Shaved Haircuts For Women

30 Shaved Hairstyles For Women You Should Check Out Today!

Having a head full of luscious hair has been considered the societal standard of beauty forever. Hence, after years of associating hair with attractiveness, shaving off your hair comes with a strong liberating feeling. It feels like going against the so-called beauty ideals and creating your own standards.

From buzz cut, and tapered cut to undercut every one of them is considered a part of the shaved haircut realm. You can pair it up with other hairstyles like a bob or a Mohawk to create your own unique look.

So, today we are going to portray some extraordinary shaved hairstyles for women that will inspire you to shave off your whole hair or at least part of it. Near the end, there are a few answers to frequently asked questions so that you don’t cut your hair for any wrong reasons.

So, sip your favorite cup of beverage and look till the end.

Shaved Hairstyles For Women: Beat The Summer In 30 Different Ways

Conveniently going against the social norm is the key idea to getting your hair fully or partially shaved off. It will give an instant boost to your self-confidence while providing you with an extra edge with your overall fashion statement.

Let’s jump into these stunning haircut ideas to get you fired up for your next hairdo!

Adorable With Buzz cut

Adorable With Buzz Cut

Having a short buzz cut means you have almost little to no hair on your head. Hence, your haircut might increase your intimidating aura tenfold. However, with this hairstyle, you are going to look cute as a pie!

Of course, you are not going to lose your boldness over this patterned hair color. But you will look adorable doing it. You can check out other hairstyles, where you can experiment with the designs. In this case, to get a perfect result you are going to need the help of a skilled professional stylist.

Get your empowerment with a hint of bold cuteness!

Ponytail With Designed Sides

Ponytail With Designed Sides

Combining your designed shaved sides with a ponytail is going to bring deadly results. Everyone will be awestruck by your chic edgy vibe.

Your strikingly cool hairdo will outshine everyone else’s for sure regardless of the setting. This will look good on any hair type be it long or mid-length hair. Moreover, it’s a fabulous hairstyle for any occasion. And if you have enough hair in the middle then you might be able to hide out your shaved sides when you please.

Get used to your new self with this hairdo. And be drop-dead gorgeous without any hesitation, GIRL!

Hidden Nape Undercut

Hidden Nape Undercut

It’s always fun to play with colors. With this hairstyle, you can individualize your hairdo by using contrasting colors half and half on your hair for a super fun hairdo. This hairstyle will showcase the party in the back representing your quirky side in a unique way.

This hairstyle makes your nape look more gorgeous. Even if you do not color your hair, having a hidden side to your style creates an extra bit of drama and mystery to your personality. But the more use of colors the better, right?

So, get your sassiest self out and spice up your whole appearance.

 Icy Braids

Icy Braids

Get ready to be the ice queen with this haircut! Do you have any idea how cool it looks if you can pull off icy blond hair? If not, then you can get this today to change your look a whole 180 degrees. And turn that icy-colored hair into 3 separate braids. To give the finishing touch turn those braids into a small bun while keeping your hair only on the crown and the rest shaved. Voila! You are now the owner of the dopest hairstyle.

If you have a date night planned or a special girl’s night out, then this should be your go-to. Cool and snazzy, that’s all this haircut is about!

 Bubble Pink Mohawk

Bubble Pink Mohawk

Be your boldest self with pink! Getting a hair shaved for a Mohawk as well as coloring it into a unique one like bubblegum pink? This hairstyle is sure to grab everyone’s attention. It is everything you require for your ultimate portrayal of self-confidence.

The hairstyle itself is pretty unique and the bold color will only enhance your beauty. This exquisite hairstyle will give you the main girl vibe for sure. Moreover, it’s a great haircut for those gunning for stylish and convenient maintenance.

So, don’t worry about looking like a basic queen, because this hairstyle has got your back. Do not fret and go wild with one of these funky shaved hairstyles for women like a rockstar.

 Edgy With Bowl Cut

Edgy With Bowl Cut

Looking edgy with a bowl cut is no ordinary task. Because a bowl cut usually gives off an innocent aura to your demeanor. Nonetheless, if the bowl cut has the support of an undercut then it is sure to look a bit intimidating.

For this haircut, all you have to do is give your hair a bowl cut on the crown area while keeping the rest shaved off. And voila you are going to have a sensational haircut making look like the model of a high-end magazine.

Let your creative side be free and make your presence noteworthy with this haircut.

 Shaved Side

Shaved Side

All you gotta do is shave a part of your sides off with your bob. That’s all there is to it to make you look trendy and vogue.

You are going to feel your inner power with this haircut. Your friends and peers won’t be able to stop obsessing over your new look. If you have a shape up on your shaved sides, it will help accentuate your facial features as well. This one is certainly a head-turner.

With this haircut, you have nothing to lose and only irresistible glam to gain! Hence, without further ado, embrace your femme fatale looks with this haircut!

 Fully Shaved

Fully Shaved

It’s 2022. Are you sure you have enough time to be hydrated, have a regular skincare routine, social life, academic success, and 8 hours of sleep? Most of us don’t. In that case, fully shaving your head can save a lot of time and energy.

Your fully shaved hair will make you look like an absolute queen. People would be crazy not to fall in love with a masterpiece

Embrace your beauty and glamor with a fully shaved head and slay! with a haircut like this. No matter how short or long your hair is, you can do this easily sitting at home.

Rock your edgiest attire with this hairstyle, Goddess!

Accessorized Kinky Twists

Accessorized Kinky Twists

Bring out your professional sophistication through sleek ponytails! Are you willing to look picture-perfect? Then this should be your go-to haircut. As kinky twists are a protective hairdo, getting it with an undercut can really help you cut down your energy and money spent on this haircut.

For this haircut, you will have to turn all your hair into kinky twists while shaving off only a specific side. You can add beads, rings, or any kind of accessories to define your shaved-off part more prominent. You are going to be a fabulous stunner in this hairstyle.

Be the hottest fashionista with this haircut!

 Pixie With Side Shaved

Pixie With Side Shaved

The combination of voluminous pixie and sleekness of shaved hair looks visually pleasing in this hairstyle.

You can add a bit of color to your shaved part to create a funky look. Don’t be afraid to make your personality more visible through your haircut. A creative twist to a basic pixie will help you stand out and make a long-lasting impression in any environment. The volume on the front will give a messy effortless trendy vibe.

This hairstyle is flirty and super fun. Get this one to have an instant boost of dopamine when you see your face in the mirror.

High Top

High Top

Usually, a high top is worn with a fade or tapered fade to give more definition to the hair sitting on the top. You can rest assured that you will never be a basic and boring person with this one.

This will upgrade your style to a whole different level. It’s the perfect hairstyle to beat the summer as most of the hair will be on top. You might have to spend a little extra time styling it with some styling gel or hair wax to keep it sleek. But have you seen the hairstyle? It’s all worth it.

Be high and mighty with this haircut!

Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

Be high and mighty with this high-top haircut. Want to look soft and feminine with a Mohawk? Then this hairstyle is your answer. Beautiful colored hair is everything you can wish for in a hairdo. You can accessorize your braid with contrast-colored flowers or beads to enhance the dramatic effect. But the hairstyle itself is enough to keep you in the spotlight.

You might need to renew your undercut every other week to keep a clean look. Other than this the maintenance routine should be the same.

Get ready to bring the princess drama with your braided Mohawk and blind everyone with your glam.

Tapered Fade With Curled Top

Tapered Fade With Curled Top

So embrace the beauty of your natural curls today! This hairstyle is similar to a Mohawk as well but allows you to hype up your natural curls more. So that you can visually appreciate your volume. Moreover, it will subtly flair up your style with shaved lines on your taper fade sides.

The best thing about this haircut is that it’s great for a beginner because the undercut is close to your ears and almost hidden. As you get more confident, you can shave off more of your hair to make it bold and blunt.

Look extra puffy and fluffy with your free curls and get ready to do your hot girl shit with this fabulous haircut.

Upside-Down Braid With Top Knot

Upside Down Braid With Top Knot

No matter which era you are in, braids are always in style. For this hairstyle, all you have to do is get the sides of your head shaved while creating an upside-down braid. Then for a finishing touch, you have to turn the ends of your braid into a top knot. That’s all there is to it.

This hairstyle is fantastic for the work environment as it will keep your hair in place without any setting spray or anything. The playful bit of your top knot and the boho sophistication of your braid elevate any kind of attire.

It’s a cut fit for a boho-obsessed fashion queen. So get it without thinking too much.

Mullets With Shaved Sides

Mullets With Shaved Sides

Mullets are back in style and everyone is flipping out. It was mostly worn by 80s men. However, the vintage edgy vibe is worth everyone’s attention.

The classiness of this style will pass the vibe check of both a party and non-party girl. This fuss-free haircut can even work as a conversation starter for its magnificence.

You can jazz up your haircut by coloring your hair in emerald green, neon pink, etc. as well. It will make you get everyone’s attention like you are an Oscar-winning celebrity or a k-pop star.

Take over the world with your edgy haircut!

Jumbo Twists With Undercut

Jumbo Twists With Undercut

The fun and refreshing take on jumbo twist will help you maintain your protective hairdo. More importantly, this hairstyle will downright create an A-lister look.

The elegance of this hairdo creates a both romantic and fierce ensemble. It will definitely compliment any face type. It will up your style quotient for sure. Once you get this hairstyle you might want to wear it every day for the rest of your life. But remember to let your hair breathe once in a while from the protective hairdo.

The styling options are versatile for this hairstyle alone. It’s a smashing hairdo that works in an official environment, a casual hangout, or just lounging around. So what’s stopping you from getting one of these shaved hairstyles for women today?

Natalie Portman Inspired Haircut

Natalie Portman Inspired Haircut

If looks could kill, then Natalie Portman, the American actress’s buzz cut look could definitely get an A+ for the job. She devastated her fans in a positive way of course with her grown-out buzz cut.

This haircut indeed needs some brave spirit to try out. But it is everyone’s absolute summer hair goal. It’s fab and fresh and adventurous. And you don’t have to go through any awkward hair growing out phase with this one as all your hair will grow out at a similar pace.

So, be unapologetically badass with this out-of-the-world cool haircut.

Fade Crop

Fade Crop

The faded crop has the ability to add that additional oomph that most other shaved haircuts don’t possess. It also has a grungy gothic vibe that is sure to impress anyone and everyone.

It has the perfect balance of texture and shaved hair that looks aesthetically pleasing. You can just get out of bed in the morning and go out without giving your styling options a second thought. So it’s perfect for the lazy but want-to-look-on-fleek everyday kind of girl.

Get ready to show off your breathtaking haircut by pairing it up with black outfits to look more intimidating.

Box Braids With Shaved Sides

Box Braids With Shaved Sides

You will not be taking your eyes off of yourself with this hairdo. You can properly feed into your narcissistic self with this glorious hairstyle.

The icing on the cake can be your designed sides. This can be your signature look for all time. It adds a big dose of personality to your style. You will look iconic no matter what kind of attire you wear.

Enjoy the endless possibilities with your box braids and designed undercut. Let your imagination run wild while getting this haircut.

Rosamund Pike Inspired Haircut

Rosamund Pike Inspired Haircut

Get your edgy biker mode on with this haircut! Rosamund Pike, the British actress’ haircut screams the medley of edginess and sophistication. With the occasional visibility of your undercut, you can go from a professional appearance to a met gala one with ease.

You are going to look charmingly bold. More appreciably, it will complement any of your outfits seamlessly. This brings little to no drastic change to your everyday look. Hence, you should try this one out at least once in your lifetime. The peek-a-boo undercut is to die for!

Be the girl crush for everyone to obsess over with this simple hairdo.

Rihanna Inspired Haircut

Rihanna Inspired Haircut

Rihanna, the sensational pop singer never fails to steal any show with her captivating hairstyles. She has been seen multiple times with versatile hairstyles paired with a partially shaved head. And she left everyone breathless every time.

For this hairstyle, she kept her shaved hairstyle visible while keeping the rest of her hair inside-swept. If you have a lot of volumes, then this will look angelic on you. You will look powerful and feminine. You will feel like the protagonist of a rom-com movie with this hairstyle.

Like the queen, she said, “shine bright like a diamond” with this haircut today!

Designed Undercut Fade

Designed Undercut Fade

This haircut is for the ones who desperately want a tattoo but don’t have the energy to commit to a particular style on the skin. So you can get any design you want with an undercut-fade juxtaposition and get crazy good results.

An undercut in the nape will assure that you can hide it when you want and get your bold personality out when you want it. This haircut has the potential to surpass all your expectations. However, you are definitely going to need the help of a skilled professional for this exact look.

With this haircut, you are going to look like a diva for certain!

Side Razor Design

Side Razor Design

To diversify your daily look, having a side razor design is a top-notch haircut. You can pair it up with long, extra short, or mid-length hair. It will look great nonetheless. If you decide to color your hair in unique colors, then it will only enhance your natural beauty.

This hairstyle adds the city chic aura to your ensemble.

The best thing about this specific hairstyle is that it will never fail to make you look trendy. Moreover, you can use your countless styling possibilities to the fullest.

Unapologetically flaunt your hairstyle and slay like the powerful queen you are!

Curled Pixie

Curled Pixie

This spectacular curled pixie haircut with a faded undercut might not look all that fancy but it sure as hell looks too good to be true. The straightforward elegance and subtle edginess of this haircut will transform you into a raving beauty.

With this minimalist haircut, you will get maximum sophistication. You will feel refreshed like you never felt before. You can rock any outfit from an edgy leather jacket to a red-carpet dress effortlessly with this one.

Dominate every event and every setting with this subtle shaved haircut.

Angled At The Back

Angled At The Back

Do not stop yourself from being your charming cute self with a hint of boldness with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is worth swooning over. You will end up dazzling anyone and everyone with this charismatic haircut. This jaw-dropping beautiful haircut is enough to make you the talk of the town.

For this haircut, you are going to get your sides shaved and create an angled faded v shape at the nape. To jazz it up a little more you can use contrasting colors on your faded hair and comparatively long hair on top. It’s easily attainable and can make you the star of any event.

Look like a pure angel with this angled haircut today!

Miley Cyrus-Inspired Haircut

Miley Cyrus Inspired Haircut

Miley Cyrus left her innocent Hannah Montana vibe and came back with strong and bold short haircuts making all the girls and guys fall for her.

This hairstyle will make you look dynamic and sleek. You can back brush your hair to maintain sleekness. It will instantly make you stand out in a crowd. However, people will think twice before approaching you as it will make you look intimidating. Your clean-cut fashion statement will look impressive in any setting. It can spruce up the simplest attire tenfold.

Be bold with your femininity and get your hair done like this!

Gigi Hadid-Inspired Haircut

Gigi Hadid Inspired Haircut

Gigi Hadid, the American model sure knows how to get everyone’s attention with her fashion statement. And in the recent Marc Jacobs fashion show, she became the talk of the town with her radical shaved haircut.

This is a great look for a high fashion look. It’s a superb look that provides an extra dimension to your whole look. If you get this haircut, people who actually have an interest in fashion will recognize this style from afar. However, to be honest, if you have to maintain your professional look and work in a 9 to 5 corporate job then this might not be ideal.

Get in touch with your inner supermodel with this haircut!

Zoë Kravitz Inspired Haircut

Zoe Kravitz Inspired Haircut

Zoë Kravitz, the American actress showed off her mind-blowing protective braided updo with shaved sides and looked refined and extravagant.

The hairstyle alone will make you look radiant. You will look classy and feisty with this strong hairdo. It will transform you into an artwork. Everyone around you will not be able to stop themselves from admiring your style. This might be a little time-consuming to perfect. But as it’s a protective hairstyle you can wear it for a long time.

Get ready to be showered with endless compliments with this haircut.

Natalie Dormer Inspired Haircut

Natalie Dormer Inspired Haircut

Natalie Dormer, the British actress pleasantly shocked everyone with her hairstyle transformation in The Hunger Games movie series Mockingjay.

This is a pretty easy one. The uniqueness of this haircut comes with the braid making a clear distinction between the shaved side and the other part. If you already have an undercut on the side, then this hairdo will take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Be the main girl of your own story with this haircut!

Shaved Bob

Shaved Bob

Do not hesitate to stand out and be unique with this haircut. If you are looking for a futuristic emo vibe hairstyle, then we have got the perfect haircut for you. The combination of platinum blonde concave bob with an undercut has never looked better. The undercut only adds a subtle change but makes the whole look outstanding.

The immaculate look of this haircut looks awe-inspiring no matter how you look at it. We have never seen a haircut cooler than this.

So, what are you waiting for, girl? Embrace your carpe diem mindset and get this haircut right this instant!


Shaving off your whole head or part of your head will require a certain amount of boldness and courage. Hence, you should be aware of some frequently asked questions about shaved hairstyles for women. In this part of the article, we are going to give you just that.

Question: How often should your undercut be shaved?

Answer: Undercuts are one of the most common shaved haircuts. Trimming your undercuts every two weeks should be enough to make them look good as new.

Question: How long does it take to grow out a shaved head?

Answer: Growing out your shaved haircut mainly depends on your hair type, and the length of your hair pre-shaved cut. Usually, you can expect your hair to grow out in 3 to 4 months.

Question: Does hair fall stop after shaving the head?

Answer: NO, it does not. Shaving off your hair does not affect hair loss or its treatment. Moreover, it will neither affect the thickness of your hair nor induce hair growth. So, if you want to shave your hair then it’s better for your convenience or aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t intend to keep your hair shaved off forever, we think these shaved hairstyles for women are definitely worth a try. And it’s never just about your hair. It’s about how you represent your individuality through your style. Because with or without hair it will play a huge part in your fashion statement.

Moreover, less hair and convenience go hand in hand. The less hair you have the less time and energy you will have to put on to style them.

As you have reached the end of the article, we are sure that most of the hairstyles have caught your eyes. The next time you visit your salon, you can use one of them as an example to show it to your stylist.

Most importantly you are your queen and don’t ever change your hair to match anyone’s standard be it your family, society, or even the universe.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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