroll until the end, because we’ve got some jaw-dropping designs that you’ll certainly fall in love with in this article!

What Is A Shag Haircut?

A shag haircut is a captivating hairstyle that is built upon two prominent foundations – one is the different length layers all over your hair body and the other is the permed effect. The wavy and messy look that this style generates is something to die for as it is widely admired by fashion enthusiasts.

Modern shag styles often incorporate other forms of prominent aspects to take it further than ever anticipated. But whatever you do, you must ensure that your hair is layered with varying lengths and generates messy waves all around. A bang on top translates like icing on a delicious cake – as it gives a unique finishing touch that otherwise might seem missing.

33 Must-Try Iconic Shag Hairstyles

Now you’ve reached the part where we talk about the core issue of this article – the iconic shag haircuts that are worth trying out in 2022 because of their unique nature and out of the world stylistic features!

Light Brown Shag

Light Brown Shag

As the title suggests, this rendition of shag haircut starts with dying your hair to an exotic light brown color and additional shining will give you a more radiating outcome. After settling with the color, you’ll need to pick the length in order to proceed to the next step of styling.

For this particular style, you’ll need hair length that reaches past your shoulder around your bra-strap area. Once your basic hair reaches that length, now comes the time to create layers of different lengths at the top, crown area and the fringes.

With shorter hair in the front, you can use hair spray to mess up the texture or leave it natural, because both work perfectly with this style!

Messy Shag With Highlights

Messy Shag With Highlights

This variation of such hairstyles are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. You can effortlessly pull it off whether you’re on vacation with your friends or attending a business meeting in your office. You’ll find everyone praising your gorgeous hairstyle in more than one instance for sure!

This style needs long hair to work perfectly, as short variations are often considered to be semi-formal. Once you’re happy with the length, highlight your hair with bleach or any color of your choice. Create bangs over your forehead and chop them short compared to the remainder of your hair.

You can even keep it straight if you’d like to, or shag it up to generate a more attractive hairstyle that’ll turn everyone’s focus toward you!

The Blonde Shag

The Blonde Shag

You’ve probably seen celebrities like Billie Eilish or Jennifer Aniston successfully pull off this particular hairstyle. If you’re a natural blonde, it’ll save you lots of time by sparing you the trouble of bleaching your hair, otherwise you’ll need to go through this step where you can create an underlying layer of original color and bleach the rest of it.

With your shoulder length hair, you’ll cut down the fringes to the length of your eyes. Leave an inch extra on each side because once you start perming it up, you’ll lose overall length because of the newly formed waves. Once settled with the waving and spraying, you can walk out confidently on the streets with this captivatingly popular hairstyle!

Pixie Highlighted Shag

Pixie Highlighted Shag

If you have a lean figure or a small face, you can consider this simple yet beautiful shag haircut for your everyday style! Also, this one is a relatively less maintenance demanding hairstyle, so you’ll be able to forget about your hair all day long and it’ll look just the same level of striking as it was at the beginning of your day!

You can start the styling process once your hair length reaches your neck. Adding a subtle highlight can easily boost your styling potential. With such pixie length, you’ll cut different portions of your hair at different lengths in the traditional shag way. You can expose a larger portion of your forehead than other shag styles if you want to!

Shag With Midnight Blue Tone

Shag With Midnight Blue Tone

This one is for the ones with thick and dense hair sitting prettily on top of your head. If you feel like doing something out of the ordinary, this particular hairstyle is your front row ticket to achieve just that! Once your hair length reaches past your shoulder, you’ll know you’re ready for the following phase.

The exquisite aspect of this hairstyle is the color. Bleach or no bleach, you’ll apply a shade of midnight blue that’ll stand you out from the crowd as a styling icon. Leave a few inches from your hair root uncolored so that there’s a contrast which often enhances the overall style. The good thing about this style is, you can wear it both with and without perms & waves!

Curly Brown Shag

Curly Brown Shag

If someone has told you that your curly hair can’t be made into a gorgeous shag hairstyle, they couldn’t be any more wrong about it! Because this specific style is going to make you look enigmatic any time of the day and prove the ones who think otherwise completely incorrect. All you need is some shoulder length pretty & curly hair to begin with!

You can add a brown highlight to your curly hair to take this look one step ahead, but make sure to check on your hair texture quality before settling for any sort of dye. As curly/kinky hair are often prone to breakage, the coloring part is not mandatory.

Create a few layers of varying length with short fringes & bangs over your forehead, and you’ll be all set with this drop dead dashing shag haircut!

Shag With An Orange Patch

Shag With An Orange Patch

This hairstyle looks nothing like any of the common shag hairstyles because of its unique nature and positioning of color. It speaks radical from the word go, and whoever you come across will pick up on the rebellious nature that you have within underneath. This is a clear expression of your inner self in the most stylish way!

To make it work, grow your hair to your bra-strap length. Go through the hair cutting process first, create layers on the sides and back with medium bangs up front. Then, color the middle portion of the bangs in a radiant orange with a couple of fringe lines on either side. Let a portion of your hair sit on your shoulder up front and the rest at the back to finish the look!

Shag On Fire

Shag On Fire

Style it like the fabulous Alison Sudol, the Fantastic Beasts actress and vocalist for A Fine Frenzy with a radiating fire red shag. This exquisite hairstyle will always have you standing out from the crowd and make you the center of attention at any party or gathering. Such color paired with a modish style is the perfect combination that successfully modernizes this style!

It can easily work with your shoulder length, dense hair sitting on top. Bleach all of it to set the fiery color perfectly on your hair strands. Keep a thick bang and heavy fringes at the front with layered hair on the rest of your head. After perming it up like the classic shag, you won’t believe the level it has taken your styling potential!

Pink Shaded Blonde Shag

Pink Shaded Blonde Shag

If you’re into light colors and fabulous hairstyles, then you’ve reached your dream hairstyle right here! This style mixes layers of hair color that are light & subtle that makes your hair look even more engaging! Your shoulder length hair is sufficient as the foundation for this hairstyle since it works better with short to medium hair.

You have to let your back and side hair remain at the maximum length. The rest needs to be cut in layers with bangs over your forehead. Unlike regular shag bangs, you can brush your bangs from one side avoiding the curtain pattern. When it comes to dying, you are supposed to keep the bottom layer of your hair blonde and the one over it a baby pink shade of your choice.

Shag With Colored Layers

Shag With Colored Layers

This hairstyle from the shag trend is ultra-modern with the most captivating colors that fit perfectly in the contemporary fashion industry. It’s catchy, fancy and not to mention gorgeous  no matter how you look at it. Apart from making you look supremely fashionable, it’s going to enhance the edges of your style as well with such striking shades of color.

Your shoulder length hair needs to be cut & colored in layers for this style to stride in its full form. The bottom layer can be of a bright red color and the one on top a vibrant mix of purple & pink. The perming doesn’t need to be as strong as the generic shag, rather subtle waves seem to work much better than anything else!

Deep Emerald Shag

Deep Emerald Shag

Oftentimes shag hair stylists are able to generate something exclusive only by using captivating color on your hair. One such style endorses deep emerald color but not in the typical manner, because then it would just create a featureless hairstyle.

Rather, you can opt for deep emerald color on the edges of your hair. Let’s see how it works – you’ll grow your hair above your shoulder length and layer it up with variable heights. Now comes the dying part. You’ll cover the ends of your hair, a few inches from the edge. This pattern carries on to your bangs and fringes as well, including every layer you cut your hair into.

Neat Shag With Layers Of Colors

Neat Shag With Layers Of Colors

Soothe your eyes with this neat shag haircut that is often compared to a candy-corn or a multi flavored ice cream due to the distinct portions. With hair just past your shoulder, you will be eligible to try out this fabulous haircut and despite everything going on with style & color, it can still be regarded as a geek hairstyle.

After getting the layers done, you’ll require a patient perming procedure. The waves are to be rotated completely in sections to radiate a smooth effect. Each smooth rotation is to be colored with different shades of dyes. Working on a blonde foundation works better as the colors strike out effortlessly. The bangs, fringes and sides need to be colored separately.

Medium Shag & Blonde Curtains

Medium Shag And Blonde Curtains

As summer arrives, you’ll be looking for ways to allow ventilation to your scalp and reduce the maintenance down to the minimum level but look fashionable at the same time. In such a case, this is THE look to go for as it ticks all the checkboxes of comfort, effortlessness and beauty.

With your medium length hair, it doesn’t require extensive layer work as your hair is already pretty short. Simply bleaching the fringes on your forehead creates the curtain effect, as this trend is highly popular and encouraging in the popular world of fashion. Wave up your hair slightly to seal the deal and go carefree as you like under the summer heat!

Shag With Varying Length

Shag With Varying Length

This shag haircut is all about varying length in different portions of your hair. This particular style borrows some of the concepts from the mullet hairstyle as it keeps the hair at the nape longer than the rest of your hair. The portion to reach your shoulder should only be the back and side hair and not the top hair.

The crown portion is to be cut down to a very short length. The curtain bangs are also going to cover only half of your forehead unlike regular shag fringes. You can even spike up the top hair if you desire to since the short height will allow you to play with different variations.

Sea-Green Curly Shag

Sea Green Curly Shag

You might think your curly hair can be made into a shag haircut in only a few manners, but this style will prove completely otherwise and open doors for new & endless experiments with your hair! Get your medium length hair to be styled into a fanciable look for any occasion while remaining the nerd that you already are!

With your curly hair, go for a sea-green shade for the most part. As an addition, you can color with a different shade of green for the underlying layer that creates a contrast in color which complements the layered nature of shag. Instead of a thick bang, keep a few curly strands lying over your forehead to finalize the look.

Elegant Shag With A Touch Of Highlight

Elegant Shag With A Touch Of Highlight

If you’re into elegance in styling and prefer dressing up in premium clothing with accessories, then this is the style that’ll go hand in hand with your taste. It carries the aspects of shag in essence and makes you look prepossessing that’s going to render you as a styling dictator in the modern world.

With hair reaching past your bra-strap length, you’ll need to have it straighten up. This part isn’t necessary if you have fine hair. Unlike the regular curtain bleach, you’ll pick the hair lock right underneath so that there are two parts of hair on either side of the blonde patch. Leave out the perming part to keep it elegant and ready for every occasion!

Short & Modern Shag

Short And Modern Shag

It’s a highly modern shag hairstyle that draws a few ideas from bob and mullet cuts. You can easily start the styling process once your hair reaches past your neckline, as this style doesn’t require long or thick hair on top. An overall low-maintenance, high rewarding style that you can conveniently pick up in 2022.

For this to work, you’ll have to keep the back portion of hair intact, while applying a layered bob cut on top and on the sides. You are allowed to reduce the volume on the sides more if you’d like to. The bangs are to be kept precise so that it exposes much of your forehead and doesn’t get into your way. Mess it up a little with hair spray to add the shaggy vibe!

Burnt-Orange Long Shag

Burnt Orange Long Shag

This cut is for the ones who prefer to keep their hair long and crank up the styling degree to the maximum level. A burnt-orange color to the whole hair body with this extravagant style is going to allow you the opportunity to achieve such a high class feat with minimum effort! You’ll look like the showstopper at any party you decide to go wearing in such style!

Your long hair is to be layered separately on the front, back and the sides in the regular shag fashion. You can keep the fringes up front thinner than usual so that the curtain doesn’t block your entire forehead. Dye your hair up in this fabulous color to ooze beauty with your looks and end the process with perms that create those smooth twirls!

Short Shag With Bangs

Short Shag With Bangs

That’s another short shag you can apply to your looks to make yourself a part of the modern fusion trend! Such a classy hairstyle is befitting for any situation as it can adapt or transform in any way you like! Carrying the basic idea of mullet & shag, all you’ll need is very little prep time before heading out.

Bleach all of your hair into a gorgeous blonde color. Keep the back hair at the longest length and let it cover your neck at the back. In front, create a dense bang that completely hides your forehead with an even edge-line. The front and sides somewhat reflect on the Chelsea haircut concept and gives you a modish outcome.

Ginger Shag & A Bang

Ginger Shag And A Bang

A bang-centric hairstyle often tells a lot about your taste without having to say anything out loud because that’s the beauty of such styles. If you’re naturally ginger, it’s a very straightforward styling path for you, otherwise your hair would require some bleaching and dying process to be set for the further styling parts.

A higher voluminous hair should treat you warmly with this particular hairstyle. Intense layering isn’t necessary with this style, however you’ll need to brush down the hair up front to be cut evenly into bangs that hide your forehead completely. Mess up the entire body of your hair to be categorized into the shag family!

Smooth & Concise Shag

Smooth And Concise Shag

It’s completely a smooth hairstyle because it is usually done with fine textured hair, as thinner strands tend to keep the volume to the lowest level.

With a concise length, all you’ll need is to draw out the bangs from the rest of the hair and set them facing opposite sides making each of them into flocked fringes.

K-Pop Fusion Shag

K Pop Fusion Shag

For all you K-Pop fans, this fusion shag hairstyle is something you can consider that’s at the same time subtle and unsubtle due to the way it’s designed.

The top portion remains at your original color and the bottom half is colored to a vibrant pink, allowing you to tuck the fringes behind your ears to expose your entire forehead!

Chestnut Shag With Blonde Fringe

Chestnut Shag With Blonde Fringe

The chestnut shag provides you with this delicate style that you can put on with your medium to long hair. You can bleach only one of the fringes without cutting it short.

For the most part, you won’t require heavy perming or waving, as this style endorses slight curls on each side. Creating layers is left at your consideration.

The Long & Scarlet

The Long And Scarlet

Go for vibrance with this striking scarlet shag that’ll have you sealed in the minds of anyone that may come across you because of the eye-catching nature of this style.

Long shag with slight waves and an overall messy texture, you can create different length layers from the front to back with the fringes generating a wide curtain on your forehead.

Bob Shag

Bob Shag

Short hair lovers can select this alluring hairstyle which can often be categorized under the broad bob category with a caramel brown undertone.

What makes it shag is the layers all over the head and half bang on the forehead. In addition, the wavy nature of this hairstyle completes this easygoing and low-maintenance cut.

Sleek Platinum-Blonde Shag

Sleek Platinum Blonde Shag

If you feel blonde is very common and you want to venture into the unorthodox territory of shag hairstyles, then simply add a layer of platinum dye on your already bleached hair.

Hair reaching up to your shoulders, create a gradient of layers starting from the front where the back hair will reach your shoulders and the front covering your forehead with a fancy wave.

Punchy Neon Green Shag

Punchy Neon Green Shag

As the Billie Eilish color has taken over the popular hairstyles, why not fuse it up with your long shag? This arresting hairstyle is something to die for, and everyone will fall in love with your hair instantly!

All you need to do is a regular shag hairstyle with a coating of a punchy neon green color that reflects the sunlight like nothing else, and you’ll be all set!

Vibrant Pink Shag

Vibrant Pink Shag

Another captivating hairstyle in our list is the one where you color your shag in a vibrant pink color! This belongs to the radical gradient of hairstyles as it stands out as an outrageously beautiful style!

With shorter hair, you’ll create layers that go longer at the back and sides. The front portion consists of a bang and the overall hair is waved up to be a complete shag style!

Fancy Caramel Highlights

Fancy Caramel Highlights

This particular hairstyle is valued highly in terms of aestheticism as it embodies unique color sketches all over the hair. The caramel highlights on the edges is a subtle boost that takes this style out of the world!

With standard shag layers, you’ll divide the hair portions containing different lengths while keeping the short section upfront as a curtain bang!

Streaks Of Neon & Yellow On Thick Shag

Streaks Of Neon And Yellow On Thick Shag

Modern shag hairstyles are all about trying out something different to see if anything sticks, and for some reason this random streaked shag haircut has made a perfect landing!

A dense bang is left to cover your forehead with wavy, layered shag all around your head. The parts that edge out are the streaks of neon & yellow at random small patches on your hair.

Scarlet-Parted Shag

Scarlet Parted Shag

Duality is the underlying theme of this unique hairstyle which carries on the shag notion to some extent. Apart from the short shag waves, the thing that stands out the most is the partitioned sections.

Each of the sections contain different colors, in this case one half is black and the other is a bright scarlet, making it into a highly uncommon shag cut.

Vintage Farrah Fawcett Shag

Vintage Farrah Fawcett Shag

If we’re making a shag haircut list with prominent styles but leave out our beloved Farrah Fawcette, then this would be an unforgivable crime since she’s the one who initially popularized this style.

With shoulder length layered hair containing bleached highlights, the permed waves of hair in total generate a jaw-dropping and magnificent style that leaves behind a legacy that we follow till date!

Coily Shag

Coily Shag

Even if your hair is extremely springy and coily, have no fear because you can still apply a shag style to your hair without straightening up, or even putting in much effort.

Like the regular shag, create layers of hair starting from the front so that the curly bangs cover only half of your forehead and the remaining hair reaches your shoulder on the sides.

The Shag Haircut: DIY Guide

Although it might feel a little intimidating to give yourself a shag haircut at home, we can assure you that it is most certainly possible if you are good with your combs & scissors and are patient enough to go through with it. If you’re feeling confident, follow the steps below that’ll teach you the most basic form of shag hairstyle briefly!

Step 1

Pick your length. Once there, separate your hair in three parts – front, middle and the back and mark your selections by sticking a comb in each partition point.

Step 2

Cut down the front portion to the smallest length, the middle portion to medium length and the back portion to the maximum length you want your hair to reach.

Step 3

After you’re done with the cutting process, you can follow a perm procedure that includes a clean wash, mopping and wrapping hair sections into rolls that’ll be sprayed after a certain time to last the waves a long time.

Step 4

After the perm part, simply mess up your hair using your hands and apply a hair spray to hold your work in place.

In these quick four steps, you’ll be able to give yourself the basic shag haircut that you can later build into something more once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Follow this video to get a clearer idea of the DIY process.


For your ease of understanding, we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions on the internet regarding the shag haircut. Going through these answers should further clarify some of the confusions that you might have had in the first place.

Q: Should I get a shag haircut?

A: If you’re looking for a fashionable hairstyle that’ll climb you up in the ladder of popular culture by making you look strikingly gorgeous, then you should most certainly get a shag haircut.

Q: Are shags in style now?

A: Shags are definitely in style now. As many settle for the vintage styles that still work today, you can even go for the modern hybrid styles to generate something new & trendy!

Q: Are shags high maintenance?

A: Shags are not high maintenance styles since it demands the same efforts as a regular hairstyle, but it takes some time before you leave your home if your curls aren’t permed.

Q: How often should I cut my shag?

A: It completely depends on the hairstyle that you’re settling for. For instance, if you prefer a long shag hairstyle, then you won’t really need to cut your shag frequently, just retouch the layers once in every other month. For medium hair though, you’ll need to visit the parlor once a month to keep your style sharp and on-point.

Q: Does a shag haircut look good for an oval face?

A: Shag is such a haircut that looks good on almost all face shapes including an oval face. Even if you have diamond, square or long shaped faces, you can easily pull off different variants of shag styles.

Q: Are shags good for fine hair?

A: Shags are good for almost all types of hair, be that fine or curly/kinky. From the hairstyles we’ve put on display, you should get a clear idea that you can pretty much nail it with any type of hair.


As you’ve reached the concluding point of this article, you probably have learned a great deal or two about shag haircut as we’ve covered everything from the basics to the styling guide. As mentioned before, choosing any of the given styles from our list will guarantee a grand upgrade to your looks as these styles are prominent concepts picked out by our experts.

We encourage you to take ideas from our list, learn the DIY process and create a new & iconic shag haircut that’ll define your taste only. Maybe one day we’ll feature you in our future articles as the fashion icon who encourages many enthusiasts to generate modern trends out of the most gorgeous styles!

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