Skunk Hairstyles

A Guide To Skunk Hairstyle And To Look Cool In It

The 21st century is an era of style, fashion, and fandom. People in this era are all about the latest trend and what suits their personality best. You can not point to a single style and hand it over to someone and expect them to entertain that style forever.

People like change, and they want to try every fashion tip and trick out there. From clothing to hairstyles, we have seen a lot of the old styles coming back and trending this year.

Everyone is getting creative with their style to show off their personality. And to make this possible people are frequently changing their hair along with their fashion.

Changing your hairstyle can change your entire look. Even if you follow the same fashion, changing your hairstyle makes a huge impact on the way you look.

Hairstyles are a big deal. You will notice that everyone from the TikTok celebrities to the mega Hollywood superstars goes crazy with their hair from time to time. This is to keep their audience attracted and excited.

Getting bored of your everyday style is unavoidable, but you can avoid the boredom by picking up a style that suits you best.

The hairstyle that is making headlines this year is the skunk hairstyle. This hairstyle is adored by youngsters and celebrities.

Celebrities appear in skunk hairstyles a lot more than you would expect, but that is alright because they look absolutely gorgeous in it.

People are getting inspired by this hairstyle and are coming up with their own versions of it. If you are a skunk hairstyle enthusiast, this article will be a fun read for you.

In this article, you will find all about the skunk hairstyles and how it is impacting the younger generation’s fashion and style.

Unique Skunk Hairstyles To Try Out This Year

Skunk Hairstyles were in back in the days of rock and roll. This hairstyle ran its course, and we were done with it, but little did we know that it would come back with a bang.

The skunk hairstyle is a hot topic at the moment, and people have shown their immense support for it. This hairstyle is making its way into big magazines and websites, and this is all the fashion gurus are talking about.

You will always see a celebrity wearing the skunk hairstyle without fail. This cool hairstyle is successfully winning hearts, and people can’t have enough of it.

Skunk hairstyles are depicted from skunks. People recreated the way a skunk looks on their hair and fell in love with the way it looks. This style is basically black and white hair, but there are many more versions of this hairstyle.

Below are the best skunk hairstyle curated for you to choose and get inspired from:

Bangs Skunk Stripe

Bangs Skunk Stripe

The Bangs skunk stripes are one of a kind. They are ravishing in their own unique way. This hairstyle comprises your bangs dyed in white or any other hair color.

Dua Lipa rocked this hairstyle on the red carpet, and people loved this style so much that they took it upon themselves to wear it to various events.

This is a very fancy and cool hairstyle that will make you the heart of the party. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you want to look fresh and brand new.

If you have voluminous hair, this bangs skunk stripe look is perfect for you. You have your hair in a bun, and the bangs beautifully frame your face. The tones compliment your face and help in enhancing your features.

The two tones of the skunk hairstyles also come in handy when you want to make your hair look more decorated and lively.

If this is the look you want to go for, then nothing should stop you from looking for the version of yourself. Be confident in your decision and go for it.

Short Skunk

Short Skunk

Short hairstyles can be a pleasure and pain at the same time. Sometimes they are super easy to style, and at other times it just feels like a huge ruckus to deal with them.

They also have a mood of their own. You don’t necessarily know when they will turn out to look good or when it might just make you go through all the commotions of a bad hair day.

To help you out of your hair emergency, I present the short skunk look. The two tone skunk hairstyle is perfect for short hair, and it comes in handy in many ways.

The blonde bleached fringes add a glowing element to your look. It pulls together a softcore aesthetic that makes you look way younger than your actual age. This is a very cute yet astonishing hairstyle.

This skunk hairstyle is perfect for all events and get-togethers. The short skunk hairstyle also happens to be pretty lowkey, so you do not have to get worried about attracting too much attention if that is what you are worried about.

This beautiful hairstyle is suitable for all ages, and you can wear this style whenever you want and wherever you wish. Nothing can stop you from looking fancy and dolling up with this amazing hairstyle.

Cruella Deville

Cruella Deville

The skunk hairstyle has been leading the hair game for so long that we have Cruella Deville to prove it. This villanelle character from 101 Dalmatians appeared in a two-toned skunk hairstyle back when this cartoon was released by Disney.

She appeared to wear her hair half black and half white in the cartoon. We then saw the same hairstyle in the movie. And even in the movie named after her, she appeared in all her glory wearing her hair proudly in the skunk hairstyle.

This hairstyle is stunning, and it gives off an intimidating vibe. If you want to grab someone’s attention, this hairstyle may come in handy and do the deed.

You can wear this hairstyle to a lot of events and parties if you know how to present your style without seeming too dangerous.

Because this hairstyle is loud and out there, people may get a little uncomfortable with your presence in the room. If you think you can avoid all the side eyes and stares, you are already a step ahead of everyone else.

This hairstyle looks amazing with extravagant outfits but it can also help in elevating a dull look. With this hairstyle, you don’t have to spend too much time picking your outfit because your hair is the highlight of your look.

Bottom Half

Bottom Half

The bottom half skunk hairstyle is a view for the eyes. This hairstyle is groundbreaking and as elegant as they come. There are multiple ways to spark up your hairstyles, but this one is by far the easiest yet most gorgeous looking rendition of the two-toned skunk hairstyle.

The bottom tone looks fabulous against the jet black hair. These two colors make a power couple, and the amalgamation of white and black makes it even more catchy. There is no way anyone can miss your hair even in a room full of people. It will take seconds to notice you.

If you are an introvert and you do not like socializing, this hairstyle is probably not the best idea for you. You can still go for it to try something different from the usual.

Your high ponytail helps to show off the bottom tone of your hair, but you could also let your hair down and hide the white color if you want. This hairstyle is basically allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You could be a regular person with mundane hair by day and pull up your hair and become a rockstar by night.

If you want a hairstyle that you can change up at any time and hide your white tones, then the bottom half skunk hairstyle is perfect for you.


Dip Dyed

The dip-dyed hairstyle is another version of the skunk hairstyle. For this particular look, you have to bleach the top half of your hair into a perfect blonde and leave the rest as it is. If you want you could dye the bottom any dark color as you wish, but it looks best when black.

The dip-dyed hairstyle was made famous by Gwen Stefani when she wore it to an award show. People adored her look and had amazing things to say about this style all over social media.

This hairstyle is quite unique, and you can achieve this with very little effort. You can either do it at home or you can even ask your colorist to help you achieve your desired look.

Sneak Peek

Sneak peek

The sneak peek skunk hairstyle is my favorite amongst all the other skunk hairstyles because this one is not very obvious. You will not notice it at first, but then you will want to have a second look at it.

This hairstyle is a great way to make people look your way twice because your hair looks that elegant even when there is not too much going on.

For this style, you have to dye the bottom half of your hair in an ash blonde color. You can get streaks or stripes of the same tone done. This hairstyle serves looks, and you will not regret getting this sassy hair for your new look.

This hairstyle is great for teenagers and school-going kids because it is not too loud or out there. This hairstyle is a masterpiece, and you should not miss out on it.

Because the skunk hairstyles are trending, it is only reasonable to join in the trend but with the best. If you think this hairstyle is what you need, then wait no more and jump in.


Pink Skunk Hairstyle

The skunk hairstyle does not necessarily have to be black and white. You can use any color to get your skunky look.

That being said, the pink color is the top choice for this look, and the girls love it. This look was first made famous by TikTokers, and then the audience caught on to it and jumped right in.

This lavish look is very sweet and cute, but above all, it has a subtle vibe to it. It is perfect for you if you do not want to dye your entire hair pink but still want a touch of it.

Funk Skunk

Funk Skunk

The funk skunk is by far the most creative and retro-looking depiction of the original skunk hairstyle. This reinvention of the hairstyle with green stripes combined with black works like a charm.

These two colors complement each other and make the wearer of this hairstyle feel super cool and funky.

If you want to try out something totally out of the box, then this is your go-to hairstyle. Try out the funk skunk and enjoy the liberating feeling of doing whatever you want with your hair.



The sideburns skunk hairstyle is unlike anything you have seen before. This hairstyle was made famous by Charlie Dámelio. She appeared on TikTok wearing this beautiful hairstyle and performed a dance for her audience.

She has over a hundred and forty million followers on TikTok, and the influence of her new blue sideburns hairstyle spread like a wildfire.

This hairstyle is beautiful, elegant, cool, and everything else in between. It is perfect for school kids because you can barely see it unless you want to show them.

This hairstyle is great, and there is no chance of causing damage to your entire hair because all you need to do is dye your sideburns, and voila! You have a new altered skunk hairstyle.

Braided Half Up

Braided Half Up

Half Part Skunk Hair

Half Part Skunk Hair

Highlighted Skunk Hairstyle

Highlighted Skunk Hairstyle

Mohawk Skunk Hair

Mohawk Skunk Hair

Simple Ponytail

Symple Ponytail

Yellow Skunk

Yellow Skunk

Neon Skunk

Neon Skunk



This article has touched all bases of the skunk hairstyles, yet a few audience members ask the questions answered below quite frequently. You may find these useful, so do not stop here and find what you are missing out on.

Q1. Is the skunk hairstyle suitable for teenagers?

Skunk hairstyles are popular at the moment, and a lot of TikTokers are spotted wearing this style including the younger ones. If you think the skunk hairstyle is for, you can definitely wear it, but if your school is against it, you may have to wait a few more years.

Q2. Is the skunk hairstyle smelly?

The skunk hairstyle is depicted from the looks of a skunk, it is not literally like a skunk. So, you are safe in the smell department. You get the good visuals of the skunk minus the smell that they emanate to attract their females.

Q3. Can anyone wear the skunk hairstyle?

This is a universal hairstyle, and is suitable for anyone, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, etc.


Skunk hairstyles are alluring, and they are the latest talk of the town. People all over the globe are trying out this style and love the result. This hairstyle is a favorite amongst Genz and the millennials.

There are a lot of other hairstyles out there, but the skunk hairstyle is a different one. It is not like your regular hairstyle. This hairstyle is a crowd grabber. You will not go unnoticed with your skunk hairstyle.

If you think people have been overlooking you for too long, the skunk hairstyle can be your savior. With this hairstyle you will rebuild your personality and the way you look. People will perceive you differently and will want to associate yourself with you more.

Not that you should change the way you look for people to like you, but sometimes a change can be positive, and people will feel more welcomed to keep up a conversation with you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ask your hairstylist to skunk you up!

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