Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut: 33 Ideas To Look Like An Absolute Stunner

The societal stereotype of associating longer hair with being more feminine no longer works anymore. You can be powerfully feminine with your short bob haircut with less hassle. The versatility this haircut can produce is infinite. From tomboy to the vintage queen you can have any aesthetics you want with short bob haircuts. The possibilities are endless.

Short bob haircuts are everything anyone can ask for in a hairdo. From being low maintenance to being trendy and cool, these hairstyles can provide everything.

Hence, we are incredibly enthusiastic to show you some trendy short bob hairstyles in this article. Some hairstyles will undoubtedly make you stand out in a crowd. However, we can assure you that if you wear them with confidence you can make any of them work. Moreover, near the end, we will answer some interesting FAQs. So don’t forget to skim till the end, Queens!

Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Short Bob Hairstyles

Most of us have a vision and a purpose serving our fashion sense. For example, having short bob hair might help you appear bold and professional or be super fun. Even the boldest choice you make with your short bob hair should reflect that vision.

Without further ado, let’s look into some of the styling options that might serve the queen’s purpose properly.

Tousled Short Bob

Tousled Short Bob

The nature of this hairstyle is all about keeping it messy and natural. The less time you spend styling it the better it looks. The tousled effect will make it seem like you made an effort to look cool and chill.

Even though it’s a short bob, it will provide an extra bit of texture. If you have unruly thick hair then this one is definitely for you. Your haircut will only accentuate your natural beauty. This killer short bob will make you appear ready to chill at any moment. You will seem more approachable.

Get ready to snip snip.

Dark Academia Aesthetic

Dark Academia Aesthetic

This haircut is huge right now. It’s for the ones who are in love with dark academic aesthetics like us. Usually, this hair is worn down and kept a little lengthier.

It’s all about keeping your flowy natural waves on your short bobs. Hence, you can allow yourself to embrace your natural textures.

With this hairstyle, you are going to look soft, professional, and stunning.

With only a side part and some perfect waves, you will be ready to attend any event. This haircut oozes sophistication and elegance.

Slay in your smart, chic, vintage outfits with this haircut!

Skunk Short Bob

Skunk Short Bob

Playing with colors on your hair is always fun. To get a skunk you have to mix up the most vibrant color with a muted color creating an exquisite contrast between two extreme shades. This hairstyle is already special. However, getting it on your short bob makes it more striking. Because most of your hair is close to your face. And so it looks eye-catching.

This two-tone hairstyle is trendy among everyone. Moreover, it looks classy on everyone. It will bring out the “wow factor” with any outfit and any no-makeup look as well.

Be the trendy queen you are with this hairstyle!

Half Up

Half Up Short Bob

No one can deny the magnificence of half-up hairdos. However, a short bob haircut with a hairdo has a more distinct bad girl casual charm of its own. And it is so easy to do and effortless to pull off that this hairdo definitely deserves a chef’s kiss or in this case stylist’s kiss.

Timeless and heat-free styling is a half updos cool advantage. It complements all hair types while drawing attention to your facial features. With nothing more than a minute flat to style, this hairstyle is nothing short of perfection.

Be prepared to look like an absolute stunner with this hairstyle!

French Short Bob

French Short Bob

French short bob looks dreamy and chic on any hair texture be it wavy, curly or straight etc. This iconic hairstyle will make you feel prettier and more confident. You will look event-ready in no time.

The main difference between a basic short bob and a French one is in its bangs. In French short bob haircuts, your bangs will be on or over the brow line. It can be a curtain fringe or a wispy one. What matters is its length. This haircut looks fabulous with retro-styled outfits as well as casual wear.

Rock this hairstyle today!

Get Shady

Get Shady Bob

Looking for another playful and refreshing look with some colors for your short bob? Then balayage on short bob haircut can be your answer. Getting balayage hair is already on trend for its gorgeous shaded look. And having this style on short bob hair will instantly upgrade your appearance to a whole nother level.

Having a beautiful mix of contrasting colors can create the right kind of dramatic style appropriate for any setting. Depending on your choice of color, your look can be dripping with sweetness or badassness.

Inject the lethal fun medication with your balayage on a short bob!

Revel In Your Natural Curls

Revel In Your Natural Curls

Proper maintenance for naturally curly hair takes a bit more maintenance than most other hair types. However, for its high maintenance, some people tend to straighten it. Therefore, pairing it up with an exceptionally low-maintenance haircut like a short bob can be a good idea. This way you get to show off your flowy curls and not get inconvenienced with its maintenance.

The ravishing texture of this type of hair creates additional appeal for this hairstyle. The unkempt look rather gives a fresh feel to the haircut.

Hence, do not ever hesitate to show off your natural curls with this hairstyle, curly queens!

A-line Short Bob

A Line Short Bob

The appeal of an A-line short bob haircut is in its simply charming chicness. With this haircut, you can easily go short without going dangerously short. The tilted angle enhances the beauty of your facial features even more.

This haircut instantly preps you up for any gathering. It’s the best choice for your professional setting as well. Because the long sides provide an extra dimension to the haircut making it easier to style. This super flattering haircut never fails to give that extra bit of oomph.

If you’ve never tried going short, then this could be your go-to.

Find Symmetry In Asymmetry

Find Symmentry In Asymmentry

This stunning haircut will make you fall in love with the asymmetry and create a bold high fashion look.

You will leave parts of your hair longer than the rest of the hair to create this look. It can be a bit tricky so don’t forget to get your stylists’ help.

We will be honest. This look is not for everyone. But if you don’t give this haircut even the slightest chance then you won’t be able to find out whether you can actually rock this haircut or not.

Hence we suggest giving it a try and if you don’t like it then just chop the asymmetrical part short like the rest of your hair.

Sleek Short Bob

Sleek Short Bob

This old Hollywood-inspired vintage hairstyle instantly provides a classy and sophisticated aura to its owner. And to think that all you gotta do to achieve this is make your hair sleek with some gel and curl the sides is a little surprising.

With this hairstyle, you will have an out-of-the-world appearance. You will feel like the protagonist straight out of an 80s Hollywood movie. This iconic hairstyle will bewitch everyone’s heart. You will look dynamic creating an unforgettable impression on everyone. You will elevate your style and bring all eyes on only you.

Be the vintage protagonist with this hairstyle today!

Long Fringe

Long Fringe

Long fringes with your short bob are the kind of combination that will never overwhelm your natural beauty. This haircut is the perfect way to effortlessly enhance the beauty of your facial features. Moreover, fringes will make your face appear slimmer.

This haircut has the ability to fight your own worst critic, yourself. You won’t be able to stop admiring your reflection and check your hair out in every mirror that comes your way. This bold look will make you appear poised and dignified.

Make all the heads turn your way with this simple yet graceful haircut.

Femme Fatale Short Bob

Femme Fatale Short Bob

This hairstyle gives a chic and elegant look perfect for a conservative setting but with a sensual twist. You can’t help but dig this mature look. It’s a great look to make a first impression. It goes well with a backless gown or even a leather jacket. No matter what outfit you decide to pair it up with you will look absolutely phenomenal.

For this, all you have to apply is some hair gel and setting gel, and voila! You are now the owner of a badass hairdo. You can do this style in a snap.

Be the ultimate girl crush with this hairstyle!

Concave Short Bob

Concave Short Bob

Concave short bobs are great for thinning hair. Because the gradual stacked layers of this hairstyle come down on your face and make you look fiery creating a slight A-line. The choppy layered hair seems contemporary and stylish ensuring maximum volume at the back.

This hairstyle produces movement in your hair creating versatility for styling. The dramatic effect of the texture is enough to spice up your entire look. It can be efficiently styled whether you go out for a date or a gathering with friends.

Take advantage of your layers and get this haircut today!

Layered Razor Cut

Layered Razor Cut

Layered razor cuts and short bob hair is like a match made in heaven. This haircut on your short bob will give a wispy and light vibe. You will feel like floating to your success with this haircut. It’s ideal for low upkeep styling.

Depending on how you style it, your appearance can take a 180-degree turn without much effort. The fun textures of this haircut can give a soft or an edgy look providing how you decide to air dry your hair. This is enough to mesmerize anyone and everyone.

Look picture perfect with this haircut.

Feather Layered Bob

Feather Layered Bob

Feather layers on a short bob create a girl next door vibe. This hairstyle is sweet yet chic to its core. The gentle layer only emphasizes any inherent movement or bouncy vibe you might have on your hair.

Short face framing layers of this haircut create additional flare to your style. You won’t have to spend extra time from your designated regular hair styling routine. You will get an instant boost of confidence. You’ll be ready for your girls’ night out and look Instagram perfect in a flash.

Go au naturel with the layers of your hair!

Pixie Short Bob

Pixie Short Bob

Pixie short bob is raging among youngsters these days. Its short soft playful textures make you swoon. It looks great on all face shapes. Its urban and up-to-date look is to die for. You will feel like a model on the cover of a magazine. The styling options with this haircut are limitless. So you can get a different vibe every time you style it.

The layered pattern enlivens your hair and your entire look. It provides the right amount of flow and volume for any type of hair. Your hair will never look thin on this cut.

Be a fashion icon with this haircut!

Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob

Can you imagine getting classiness, sophistication, and elegance from just one hairstyle? This hairstyle is the epitome of all three.

It’s the most exciting change you can bring to your appearance. The finger waves look absolutely stunning. And if you want to add more drama then add hair jewelry like pearls or pins in between your waves to make it look pretty. You might need to put extra effort to perfect it. However, it’s all worth it.

With your perfect waves, you will steal everyone’s heart looking nothing less than a queen. Make everyone swoon with your vintage aesthetics today!

Graduated Short Bob

Graduated Short Bob

Do you want a haircut that you can easily dress up or down? Then graduated short bob can be your go to haircut. It is also known as stacked short bobs as the back of the hair is stacked up like a horseshoe. It creates a soft angle from the back creating an effortless look. The simplicity and volume it provides form a properly balanced look.

It’s quite convenient and time-saving making it easy to style. You can trim it every 4-5 weeks to maintain the perfect length.

So, are you interested? Then make an appointment with your stylist right away!

One-length Bob

One Length Bob

If you are a fan of precision, then boy oh boy do we have the perfect haircut for you. One-length short bob brings comfort to your eyes. And when you sway your hair everyone’s heart will be swayed with your hair as well.

This haircut looks best on dead straight hair. Because of its simplicity, it is now super popular and trendy. A sensual side part or a trendy middle part will only add to its charm. It gives you a touch of a unique intimidating vibe as well.

Flaunt your perfectly straight hair with this haircut today!

Side Fringe With Short Bob

Side Fringe With Short Bob

When you see this hair up front it might appear way too simple. But a good fringe can change your whole hairstyle in an instant. While a middle part fringe might entail that you’re trendy, a side fringe however takes years off of your face. Hence, combining it with a short bob creates a refreshing look.

It gives your short bob a lot more structure. Feel free to try out as many styling options as you want because nothing can go wrong with fringes. You would want to keep clicking your own photos because you will look THAT GOOD in this simply gorgeous haircut.

Time to look super cute and fun with this short bob hairstyle!

Retro Bob

Retro Bob

The allure of retro style short bob is in its waves. It looks even better on asymmetrical short bobs where you wave out the asymmetrical part of your hair. It creates a red carpet look in no time.

This haircut has the ability to flawlessly elevate your attire and your mood. It takes unexpectedly less time to style as you only have to wave out the front part, that’s it! However, make sure to tell your stylist to make your short bob a little round to make it easy for you to style.

Get your hair done with this retro-chic hairstyle and look like a goddess!

A-line But Subtle

A Line But Subtle

Perfect A-line short bobs tend to create hard angles making you look intimidating. But if you want to keep the angles but go soft then this haircut is the one for you. The subtlety of the layers is almost dream-like.

This haircut highlights the layers making thick textures easier to handle. It’s the best haircut to feel the fall breeze on your neck. No matter how you wear it you will create an irresistible look with minimal effort. It creates a beautiful silhouette in manageable length.

Embrace the subtlety in your hair and try this hair out.

Extra Short

Extra Short Bob

This extra short bob haircut will drastically change up your appearance and feed into your tough aura. You will feel empowered by your bold fashion choice.

To add extra flare, you can get a V-cut at the back and some lineups. Everyone will admire the boldness of your hairstyle. You won’t have to do anything other than the cut itself to style it. Because the lineups will fill up any dramatic effect you want to add. If you pair it up with some edgy outfits you will look like a bomb ready to blow everyone’s mind away.

Make everyone awestruck and have extra short extra fluffy hair!

Soft Wavy Bob

Soft Wavy Bob

To capture your soft stylish persona this haircut is ideal for you. You will look picture perfect with this beautiful hairstyle. The softness of the hairstyle will make you feel like the protagonist of a rom-com movie. The haircut certainly gives off a new-pretty-girl-in-town kinda vibe.

This haircut will satisfy your inner aesthetics. From cottage core to retro-chic, any aesthetic will look fly if you pair it up with this hairstyle. You will get a powerful boost from the beauty of your hair.  This stylish hairstyle will make you shine in any setting and any attire.

Make everyone’s heart melt with this boho-inspired haircut.

Punk Bob

Punk Bob

Getting sharp-edged spikes to match your punk emo vibe has been popular forever. The haircut’s unusual appearance will make you stand out in any crowd. The uneven chops make it more outstanding.

Depending on your makeup you can create a goth look with this hairstyle as well. Moreover, this haircut will grow out pretty and if you don’t spike it up the layers will just fall on your head creating a whole another style. But the spikes will look flattering on everyone. So why not try this hairstyle out for once?

Get your edgy punk outfit and get a grunge look with this haircut!

Sassy Short Bob

Sassy Short Bob

This funky hairstyle might not be appropriate for all the settings. But it looks absolutely amazing. It might be just a half-shaved haircut with a simple design. However, it is enough to make you feel powerful.

You can wear simple outfits to emphasize the hairstyle more. You may style the other half or leave it as it is. The choice is yours. But regardless of your choice, it will look magnificent.

Be the goddess of sassiness and flaunt your style with this haircut!

Stay Hidden

Stay Hidden Bob

This particular short bob hairstyle creates a hidden emo grunge look where you get an undercut that will only come out when you feel like it. If you don’t decide to make an updo then you can create the illusion of a basic short bob.

This might appear a “bit too wild” to some people but let us assure you it’s the right kind. It will look professional if you let all your hair down but bring out a glam badass vibe even if you make a simple hairdo like a ponytail or a bun.

Bring out your inner rebel vibe with this haircut.

Art In Bob

Art In Bob

Have you seen anything more majestic? This hair print on a short bob looks jaw-droppingly majestic. You can be as inventive as you want with this hairstyle and let your imagination fly high.

This hairstyle might be a tad bit expensive. But people will know it when they see it. But trust us on this, the aesthetic appeal of this hairstyle is worth every dime.

Visit your salon today and create an artistic look appealing to your inner artist.

Be Vibrant

Be Vibrant Bob

This hairstyle is all about having fun with vibrant colors matching your cheerful vibrant personality. You can effortlessly carry your alluring confident vibe through your hair.

You will be able to light up any place with this hairstyle. You will never go unnoticed no matter how low a presence you had before. You will look like a much more approachable and fun person in it. This haircut will give you a sunshine aura and the raw choice of hair color will help you pair it up with any outfit you desire.

Get this hair and even the stars would be proud of your vibrant choice of colors.

Skunk Striped Short Bob

Skunk Striped Short Bob

This is another skunk hairstyle that has taken everyone’s heart with its uniqueness. It has almost become one of the mainstream trends. But if you haven’t attempted this hairstyle yet, we suggest trying it out now.

This is the best hairstyle to bring closer attention to your facial features. It will make you fall for your own look. Make sure to choose contrasting colors for your stripes that complement your skin tone properly. It’s a game-changer look that will make you love yourself a little bit more. And honestly? Do you need anything more?

Enchant everyone with this haircut’s breathtaking beauty!

High Fashion Bob

High Fashion Bob

This hairstyle is a slap to the face who says short bobs cannot be versatile. They just don’t have the imagination. This hairstyle is the epitome of versatility. It will leave everyone in awe.

The extremely short bob with extremely short bangs creates a high fashion strong look. You can wear it in both a tousled or sleek way. All the fashion lovers will be crushing over your hairstyle.

Steal everyone’s attention and set the mood for a party with this hairstyle.

Curtain Fringe

Curtain Fringe

If you are afraid to try out a short bob, then this is one of the safest choices to opt for. It will not make a distracting or major change. You can always consult your stylist about the length of your bangs.

You will look effortless, natural and radiant with this hairstyle. It creates a minimal and fresh look. Moreover, its elegance is perfect for any attire and setting creating a soft smart look. And so you can flaunt your hair anywhere with ease.

Listen to your feminine urge and be bold with simplicity!

Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

Wispy see-through bangs with a short bob are the ideal choice for girls with round faces. But not to worry it will look good on other face shapes as well depending on its length.

The easy-breezy bangs look flattering tousled. Don’t fret much about your wispy bangs and embrace its laid-back vibe. Let it stumble on your forehead naturally. Get messy with your bangs without hesitation. And everyone will adore your messiness.

Bring out your soft girl era with this hairstyle!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are almost near the end. And we are pretty sure that you have adored almost all the hairstyles we mentioned and will try out one of them soon. So, in this part of the article, we are here with some FAQs that can be further helpful in the future.

Let’s look at them together, shall we?

Question: Is a short bob haircut flattering?

Answer: OF COURSE! We are absolute fans of this versatile haircut. It looks terrific on anyone and everyone. Among most other short haircuts these are the safest ones.

Question: Which short bob haircut makes your face look smaller?

Answer: If you have textures layered on your bob then it will help you frame your face shape better. Asymmetrical short bob haircuts do a wonderful job for this one. You can try middle parting as well to make your face appear smaller.

Question: What is a boyfriend bob?

Answer: The short bob haircuts that are usually worn with a middle parting and with little to no layers are known as the “boyfriend bob”. Your stylist might know it as a “box bob” as well.

Final Thoughts

Short bob haircuts suit everyone so incredibly that most people get used to the comfort of short smart hairdos. You might see yourself questioning the reason behind why you went through the hassle of having long hair in the first place.

No matter what kind of hairstyle you might prefer, a bit flashy or chic, short bob haircuts have limitless options for you. It will look stylish regardless of your age, face shape, hair texture, etc. The best thing about these types of haircuts is that you will never look out of place on any occasion or at any place.

The bold move of chopping off your hair can feel refreshing and empowering. So, our queens, how about trusting us on this one and trying out one of these haircuts for a change?

Don’t hesitate even for a moment. And you do your queen and decide on your haircut that suits you the most.

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