Shaggy Mullet Hairstyles

17 Modern Shaggy Mullet Hairstyles For Fearless Girls

Shaggy Mullet is back from the 70s on a glorious chariot. This haircut has risen so much in trend that everyone is time traveling to the past for a timeless, retro comeback.

A combination of shag hair cut with mullet at the back defines texture and volume from a whole new perspective. It not only gives your hair a unique definition, but also adds a spark to your personality!

As if mullet wasn’t flashy enough, the boldest people on this planet decided to add spice even to that! If you want to name yourself on the list of such legends, then keep reading further as we have gathered the A-Z of this rocking hairstyle!

And that’s not all, as this article covers a wide range of knowledge regarding Shaggy Mullet – from the very basics to the DIY guides and some prominent hairstyles, while answering some of the most common concerns!

What Is A Shaggy Mullet?

Shaggy Mullet or Shag Mullet is just as the name suggests. It’s a combination of a shag cut and a mullet cut. It is basically a mullet with countless layers that add texture and volume to the mullet.

The hair stays short at the front, at the sides and at the crown area, and has longer pieces at the back. The longer locks feature the layers and add a bit of wispy vibe to your hair, while the shorter layers at the top add volume and edginess.

Depending on the amount of layers and the length of layers, your shaggy mullet can look wispy, neat, messy, or edgy. Contrary to basic beliefs, some styles of shaggy mullets can give you a soft look while the other will give an edginess. It’s a versatile haircut that you can wear on any occasion while turning every head in your direction!

Before You Decide To Shag Your Mullet

If you’re one of the people who adore shaggy hairstyles and wants to get a shaggy mullet for the first time, there’s something you need to consider before you cut your hair into thousands of layers!

Not to demotivate you, but a shaggy mullet will rarely let you put up your hair into a ponytail or bun. Even if you can manage to make a hair updo, be prepared for a slightly messy outcome as the short layers will not stay neat!

So, get this edgy hairstyle only when you’re brave enough to let your hair flow down all the time!

Will Shag Mullet Suit Me?

It definitely will! Shaggy mullet is so customizable that you can design this haircut into any style you want!

All you need to do is to determine your face shape and observe your facial features to decide which of the attributes you love the most or want to accentuate.

Women's Face Shape

Now, follow these foolproof tips to decide what type of shaggy mullet would enhance your traits the most!

Oval Face Shape:

You have won the lottery in terms of hairstyling! The ideal face shape would rock any type of shaggy mullet. Whether it’s a shag with bangs, or a heavy top, a wispy mullet, or a soft shag – go for anything you wish!

Round Face Shape:

Wispy shaggy mullet is made just for you! The more wisp you have, the better it will contrast with the roundness. Soft and tousled ends would do wonders on your looks!

Heart Face Shape:

Heart face shape is usually heavy at the top. So the longer your mullet is, the more weight it would take off from the crown. You can try starting your shag layers from at least under the cheek level. An added curtain bangs would soften your features wonderfully.

Square Face Shape:

If you have a square face shape, you can either go sharp, or go soft. Having a face-framing short fringe would take the edge off of your face and make your face appear rounder. Curtain bangs with softer layers will do the trick too.

On the other hand, getting a short shaggy mullet style will enhance the sharpness of your face. So choose your vibe and go for it!

Diamond Face Shape:

Diamond face shapes will rock in pretty much any shaggy mullet style! Your hair shouldn’t hide your beautiful chin line, so mullet is THE haircut for you! Layer your shags high and go bold with punk mullet shags!

So, decide on your shaggy mullet based on everything you now know and let’s take a look at how to get this incredible hairstyle at home!

DIY Shaggy Mullet At Home

Getting a shag mullet at home can seem complex and confusing. But once you get the basic idea, you are free to cut your hair without any fear!

In fact, it is a versatile and customizable haircut that can rarely go wrong! Be sure that your little mistakes will hide under countless layers of shags!

So be confident and pick up scissors now for the most amazing and unique shaggy mullet hairstyle at home!

Step 1: Prepare your tools and wet your hair

Always prepare your tools first to skip interruptions in your haircut. So, gather a pair of haircutting scissors, clips, water spray bottle and a sectioning comb. Dampen your hair thoroughly to make the hair cutting more accurate in shape.

Step 2: Section your hair

For a shaggy mullet, you need to make three basic sections in your hair. Section your hair in the middle, and then make a straight section from the crown down to the ears.

Step 3: Start with your shags!

The basic formula of getting a shag is to comb small sections of hair toward the same direction, and cut them at the same place every time.

Start at the front of your face. Make a straight section from the middle of the head and comb them forward. Cut the hair slightly diagonally at your desired length. Now repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Repeat until you reach the crown

Now take another small section and comb them forward in the same direction. Cut them diagonally again at the length of the first section. Keep repeating this process until you reach the sectioning at the crown.

Step 5: Layer at the back

After you reach the crown, take sections from the back and comb them vertically upward. Now cut them straight parallel to the ground. Repeat this until all of the sections at the back are done.

Step 6: Thin the ends

After you’re done with the cutting, blow dry your hair and don’t forget to thin the ends! You can use regular hair cutting scissors or you can use thinning scissors to do this. The more you thin the ends, the wispier and softer your shags will look.

And you’re done! Not as complex as you thought, is it? All you have to do is to section your hair carefully and repeating the process is a piece of cake! If you have confusion on how to section your hair, try watching this video to understand the basics more clearly!

Now go styling your shaggy mullet that you just got by yourself!

17 Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle Ideas

This article now presents you with some of the most intriguing and unique hairstyles that you can try out to add a zing to your looks!

Crisp Long-Layered Shag Mullet

Crisp Long Layered Shag Mullet

This most basic shaggy mullet hairstyle will give you a subtle edgy experience. If you want to try shaggy mullet but still isn’t too sure whether you’ll look good, then start with this one!

Relatively longer layers with a vague mullet will keep everyone wondering what kind of a person you actually are!

The layers will work themselves out when you air dry them. But on the days when you feel like maintaining them a little, try curling them softly for an added flyaway look.

So don’t delay your shaggy decision any longer and start off with the first step!

Shaggy Mullet With Curtain Bangs

Shaggy Mullet With Curtain Bangs

This shaggy mullet hairstyle with a curtain bang will give your hair texture while toning down the sharpness of the haircut. The curtain bangs will frame your face gently while the wispy layers at the back will give your hair a rough look.

Even though this haircut will look just fine if you leave it as it is, a little blow drying with a diffuser can go a long way.

Another subtle version of shaggy mullet hairstyle to help with your trial.

Shaggy Mullet With Medium Fringe

Shaggy Mullet With Medium Fringe

Those with straight hair can go for this shaggy mullet hairstyle as it will be the most low maintenance hairstyle for you! Thin layers the crown of the head, merged with slightly rounded medium length bangs will give an illusion of a layered bob at the top.

This hairstyle will be perfect if you have naturally straight hair. And if you don’t you can always try straightening them, or just flaunt your natural waves for a different vibe!

Paired with a slightly long layered mullet at the back, this hairstyle will soften your features perfectly, especially if you have a square shaped face.

So, give yourself this modern shaggy mullet haircut right now!

Long-Tailed Shag Mullet

Long tailed Shag Mullet

This long-tailed shaggy mullet hairstyle will be perfect for you if you want to increase the length of your face. The short, accentuated layers will add length only at the top of the head, but not much to the sides.

Blow dry your hair like usual at the top, but scrunch the long mullet ends with your diffuser when you dry them. That’ll give you the kind of textured waves that are perfect for this look.

While the long, thin tails of mullet will add up to that length, giving you a balanced outcome. Go with this shaggy mullet hairstyle if you want to relive the retro age!

Pixie Shag With Long Mullet

Pixie Shag With Long Mullet

Just as the name suggests, this hairstyle is basically a short pixie cut at the top and long mullet ends at the back. Short, fine layers of the pixie is a natural shag that’ll contrast with the unlayered mullet tails.

Simply blow dry your hair at the top with a diffuser and it’ll give you volume and texture. Then straighten the mullet with a straightener to achieve this unique combination.Go for this hairstyle for an edgy, feminine look!

Short Shag Mullet

Short Shag Mullet

This slightly messy short shag mullet will frame your face and neck and give your look an extra softness. Choppy layers at the end and simple bangs at the front will make your hairstyle look modern and chic.

Try curling your hair while leaving an inch at the end and it’ll give you a slightly feathery look. You can experiment with straightened bangs or wave them up a little for a different vibe.

Try out this hairstyle if you want a low maintenance short hairstyle!

Short Shag Mullet With Soft Layers

Short Shag Mullet With Soft Layers

Short shaggy mullet with soft layers will highlight your cheekbones more than ever! It has slightly long wisps at the top and the longer bangs will point out your cheekbones sharply.

Depending on your natural hair texture, you may have to blow dry your hair to add a little volume at the top. Air drying is also fine if you want to go for slightly messier wisps.

A soft hairstyle that will give you both a clean look and an edgy look, depending on how you style it. So wait no longer and go for this versatile shaggy mullet look!

Short Shag mullet With Micro Bangs

Short Shag Mullet With Micro Bangs

This short shag mullet with micro bangs will sharpen up the features of your face while making your face appear oval from the front! The micro bangs will frame your face elegantly but the short layers at the mullet will add a boldness to the look.

For bringing a sophisticated vibe with this hairstyle, you can soft-curl your hair with a curling machine real quick and everything will fall into place! Everyone around you will definitely submit to your fashion sense!

E-girl Shag Mullet

E Girl Shag Mullet

If you’re a fan of e-girl hairstyles, then this e-girl shag mullet is just what you’re looking for! It’s in the middle of a shaggy mullet and wolf cut with slightly longer hair at the top layer and a neck length mullet.

This haircut will go well if you have naturally straight or wavy hair as it’s less of a shag, and more of a wispy look. Blow dry or air dry your hair like usual and praise yourself in this super low-maintenance hairstyle.

You can dye your hair in your favorite e-girl style and you will look like the most trendy human ever! So go for this hairstyle without thinking twice!

Extreme Shag Mullet

Extreme Shag Mullet

This fluffy-looking shaggy mullet will be extreme for anyone who isn’t bold enough! It has more layers than a usual shag, and the layers are usually shorter than normal as well.

Just dry your hair with a diffuser and you’ll get a fur-like volume that will enhance your haircut even more.

On top of that, if you add a perm to your micro shags, it will give you extra fluff and volume! Now go and let your friends head pat you like a comfortable plushie!

Shag Mullet With Blunt Micro Bangs

Shag Mullet With Blunt Micro Bangs

If you want to look extra bold with a somewhat neutral hairstyle, just add blunt micro bangs to your shag mullet! The bluntness of your bangs will frame your face and accentuate your jawline, making the angular features of your face even sharper!

You can curl your mullet a little for some texture at the back. Keeping the bangs straight and slightly smooth will make a fine, contrasting balance.

The world will definitely surrender to the boss lady who is daring enough to wear this on-fleek shaggy mullet!

Pixie Face-framing Shag Mullet

Pixie Face Framing Shag Mullet

This pixie mullet hairstyle will give you the most urbane and chic air! Snappy, short bangs at the front and sides will frame your face while short pixie wisps will crown you like the queen you are!

This hairstyle needs zero maintenance, but a little diffused blow dry will certainly add some volume at the top.

So what are you waiting for? Get this low maintenance shag mullet hairstyle for living a hassle free life!

Shaggy Mullet With Curls

Shaggy Mullet With Curls

Your messy curls are screaming for this snazzy shaggy mullet haircut! With extra bulk at the crown and tamed down, layered curls at the sides, this hairstyle will give you the ultimate retro energy.

For maintaining your curls, use a curl defining mousse and combined with the layers of shaggy mullet, they will give you the most perfect combination on this planet!

You’ll find everyone praising you so much that you’ll forget every pain of curly hair struggles!

Messy Permed Shag Mullet

Messy Permed Shag Mullet

If you have naturally luscious perms, then this is your sign to get this hairstyle! Your shaggy mullet will look phenomenal with the added volume your curls already have!

Just like most other shag mullet maintenance routines, air drying will be fine for this hairstyle as well. But of course, drying the hair with the scrunching technique will give your perms a boost of definition.

So flaunt the magnitude of your mighty perms with this shaggy mullet hairstyle just right for you!

Long Shaggy Mullet With Bangs

Long Shaggy Mullet With Bangs

This long shaggy mullet is the ultimate shaggy hairstyle for you if you want to stay on a sort of spiced-up, layered look. The bangs will merge with the shag layers and will make the haircut less edgy.

You can try curling your hair or you can create beach waves with the scrunching technique. Either way, this hairstyle will give you a textured volume. So, try it out if you have yet to go too loud!

Feathery Shag Mullet

Feathery Shag Mullet

This short, wavy shag mullet will look extra voguish with mid-length bangs at the front! Almost pixie at the top, the wispy layers, paired with wavy, low volume mullet at the back will frame your face and neck in the most sophisticated way!

Blow dry your hair while holding the diffuser right on the scalp. That will create a slightly messy and wavy texture which will compliment your haircut in the best possible way!

So rock your short hairstyle this summer with this ultra-modern shag mullet!

Soft Volume Shag Mullet

Soft Volume Shag Mullet

This super cute, low-profile shaggy mullet is the epitome of fuzziness. With long bangs at the top and wispy thin layers at the nape, this haircut will frame your face delicately while giving your hairstyle a spazzy vibe.

Adding splashes of colors here and there would add even more definition to the hairstyle. The best maintenance routine is to blow dry only the top while letting the ends air dry for a natural add of waves.

This foolproof shag mullet can definitely be the first one you try as a beginner in this category!


In this section, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions you might have regarding the Shaggy Mullets.

Q: Is wolf cut and shag mullet the same?

Ans: No, there’s a slight difference between wolf cut and shag mullet cut. Wolf cut can be called a variation of shag mullet. Shag mullets usually have a lot of short layers. But the layers of wolf cut are usually softer than waspy shags. Basically, wolf cut is a softer version of shaggy mullet.

Q: How much does a shaggy mullet cost at a stylist?

Ans: As it’s a combination of two haircuts, getting this haircut might cost you around $40-$150 depending on your stylist and how wispy you want your shaggy mullet.

Q: Does shaggy mullet work on thin hair?

Ans: Shaggy mullet is great for thin hair. The purpose of this hairstyle is to add volume and texture, which is exactly what thin hair needs. So if you have thin hair and want to add some volume to your hair, shaggy mullet will be perfect for you!

Q: Is shaggy mullet a high maintenance haircut?

Ans: Shaggy mullet usually do not require any extravagant styling but it depends on your hair texture and the type of shaggy mullet you got. This haircut gives your hair a texture by default. So you can decide to leave your hair looking naturally wispy or you can add more styling techniques to suit your preference.

Q: Can getting a shaggy mullet damage your hair?

Ans: No, getting a shaggy mullet haircut does not damage hair even when you have a lot of layers. Hair damage depends on the tools used for cutting the hair, and the professionalism of the stylist.

Final Verdict

Fun fact: getting a shaggy mullet haircut instantly boosts confidence! It’s a haircut that carries the emblem of adventurousness. Any person who decides to wear this haircut is instantly deemed as a gutsy person!

This article can be your companion to your venture into the world of Shaggy Mullet and open new doors to other hairstyles. It also teaches you that doing hairstyles at home by yourself is an option for any hairstyle, and any face shape can pull-off retro styles as such without shedding tear.

So, go, define your bold personality right away and show it to the world through your shag mullet hairstyle!

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