29 Short Hairstyles For Round Faces Women 2018

If you have a round face, then I would say you are the prettiest and cutest girl in your group. Without wasting time just dive into this article to know what would be the best hairstyles that would suit your face. These are the hairstyles that will slay for sure. So, take a deep breath and start.

Well, before we elaborate all the hairstyles, it is important to know what is the shape of your face. Is it oval, square, oblong or Round Face?. It is quite difficult to figure out the shape of the face just by looking at it.

How to Identify your Face shape??

The shape of the face plays an important role in determining your beauty.  The face determines the shape of your specs, your hairstyle, etc. Almost every style you try on you depends on the shape of your face. Well, now its a question that how you could identify the shape of your face.

I have some easy methods by which you could identify the exact shape of your face in no time. Let’s start with the tips below:

  • Tie your hair properly so that no bangs sweep the face and the face should look a complete one
  • Stand in front of the mirror looking straight to the mirror with shoulder back
  • Make sure that there is a proper lighting because it would affect the visibility of the shape of your face
  • Now trace an outline of your face excluding ears in the mirror with a marker
  • Judge the outline in the mirror and analyze the shape of your face from the shapes like Round Faces, Square, Oblong, Triangular, Oval, Heart Shaped, Diamond etc.


Hairstyles For Round Faces

Congratulations!!! You have successfully identified the shape of your face. Now it’s a time to experiment different hairstyles on your face. Well, If you are identified with round face then this article is for you and if you are not, then there is no harm to try these fabulous hairstyles once.

29 Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

1# Shaggy Short Cut

Jennifer Lawrence Is the person you must admire if you do have a round face. Damp hair is best to recreate this hairstyle. These shaggy waves look cool in a round face. Slay your friend with this amazing hairstyles and don’t forget to keep the shaggy waves intact from time to time. So as to keep the hairstyle lively for a longer period.


Shaggy Short Cut Hairstyles


2# Fantastic Fauxhawk

This is the most common hairstyle for girls with a round face. The reason is simple, fauxhawk gives an elongated shape to the face. So, this tomboyish badass hairstyle could maintain a fashionista rapport with your friends. Some hair gel and a comb can do wonders. Finely comb it and show the swag.


Fantastic Fauxhawk Hairstyles


3# Amazing Asymmetric Bob

You should feel blessed to have a round face to try on this epic hairstyle. Well, I could say this is one of the best hairstyles for round face, which could make you super stylish and smart. For the best look keep the asymmetric bob upto the chin length in the sleek hair.


Amazing Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle


4# Graceful Graduated Tousle

This hairstyle is the real savior for you girls. Yes, with round faces. Well, this hairstyle gives a pseudo impression of volume at the top. The volume is due to the layered produced by the hairs. Well, don’t forget to set the hair properly with hairspray. Keep the bouncy look and stay bubbly all the day.


Graceful Graduated Tousle Hairstyle


5# Messy Curls

Curls look best for a round face. Well, the blonde hue with curls upto the chin length looks amazing for your round face with fair skin color. Spray hairspray to keep the curls lively and bouncy. You will look sassy and stylish all the day long. Slay with your style.


Messy Curls Hairstyle


6# Side Swept Bang With Bun

Maintain Your Glam throughout the day with this chic hairstyles. Side Swept Bangs gives a feminine touch to your look. The bangs give an illusion of a perfectly framed face. The low updo resting on the nape looks stupendous. The blonde hue yet looks amazing which reflects you are a perfect fashionista.


Side Swept Bang With Bun


8# Centre Parted Wavey Downdo

The gradually layered hairs falling freely downwards gives you a slenderize shape to your face. Well, I can say bangs are for your rescue to give your face an elongated shape for sure. Blond highlights add an extravagant beauty to your personality.


Centre Parted Wavey Downdo Hairstyle


9# Cute Curly Bob

Curls always add something extra to beauty. Yes, extra cuteness, extra loveliness, extra beautiful. So, if you are blessed with a round face never miss this hairstyle. Let it be any place or occasion, it suits everywhere. Some brownish highlights in the front curls are bliss.


Cute Curly Bob Haircut


10# Long Curls with Bangs

Am I Beautiful?? Well, sometimes this question hunts you. Now its a time for a change. Unmask your beauty with this phenomenal hairstyles. Blend of down curls and wavey bang gives give an extraordinary twist to your look. Use thin curlers to recreate this hairstyle. Feel the beauty inside !!!


Long Curls with Bangs Hairstyle


11# Red Beachy Waves

Red is Love, Beauty, Hot! You gonna try red?? Of course yes. This red hue with natural waves is stupendous. Middle parted hairs with light bangs in the front gives an elongated illusion to your face. Plan to recreate this hairstyle for your next vacation.


Red Beachy Waves


12# Blond Hair with Sleek Bangs

Blond is Beauty! This is the simplest and low maintenance hairstyle. The blonde hue suits best on the fair skin. This hairstyle is welcomed for thick hair where you can use your fingers as a comb to set the hairs properly. This gives you a feeling of confidence within. This can be your bridal hairstyle also.


Blond Hair with Sleek Bangs


13# Perfectly trimmed front bangs

Are you inspired By Selena Gomez?? Well, this is for you. The front bangs with trimmed edges completely cover the forehead. This gives an illusion of a slender face and enchanting beauty to your look. This is an evergreen hairstyle which will never go out of fashion


Perfectly trimmed front bangs


14# Bouncy Side Bangs

Bouncy, Playful, Fluffy are some of the adjectives which give a girl cuteness and carefree character to her personality. This side parted wavey hairs flowing freely to the shoulder length is astounding. Never let yourself down for the shape of your face. You’re are such a blessed person with Round Faces.


Bouncy Side Bangs


15# Wavey Shaggy Bob

The style covering one is really seductive and sexy for anyone. Nevertheless, this is the most lovable hairstyle for many girls. This is not done by sleeping, yes it gives a feel of sleep head.  The textured hair with sexy hairstyle absolutely gives a cool girl appeal.


Wavey Shaggy Bob


16# Dual Toned Bob

Brown Hair with blonde highlights and soft sleek bangs grazing the face is gorgeous. Never stop experimenting with your hair texture as nobody knows which style will act wonders for you. Any girls with the thin hair out here?? Yes. Then this is for you. Roll your hair towards the chin so that it would give a volume to your hair.

Dual Toned Bob


17# Red Roll-down Hair

Don’t want to compromise with the length?? Well, this is to your rescue. The red hue with thin long curls gonna do wonder. You can also experiment with different texture too. This hairstyle is cool for Round Faces and effortless which reflects your beauty.


Red Roll-down Hair


18#  Pixie With Back Swept

Needless to mention that pixie hairstyle looks excellent for round face. The shape of the face rather look amazing with this hairstyle and it also gives a younger look on your face. Pixie hairstyle is the most accepted short haircut for round face and square face as well.


Pixie With Back Swept


19# Thick Wavey Bangs

I could understand how difficult it is to manage thick hairs. Lots of layers in which bangs are not escapable. Well, never compromise with your beauty. Try on different styles that suit your face and hair as well. Try some unique hue which can play beautifully with the texture and the shape of your face. Never Give up!


Thick Wavey Bangs

20# Medium Hair With Choppy Front Bangs

This Hairstyles For Round Faces gives a sense of softness. The fading color from the crown towards the end is phenomenal. Though it suits round face more, you can try this hairstyle for any occasion. The blonde medium hair hugging the neck look stunning and it a must try for the girls with a round face.


Medium Hair With Choppy Front Bangs


21# Simple Straight and Short Fringes

Simple short hairstyle with golden highlights is the best duo for an office look. The fine Fringes touching the cheeks looks amazingly cute on a round face. Smokey eyes with a pink tint on the lips gonna make the guys drool for you. Recreate this hairstyle if you are looking for a change


22# Blue Shade Asymmetric Hair

Experimenting with the hair color is not a bad idea for sure. God knows which one will suit you the best. The asymmetric front bangs with the blue shade covering one side of your cheeks would give an elongated shape to your face. Go Chiggy Wiggy!!!



23# Blond Hair with Blunt End

No one can suggest you the best hairstyle unless and until you try it on on yourself. The blunt end pushing towards your chin give a sharper look to your jawline. This is the hack of this hairstyle. So never forget to give a face-framing curl that pushes inward towards the chin.



24# Short Straight Hair

Well, short hairstyle is always preferred for a round shaped face. Keep it short and experiment with the texture, bangs, and color of the hair. The face-framing strands give the girl an excellent look which will take your style to next level. Pair it with a short skater dress and high heels to get an enchanting look.

25#Extra Short Black Pixie

This gonna be sugar candy for a tomboy. Well, without disturbing the natural color of your hair you can try this out on yourself. This cool dude look hairstyle works excellent on a round face. Swipe some of the short fringes on your forehead to give a frame to your face.



26# Golden Glossy Bob For Round Faces

The hair hue itself gives a glossier look. This fully framed hairstyle gives a sharp look to your face. You can check out and comb your hair from time to time with your fingers itself. This is a carefree and low maintenance hairstyle which you can recreate in no time. Office ladies this hairstyle is for you.



27# Sexy Short Curls

Wanna go crazy?? Then try something weird. This naughty and sexy hairstyle gonna to give you a perfect crazy hairstyle. Messy blond curls would give you an entirely new look with a glamorous essence. Well, a choker would be the best accessory to complement with this hairstyle.



28# Adorable Swoopy Bangs

The light shade caramel hue which brightens up at the end of hair strands. The swoopy bangs give an instant illusion to the shape of the face. Keep the waves intact and keep the hairspray along with you for a touch up from time to time. Red tint to the lips is a contrast to the hair hue which enhances the beauty of the face even more.



29# Vintage Curled Hair

Sometimes we feel like going to past. Try something old-fashioned that would click the new generation. This vintage blond hairstyle is love. Give a side partition to your hair and comb it properly. At the end give some outward curls to the hair. You’re done with this beautiful hairstyle now.



Ahan! Convinced?? You should. The huge list of best hiarsyle for round faces has its end now. Now, its your turn to give a try to one of them and tell us your experience in the comment section below. Cheers!!!

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