14 Stunning Side Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Gone are those days when women preferred symmetric hairstyles. Now it’s an era for an asymmetric, undone and messy hairstyle. Side ponytail is an all occasion hairstyle which is easy to wear and fabulous to look at.

Well, enough of carrying a simple pony secured with a hair tie. Now, it’s time to give a twist that could rejuvenate your flair.

How to give a pretty and playful look to your ponytail?

This is the most expected question for women. With a simple creativity, you can have the best ponytail. These easy hacks could save your hair and take your hairstyle to the next level

  1. Start from the top by teasing the roots to give a volume to the hair. It would give a voluminous look at the crown
  2. Tie the pony to one side loosely so that the hairs at top won’t lose its shape
  3. Curls to the end of the pony and some bangs grazing the face could add an extra glamour



Is your pony looking too thin or didn’t take the shape you want? Need a tempting hair all day long? Worry not..I am here to help you with this. Check out these stylish yet simple hairstyles and give a try just after reading this article.


  1. Side-swept fringe

This is a noticeable red carpet hairstyle. One cannot ignore the chic and charming look of Rose Byrne. Use some hair spray and lotions to give a shape and curling iron to give some sexy curl to get an exact glamorous look like Rose.


2. Topsy- Tail Side Ponytail

I can say, this style is the simplest and stylish of all hairstyle that takes me down the memory lane of childhood days. So girls next time if you are in a hurry and confused what to do with your hair, then go for Topsy-Tail.

3. Sleek and Sexy Side Ponytail

A good go to start with this sleek hairstyle. All you have to do is to tease your hair at the crown to add a volume and secure the pony with an elastic finally wrapping it with hairs. Dail up the passion with your style!


4. Messy pony with some Bangs

Semi Finalist Diana Vickers from X – Factor robbed the heart of audience with her voice as well as beauty. She looks fabulous in this super cute ponytail. Hurry up! Try it out when you are out for next time. Don’t forget to give some bangs falling down naturally and take an extra care of the pony as it is loose and messy.


5. Dutch Fishtail Side Ponytail Hairstyles

When it comes to a braid, we are all left with one one option, French Braid. But girls don’t put down your creativity. This hairstyle can give you a boost. A blend of Dutch and Fishtail can do wonders. It is to start with a Fishtail braid from one side and giving it a 3-D up to look like Dutch braid, ending up with a one side low ponytail.


6. One Side High Ponytail

High pony is on trend now. However, a side up-do pony could be something that would gain some extra glance. Simple yet stylish to look at when paired with a funky outfit. Well, you can figure out the steps to do this hairstyle from the picture.


7. Side Ponytail with Back side Braid

The enchanting combination of braid and ponytail could give you disney princesses feeling. A French braid is done diagonally on the back side of the head finally incorporated into a wavy ponytail in one side falling naturally on the shoulder.



8. Side Ponytail with front side Braid

Steal the show with this stupendous hairstyle, which is best to show off your highlights. The hue looks more appealing in this style. Dutch or French braid is your choice. But, you have no choice except looking beautiful. The front braid is incorporated with a high or low ponytail. The choice is yours!


9. Messy Side Ponytail

Imperfection is the new perfection. Well said and enough to proof for this hairstyle. Messy is no more untidy or imperfect, but it is a trendsetter. Time to give a try with your best casual attire. Don’t forget to give some wavy bangs in the front teasing your cheeks. Hurry!!

10. Clean puffed side pony

Puff is absolutely a retro hairstyle. Only, give some volume to the top by teasing the roots and after securing the pony with an elastic in one of your preferred side. You’re done to rock the party.

side ponytail


11. Criss- Cross Side Pony

This eye-catching hairstyle could give a beautiful twist to your style. Gather some hair and tie it up to one side. Then overlap the extra hairs to the gathered pony. Well, this super cute hairstyle can describe your simplicity. XOXO

12. Double French Braid Side Pony

Let it be a cocktail party or a pool day; you can have this hairstyle anytime or anywhere with a simple technique. Well, it’s time to do something different, out of those old school style. Two french braid from the crown ends diagonally with a chic ponytail on one side. Give it a try!


13. Twisted Side Ponytail

Sometimes it’s good to give a twist to your hairstyle. Well, this is I am not saying, the hairstyle says all. It is as simple as you look in this picture. Collect some part of hair from the back base of the neck and tuck it with a hairpin. Then go on twisting the hair along that and end up on one side with a ponytail.


14. Hair Bow Side Pony

Yeah, we all are well aware of Lady Gaga Hair Bow which is quite mainstream. However, giving a hair bow to the side ponytail is something extraordinary. You would look drop-dead gorgeous in this hairstyle with a long gown dress.


I have provided you with some of the super stylish hairstyles. The deadly combination of braid, bangs, and pony would make you tremendously gorgeous. Now it’s your turn babe. Cheers!!


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