Skin Fade vs Bald Fade vs Zero Fade

Skin Fade vs Bald Fade vs Zero Fade: The Ultimate Trifecta Among Fades

A fade haircut is known for its presentable properties and its crispy clean appearance, but it is also cemented in the eyes of many as a staple in fashion due to its diversity. From having different placements to comprising different structures with various patterns, a fade haircut is made for all.

While high, medium, and low fades can be showcased with flair by incorporating Aztec patterns, razor decals, and racing stripes, the best trio to contemplate for minimalists is the team of skin fades, bald fades, and zero fades.

Whether you’re seeking a maintenance cut for your lengths or searching for a design that is safe to try out, picking between a skin fade, bald fade, and zero fade won’t do you any harm.

Due to the similarities in their appearance and placement, you might just confuse one for the other and vice versa, but that’s when this write-up comes in. Join us and stay tuned to be unveiled with all the similarities and differences between the triplet of Skin fade vs. Bald fade vs. Zero fade and all the ways in which you can style each one!

The History of Skin Fades And Bald Fades: Description, Advantages, And More!

A skin fade is usually obtained when a clipper with a closed lever is used to create the last guideline of the fade. On average, the fade starts right from the sideburn area, and moves upward to create a slight disconnection and a subtle contrast between each guideline of the fade.

A skin fade is common among those in the military, but is also a must-have in the eyes of those that typically side with voluminous hairdos or texture-oriented looks. A skin fade is also a good move to make if you’d like your facial features to be a bit more noticeable. In addition, if you have a dry scalp or flaky skin, obtaining a skin fade can be a good way to retain some moisture.

Another trait that seals the legacy of skin fades is its ability to highlight volume and enhance texture. Whether you’re creating a pompadour or forming a faux hawk, a skin fade will always bring out the best in your hair!

Skin Fades Vs. Bald Fades Vs. Zero Fade: Critiquing Their Differences And Resemblance!

As both of them belong to the fade family, skin fades and zero fades are quite renowned in the styling industry. Most styling moguls typically have nothing but love for the variations due to their abilities of hiding signs of thinning in addition to the versatility they bring to the table.

And although the two also serve the same purpose, skin fades and zero fades seem to have tons of traits that aren’t mutual, which ultimately sets them apart. From requiring unique procedures to being the perfect solution for creative fashionistas, here are all the promising similarities and eye-opening differences between skin fades versus bald fades versus zero fades!

Critiquing Their Differences And Resemblance

Appearance and Creation Process

The most noticeable difference between bald fades and zero fades is in their visuals. A skin fade (or bald fade) is a fade cut that comprises multiple guidelines and contains a gradual pattern. While the contrast between the upper half and lower half of this fade is noticeable, the visuals are rather subtle. To create a bald fade, most rely on hair clippers or trimmers.

On the contrary, to mimic the close shave that a zero fade can’t exist without, using an electric shaver such as a head shaver or a foil shaver is mandatory. Unlike a skin fade, a zero fade doesn’t comprise a guideline, being the easier option of the two. In fact, with a little bit of regular practice, a zero fade is definitely an asset to create at home!


Maintaining a zero fade is just as easy as maintaining a skin fade. Since both variants comprise close to semi-close shaves, waiting for a long time before each maintenance cut is pretty normal.


A skin fade and zero fade might have separate identities, but are equals when it comes to diversity or versatility. Under the guidance of both haircuts, users can experiment with a range of edgy looks with grown-out layers and keep it light with short and tight crop cuts.

Growth Period

There’s not much that divides the two from one another at the end of the day. However, since a zero shaver removes every single follicle to the maximum, it takes 2 weeks for the scalp to form a shadow.

On the other hand, since a bald fade is incorporated with a trimmer, the fade loses its guideline within a week of installation.

5 Exceptional Looks That Make A Skin Fade Desirable!

An overnight glow-up is always possible, especially if you place your trust in the visuals and potential of a skin fade.

A skin fade isn’t necessarily flashy in terms of visuals, but is typically perceived as a reliable look in the hair industry due to its ability to seamlessly fit with any hairstyle. Whether you’re trying to reduce some bulk or retain presentable aesthetics, a skin fade can be an ideal option. And if you’re open to discovering all the methods in which a skin fade can be utilized, remember to check out the following entries!

Low Skin Fade With Tousled Top

Low Skin Fade with Tousled Top

Managing wavy locs could be a challenging task due to their maintenance routine. However, the look is easy to wear due to its flexibility.

While growing the strands out should be the main aim with wavy hair, it could be normal to opt out of the movement due to the significant amount of patience it requires. And if you’re keen on obtaining a drastic change, consider shortening the hair on top and pairing it up with a skin fade! With this look, not only will your hair be easier to look after, but it will also stay in place at all times!

Skin Fade With Slanted Quiff

Skin Fade With Slanted Quiff

A skin fade is mostly seen as the best sidekick to short hairstyles, but can also be the best companion for density-rich and elongated looks. If you don’t believe us, try taking a look at this slanted quiff!

A regular quiff haircut might require tons of hair product and even a voluminous comb to form, but faces an enhancement in texture when paired with a skin fade. Additionally, if your hair colour is neutral, don’t be too surprised if your new hairdo also looks more full!

Hard Side-part With High Skin Fade

Hard Part with High Skin Fade

A masculine look that is currently on the rise is the crew cut. Since the length it comprises is slightly longer than that of a buzz cut, a crew cut is usually classified as the perfect option to battle against packed schedules.

However, when growing a crew cut from scratch, know that you’ll have to prepare for multiple awkward phases. And if you’re not ready for them yet, consider trading the unappealing visuals of an outgrown crew cut with this hard side-part on top of a crispy and highly-defined skin fade!

Uniform Buzz With Mid-Skin Fade

Uniform Buzz Cut with Mid Skin Fade

A buzz cut is definitely another safe bet you can make, especially if you’d like to experiment with the compatibility of a skin fade. The hair contains more elevation and looks less out of place with a skin fade, and the disconnection between the top side and the other areas also seems more prominent.

If you’re searching for an option you can learn at home, this uniform buzz cut with a mid-length skin fade can definitely be one of the candidates, as a good quality hair clipper is all that you’ll need!

Relaxed Fringes With Taper Skin Fade

Relaxed Fringes with Taper Skin Fade

If you have fine hair, resorting to a voluminous hairdo might just be the best way to make your strands look less flat. However, if options like pompadours and comb-overs aren’t really your thing, you can also throw laid-back and texture-oriented hairdos like this fringe cut, which seems incomplete without a skin fade.

On top of being easy to create on a regular basis, you can expect this fringe cut to keep your hair healthy at all times. The creation process is free of any chemicals, but could be challenging if you don’t know how to comb with your fingers.

The Inevitable Discovery Of The Zero Fade: Formation, Benefits, And More!

A skin fade is a compulsory move regardless of the design you’re trying to create. As stated earlier, the creation of a skin fade starts with a clipper with a closed leaver, and its popularity is ever-growing due to its versatility. However, a zero fade is your cup of tea if you’re seeking lighter visuals and prefer a close shave!

In contrast to a skin fade, a zero fade serves the same purpose. However, for a zero fade to come into place, a head shaver or foil shaver needs to be implemented since the cropped length requires sharper shaving heads.

When it comes to features, a zero fade is quite remarkable. Once obtained, a zero fade typically takes 2 weeks to show signs of regrowth, making the look cost-efficient. The disconnection it creates is also quite alluring since the style on top usually faces a bonus in density.

While a zero fade isn’t always the best to try out for sensitive skin, it could be the perfect solution if you’re trying to avoid the awkward phases of having and growing hair. With a little bit of effort and tons of confidence, you may also create zero fades at home!

5 Ways To Pull Off A Zero Fade!

A zero fade may be difficult to get the hang of at first, but it grows on you as each day passes by. It’s not just the easygoing routine that it requires or how clean it looks on the eyes that makes this look so likeable, however, but the diversity it carries.

While it initially rose to stardom with the help of short and nicely groomed hairdos like crew cuts and buzz cuts, a zero fade extended its fan base by teaming up with hairdos that are to this day known as staples in fashion. From pairing it up with masculine hairstyles to wearing it with bold ones, here are the 5 best ways to pull off a zero fade!

Butch Cut

Butch Cut

Growing your hair out is relaxing in summer when you’re in a typically humid environment. However, during the growth period, you might find yourself in multiple awkward phases until your hair reaches a considerable length.

Instead of shaving it off again and starting from square one, try creating a butch cut with a skin fade, a fan favorite among masculine hairstyles. The hair requires zero effort to style, and dries on its own in a span of minutes! This look can also be cropped a little more to transform into a buzz cut fade without any hesitation, especially if you want your facial structure to be more noticeable!

Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

If you prefer messier visuals and an option that is easy to maintain on the regular, know that you can pair your zero fade with a caesar cut on top, our next recommended pick.

A specialty of the caesar cut is that it can cover thinning areas magnificently. The hairdo is usually formed with hair wax, but it can also be sealed off with texturizing powder for some added saturation. The zero fade is an asset for this hairdo, as it elevates the roots of the hair.

Crop Cut

Crop Cut

Having an oversized forehead can be a nightmare, even when your hair is dense. And since we understand how painful it must be to wear slick backs and comb-overs with a sizable forehead, we’ve suggested this modern crop cut, the perfect solution for your issue.

To make the crop cut sharper and the shaft more full, a zero fade is compulsory. You may also add subtle razor decals if you want your hair to have a little more flair!

Taper Zero Fade With Elevated Curls

Taper Zero Fade with Elevated Curls

A small change can go a long way when maintaining curls. And if you’re tired of dealing with the heaviness of your curly strands, give your hair some flexibility and free your scalp from a portion of the friction by incorporating this taper fade!

In addition to making your scalp feel relieved, this look will also allow you more room to experiment with your curls, which can be music to your ears if you’re all about being spontaneous with your hair!

Modern Mullet With Zero Fade

Modern Mullet with Zero Fade

If you’re looking for something that reeks of a laid-back aura, know that you can always rely on a modern mullet. And if you want your mullet to look heftier in terms of quality, a zero fade will easily help you with meeting that requirement.

Furthermore, if you’re open to the idea of wearing a mullet, but don’t know whether this variant will pair well with your facial structure, be sure to read through this guide on wearing a mullet!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you remained attentive throughout your read, all you have to do is visit your hairdresser to rock your ideal pick between a skin fade vs. a bald fade. Even though every single area covered so far will make your experience monumental, to say the least, it could be normal if you’re still stuck between a rock and a hard place when making your pick. And if that seems to be the case for you, consider solving the dilemma with the questionnaire we’ve prepared for you!

Q: Will a skin fade suit me better than a zero fade?

A: The easiest trick to pull off a skin fade as well as a zero fade is by exploiting their styling potential to the fullest. In fact, due to their compatibility with almost all hairdos, finding a variation that resonates with you should be easy.

However, before you finalize your pick, consider assessing your priorities, your face shape, and your hair type in addition to eyeing the entries mentioned in the upper half of this write-up.

To highlight the structure of your face shape to the fullest extent, you may experiment with a skin fade as well as a zero fade. However, a low zero fade could be more ideal if you have high cheekbones.

If you’d like to battle against signs of hair loss or reduce symptoms of hair thinning, the pair of skin fade and zero fade will always come to the rescue.

A skin fade will cover the thinning areas elegantly and look extremely natural when getting the job done as well. However, if you happen to be wearing texturized hair on top, a zero fade will seem ideal.

Q: Is a skin fade the same as a zero fade?

A: A skin fade involves creating the same guidelines as a normal fade haircut. However, to increase the contrast between the hair on top and the sides as well as enhance the saturation of the hair colour, a skin fade incorporates a semi-hairless look at the bottom.

On the contrary, zero fades implement the efficiency of electric shavers and head shavers to create the closest possible shave on the skin. Since the disconnection between the hair on top and the fade is more prominent on a skin fade, the hair looks dense and thick than usual.

Q: Will a skin fade or zero fade help cover my receding hairline?

A: If you have a receding hairline, a zero fade can definitely aid you with its hair-free look. However, if you want your receding hairline to look more natural with the fade haircut, considering the multiple guidelines of a skin fade will be more useful.

Final Takeaway

Believe it or not, despite looking eerily similar, multiple factors separate skin fades(or bald fades) from zero fades and vice versa. In addition to requiring two different sets of tools for creation, zero fades are also different from skin fades due to their growth period.

Since skin fades are often blended with clippers and scissors, the length tends to grow back in a short period of time. To bring a zero fade to life, a foil shaver or head shaver, which contains rotary blades with narrow-gap reach, needs to be used. With tons of practice, creating a zero fade can also be carried out at home!

While all three of the fade variations that were covered throughout this article can be added to your arsenal for carrying out experiments, be sure to assess your hair type, face shape, and taste in fashion to find the option you resonate with more. If you have eczema, dermatitis, or flaky skin, obtaining a skin fade can help you with controlling seasonal flare-ups.

If you’re worried about the look you’d like to replicate with your skin fade or zero fade, don’t take our former segments for granted. And if you’d like to explore even more ways to amp up your styling game, check out the materials on Hairstyles Feed, the ultimate sidekick for your styling needs!

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