Silver Grey Box Braids: 16 Hairstyles to Look Glamorous

Hair trends are fickle entities in the ever-evolving Hairstyle industry. One hairdo rarely stays on top for long as another remarkable one takes its place. Amidst these turbulences, box braid has made a place for itself and it is not going to be toppled any time soon.

One of the reasons behind this relevancy is its constant evolution through time. Fashionistas have worn box braids with different colored hair extensions that resulted in some combinations like blonde box braids, red box braids, etc. The latest trend everyone is hyped for is silver grey box braids.

Once people used to freak out when they found grey strands on their heads. But that has changed and silver grey has become one of the most popular colors to style their hair with. Silver grey colored box braids look phenomenal with all variations whether they are small box braids or bohemian box braids.

If you are interested in silver grey box braids and want to implement them to revamp yourself, continue reading and learn everything there is to know about this style.

16 Staggering Silver Grey Box Braids

There are different types of box braids out there that can be worn with silver grey extensions. They can improve your appearance and give you a silver fox look. I am going to give a list of 16 snazzy silver grey box braids that are exceptional. They are chosen for being the best silver box braid hairstyles out there and it is a no-brainer to try them out.

Knotless Medium Box Braids with Curly Ends

Knotless Medium Box Braids with Curly Ends

Knotless box braids have become the most sought box braid hairstyles in recent years due to the lack of knots and painless procedure. This protective hairstyle is seamless and does not cause inflammation on the roots. Knotless medium box braids are a great choice for wearing with silver grey hair.

While medium box braids are being weaved, the size of the braid is very important. Otherwise, it will become a different type of box braid. In this hairstyle, the ends of the braids are kept unwoven which creates curly ends that look luscious. You can enjoy this amazing hairstyle for a long period with minimum care given to it.

Middle Part Black and Silver Box Braids

Middle Part Black and Silver Box Braids

Middle part box braids are another way you can wear silver grey colored hair. There are different ways you can style your hair with black and silver color combinations. It depends on the situation. If you have silver or grey hair, it is a different procedure than the one where you have black hair.

For people with black hair, you can use silver colored hair extensions to get black and silver box braids. The roots will look black as they gradually become silver from the extensions. You can do the opposite by using black hair extensions if you have grey hair. The roots will look silver while the ends will be black.

Knee Length Grey Jumbo Box Braids

Knee Length Grey Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Knotless Box Braids is another good option for box braids with silver grey hair. The best way to wear knee length box braids is to wear jumbo box braids. The massive size of the braids makes the hair look voluminous and gives a boho look.

To get this hairstyle you will need more packs of hair extensions than any other box braids for its length. The number of braids is fewer than any other box braids due to the thickness of the braids. You can weave the braids fully or leave some strands loose in the ends to get the curly look.

Black to Silver Ombre Box Braids

Black to Silver Ombre Box Braids

Black to silver ombre box braids is the best silver grey box braid hairstyle in my opinion. To have this amazing hairdo, you will need black natural hair alongside black and silver colored hair extensions. If your natural hair color is not black, you will need to dye them for this hair design.

The hair will transition in a seamless manner where the roots of the braids will be black. The hair will gradually become silver as silver hair extensions will be used in the lower half. When the styling is completed, the upper half will be black while the lower ends will be silver colored.

Silver Box Braids into Half Up Half Down

Silver Box Braids into Half Up Half Down

Half up half down hairstyles are usually done with wavy and straight hair but that does not mean they can not be done with box braids. Take a look at this silver box braid hairdo that is worn in a half up half down manner.

The hairdo is pretty simple, to be honest. The hair is weaved into jumbo bo braids using silver colored hair extensions. Then the braids in the front half are gathered around the top to create a braided bun while the hair in the sides and the back are let loose. That created a half up half down hairdo that looks amazing and gives a bohemian vibe.

Black and Silver Box Braid Bob Cut

Black and Silver Box Braids Bob Cut

If you are looking for a short box braid hairstyle, then bob braids are the perfect hairdo for you. The hair is weaved into box braids that do not go past the shoulder. You can wear this hairdo with ombre but I favor a simple black and silver combination.

To get this hairdo you will have to use an extension that is the opposite of your hair color. Start braiding the hair in the knotless technique and weave your natural hair with the extensions. After the styling is complete, you will be amazed at the result.

Box Braid into a Top Bun

Box Braids into a Top Bun

One of the best ways to wear box braids is to make a top bun. Many of you might disagree with me but it is simple and efficient. Take the photo as an example. The hair is sectioned and weaved into multiple box braids. The box braids are then gathered around the crown and a sleek bun is created at the top.

This hairdo looks pretty simple but gives a polished look. A few box braid hairstyles can make you look as clean as this hair design. This hairdo can be worn in a professional space. The silver grey hair does not make this hairstyle any less remarkable rather it enhances it.

Box Braid into a High Ponytail

Box Braids into a High Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles look amazing with every single hair type that can be styled in numerous ways. Box braids into a high ponytail is the best way to wear a ponytail for women with kinky hair. You might disagree now but will agree eventually.

It is a low-maintenance hairdo that will protect your hair for a long period. Silver hair extensions are used to braid naturally black hair. The black and silver box braids look phenomenal in general. You can gather all of the braids to get a sleek ponytail or wear it loose by keeping some strands behind. One will give you a clean look while the other will appear messy. Choose carefully.

Long Silver Grey Medium Box Braids

Long Silver Grey Medium Box Braids

Long side swept medium box braids are another good choice for wearing silver grey box braids. It is an interesting hairstyle that can be worn in most casual settings. The finished hairstyle looks fabulous and voluminous.

The hair is first divided into box shaped sections. Natural grey hair is weaved with silver colored hair extensions and an individual braid is created in each section. After the braiding is complete, the braids are swept toward one side and worn loosely. You can change up the color combination by adding some black colored extensions to the mix.

Long Side Parted Box Braids

Long Side Parted Box Braids

The next hairstyle is also a Long box braid hairdo that reaches the lower back. The difference between this hairdo from the previous one is the way it is styled at the front. The hair is sectioned and weaved into box braids by using hair extensions as usual.

While in the previous hairstyle, the box braids were swept toward one side. In this braiding style, the box braids are parted in the side which creates a side parted long box braids hairstyle. The silver extensions with black hair look remarkable. If you get this amazing hair design, you will be satisfied with the result.

Slicked Back Medium Box Braids

Slicked Back Medium Box Braids

One of the biggest problems for women with kinky hair is that the natural hair edges often start to fall out. Many women can not wear trendy hairdos for that reason. If you are facing this problem but want to wear a box braid hairstyle, then these slicked back black and silver box braids are the perfect ones for you.

Because of the falling out edges, the natural hair is pretty thin around the font. By making box braids that are slicked back, this problem can be avoided. The thin hairline will not be noticed. It will also help to protect your remaining hair from breakage and the edges to heal.

Box braids with Fade into a Top Ponytail

Box Braids with Fade into a Top Ponytail

Box braids with fade is a hairstyle that only the boldest women can sport and pull off with great success. This hairdo is not suited for most women for its striking appearance. You will need to have a daring personality to go with this spunky hairstyle.

The sides are cut in a faded haircut while the black natural hair is weaved with silver hair extensions to create these amazing box braids. The hair is gathered around the top to create a ponytail with the box braids. The black side hair alongside the black roots creates a great contrast with the braids.

Grey and Black Short Box Braids with Beads

Grey and Black Short Box Braids with Beads

Short box braids with beads are a great choice to wear your hair with a silver grey color. The hair usually does not reach past the shoulder for this hairstyle. You can choose ombre to get your desired combination or you can wear a simple black and grey short box braids hairdo.

The braiding process is pretty similar to any other box braid. Grey colored hair extensions are used to create the braids with your natural hair. Use the beads near the ends to complete the hairdo. You can use transparent beads for a simple look or be innovative and use patterned beads.

Silver Box Braids into Triple Braided Buns

Silver Box Braids into Triple Braided Buns

The braided bun is one of the go to hairstyles for African-American women for their protectiveness and low maintenance. This hairdo can be achieved by silver grey box braids as well. The hairstyle that I am discussing is space buns inspired triple braided buns.

The hairstyle is pretty basic except for the buns. Your natural hair will be weaved into box braids using grey extensions. Then three buns are created in the front while the back hair is let loose. This hairdo is pretty unique and gives a futuristic cyberpunk vibe.

Jumbo Box Braids with Beads

Jumbo Box Braids with Beads

Jumbo box braids with beads are undoubtedly a better choice for wearing with silver extensions. Jumbo braids are exceptional and become more glamorous with the addition of beads. In my opinion, it is better to use white hair extensions as well alongside silver extensions.

Using natural black hair alongside the extensions will create a beautiful color combination of black, white, and silver. Make sure that you are making thick sized braids. Use white or black colored wooden beads to complete the hairstyle. This hairstyle gives a boho chic vibe that is quite rare. You will be ecstatic with the result for sure.

Medium Silver Box Braids with Black Roots

Medium Silver Box Braids with Black Roots

The last hairdo I am discussing is a medium silver box braids with black roots. The hairstyle is quite simple and easy to accomplish. The natural black hair is weaved together with silver extensions. They are braided in such a way that makes the natural black hair is only visible around the roots while the rest of the hair is silver.

You can wear the braids in any way you want. A side swept or side parted style will look decent which you can use as your regular hairstyle. This hair design is suited for any casual space but might be problematic in a professional arrangement.


Many of you might have questions about boxy braids of silver grey hair. I will be answering some of the frequently asked questions about this topic. I hope you find this useful to get the information you were seeking for.

Q: How long will my grey box braids last?

A: Box braids are known for their longevity and it is the same for grey box braids as well. If you take proper care of your box braids, they will last 4 to 6 weeks. After this period, they will start to become loose near the roots because of hair growth.

Q: How much does it cost to get silver or grey box braids?

A: The cost of a hairstyle depends on a lot of conditions and circumstances. The place you live in, and the hairstylist you choose will impact the pricing alongside the hairstyle you are getting.

Considering these factors, it will cost from $75 to $420 to get silver or grey box braids.

Q: Do box braids protect my hair?

A: Box braids are one of the most protective hairstyles you can find out there. They protect your hair from breakage and moisture loss. Due to this reason, your hair can grow smoothly.

Q: Do silver box braids require hair extensions?

A: The answer to this question is technically yes but there are some ifs. You can do box braids with your natural hair as well if you have thick strands. But the braids usually look thin and unpleasant. For that reason, most hairstylists will use hair extensions for doing your box braids.

Final Words

There was a time when people used to freak out when they would find grey strands in their heads. They would dye their hair to hide the grey strands as having them meant they have reached the latter half of their lives. But that is not the case anymore.

People are dyeing their hair in silver or grey to get a silver fox look. Silver grey box braids are an example of that changed view from the mass. The silver box braids look amazing when they are done properly and increase the allure of the wearer.

The hairstyles that are discussed in this article showcase how this hairstyle can upgrade your appearance and give you an exquisite look. If you get any of these box braids, you will not regret your decision.

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