Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men: 24 Ideas to Try in 2024

The traditional grooming standards dictate men have short hairstyles, but the time is changing. Men are trying to break away from the traditional short haircuts and embrace a more distinctive appearance with longer hairstyles that goes past shoulders.

Shoulder-length hairstyles have gained popularity among men in recent years as more men want to express their individuality and try out a relaxed look with long hair. It can provide a versatile range of looks from sleek to messy, from textured to braided. Shoulder-length hair can be a perfect way to showcase your personality and style.

If you are thinking of growing out your hair, keep reading! In this article, I will discuss some of the best shoulder-length hairstyles for men, which will help you to find the optimal hair design for you.

24 Amazing Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men

There are numerous shoulder-length hairstyles that can look phenomenal on men. If I discuss every one of them, it will be a long article containing unnecessary information that will bore you to death. Therefore, I will focus on 24 shoulder-length hairstyles for men, which are the best options. There will be hairstyles for every hair type and face shape so that you can choose your ideal one.

Angular Side Part Wavy Hair

Angular Side Part Wavy Hair

The first hairstyle I will discuss in this article is an angular side-part hairdo that is optimal for men with long wavy hair. This hairstyle suits any casual setting, but I recommend that everyone ignore this hair design in a corporate or formal space.

The hair is long that goes past the shoulder. It is combed toward one side with fingers, giving it an angular hair design that looks stunning due to its wavy texture. This hairdo would not be as visually appealing with any other hair type, but I will not forbid you to try it with straight or curly hair.

Long Disconnected Layers

Long Disconnected Layers

Layer hairstyles are another great option to wear your hair in a long shoulder-length design. The hair is styled in disconnected layers and looks phenomenal. It is simple and easy to accomplish, and you can get it at home effortlessly.

The hair is cut in straight layers and worn in a brushed side part. That creates a disconnected side part on one side. This hair design is ideal for men with straight and wavy hair. If you have a corporate job, this hairstyle is not for you.

Middle-Parted with Low Ponytail

Middle Parted with Low Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are one of the best options for wearing shoulder-length hair, and you will see a variety of ponytail hairstyles from fashionistas who prefer long hair. Look at the following middle-parted hair design with a low ponytail, and you will see how amazing it looks.

The hair on the front is parted in the middle and kept loose, while the hair on the back is gathered near the nape area and turned into a low ponytail. This hairstyle is suitable for straight and wavy hair.

Viking Braids with Ponytail

Viking Braids with Ponytail

Viking hairstyles are one of the most talked about hairdos that became trending after various tv shows like the Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla, and The Last kingdom became popular and showcased the hairstyles of medieval Scandinavian Viking raiders. They used to portray long braided hairstyles, often containing ponytails.

The following hairdo is a good example where the shoulder-length hair is worn with multiple braids, making it look like a hair design straight out of a history book. It will give you an edgy look and suit straight, wavy, curly hair.

Burst Fade Permed Mullet

Burst Fade Permed Mullet

Burst fade mullets are undoubtedly one of the most exciting hair designs you can get that will give you a fresh, trendy look. The hairstyle I will discuss here is a burst fade permed mullet where the hair on the front is short while the hair on the back reaches the shoulder.

The hair on the sides is cut in a burst fade. After the hair is cut, perm clips are used to perm the hair and create artificial curls. This hairstyle looks remarkable with every face shape and hair type except kinky hair.

Side Part Framing Wavy Hair

Side part Framing Wavy Hair

The next hairstyle is a side part hairdo where the natural wavy wear is casually worn in a face-framing style. The hair is cut in a stepped layered cut where the length is different in different parts. The hair is worn in a casual side part without combing or brushing.

It will give you an excellent look that you can wear to any casual outing, but I recommend avoiding this hairdo in a formal space. Thus hairstyle is better for wavy hair types. If you have other hair types, I recommend you get a wavy texture for this design.

Middle-Part Long Hair with Balayage Highlights

Middle-Part Long Hair with Balayage Highlight

If you want a unique look with your long hair, there is a good way of getting it. That is dyeing your hair in various colorful highlights. The following hairstyle is an excellent example of a great dyeing hair design that you can try for long hair.

The hair is shoulder length that is worn in a middle-parted style. The natural brown hair is highlighted with the balayage technique. You can use any hair color you want for your hairdo, and any one of them will make you look remarkable.

Curly Side Part Permed Hair

Curly Side part Permed Hair

Curly hairstyles look well on most young men, so you will see men trying to get curly hair designs for themselves. If they have naturally curly hair, then it’s good, but if they have other hair types, they will artificially create the curls, like perming the hair.

The hairstyle I am discussing is in the same category. The natural blonde hair is permed to create long curly hair, later worn with a side part hair design. You can also call this hair design a curly shag cut, and you will not be wrong.

Loose Half Ponytail

Loose Half Ponytail

Here is another ponytail hairstyle, but this one is quite different from the other hairstyles I have discussed. It is a half ponytail worn loosely and will provide a relaxed, laid-back look that is excellent for chilling and hanging out with friends.

The hair is shoulder-length long and brushed backward to create a half ponytail near the back. Not all strands are gathered for the ponytail; instead, some are tied with a hair tie while the rest is kept loose, giving a half-up, half-down look.

Side Part Long Fine Hair

Side part Long Fine Hair

The following hair design is specifically suitable for men with fine hair who wants to wear shoulder-length hairstyle. The hair is cut in round or u-shaped layers where the front hair is shorter than the hair on the back, and the shoulder-reaching hair is worn with a relaxed side part.

This hairdo will look amazing on any occasion, but I recommend not getting it for a professional setting, as that will seem inappropriate. If you grow a full beard with this hairstyle, you will be unique, and everyone will be focused on your striking aura.

Platinum Blonde Long Bro Flow

Platinum Blonde Long Bro Flow

Bro flow hairstyles are one of the best ways to wear your long hair in a casual, relaxed way. We are focusing on a platinum blonde design where the hair is styled in a side part to let the hair have a natural flow. The hair is kept long that goes past the shoulders.

This hair design is not suitable for corporate or formal settings. If you have a dress code in your workspace, I will discourage you from growing your hair and getting it, no matter how awesome it might be.

Straight Shoulder Length Surfer Hair

Straight Shoulder Length Surfer Hair

The Surfer hairstyle is quite popular among men with long hair; they often get this hair design. The hair design we are discussing here is a great option to let you understand why this hairdo is popular. The hair is longer that reaches past the shoulders.

It is worn in a side parted way where the strands frame face and hide one part of the face. This hairstyle was once a trendy emo hairstyle that many punk celebrities would get. This hair design will look amazing with straight and wavy hair. If you have kinky hair, avoid this hairdo.

Middle-Parted Black and Blonde Hair

Middle parted Black and Blonde Hair

Black and blonde are a good color combination for shoulder-length hairstyles. Look at the following hairdo, where the hair near the roots is black while the rest is dyed blonde for a distinctive look. The hair is worn in a mid-part hairdo; the front hair is shorter in length than the hair on the back and creates a unique design.

It is a great haircut that will look good with straight, wavy, and curly hair. If you have kinky hair, there are many exhilarating hair designs out there that you can get, so avoid this one.

Slick Back Long Hair with Taper Fade

Slick Back Long Hair with Taper Fade

Slick-back hairstyles are one of the most popular haircuts among men, and people from all demographics love them. You will see men with short, medium, or long hair get this hair design no matter which hair type or face shape they have.

Look at the following shoulder-length hairstyle, where the sides are cut in a tapered fade. The hair is brushed backward to get a sleek look, but no hair wax or pomade is used for this hair design. The hair has a fluffy look because of it and looks quite remarkable.

Gelled Brushed Back Long Hair

Gelled Brushed Back Long Hair

The next hairstyle is a gelled-back brushed hair design optimal for shoulder-length hair. If you are growing out your hair, I will suggest you give this style a try. The hair is brushed back with pomade but not entirely. Only the front hair is gelled, while the rest is without any product.

This hairdo will look good with straight and wavy hair. Men with other hair types should not get this haircut. Even though it has a sleek look, It is not acceptable in a formal setting. I will suggest getting this hair for casual occasions only.

Kentucky Waterfall Mullet

Kentucky Waterfall Mullet

Traditional mullets of the 70s and 80s are some of the best hairstyles the fashion industry has ever produced. Even though they were out of trend for a while, they have returned to the limelight. Of all the mullet styles of that era, the Kentucky waterfall is the most recognized one you can get for your shoulder-length hair.

The front hair is shorter than the back, which goes past the shoulder. The short front hair is styled in a side part using hair pomade. You will look amazing with this style that will become more awesome with facial hair.

Curly Messy Hair with Blonde Highlights

Curly Messy Hair with Blonde Highlights

Messy hairstyles are good with long hair that will provide you with a relaxed look. Many famous celebrities like Jason Momoa or johnny Depp will wear their hair in a long messy hair design. The following hairdo is curly messy hair worn with blonde highlights.

The hair is kept long that goes past the shoulders. It is worn in a curly state, and the hair is highlighted with a different color to get a distinctive look.  You can try any contrasting color to get a great look.

Messy Loose Ponytail

Messy Loose Ponytail

Here is another messy hairstyle that you can get for your long hair design that will make you the focal point of any crowd if you choose it based on your face shape and personality. It is a messy ponytail where half of the hair is tied in the tail while half of the hair is kept loose.

It is an excellent choice for wearing your hair in any casual setting, but corporate jobholders should avoid it. This hairdo will look best with wavy hair, and I will implore everyone to artificially create this texture for their hair before getting this style.

Sleek Grownout Low Knot

Sleek Grownout Knot

Knot or bun hairstyles are another fantastic choice for wearing if you have long shoulder-length hair. There are many types of bun and knot hairstyles out there, and most will provide you with a dashing look that will attract everyone’s attention. Look at the following low knot hairstyle; you will understand its allure.

The hair is brushed backward with a hairbrush, and all of the hair is gathered near the back to create a low knot. The knot is not entirely tied, as some of the hair is kept loose. It will give the hair design a sleek look that you should get right away.

Wavy Brushed Back Loose Hair

Wavy Brushed Back Loose Hair

Here is another brushed-back hairstyle that is a prime choice for long hair. It is a wavy hairdo that can be done on other hair types as well, but they might not look as impressive as wavy hair. The long shoulder-length hair is worn in a relaxed way that will not work in a formal space.

If you have a square-shaped face, this hairstyle might be your ideal long hairdo. You can try this hairdo with facial hair. That will give you a macho appearance which many men desire a lot.

Long Fringes with Bald Fade

Long Fringes with Bald Fade

If you are looking for a punk, hipster look with long hair, the following hairstyle might have been the one you were looking for all along. It is a bald fade with long fringes at the front that will give you a striking look, and everyone will look at you twice, at the very least, either to admire you or to be awed by your appearance.

The hair on the sides and the back are cut in a bald fade. The hair on the front is longer and swept toward one side. This design looks best with straight hair. Get this hairdo for casual settings only.

Middle-Parted Wavy Tresses

Middle parted Wavy Tresses

The following hairdo is a simple middle-parted design that is optimal to wear with long hair. The long wavy hair is well-combed and parted in the middle to create the hair design. The hair is cut with a  layered cut, and an iron curler is used to create the waves in the hair.

This hairstyle is also unsuitable for formal settings, so get this look only for regular occasions. To get a slightly different look, you can sometimes wear them with a side part, and I can guarantee you will like the look.

Straight-Back Cornrows with Taper Fade

Straight Back Cornrows with Taper Fade

Cornrows are one of the best protective hairstyles that will give you a fantastic look, especially if you have kinky hair. The following hairstyle is straight-back cornrows with a taper fade on the sides. This hairstyle is an excellent option for any casual setting, and it will last almost a month without much effort.

The hair on the sides is worn in a taper fade, while the hair on the front and back is kept longer. The hair is braided from the front and will continue toward the back in a straight line, and the hair will go past the shoulders.

Dread Mullet with Burst fade

Dread Mullet with Burst Fade

The last hairstyle I will discuss here is a burst fade dread mullet. This is a unique hairstyle you will not see often, and undoubtedly become mesmerized with it and make everyone as well. The hair on the front is cut in a regular crew cut. You will not realize the hair design if you just see it from the front.

The hair on the sides is cut in a burst fade, where only the hair around the temple and behind the ear is shaved. The hair on the back is kept longer, goes past the shoulders, and is twisted into dreadlocks.


If you are a long-hair enthusiast and are thinking of trying one of these hair designs, you must have many questions about this topic. In this section, I will answer some frequently asked questions that might help you find the information you were searching for instead of looking for it all over the internet.

Question: Which face shape is better for shoulder-length hairstyles?

Answer: The answer to this question will always be subjective, but most fashion experts will tell you that face shapes with strong jawlines will suit shoulder-length hairstyles. Many hairstylists and lifestyle gurus believe that square or oval-shaped faces are the best option for long shoulder-length hairstyles.

Question: Do shoulder-length hairstyles damage hair?

Answer: There is a misconception that long hairstyles like shoulder-length hairdos damage your hair, but that is a myth. Shoulder-length hairstyles do not damage your hair in any particular way but usually require more maintenance. When proper care is not given to the hair, your hair can get damaged.

Question: Which shoulder-length hairstyle will suit kinky hair?

Answer: Various shoulder-length hair designs for men are suitable for type 4 kinky or coily hair types. Braiding hairstyles like box braids, cornrows, or loc styles are good examples of excellent hair designs suited for kinky hair types.

Question: Are there any shoulder-length protective hairstyles?

Answer: There are numerous protective hairstyles for men who have shoulder-length hair. Among these hairdos, various braiding styles like cornrows and box braids are the best protective hairstyles that look sleek.

Final Words

Many people think long hairstyles like shoulder-length hair are not for men and they do not look good with them. Indeed, long hair does not suit everyone, and if you have reached this part of the article, you already know how phenomenal shoulder-length hairstyles are for men with every hair type and face shape.

The main problem comes in terms of personality. Long shoulder-length hairdos do not match everyone’s personality. For that reason, choose a hairstyle that will suit your face shape, hair type, and personality.

Another big problem with shoulder-length hairstyles is that they are unsuitable for professional settings. If you are a corporate job holder, you can not get a long hairstyle as they do not conform to the work culture.

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