Short Haircuts For Little Boys: 34 Ways To Style Your Toddler For School!

Although school is already running in full force, giving your son something to look forward to can be excellent if they suffer from social anxiety, separation anxiety, and so on. While being directly present on campus can be a good thing, giving them stuffed toys as supportive companions can be another. But to ensure they enjoy themselves even when battling with humidity, picking one of the many short haircuts for little boys should suffice.

Short haircuts are quite easy going in terms of length, being useful if your child is known for being curious and well, unruly. Additionally, since short hair doesn’t have much of a maintenance routine, it tends to be a blessing in the eyes of parents.

Attached to this article are multiple little boy short haircuts, a material that can help before you take your toddler to the hairdresser for a haircut. And since time always comes with a limit, move on to the upcoming segments without any further ado.

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34 Trendy And Tension-free Tactics To Perfecting Short Haircuts For Little Boys!

At the end of the day, life is what you make it. Similarly, when it comes to dressing your toddler, you can either go all in, or play it cool. Before finding the right outfit, though, invest your focus into his hairstyle.

If you’re yet to come to a decision on what kind of short haircut would be the perfect fit for your young one, take your time. Moreover, if you’re in dire need of some options that you can pick from, allow the following entries of short haircuts to guide you to the finish line.

Soft Butch Cut with Subtle Swoop

Soft Butch Cut With Subtle Swoop

Playing it safe is always the best way to go about things, especially when your kid is a toddler. Luckily, this list comprises tons of hairdos that aren’t just good for casual settings, but also get free passes at school.

A soft butch cut is perfect for your little boy’s hair, being easy to manage on a daily basis. The post-shower process is also quite time-friendly, while the maintenance of this look only requires bi-weekly touch-ups.

Polished Bushy Spikes

Polished Bushy Spikes

With some gel and tons of fun, you can even create this polished set of bushy spikes with your son, granted he’s on board with the plan. The hold of this look runs high, while the gloss is the selling point. The spiky texture is often added using fingertips and gel, making it a bonding activity on most occasions.

The gel required for this look can be a bit too consequential for the hair, so try to replicate it naturally. Wash the product off after use to eliminate buildup from the scalp.

Disconnected Undercut with Quiff

Disconnected Undercut With Quiff

Disconnected undercuts aren’t necessarily appropriate at school, but can be a promising option if you cut your little boy’s hair at home. All you need is a shaver or clipper to shave the sides, and some gel for the side-part.

This look is quite light and effortless to look after. Flexibility is a given with this look, as it can morph from quiffs into slick backs, faux hawks, mohawks, and so on.

Trimmed Afro-textured Top with 3 On The Sides Cut

Trimmed Afro-textured Top with 3 On The Sides Cut

Having natural hair can be a blessing once your toddler learns how to take care of their hair. However, during the adolescent years, it’s best to resort to short afro-textured hairdos, like this combo between a trimmed afro and a 3 on the sides cut.

By using a number 3 guard on a trimmer, you can easily give this cut to your little boy at home. To avoid botched results, however, consider reaching out to a barber or stylist.

Platinum Two Block Cut

Platinum Two Block Cut

Having pre-existing platinum hair can be a blessing, especially if it’s passed on to your toddler. This is because, although varying in terms of density, the visuals of the hair are already unparalleled in contrast to that found in any other hue.

Since simplicity is key, a two-block cut is quite popular among toddlers. To bring it into existence, use a wide-tooth comb. For some texture and messiness, ask your son to finger-comb the hair.

Sophisticated Hard Side-part

Sophisticated Hard Side-part

A hard side part is rather favorable when you’re planning to attend a wedding or Quinceneara with the family. With a suit and tie, a side-part tends to look absolutely adorable on toddlers. They really look like small businessmen.

Since hair lacks density when young, use a water-based hair product to introduce some stability. If you’re not a fan of the glossy texture, try using dry shampoo on your son’s hair.

Care-free Mohawk With Natural Taper

Care-free Mohawk With Natural Taper

Since toddlers are easily entertained, changing their hair to something that is a bit edgy but extremely enjoyable can be a great styling move as well as a bonding activity. And if you’re still shopping, consider looking into this mohawk.

While the elongation of a kid’s mohawk is similar to any other variation of the look, you can highlight the visuals even further by adding a minimal-looking taper on the sides as well as the back.

Snipped Fringes With Angular Part

Snipped Fringes With Angular Part

Trying out different designs might be mandatory if you’d like your little boy to put their best foot forward at any event. However, if you’re seeking something that lacks volume but runs high in cuteness and stability, this fringe cut should suffice.

Alongside the snipped fringes is an angular side part, which offers natural and low-maintenance visuals. To keep the pieces in check, use hair putty when curating the angular part.

Easygoing Crop Cut With Bangs

Easygoing Crop Cut With Bangs

Being on a budget is normal when you’re taking care of a family. Additionally, to maintain the hair of a toddler, you don’t always need a barber. In fact, sometimes, all you need is yourself and a pair of scissors.

If you’re planning to cut your toddler’s hair on your own, try taking notes from this crop cut with bangs. Straighten the pieces out with a tail comb before snipping the ends with scissors.

Textured Disheveled Bleached Curls

Textured Disheveled Bleached Curls

If your son already has curly hair, there’s very little that needs to be done in order to make the hair look more aesthetic and presentable. Adding a natural taper underneath can actually be enough to introduce more bounce to the layers.

On another note if you’d like to add more to the pieces without using bleach, allow your son to experiment with hair dyes and highlights. You may even add to the strands by increasing the lift by using some mousse and sea salt spray.

Natural Side-part with Custom Low Fade

Natural Side-part With Custom Low Fade

Getting haircuts is one of the more enjoyable parts of childhood, and the perfect way for sons and parents to increase their chemistry. Likewise, if you’re about to take your toddler to a hairdresser for a trim, ask them what they want. If you’re okay with it, try making things more fun with a custom fade.

From lines to jarring designs, the fade can be curated with anything as long as your son is having a good time. Don’t get too lost though, as adding complex components might get him in trouble at school.

Regular Buzz Cut with Defined Shape-up

Regular Buzz Cut with Defined Shape-Up

Looking after a toddler can be a difficult task when your schedule comprises activities that are necessary for obtaining survival. If you’re also working around a tight budget, but have a clipper at home, consider using one of the many guards to create a buzz cut.

Buzz cuts aren’t just easy to replicate, but also quite simple to look after. If you’d like to skim through some options before finalizing your decision, though, consider being more aware of all the buzz cut lengths currently on the rise.

Deep Slicked Comb Over

Deep Slicked Comb Over

Tightening the positioning of a comb over can make it easier for your little boy to have fun without worrying about his hair. Additionally, when worn at events, it’ll be easier for the little man to take up all the spotlight.

A deep slicked comb over is almost like a classic slick back, but leans more towards one of the two sides. The hair is supplied with moisture found in gel, which can be replaced with pomade on those with sensitive skin.

Tousled Wavy Top with Low Finished Taper

Tousled Wavy Top With Low Finished Taper

Through the assistance of a curling iron or the scrunching technique, you can add a tousled top to your toddler’s hair, which is relaxing to look at, and pairs well with the unruly nature of kids. Fades seem overrated in this scenario, while tapers allow this look to feel at home.

Letting the hair be is the best way to deal with this hairstyle. However, with some friction, the pieces look more elevated and bouncy, which is better in real life than in theory.

Butch Cut with Low Skin Fade

Butch Cut With Low Skin Fade

Butch cuts are often praised for being convenient, but hardly ever receive recognition for their versatility. The strands don’t just pair well with any face shape, but also tend to blend with supporting counterparts with ease.

From tapers to low skin fades, a butch cut can be paired with anything. Rewarding your toddler with a butch cut won’t just enable him to have fun without messing his hair up, but allow you to keep the strands in check at the blink of an eye.

Black And Green Quiff with Temple Fade

Black And Green Quiff With Temple Fade

Mixing and matching with a split color scheme can be a great idea if your child is into flashy designs. While the investment can be risky to make if summer break is over, this black and green quiff can surely work wonders for one-and-done occasions.

To keep it subtle, try aiming for highlights. Be sure to use styling products too, as it will help your toddler during physically intensive activities.

Unruly Korean Cut with High Temple Fade

Unruly Korean Cut With High Temple Fade

A Korean hairstyle is quite renowned at the moment, comprising two block cuts in most cases. The hairdo stays in place and usually caters to all genders and ages, even little boys.

This short haircut only requires a high temple fade to come into place, which can be curated through following guidelines using a clipper. The maintenance routine comprises bi-weekly haircuts, while the strands contain a laidback aura.

Snipped Quiff With Engraved Pattern

Snipped Quiff With Engraved Pattern

Since separation anxiety is a common find in children, it could be normal for your child to feel out of place in school. While the habit tends to fade away after the adolescent years, it could be better to get a haircut of his choice in the meantime, mainly to keep the feelings in check.

When thinking of short hairdos, think of patterns. Additionally, if your child is into superheroes, don’t hesitate to ask the barber to engrave the symbol of their favorite character on the temple.

Polished One-sided Pompadour with Natural Taper

Polished One-sided Pompadour with Natural Taper

With a volumizing comb and some pomade, you can give your toddler a look for the ages, otherwise known as a pompadour.

While most pompadours are quite voluminous and tough to keep up with, this hairdo contains a natural amount of elevation that can stand strong even without products, especially on toddler hair. For some moisture and healthy visuals, be sure to use clay when sealing this look.

Choppy Mushroom Cut With Nicked Sideburns

Choppy Mushroom Cut With Nicked Sideburns

Mushroom cuts aren’t just staples in fashion for their razor sharp and tidy visuals, but can also be a good look for your toddler to wear for a while. The hairdo often supplies tons of texture on top, and maintains a hold that the wind can’t dismember.

With some hairspray, this look tends to stay sound for days. The silhouette of the mushroom cut also makes the hair more adaptable to other hairdos.

Disconnected Side-part with Mid-taper Fade

Disconnected Side-part With Mid-taper Fade

A disconnected side part can be more beneficial for a toddler than anyone else, since it always maintains a firm positioning, even under unfavorable weather conditions. The structure hardly ever crumbles, but takes one swipe to go back to normal.

A disconnected side-part is mostly desired by kids for the volume it contains. However, with a fade, the pieces often have less weight and more freedom to move seamlessly.

Matte-based Buzz Cut With Razor Decal For Natural Hair

Matte-based Buzz Cut With Razor Decal For Natural Hair

Since wearing 360 waves could be too much for your toddler to cope with, a close alternative for the former hairdo is this textured buzz cut, formed using a head shaver for the sharpness it carries.

Underneath this look is a flashy design curated through a blade or razor, with silhouettes that kids might find intriguing to look at. If your toddler’s scalp is quite sensitive against blades, use an electric foil shaver to install the design.

Laidback Blended Side Swept Quiff

Laidback Blended Side Swept Quiff

Low-maintenance hairdos are perfect for little boys, especially since they go with their curios and chaotic energy levels. One of the ideal designs is this quiff, which is supported by a blended fade.

The quiff is quite free-flowing, with an impressive amount of volume that can be created through finger-combing or a volumizing brush. With some pomade, the gloss of this look can easily be mimicked.

Organized Comb Over with Minimal Blends

Organized Comb Over with Minimal Blends

Something that often goes unnoticed is a comb over with short hair, which is effortless to bring into existence. The strands look best when the strands in front are short, while the pieces at the back are slightly outgrown.

This look is yet another versatile option in this lookbook, which can morph into side-parts, textured cuts, and so on. It also needs zero assistance from styling products, but can use a boost from a hair dryer for some elevation.

Frosted Faux Hawk with Undercut

Frosted Faux Hawk with Undercut

Adding an undercut is an amazing decision, especially if your son has short yet coarse hair. With some hair clay, you can even help your son create this frosted fauxhawk, which finds more body through the added component.

The undercut not only creates a high contrast, but also makes the pieces on top rest more gracefully. The follicles also carry more body, being a blessing for toddlers with fine hair.

Emo Fringes with High 2 On The Sides

Emo Fringes with High 2 On The Sides

A fringe cut is a walk in the park to comb into the hair. While using a detangling comb is good for adding healthy strands without any flyaways, you can also finger-comb your way into creating the look.

Emo fringes are slightly longer, and find more comfort when settling for one of the two corners around the hairline. With some hairspray, the look can stay put for days.

Slanted Ivy League Hair with Modern Taper

Slanted Ivy League Hair With Modern Taper

Ivy League hairstyles are posh, neatly put, and pleasant to look at. While it’s a common find on those working at Wall Street, it can also be a compelling hairstyle for your son to try.

This slanted Ivy League hair isn’t just smooth and weightless, but also quite appropriate for any event. The sides are usually held together with a modern taper, which typically adds more body to the strands on top.

Bleached Liberty Mohawk with Pink Dye

Bleached Liberty Mohawk With Pink Dye

A liberty mohawk can be one of the best hairdos for your toddler to wear, especially if the plan is temporary anyway. In fact, when push comes to shove, it can also be a family activity for many.

The texture leads the way typically, but behind it is the hair dye, comprising a mix of bleach and pink. Having blonde hair can be a plus in this scenario. But if your son falls on the other end of the spectrum, go to a hairstylist to avoid injuries.

Brushed Down Swoop with Blended Undercut

Brushed Down Swoop with Blended Undercut

Often, prepping a toddler for school or any event can be difficult, especially due to their hyperactive nature. While that habit won’t stay forever, you can definitely save more time in the present by shortening the hair of your little boy.

One of the best hairdos is a brushed-down swoop, which doesn’t take much to come into existence. The look can be showcased with natural pieces, paired with a blended haircut for some contrast.

Crisp Buzz Cut With Lightning Bolt Design

Crisp Buzz Cut With Lightning Bolt Design

A lightning bolt cut might not be embraced with open arms when found on adults, but can be a good idea if your son is up for it. Regardless of whether it’s on a buzz cut or textured cut, the new component will make the overall hairdo sought after in school, and your toddler the star of the show.

If you’re not a fan of buzz cuts, there are tons of ways in which you can add a lightning bolt design. Discover the ways through the help of this article!

Relaxed Side Swoop with Undercut

Relaxed Side Swoop With Undercut

Getting ready for birthday parties is fun, especially when they’re your kid’s friends. To get your toddler in the mood, in addition to buying an outfit, toggling through different hairdos can be useful.

This relaxed side swoop mixes business with casual, polishing the fine pieces into a specific angle. The hairdo can be curated with a wide-tooth comb, looking best when paired with kid-friendly suits and blazers.

Multicolor Faux Hawk with Blends

Multicolor Faux Hawk with Blends


Making the activity fun can get rid of the anxiety-inducing aspects. Similarly, if you take into account the opinion of your child, maybe he’ll be more inclined to feel safer when getting a haircut.

One of the flashier looks that might not be safe for school is this faux hawk, featuring a multicolored die with 7 different shades. Since the look might land your son in hot waters at school, save this design for summer vacations or holidays.

Soft Textured Cut with Wings

Soft Textured Cut With Wings

With medium-length layers, there’s not much that needs to be done, which can be good if you’d like your toddler to wear something that is minimal. In fact, as long as you have this soft textured cut in mind, success should present itself at your front door.

Requiring no trimmers but only scissors, this relaxed look is a walk in the park to curate and maintain. All you have to do is oil the hair to keep the strands healthy, and chop off the ends around each side for more presentability.

Bleached Afro Blow Out with Low Taper

Bleached Afro Blow Out with Low Taper

A great look for summer for toddlers is surely this afro blowout, comprising tons of texture. The bleach not only adds to the visuals, but also gives the hair a lift that adds to the softness of this look.

While the taper can be left alone and replaced with natural sides, adding the element will give your toddler less weight to handle. Be careful when using bleach though, as leaving it for too long will result in repercussions.

Useful Tips And Tricks On Short Haircuts For Little Boys At Home: An Easygoing Thread

With all the hairstyles that’ve been unveiled using the former segment, we hope you’re able to make the right decision for your child. Conversely, we also pray you find a look that is simple to handle on a daily basis, and can be ironed out anywhere at any time.

Regardless of where you’re from, there’s no denying how costly it is to partake in personal care these days. However, if you play it smart with the following tips, the short haircut worn by your toddler won’t be the worst investment to make!

Use scissors over clippers and razors for little boys hair

Use scissors over clippers and razors

The skin and scalp of toddlers are extremely susceptible to damage, especially against razors. To protect your child from the sharpness of razors, use a pair of scissors to get rid of any piece of hair. Avoid clippers too, especially if your kid isn’t a fan of the noise they tend to make.

Aim for simplicity, not creativity

Going all out with patterns and shapes when revamping your toddler’s hair can be great if all you’re looking for is a smile from your little boy. However, that same thing might backfire in school, especially if the institution abides by a strict dress code.

For that matter alone, aim for simplicity. Choose side-parts, quiffs, and easygoing fringe cuts instead of going for loud looks with tons of hair dye and a custom fade on each side.

Go for a look that can be maintained from home

When working a physically-demanding job, making time for daily activities can be difficult. Additionally, if you feel that your current schedule at work is holding you back from spending time with your toddler and restricting him from getting basic needs such as a daily haircut, maintain the look with some scissors and clippers at home. To avoid botched procedures, go for a look that comes with a user-friendly pattern.

Make the activity as fun as possible

As stated earlier, kids, especially when they’re toddlers, can be afraid of scissors and trimmers, especially during haircuts. And while they will snap out of that perception as they get older, you can also try and make the art of haircutting more fun by involving them in the decision making process, and introducing the hairstyle of their favorite cartoon character, superhero, and so on.

Frequently Asked Question

In addition to finding the right look for your toddler, it is important that you side with a design that your little boy is fond of. Not only will that allow him to be more decisive in the future, but also get used to the concept of hair in general.

Moving on, if you’ve found a look that you and your toddler are content with, it’s finally time to book an appointment. If you need more materials for a green signal, however, give the following questionnaire a view!

Q: What kind of short haircuts for little boys are permissible in school?

Ans: While subjective, each institution has a list of rules regarding the dress code, which involves hair, nails, and the amount of accessories the kids can wear. However, if you’re only concerned about the hairstyle, try to avoid looks that are too loud, such as mohawks, braids, and gelled up frosted spikes.

Q: How do I cut my toddler’s hair at home?

Ans: In addition to finding a look that is easy to maintain using guidelines, take into account the tools you’ll be using. While razors can be ideal to replicate clean-cut hairdos, opt for clippers and scissors to save your toddler from injuries and establish a soothing process.


Short haircuts on little boys aren’t just cute and adorable, but also a sigh of relief for parents. The amount of time taken to keep short hair in check is rather lenient when pitted against long hair, with a drying time that is almost non-existent when taking help from a styling tool. Since many kids tend to pull their hair due to specific conditions, keeping the pieces trimmed can perhaps get rid of that habit.

From undercuts with swoops to snipped textured curls, there are multiple haircuts that deem themselves suitable for little boys. Going to a barber over stylists is advised for this scenario, especially if you’re planning to get a fade.

Prior to picking a haircut for your toddler, be sure to analyse his hair type. While the face shape isn’t as important, it is crucial to assess the density of his hair to prevent an uncomfortable cutting session with tugging and pulling. Allow your son to make the pick so the outcome doesn’t throw him off.

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