Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair Over 70

22 Graceful Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair Over 70

After a week since my 72 years old grandma had changed her area, she FaceTimed me in the middle of the night and asked, “Do I look good with this hairstyle?”.

I did not know whether to cry or break her sweet heart with the truth. She looked as if she had been attacked by a gaggle of geese. Her new stylist had made a rookie mistake in recognizing her fine hair type and gave her a traditional choppy bob haircut. It was nothing short of a disaster.

Whether it is our mums or grandmas or someone else, treating their fine hair with proper care and style that looks good and functions well is necessary. A simple wrong step would destroy their delicate hair and make those lovely young women over the age of 70 look like how my grandma did during that FaceTime.

This is why I decided to take matters into my own hands and come before you with 22 of my tested, well-loved, and favorite short hairstyles for fine hair over 70. All my clients loved these styles and were buzzing upon seeing their final look.

Let’s get going!

A Brief Look into Fine Hair

A Brief Look Into Fine Hair

Before diving straight into the styles and variations, it is important to point out what fine hair is. To begin with, fine hair is a hair texture that is determined based on a strand’s diameter or width. The thickness of the hair is in question here.

Fine hair strands have a small diameter. It makes the hair frail and vulnerable. Usually, a coarse hair strand has three layers in it: cuticle, cortex, and medulla. Fine hair has only the first two of those three. Using products also makes fine hair break down easily. This is why it needs extra attention while being taken care of.

Top 22 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair Over 70

After recognizing the fine hair type, it is now time to choose the most suitable style. Some variables have to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect style for someone over the age of 70. I have carefully mentioned them under specific styles.

Now, I am going to discuss the top 22 styles for fine hair over 70. I will vouch for these styles any time you ask me. They are the best of the best you will find out there. Let’s go through these styles and find something for your loved ones.

Light Gray Pixie

Light Gray Pixie

A light gray pixie is one of the go-to styles for women with fine hair over 70 even today. It keeps the hair shining in a self-explanatory way. Even if the hair is on a thinner side, a slightly controlled messy variation will give it freedom and make it low maintenance.

On the other hand, I have seen it to be not everyone’s favorite. Some of my clients complained that it is too short for their liking. I have other styles that they absolutely loved. Keep on reading to find out next.

Side-Parted Bob

Side Parted Bob

As I was saying in the previous style, some people opt for a not-too-short hairstyle. This side-parted bob fits the profile for that type of style. I keep the length of the hair below ear level. Meanwhile, the straight fine hair keeps it looking neat. Despite the hair being fine, this style ends up looking somewhat voluminous when done correctly.

Some of my clients prefer a middle part bob for its face-framing feature. If their hair is long enough, let’s say at least shoulder-length, I give them this style. I must say, it is a good option for those with straight fine hair.

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

Besides being a dream hairstyle for women over 70 who have fine hair, this twisted updo style is one of the signature looks of the great Jane Fonda. Her hair in earlier years was much thicker but her post-70 looks have been great inspirations for some of the best styles for fine hair. This is not an exception.

When I get a client with naturally wavy fine hair in her 70s, I always show her this one as an option. Let me tell you something, I never got to show them any other styles after I had shown them this one. They always pick this one because of how charming it is!

Simple Shag

Simple Shag

It has been proven many times that shaggy hairstyles are simply ageless and timeless. It goes well with any type of hair too. I am yet to encounter a female client who did not look to be spot on with a shag. Even for fine hair over 70, this is an excellent choice. It might be missing a loaded textured look of a thick shag, but it’s still worth it.

To make it more interesting, the light bangs in front can be combed into a side-swept or middle-parted style which will give it an additional touch of brilliance.

Curled-Out Bob

Curled Out Bob

This curled-out bob is a signature Betty White (R.I.P.) look that delivers big time. On fine hair, this iconic hairstyle looks just as good, if not better. The fine curls naturally form a curled-out appearance. On the other hand, managing the hair length and trimming them to produce the perfect bob is the tricky part.

Most of the time, I encountered my curly clients in their 70s to be almost ready for this style. However, the process of blending the front curls towards the back always demands me to be patient and do it calmly.

Tight Crop

Tight Crop

When a pixie seems too much, this tight crop is the savior. I have seen people looking for a low-maintenance style but not liking a pixie because it has slightly shorter sides and the back. Meanwhile, a crop is a classic style that has an evenness at heart. And it looks stunning on fine hair too!

Although a lot of people love this style, it is tough to keep it perfect if the hair is too delicate. In this case, I suggest they avoid this style.

Side-Parted Curled-Out

Side Parted Curled Out

I consider this side-parted curled-out style to be a neater version of the iconic curled-out bob. When the hair is not too curly by nature, it becomes difficult to do a curled-out bob on fine hair. This is where this gorgeous side-parted variation comes in.

Women in their 70s look grand in this style. I also feel the need to mention that this does not require much effort to do on fine hair. Moreover, this side-parted curled-out style offers much more than a straightforward bob which is usually considered a good option.

Fluffy Rounded Bob

Fluffy Rounded Bob

This fluffy rounded bob is one of those fine hair over 70 styles that needs no special introduction. The hair produces a curl-in-bob effect that creates a fluffy look. I have seen a client prefer it more when her hair is about shoulder-length. There are other alternatives but they do not offer this classy round look as much.

The bangs are a bonus in this beauty. It is one of the low-maintenance styles with a great effect.

Light Feather Touch

Light Feather Touch

A feathered hairstyle is not something that comes to mind in a discussion of fine hair. This is why this light feather touch style is still an underrated option for many. Understandably, creating a feathered look on fine hair requires additional effort than a standard style for fine hair. However, the final result is over-the-top amazing which makes that extra effort worth it.

It is a rare short hairstyle for fine hair that has a strong glamorous look. I usually offer this stunner to my clients in their early 70s.

Semi-Loaded Pixie

Semi Loaded Pixie

Let me begin by saying that this semi-loaded pixie is a gem for sure. I know for a fact that pixie hairstyles are the favorite styles among women over 70. Moreover, having fine hair reduces the style options big time. This semi-loaded pixie is especially for those whose fine hair still has some volume.

Also, I have witnessed this style proving to be a breath of fresh air again and again to my clients over 70 with fine hair. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this magnificent style.

Lob with Messy Wispy Bangs

Lob With Messy Wispy Bangs

This is another top style loved by many. This is a bit on the longer side rather than a classic short one. The long bob accompanied by a simple messy wispy bang produces a great look. I give this haircut to those who love to keep their hair long.

Having fine hair does not mean one has to go for a complete short style. It just crosses the boundary and that’s it. However, it needs to be taken care of with more attention.

Short Spiky Straight

Short Spiky Straight

A style with flamboyance like no other. This is still one of the best hairstyles around for fine hair over 70. When other haircuts do not seem fashionable enough, the short spiky straight style would like to have a word. This is THE favorite among my clients who always love to be à la mode.

However, only go with this style if the person has someone else to assist her every day. The spiked hair needs some daily maintenance to keep it flawless.

Swept Bob

Swept Bob

This is another style that requires slightly longer hair. Some people with fine hair prefer to get a style that makes their hair look fuller to some extent. Although finding a fitting style is tough, this swept bob maintains the description.

One important aspect is that it would be easier to keep it perfect if the hair is not too fine. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible on standard fine hair. It would just need some extra effort.

Wavy Front

Wavy Front

Here I come, with a style that promotes a voluminous look on fine hair. This wavy front is more of a swept-back bob style. The name comes from the frontal wave finish that creates that full look. It is an easy-to-do style that has been loved by so many over the years.

The wave may need redoing on a busy day. I have used some tolerable products that assist with the maintenance of that wavy front. They do not harm the fine hair at all.

Medium Buzz Cut

Medium Buzz Cut

As a style requiring not too much effort, this medium buzz cut has been extremely popular. Needless to say, it is more of an androgynous hairstyle that has been around for ages. I experienced that women over 70 who do not like to give much attention to their hair tend to get this style.

This may seem plain and too pragmatic beacuse there is a presence of an eager beaver in there somewhere. Couple it with the fine hair and you get a look that oozes years of experience.

Messy Slicked Back Bun

Messy Slicked Back Bun

I am now going back to the voluminous look territory once again. This messy slicked back bun works slightly differently from the ones discussed before. In this one, the whole front hair creates an outward wave towards the back that ends up in a tied bun.

The silky front hair creating that backward wave completes the ultimate fuller look. It is a beauty that looks way better in person.

Light Pixie

Light Pixie

The first style I discussed in this article was a Light Gray Pixie style. The difference may be just one missing word in their names, but this light pixie is different in so many ways from that earlier style. This one here has a free-flowing look for complete fine hair.

Women over the age of 70 with fine hair love this style because of how less bothering it is. It also causes the least amount of damage to a fine hair type.

Face-Framing Bob w/ Side Swept Bangs

Face Framing Bob With Side Swept Bangs

When in search of an elegant style for fine hair over 70, I suggest you look no further and give this one a try. This timeless style has been worn by many celebrities before. The fine bob does the work of framing the face while those side-swept bangs bring a hint of smoothness into the mix.

To keep the consistency, those side-swept bangs need to be slightly longer than usual bangs with a bob hairstyle. I keep it just below eye level for my clients.

Straight Mess

Straight Mess

Nothing says “I love my waking up hairstyle” more than a messy style with straight fine hair. If it is done by younger people, this may be considered bad, mostly because hair should be taken care of properly at an early age. But in women over 70 with fine hair, this one looks nothing short of gorgeous!

This kind of messy style utilizes natural hair and builds up the look. A short yet loaded hairstyle that deserves special attention.

Curly Mess

Curly Mess

This curly mess follows the same principle as the previous straight mess style. As you can guess from the name, the hair is naturally curly in this one. However, this one needs a bit more maintenance than the straight mess. The length of this fine curly hair needs to be adjusted periodically so that it can always look refreshed and lively.

This is a natural hairstyle with a soothing touch of elegance. I have only seen this to be one of the topmost preferred styles by women with fine curly hair.

Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

Bob hairstyles always look amazing, don’t they? This wavy bob is no exception. This is a great style for women who have naturally wavy fine hair. Much like the wavy front I have discussed a few styles above, this one here produces a fuller look even with those fine hair. The wavy bob goes outward and develops the illusion of natural voluminous hair.

For the front, there can be mini bangs or can simply be swept to one side. The focus will always be on the smooth waves of this wavy bob hairstyle.

Razor Cut Pixie

Razor Cut Pixie

Any razor-cut hairstyle on fine hair is highly extreme. Yet, some of my clients love the wispy look of their hair. As a stylist, I can not go against their wishes. Through this process, I have discovered this razor-cut pixie style. It does a number on fine hair if it is too fine and fragile. So I apply the razor cuts on hair for this if the hair texture is medium-fine.

To tell you as it is, I do not recommend this style for the heavy toll it has on hair. It is a good-looking style, but due to the hair damage it causes, the price to pay is way too high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After presenting my handpicked 22 short hairstyles for fine hair over 70, I’m going to share with you some inquiries that I get from my clients. These might just be some everyday questions but, for the styles discussed here, they always turn out to be vital. With the hope that you will find the information useful, I am going to answer them below.

Q. What is the difference between fine hair and thin hair?

A. Fine hair means the circumference of a hair strand is on the smallest sides. It is defined in terms of the thickness of a strand of hair. Contrarily, thin hair means having fewer hair strands growing irrespective of thickness. In other words, fine hair is related to how thick a strand of hair is, and thin hair is connected to the density of hair strands in a given area.

Q. Is a long hairstyle bad for fine hair?

A. Not necessarily. Long hairstyles that do not put much stress on hair are good for fine hair. However, as long hairs tend to get tangled, it may cause breakage because thin hair breaks easily.

Q. What causes senior women’s hair to fall out?

A. It is mainly related to hormones. Estrogen and progesterone levels begin falling as they age. As a result, hair follicles begin shrinking, and the growth of hair becomes a lengthy process while it gets easier for hair to fall out.

Q. How to protect fine hair from breakage?

A. Short hairstyles do half the job of protecting fine hair. Attention must be given to not letting the hair get stuck or putting more force while combing the hair. As fine hair breaks easily, it should be dealt with a soft hand.

Concluding Words

I have written pretty much everything I know about short hairstyles for fine hair, for women over the age of 70. I would like to tell you upfront that I personally love most of the styles presented here. And I also included some other styles based on the feedbacks that these styles have received from my clients. Together, all these styles make a comprehensive guide for anyone searching out short hairstyles for fine hair that especially suit older women.

The most extreme style in this article is the Short Spiky Straight. It is highly fashionable and a very coveted style among those who love to be in style. The Messy Slicked Back Bun’s voluminous look is also pretty tough to avoid. If there is enough hair, I love recommending this style. The Wavy Bob and Wavy Front are the other two fuller-looking styles that will always be in demand.

On the other hand, for really simple and neat styles, the Side-Parted Bob, Twisted Updo, and the Face-Framing Bob w/ Side Swept Bangs are the absolute best. Those are as elegant as they get. These fine hair specialties will never disappoint you!

Be sure to also show your loved ones this style guide, and select THAT one style which will only enhance their gracious presence.

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