The Shape Up Haircut: 18 Vital Looks Of This Iconic Design!

While taking oral supplements that help with subsiding the severity of one’s hairline could be a rational approach to take if you want your hair to have the density that it once had, certain designs such as the shape up haircut could also be another stress-free, affordable, and simple way to showcase your remaining strands with some newfound life.

For those wondering, a shape up haircut involves cutting the hair around the hairline and evening out the strands using scissors or hair clipper. The straight cut and polished visuals not only give one’s existing hairstyle a neater impression, but also make the strands more voluminous and give them a subtle lift.

While the design is always the same and looks like a disconnected undercut in some cases, a shape up could be the perfect look for you to try out if you’re seeking an immediate way to boost your self-esteem; and give your hair a fuller appearance.

Moving on, despite having limited variations, a shape up can be incorporated into a series of hairstyles and caters to all hair types. Make sure you stick around if you too want to learn just how beneficial a shape up tends to be for one’s hair, and be unveiled to the amount of designs it has to offer!

18 Creative Shape Up Haircut Ideas With Tons Of Appeal!

Experimenting with a shape up haircut is definitely a wise move to make if you want to enhance the visuals of your hair without any medication or supplement. It is pretty easy to create, and isn’t too time consuming due to the simplicity behind its groundwork.

When push comes to shove, getting the right shape up haircut can work wonders for you. It can make your hair more manageable, and can also make your hair more versatile. From afro blowouts to gelled up side parts, here are all the hairstyles that you can definitely boast about with the help of a shape up cut!

Mid Afro Blowout With Shape Up

Mid Afro Blowout With Shape Up

Afro-textured curls could be extremely difficult to maintain when they grow in terms of length, and could become flatter with each month due to the weight of the strands. While getting a fade can introduce some weightlessness to your hairdo, getting a subtle shape up could be more helpful if you want your afro hair to contain a fair amount of volume, and enhance the texture of the curls.

To further add to the volume, consider using sea salt spray. On the contrary, if you want to enhance the layout of your curls by a tad bit, try investing in a curling cream which doesn’t contain silicone.

Sharp Crop Cut With Shape Up

Sharp Crop Cut With Shape Up

A crop cut is usually known for its sublime and rugged texture which is typically brought into existence with a fade cut. However, another haircut that can sharpen the edges and give the overall look an appearance that’s more impactful is a shape up.

With a shape up, not only will your strands get a natural boost in volume, but also become more flexible. This trait can be irrelevant if you already like the visuals of your crop cut, but could open doors for you if you want to experiment with the length of your crop cut!

Matte Comb Over With Shape Up

Matte Comb Over with Shape Up

Growing your hair out can definitely be a fun activity when you consider all the hairstyles you’ll be able to experiment with, but can also bring to the table certain drawbacks, such as awkward phases.

While getting a taper fade or temple fade can snap you out of that dilemma, this comb over that comes with a compact shape up can also be the perfect match for you, especially if your hair type falls on the finer end.

If you did like this entry, reward yourself with more options by skimming through our write-up on the comb over haircut!

Textured Caesar with Mid Shape Up

Textured Caesar With Mid Shape Up

A classic caesar cut could be a great solution for you if you suffer from a mature or receding hairline, as the design of it is effective in covering the forehead. While texturizing powders can always increase the fullness of a textured caesar, keeping up with the wind could be a challenging task for your thin hair if there’s not enough resilience in the strands.

A mid shape up could be a great way to tackle that issue. In addition to giving your strands more hold, a mid shape up will also give your hair tons of flexibility, allowing you to try out a series of unique hairstyles!

Gelled Up Side Part with Shape Up

Gelled Up Side Part with Shape Up

The polished look that this hard side part has could be a great option to wear at big events, and excels tremendously when paired with semi formal attire. However, since certain hair types are prone to damage when water based products like hair gel are used, obtaining a shape up could be a great component to introduce if you want to give your edges some room to breathe.

The shape up will also allow your side part to be immovable, which will come in clutch when dealing with unfavourable weather conditions.

Duotone Afro Top With Frosted Tips

Duotone Afro Top with Frosted Tips

Afro-textured hair is usually manageable when the length is cropped out significantly, but the curls often have less definition when the size of the strands isn’t as grown out.

An effortless way to install some bounce, elevation, and weightlessness into your curls could be achieved if you bring a shape up into the equation.

While the shape up will enhance the voluminous aspect of an afro top, the appearance of the curls can look even healthier if you showcase them with bronze highlights, or mimic a colour palette that is as vibrant as frosted tips!

Spiky Textured Butch Cut With Razor Decal

Spiky Textured Butch Cut with Razor Decal

When growing your hair from scratch, you might deal with a butch cut, which typically comes into existence after the hair grows by a tad bit in terms of length. Even though most create textured quiffs or side parts, another look that you can replicate to give your hair the same amount of density is this spiky textured butch cut.

This hairdo has tons of density due to the shape up, but also has a fair share of flair due to the razor decal around the sides. However, since the latter component is subjective, you may choose not to add it to your rendition if you work a 9 to 5.

Dim Pompadour With Neat Shape Up

Dim Pompadour with Neat Shape Up

A pompadour’s selling point is its volume, which is considered one of the three main components of an ideal hairdo. It’s also known for its flexibility, as the look can be created when the hair is combed against and towards the grain.

If your hair is thin or on the finer end, you might feel that you’re ineligible to wear a pompadour. However, that’s when a shape up comes in!

When paired with a shape up, a pompadour will find more volume within its strands and offer more flexibility to the wearer. The visuals can be turned into something that is even more voluminous with styling tools such as hair spray, while the strands can be sealed in with hair wax.

Relaxed Flat Top With High Shape Up

Relaxed Flat Top with High Shape Up

Despite rising to prominence in the late 19th century, a flat top is still a frontrunner amongst the fashion scene. While classic variations are still up for grabs and fit almost effortlessly with today’s trends, a modern variant of this look is this relaxed flat top, which is typically teamed up with a high shape up.

The high shape up can be a great component to obtain if you really want to highlight your facial structure. In addition to making your face more narrow, a flattop will also sharpen your jawline and make your cheekbones pop out.

Mushroom Crop Fade with Bald Shape Up

Mushroom Crop Fade with Bald Shape Up

One of the many hairdos that rose to relevance in recent times is the mushroom haircut.

In addition to being the perfect low-maintenance haircut to incorporate in this day and age, a mushroom haircut is known for its versatility. While it has the tendency of catering to everyone, it also has tons of variations that only cater to men; one of which is a crop fade with a bald shape up.

The thick strands of layers around the hairline definitely make the look more appealing, but could be inconvenient to deal with once the shape goes out. However, if you pair it with a shape up, not only will the strands remain even, but the weight of the hair will also reduce tremendously!

Uniform Buzz Cut With Blended Shape Up

Uniform Buzz Cut with Blended Shape Up

A uniform buzz cut could be a great look to consider if you want your impression to be more masculine with a hairstyle that requires no upkeep. It can even be done at home if you have enough knowledge regarding all the available buzz cut lengths!

This buzz cut is also great if you’re in a humid environment, and even better if you’re seeking a solution to beat the heat of summer, but be demoralising to those with a mature hairline due to a lack of density.

Shaving it off entirely could very well hover your mind during that time, but an even better alternative is pairing the buzz cut with a blended shape up, which will give the hairline a fuller appearance.

Bleached Buzz Cut With High and Tight Shape Up

Bleached Buzz Cut with High and Tight Shape Up

Dyeing the hair with bleach can be a great look to try out if you want your buzz cut to look more edgy and loud. However, the vibrant visuals will still not be of any help when you eventually decide to grow it out.

To diminish the awkward phases in style, consider pairing your existing buzz cut with a bald fade, and a sharp shape up with tight visuals in the front.

In addition to giving the hair a bit more mobility, the shape up will also make the saturation of this blonde dye more high-spirited.

Modern Polished Slick Back With Tapered Shape Up

Modern Polished Slick Back With Tapered

A hairstyle can really make or break one’s confidence and play a pivotal role in shaping their first impression. And if you want a look that is presentable and will never let you down under any circumstance, you might as well give this modern polished slick back a go!

While the highlight of this look is definitely the fullness around the frontal region, the tapered shape up it comprises is also a contributing factor behind the impressive volume it contains. It also gives the hair more room for creativity, which can be exploited when trying out a series of different hairdos!

Voluminous Blowout With Refined Shape Up

Voluminous Blowout with Refined Shape Up

It’s always nice when you finally loosen up your braids and stop wearing protective hairstyles to defend the afro-textured strands you have. While the twist out method reduces the friction that most braids cause around the scalp and brings to the table the opportunity to create a blowout, the strands could seem unfeasible to control over time.

A refined shape up can easily be incorporated to eliminate that inconvenience, as the haircut itself will get rid of a massive amount of weight from the scalp. Additionally, the design will also heighten the curls, which can then be used to form this voluminous blowout with the help of a hairdryer.

Crinkled Curls With Subtle Shape Up

Crinkled Curls with Subtle Shape Up

While curly hair is one of the most resilient hair types out there, those with curls have to follow a high-maintenance routine to keep the strands in check. While regular conditioning and keeping the moisture in check can keep the curls as healthy as ever, curly hair also has the tendency of thinning as people grow older, especially around the hairline.

While remedies that are usually effective at dealing with a receding hairline can be just as effective in this scenario, getting a shape up could be a quick and inexpensive way to temporarily rejuvenate your curls.

Finger Coil Dreadlocks With Box Braids

Finger Coil Dreadlocks with Box Braids

Presenting finger coil dreadlocks with box braids could be a great protective hairstyle for your natural hair. The braids allow the strands to showcase their length without feeling too heavy, but become flat and dull once they grow in size.

A good design that can introduce some fullness and highlight the dreadlocks exceptionally is the shape up.

When obtaining the shape up, you can either go one of two ways. If you want the saturation and hair colour to be the highlight of the show, do so by shaping up your hair with a zero guard clipper. However, if you want the line-up to look natural, use a number 4 guard to create the visuals.

360 Waves With Natural Shape Up

360 Waves with Natural Shape Up

360 waves could be a great look to go forward with due to the outstanding patterns they bring to the table, but can also be a tough look to pull off if your hair typically looks flat. However, getting a natural shape up around the edges and the temple could be a quick way to give your waves an interesting appeal with slightly elevated visuals.

In addition to being a hairdo with tons of flair, 360 waves are extremely popular because they can be created at home. Click here to discover the ways in which you can make the look a part of your identity at this instant!

Cornrow Stitched Braids With Low Shape Up

Cornrow Stitched Braids with Low Shape Up

Cornrow stitched braids can also be paired with a low shape up for sharpening the disconnection between the hair and the beard. A shape up also tends to give the unit of braids more density and saturation.

For the shape up, you can either keep it light by getting a 3 on the sides, or go all in by getting a bald fade!

While incorporating a shape up into cornrow stitched braids could be effortless and time-friendly, creating the cornrows could take a while. Therefore, before you create your cornrows, consider making some time for the article we have on cornrows to skim through all the variants that are currently taking the world by storm!

Frequently Asked Questions

Styling your hair should be the easiest part of the day. Therefore, if you do go forward with your decision and experiment with a shape up haircut, be sure to skim through the above-mentioned segment, as it contains a series of solved queries regarding the shape up haircut!

Q: How do I create the shape up haircut on my hair?

A: Creating a shape up is probably regarded as one of the easiest tasks to carry out, but is also an activity that is known for its time consuming nature.

When creating a shape up, you must always start by shaving the hair on the sides and at the back. You may ask your hairdresser to use a number 3 guard to trim the hair if they’re inexperienced, but could also do it at home with a 4 guard to save yourself from a botched haircut. Be sure to really consider the dimensions of your head shape, as it will help with creating guidelines.

After creating the first guideline, switch your existing number 3 or number 4 guard and replace it with a 2 on the sides to lighten the shade of the fade by removing more strands of hair.

Once the disconnection is obtained around the sides, even out the strands of hair around your ear and temple using a zero guard clipper with a closed lever. In addition to making the shaving process easier, using a closed lever will also give the edges a sharper appearance.

Save the best for last by creating the shape up around the hairline with a zero guard trimmer. For a straight cut shape up, you may use a rectangular shaped card as the guideline. Doing so will also prevent you from ending up with a botched haircut.

Q: How do I maintain my shape up haircut?

A: A shape up haircut is prominently known for its simple creation process, but also receives tons of praise due to its maintenance routine. To keep the visuals in a shape up sharper than ever, it is mandatory that you retouch the edges once every 2-3 weeks.

You may maintain it at home as long as you have a clipper with multiple guards and use a rectangular shape as the guide, but should definitely visit a salon if you want to obtain the look with zero repercussions!

Final Takeaway

If you’re wondering just how you can improve the quality of your hair before getting ready for a big event or a solution that you could implement to boost the visuals of your hair for free, consider looking into the shape up haircut.

Though the haircut only involves straightening out the edges around the hairline, temples, and sides, a shape up could be an excellent haircut to pair your current hairdo with if you want to make the strands look less dull, and more full! It is a great element to add to hairstyles such as slick back if you want to style your hair with ease.

Hairstyles such as cornrow stitched braids can also benefit from a shape up, as it can eliminate the baby strands and bring to the table a thicker hairline!

That’s all for now! Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions. To discover the multiple ways in which you can obtain the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and improve your styling game, consider skimming through the list of contents on our website!

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