Short Crochet Hairstyles

32 Stunning Short Crochet Hair Styles for Every Occasion

Do you feel like hitting the refresh button on your personal hairstyle and getting a style shake-up? Then, we highly recommend short crochet hairstyles that will take you on a mini adventure for your appearance.

This hairdo is a combo of practicality, style, and self-expression that will let you play around with super versatile textures and colors. Let’s not forget the low maintenance factor and being trendy.

Moreover, we always need clarification on the length of our hair. When we see someone with an excellent short haircut, we want that. However, after a while, we get bored and want our hair to be lengthy again.

In the case of short crochet hair, you can test the waters on whether you would prefer a short haircut as a long-term commitment. You can enjoy these hairstyles temporarily and switch them back when you feel like it.

So, to get you started on your creative journey, we have gathered a handful of the finest short crochet hairstyles that you can try out this year.

Let’s delve deeper into the discussion!

32 Short Crochet Hair Styles: A Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

In this time and age, no one has hours to spend after hair care. Short crochet hair means less hair and less hair means less time spent dealing with its maintenance. It’s a game-changer for people with a busy schedule.

Hence, we have listed a few of the stunning hairstyles. Scroll through and pick your favorite!

11 Most Head-Turning Low Maintenance Short Crochet Styles

Short crochet hairstyles are already popular among hair enthusiasts for their low maintenance. In this part of the article, we have gathered a few that require even less maintenance.

Let’s go through them!

Golden Brown Short Crochet

Golden Brown Short Crochet

Golden brown short crochet hairstyle has the youthful glint you are looking for in a protective hairstyle.

Whether you have a warm or cool undertone, this hairdo will complement your natural color palette.

Moreover, the short hairstyle creates a subtle statement that helps you tap into the beauty trend.

You will get the edgy goddess vibe with this hairstyle that will make you appear bold and confident.

So, get the warm, sun-kissed glow and capture the essence of summer with your golden brown short crochet hairstyle.

Corkscrew Perm Rod Short Crochet Hair

Corkscrew Perm Rod Short Crochet Hair

The corkscrew perm rod short crochet hairdo is the ultimate curly hair dream come true. The curls are kept tight yet bouncy with enough volume to add a touch of drama.

You can get side bangs with your curls and have an effortlessly chic vibe. It will make you look like you have just strolled off a magazine cover, ready to rock every aesthetic.

To the novice curl users, this hairstyle will give you a fresh new perspective on your hair.

Be full of life and enjoy the new level of texture with this hairstyle.

Short Crochet With Tapered Sides

Short Crochet With Tapered Sides

If you want to enter the world of effortless styling with a touch of bold elegance, you should check out the short crochet hairstyle with tapered sides.

To do this hairstyle, you can use any type of curls. However, 4c coiled hair is recommended to get the exact look.

This hairstyle will give you a rebellious vibe that will look phenomenal and make you appear like a biker girl. You can also add a slight design on the tapered sides to amp up the look.

Don’t be afraid to be experimental while keeping it classy.

Curly Short Crochet

Curly Short Crochet

Curly short crochet hair provides the perfect statement-maker look with overflowing curls that will make anyone fall in love with the idea of curls.

You can get a pixie bob with them to make your curls stand out. The face-framing layers will turn your hair into your personal spotlight.

Moreover, if you want your facial features to appear a bit soft, then the curly, short crochet hairstyle is a fantastic hairdo that will create the visual illusion of a small face.

This hairstyle will inspire everyone around you for sure. Be the trendsetter and get this hairdo today.

Red-fronted Short Crochet Hair

Red-fronted Short Crochet Hair

Stepping into the world of bold radiance with undeniable charisma has never been easier with the presence of a red-fronted short crochet hairstyle.

To create this hairdo, all you have to do is add vibrant red-colored hair at the front of your short crochet hair.

You can pair red with your natural hair color, especially black, to make the color stand out even more.

This hairstyle is not for the ones who want to blend in because it will turn all the heads in your direction.

Get red-colored short crochet hair and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Natural-Looking Short Crochet Hair

Natural-Looking Short Crochet Hair

If you want to have natural-looking short crochet hair, then you should opt for hair with wavy and curly textures.

This hairstyle is like a built-in Instagram filter that elevates your natural features. It works as a confidence booster like no other.

Moreover, this style turns your hair into a voluminous masterpiece that’s impossible to ignore. People will not be able to resist the charms of your curls.

Make a power move with your natural-looking hairstyle today!

Short Crochet With Spring Twist

Short Crochet With Spring Twist

The short crochet hairstyle with a spring twist will make you feel as fly as ever with its mesmerizing spirals.

The hairstyle adds natural drama with its curly movement that will make you feel like you have a trampoline over your head.

You can take all the hair to your back and make a ponytail while keeping two strands at the front. It will give you a refreshing and youthful look.

Add a breath of fresh air to your hair game with this hairdo.

Water Wave Short Crochet Hair

Water Wave Short Crochet Hair

Do you want to create hair envy and make everyone desire your hairdo? Then you should get a water wave short crochet hairdo.

You will have the captivating vacation feeling in your hairstyle without even hitting the shore. Your hair becomes art itself with wavy movement.

Moreover, this hairstyle gives a beachy and carefree look, creating a canvas of visual interest. It’s like adding a subtle plot twist for your locks.

Create a soft and romantic aura around you with a water wave short crochet hairstyle.

Sleek Short Crochet Updo

Sleek Short Crochet Updo

The sleek and short crochet updo is a timeless hairstyle that makes you appear elegant and put together all the time.

This hairstyle oozes confidence and professionalism and can give an organized appearance that works with any outfit- casual or fancy.

To create this hairstyle, you only have to keep the front part of your hair sleek and make an updo with your curls.

The symmetry between a head full of curls and a sleek front gives an ethereal vibe.

Have your personal red carpet moment with this breathtaking hairstyle.

Afro Short Crochet

Afro Short Crochet

Afro kinky hair in short crochet is the ultimate hairstyle for self-expression. It’s like a celebration of your natural beauty with the help of short crochet hair.

The intricate and diverse texture of this hairstyle gives a whole new dimension to your look. It works as a confidence amplifier and makes you fall in love with yourself.

Moreover, getting this hairstyle will help shine your natural self brighter than ever.

Radiate your goddess energy with this hairstyle, and wear your afro like a crown!

Short Crochet Bob Haircut

Short Crochet Bob Haircut

Do you want to enjoy the touch of classic Hollywood glam look with your short crochet hair? Then you should go for a shoulder-length bob haircut.

It could be your go-to hairdo when you want to appear super professional as well as effortlessly cool on a night out with friends.

This hairstyle looks sensational regardless of your age. And don’t forget to add a unique color to your hair and elevate your style to a new level.

Slay your hairstyle multitasker short crochet bob haircut with ease.

21 More Short Crochet Hairstyle Ideas For Your Inspiration

In this segment, we will discuss some more short crochet hairstyle ideas that you might want to try this summer.

Twisted Short Crochet

Twisted Short Crochet

Twisted short crochet hair is like an instant upgrade that makes your hair appear dynamic. You will feel the protective power of the hairdo and belong to the low-key glam squad.

Moreover, the twisted short crochet provides the extra jazz that blends stunningly with your natural hair.

Depending on the type of twist you choose, tiny or chunky, your hairstyle can provide different levels of beauty.

In the cozy blanket of twisted short crochet hairdo, you can grow out your hair without any additional fuss.

So buckle up your seatbelts and get on the ride to get a twisted, short crochet hairstyle.

Marley Twist Short Crochet Hair

Marley Twist Short Crochet Hair

The Marley twist short crochet hairstyle is all about the symphony of beauty and individuality with textured artistry.

This hairstyle has the ultimate blend of edge and elegance that makes your hair move with the wind.

Moreover, it’s like a versatile canvas for creativity. You can keep your hair down or turn it into an updo. Regardless of the styling, you will look incredible.

You can effortlessly switch up your look any time you want.

Weave the story of your hair in every twist with this hairstyle.

Short Crochet Mohawk

Short Crochet Mohawk

A short crochet mohawk hairdo is the kind of hairdo that will make you the leader of the confidence parade.

It gives an instant daring vibe and helps you leave a mark wherever you go. If you want to spice up your look, you can add intricate designs on the sides of your mohawk.

Moreover, you can add vibrant colors all over your hair to have a superb runaway look.

Declare your boldness with the short crochet mohawk hairstyle.

Short Crochet Dreads

Short Crochet Dreads

The textures of short crochet dreads are like art in motion. From thick to thinner ones, the styling possibilities are endless for this hairstyle.

Each dread on your short crochet is like a brush stroke on a canvas. However, it can feel a bit heavy to some people.

So, in that case, you can add buzzcut or taper fades on the sides to let some weight off of your head.

Play with your personalized gallery of dreads and make a bold fashion statement with this hairdo.

Ocean Wavy Short Crochet Hair

Ocean Wavy Short Crochet Hair

Do you want to steal the show with a bit of casual and vacation magic in your hair? Then, girl, do I have the hairstyle for you?

The ocean wave hairstyle makes you look like you appeared in a novel about mermaids. The natural movement of the waves makes your hair look like a natural choreographer.

The relaxed yet stylish look gives an extra boost of soft oomph.

Wear confidence and artistry on your head and make even your silhouette look drop-dead gorgeous with this hairdo.

Senegal Curl Twist With Short Crochet

Senegal Curl Twist With Short Crochet

Senegal curl twists in short crochet hair can bring life into your curls and provide a graceful look with an explosion of textures.

The hairstyle looks exquisite in any kind of styling. However, in my opinion, this hairstyle appears best with a top bun or a high-top ponytail.

It provides an undeniable swagger with effortless sophistication. It’s like having your own cheerleader that magnifies your look and gives an additional depth.

Create a regal aura and weave your Senegal curl twists with short crochet hair.

Accessorized Short Crochet

Accessorized Short Crochet

Accessories are a big part of short crochet hairstyles. They come in all shapes and sizes and can snazz up your whole aura, making you appear bewitching.

It’s like a cherry on top of your divine short crochet sundae. Everything can be an accessory, from cute rings to shells if you feel like it.

Remember to personalize it according to your own persona.  If you want an intimidating look, then you can create a blend of a sleek front with a middle part and a puffed-up bun.

To flair up the playful and chic aura, you can put your accessories in a line on the middle part and turn your whole hairstyle into an art piece.

Accessorize like a queen and embrace your dramatic persona with this short crochet hairstyle.

Straight Thread Hairstyle With Short Crochet

Straight Thread Hairstyle With Short Crochet

The thread hairstyles with short crochet hairdo is like an intricate artistry that starts from the front and goes way back.

The eye-catching details bring a spotlight on your hair’s beauty, making an edgy statement.

Nothing about this hairdo is subtle. Everyone will become obsessed with your sense of style in a snap.

You will feel compliments rushing over to you if you sport this hairdo. Bedazzle everyone with your straight thread hairstyle in short crochet hair.

Half-Up Half-Down Short Crochet

Half-Up half-Down Short Crochet

The half-up and half-down hairstyle is like the best of both worlds, providing the perfect balance between a polished and casual look.

To create this hairstyle, you will only have to pull up the top half of your hair. It will accentuate your facial features and help frame your face in a better way.

And the best thing about this hairstyle is once you install your short crochet hair, you can do this at home. It won’t even take more than four to five minutes.

Don’t limit your imagination, and get started with this hairstyle right away!

Black Hair In Short Crochet

Black Hair In Short Crochet

Black hair and short crochet have the perfect synergy that makes any hairdo look like it was made in heaven.

To alleviate your black hairdo, you can add a mix of puffiness of curls with sleek braids amidst them and create a bold contrast.

The textural pizzazz of this hairdo is out of the world. It sets the stage for you to shine brightly in any aesthetic and any setting.

Be the CEO of iconic hairstyles and slay your short crochet hairdo in black hair.

Peekaboo Box Braided Short Crochet

Peekaboo Box Braided Short Crochet

If you are an ambivert and can not deal with the attention that normal dyed hair brings, then you should definitely go for a peekaboo box braided short crochet hairstyle.

As the hair color usually stays hidden, it’s like your own stylish secret, always ready to be unraveled.

And the sneaky style will only show itself if you are ready to put a spotlight on it. It works like a built-in accessory that does not need any extra bling.

Flaunt your girly charm confidently by incorporating a peekaboo box braided short crochet hairdo.

Boho Knotless Braid With Short Crochet

Boho Knotless Braid With Short Crochet

The boho knotless braid with short crochet has the type of easy breezy vibe that gives an effortlessly relaxed bohemian aura, creating an organic look.

It will make you feel like you are walking through a flower field at all times.

It looks cozy with a bit of earthy elegance that makes you ready for a boho-themed classy party whenever you want.

Moreover, the hairstyle helps create a whimsical charm with the perfect boho spirit.

Be the boho Goddess with your knotless braid and short crochet hairdo.

Shoulder-Length Short Crochet

Shoulder Length Short Crochet

A shoulder-length short crochet hairstyle has subtle sensuality with a classic appeal that looks heavenly whether it’s on trend or not.

Moreover, this is the perfect hair length for your workplace or casual gathering. You can wear suits or comfy baggy jeans. Either way, you’ll look stunning.

Don’t forget to add charming details of accessories and upgrade your hairstyle. Don’t feel that you are causing too much drama by accessorizing a little bit.

The accessories on your shoulder-length hairstyle work more like a pat on the back before you have to face the real world.

Incorporate a ravishing and expensive look with the shoulder-length short crochet hairstyle.

Short Crochet Updo

Short Crochet Updo

The short crochet updo is like a feast for the eyes. It offers a canvas for creativity with low effort.

The texture of the crochet is like a modern twist to a normal updo that captivates everyone’s hearts with its gracefulness.

Remember to inject a pop of color at the end of your crochet hair to add a bit of sparkle to your life. It’s like playing dress-up with your hair.

Moreover, as the short crochet hairstyle is a low-commitment hairdo, you can easily switch up your hairstyle or change your color any time you want.

Look like a high-end model with your short crochet updo.

Vibrant-Shaded Short Crochet

Vibrant-Shaded Short Crochet

Having dyed hair is already cool enough. But to add two to three colors to your hair is like showcasing an unapologetic individuality.

I usually recommend this hair color to clients who want to stand out among the crowd and are confident enough to start a conversation about their hair wherever they go.

This hairstyle has a blend of red hues with orange that almost looks like your hair is being set on fire.

From fiery orange to deep burgundy shade, these colors can complement only a strong personality.

It will add the extra pizzazz to your overall look, even on one of your most mundane days.

Look cheerful and make your life a little more lively with the vibrant-shaded short crochet hairstyles.

Grey Short Crochet Braids

Grey Short Crochet Braids

Grey short crochet braids are like one stunning package full of rebellious and elegant vibes. It provides the silver sophistication you need in your life to exude refined confidence.

It provides a mystical and ethereal allure that looks like moonlight is being woven into your locks.

Moreover, incorporating this hairstyle is like having your personal theme music playing wherever you go. This hairdo is like a living testament to your beauty.

Get an alluring look with your grey short crochet braids.

Grey Faux Loc With Short Crochet

Grey Faux Hawk With Short Crochet

Grey faux loc with a short crochet hairstyle has the mesmerizing silver sizzle that’s hard to resist.

With this hairdo, you give all the power to your hair to do all the talking.

You might think that dying your hair grey all over will make you look old. Well, you are not totally wrong, as the color gives a mature look.

However, I have done this hairstyle quite a few times. And not once did people ask me my age. Rather, they would come up to me and compliment my hair.

So, get high on your edginess with your grey faux loc in short crochet hair.

Petal Locs In Short Crochet

Petal Locs In Short Crochet

Petal-shaped locs in short crochet hair look like a garden blossoming on your head. With this hairdo, your hair will echo the beauty of soft, feminine elegance.

The unique and meticulous artistry requires creativity and skill. Anyone wearing this hairdo will be like a compliment magnet.

It’s like carrying a bouquet of everlasting, timeless charm. It is one of the dopest hairstyles you can try out this summer.

Be the flowery forest queen from Fairyland with this hairstyle.

Half-Up Two Buns In Short Crochet

Half-Up Two Buns In Short Crochet

Half-up two buns are like cuteness in a double dose. It’s like a mini party on your head that gives a playful nod to your inner child.

Moreover, the adorable masterpiece will inject you with infectious, youthful energy, exuding a carefree, confident spirit.

This hairdo helps spread joy and a cheerful vibe. Regardless of your age, the touch of cuteness will look delightful on anyone.

Feel the power of youth coursing through your hair with this hairdo.

Wand Curl Short Crochet

Wand Curl Short Crochet

The wand curl short crochet hairstyle has a breathtaking charm that oozes a romantic allure that’s hard to resist.

With this hairstyle, you will be ready for the paparazzi, as your hair will never fail to look glamorous.

The magical dance of curls will turn your every day into a runway. This chameleon-like hairstyle will make you ready for both a formal and a casual event.

Swirl your wand and look devastatingly beautiful like a fairy with the wand curl short crochet hairdo.

Purple-Blue With Short Crochet

Purple-Blue With Short Crochet

Short Crochet hairstyle presents endless possibilities with different lengths, colors, and textures. So, if you want to go big, why don’t you try mixing up three colors on your hair at once?

This hairstyle has a juxtaposition of the colors blonde, blue, and purple that will turn you into a walking artwork.

You can mix and match any color you want. It’s like putting your personality on display for the world to see. Look like a fashion queen with your purple and blue short crochet hairdo.


Now that you have a basic idea about the versatilities of short crochet hairstyles, we are going to answer a few frequently asked questions to help you out on your hairstyling adventure.

Q: How long should a crochet hairstyle last?

Ans: Short crochet hairstyle is the dream hairdo of many women, as it can last for up to 2 months with proper maintenance and care. However, in general, it is recommended to retouch your crochet hair every four weeks.

Q: Does crochet hair tangle?

Ans: Unfortunately, yes. Short crochet tends to get tangled if not cared for properly. But caring for this hairdo is easy. You can just cut off the edges every two weeks to keep them fresh and natural. You can get suggestions on the maintenance from your stylist and do it at home.

Q: Can I color short crochet hair?

Ans: Yes, Of course! However, you should try installing colored hair instead of trying to color the hair after installation. It is due to the damage the hair dye can cause to your short crochet hair.


People are getting more into protective hairstyles nowadays. The short hairstyle does just that with limitless options for styling. Compared to most other hairstyles, it requires less upkeep while minimizing heat styling and reducing chemical usage. It protects your natural hair from potential damage, allowing healthy growth.

Short crochet hairstyles keep your hair healthy, offering you a chance to experiment with textures and colors without the hassle of long-term commitment.

With the help of this hairstyle, you can easily get a new vibe with a new haircut and lift up your spirits. It can reflect your personal growth and can be a fun way to shake off boredom.

Most importantly, you don’t need a grand reason to try out a new look, do you? It’s part of the simple joys of life to try something new and have a blast during the process. So, get off your couch and try a short crochet hairstyle today!

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