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26 Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Occasion

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” — Leonardo da Vinci.

Vinci’s words cannot be truer in the context of the sleek ponytail. A sleek ponytail is a simple hairstyle, yet it is one of the most elegant-looking hairstyles that is praised by celebrities and the mass alike. You must not miss out trying a sleek ponytail at least once.

You can carry this hairstyle for both formal and informal settings, for casual or special occasions. It is just an all-rounder hairstyle, and you cannot go wrong with a sleek ponytail.

While it’s an easy-to-achieve hairstyle, modifying it to your liking is kind of hard if you want to keep the originality intact. To help you select the perfect sleek ponytail for your personality and for the occasion, we carefully crafted this article.

Here you will find celebrities with great sleek ponytail styles so that you can take inspiration from them. You might just find someone you particularly like to follow. Besides celebrities, 17 different sleek ponytails are here for different occasions.

They are slightly modified versions of the classic without losing the originality of a sleek ponytail. So, get ready to dive a little deeper and explore the world of sleek ponytails.

Why Should I Try A Sleek Ponytail?

Long hair is preferable for a lot of people as it provides vast customizability. But, it is also famous for being hard to manage. How many times have you been annoyed just trying to manage your long hair while working? They always fall right onto your face.

The issue has become so annoying that we badly need a solution. With a sleek ponytail, you get to make the problem of long hair into a smooth style. A sleek ponytail will give you a sharp look and will help you to manage your long hair.

9 Celebrities with Sleek Ponytails

This section will present you with sleek ponytail hairstyles carried by celebrities. Celebrities are the influencers when it comes to style. They are always at the top regarding the invention of a new style. They are the ones who start a trend that we try to follow. If you like trendy hairstyles, then ponytails from this section will be great sources of inspiration.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Sleek Ponytail


We are starting the list with a younger Kardashian. If you are one of the followers, then you have come to the right place. In this section, we are going to discuss Kendall Jenner’s sleek ponytail.

Even though Kardashians are the pinnacle of fashion, simple ponytails are present in their favorite hairstyle list. That’s because a sleek ponytail is simple but captivating.

In the image you can see her with a simple sleek ponytail. Yet this is enough to elevate her look. So, take this image as an inspiration and understand that sometimes simple hairstyles can also be among the most elegant ones.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Ponytail

No ponytail list is complete without Ariana Grande. Her long iconic ponytail is famous all over the world. The only downside to this hairstyle is that you will need longer hair. This long sleek ponytail is just the perfect balance of poise and playfulness. If you are looking for such a look, this will be the best choice.

This hairstyle looks best on younger girls. With this style you get to have a widely popular hairstyle that was worn by a huge celebrity. Also, it looks cute and you get to show off your long hair. If you fit the description or you know someone who does, try it out yourself or suggest it to them. You won’t regret this choice.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Ponytail Hairstyle

Selina Gomez wore an 18 inches mid-back sleek ponytail (Hair length chart for reference) with straight cut, no parting. For extra spice, she dyed her hair with a relatively deep color, and it looks gorgeous.

This Sleek ponytail is an example of keeping your style simple, yet making it appealing. Wearing this hairstyle will give you a stunning look, and you just can’t say no to that.


Beyonce Hairstyle

Beyoncé is well known for her incredible natural singing voice. Being so famous, she has to attend many entertainment events, and you will find her wearing brilliant outfits with striking hairstyles.

One of her iconic hairstyles is this sleek ponytail with a swirling pattern. The ponytail starts from the top of the head, which is already more unique than the ponytail that forms a swelling pattern. In the image, she has blonde hair, but it will look just as good with any hair color.

This hairstyle will also be perfect for a wedding party. You have nothing to worry about with this hairstyle, and you should only be concerned about stealing the thunder from the bride with this sleek ponytail. Don’t hold us responsible if that happens.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

J.LO’s ponytails are always different from common ponytails and that is what makes them stand apart. In this case, she parted her hair in the middle horizontally, which left some hair for the front. So, unlike all other ponytail styles, she is pulling half of her hair.

Since this sleek ponytail is really different from others, it is a great candidate for those extra special occasions. If you are looking to put a creative spin on a common hairstyle, then this is the perfect one for you.

Brad Pitt Ponytail with Bun

Brad Pitt Ponytail With Bun

Unlike female ponytails, men’s ponytails are usually the shorter ones. Brad Pitt is also no exception. Men don’t usually keep their hair that long. So, for them, this type of short ponytail is a great solution as far as a sleek ponytail is concerned.

This type of short ponytail will give you a charming and assured look. To do this ponytail, you have to pull your hair to your back, fold the extended part three times, and use a rubber band to tie the ponytail neatly.

This kind of confidence-inducing hairstyle is especially for you if you want to be assertive in daily interactions. This sleek ponytail will boost both your look and your personality.

David Beckham with Samurai Tail

David Backham with Samurai Tail

In the image, David is wearing a sleek ponytail that mostly resembles how the samurai used to tie their hair. Adding this simple touch to this ponytail makes it distinctive. Samurais were the people who were all about honor.

If you fancy their legacy, style and appearance, you just have to try this hairstyle. You will appear as cool as a modern-day samurai.

Chris Hemsworth’s Ponytail with Bun

Chris Hemsworth's Ponytail with Bun

These short sleek ponytails among men are becoming quite popular. Chris Hemsworth wearing a short ponytail is just another great example. Although this one is a simpler version, it is still iconic.

The volume of the hair gives it a fuller and snazzy look. The shiny reddish silver color of the hair is also helping to give it more of a classy look.

Besides, another positive side of this hairstyle is the applicability of the style. If you are looking for an easy-to-do sleek ponytail hairstyle that you can wear every day, then you don’t have to look further.

Alexander Ludwig’s Short Ponytail

Alexander Ludwig's Short Ponytail

This young actor is famous for his role in the TV series Vikings. In this image, he is also wearing one of the Viking ponytails. This sleek ponytail is special not only because it’s from the Vikings series, but also it includes sides with a fade that no one else thinks of usually.

The high fade provides you with a rugged vibe, which is a bonus for a sleek ponytail. Giving this haircut a try will give you a fresh and bold look. So, if you are in a dire need of a striking haircut, try this one.

17 Additional Sleek Ponytail Styles for Different Occasions

We go for different hairstyles for different occasions, and try to come up with creative hairstyles for special occasions. But, a sleek ponytail style is so versatile that it becomes too hard to choose.

Do not worry if you are also exhausted from looking through a bunch of options to choose a sleek ponytail for a specific occasion. Just continue reading this article to find out the best options for a sleek ponytail style.

This list is crafted in a way that it covers all the possible occasions, while covering a diverse range of styles. So, if you want to explore more styles and not just blindly follow the celebrities, then without a delay, go through this list of sleek ponytails and create your own style.

The Barbie

Barbie Sleek Ponytail

With this sleek ponytail, you can still get a Barbie haircut that is also appropriate for your age. Also, you get to make your childhood dream come true and look graceful at the same time.

The overall process of doing this sleek ponytail is similar to a classic ponytail. To get this Barbie look, you just have to follow a few extra steps like parting, and creating a hook at the end of the ponytail.

Side Part

Side Part Sleek Ponytail

Another way to get yourself a sleek ponytail is by parting your hair sideways. These side-parted sleek ponytails not only look cute, but also more uncommon than regular sleek ponytails. The side parting is usually done on the left side of your head, but it is not mandatory.  You can part on any of the sides according to your liking.

This simple modification to your ponytail will give you a neat look. This type of sleek ponytail is appropriate for both formal and casual occasions.

Sleek Ponytail with Ring

Sleek Ponytail with Ring

When you think about a ponytail, you might not imagine any accessories with it. That’s because a ponytail does not necessarily require any accessories, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use any. Take this style for an example. A ring is used to create the knot to hold the ponytail.

This particular style may look common from the front but looks completely unique from the back. It surely is a smart way to style it and will add a wow factor to a sleek ponytail.

This is the best style for different friends and family occasions like weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, etc. So, if you want to show off a novel and chic hairstyle at such an occasion, then this sleek ponytail should be your choice.

Sleek & Split

Sleek And Split

When we say ponytail, we mean a single ponytail.  But, you can also split them apart. This splitting ponytail is the distinguishing feature that will set your ponytails apart from others. This differentiating feature makes this hairstyle unique and therefore ideal for carrying them on special occasions.

These types of unique hairstyles give you the opportunity to paint your appearance and personality in a new way.  So, if you are looking to redefine your overall look, then try this sleek ponytail without hesitation. You also have the option to dye your hair if the original color is not working for you.

Low Braided

Low Braided Sleek Ponyatil

Another option to get an amazing look out of a sleek ponytail is to braid the ponytail. There might be a ton of ways you can customize your sleek ponytail, and each exciting option gives the sleek ponytail a distinct vibe.

If you have shoulder long hair, then this sleek ponytail hairstyle will be perfect for you. When you are planning to go out with your friends, create this style with your hair.  Trust us when we tell you that you would be answering a lot of questions from your friends regarding this hairstyle.

Ponytails such as this look really attractive and are more suitable for different informal occasions.  You will never regret going with this sleek ponytail.

Mid Part

Mid Part Sleek Ponytail

While a mid part hairstyle is  pretty common, it is the most appropriate one for some face types. For a sleek ponytail, the side part is better if you have a round or oval-shaped face. On the other hand, mid-parted one best compliments people with a long face.

You probably have seen many people with mid-parted ponytails. Do they always complement their faces? The girl in this picture has a long face and thus this mid part sleek ponytail is complimenting her.

Like the girl in the image, if you have a long face, you can confidently try a mid part ponytail. Mid part sleek ponytails and long faces are made for each other.

Sleek & Curly

Sleek And Curly

Curly hair and sleek ponytails may sound opposite of each other, but combining them creates an endearing look. This special glossy short ponytail is for occasions like anniversaries or dates with that special someone. If you have such an occasion in the coming days, then give this ponytail a try.

This chic-looking sleek ponytail will surely impress your special one. Just make sure to keep the hair on top of your head straight and do not do any parting. For the curly end, use any curling iron at the end of the ponytail to get this curly look. Keep these things in mind and you’re good to go on that date.

The Sleek Swoop

The Sleek Swoop

Swoop makes the simple sleek ponytail fun and sporty. With a sleek swoop, you get to add slight curves to your ponytail. If you think the normal sleek ponytail is not exciting enough for you, then this is well suited for you.

Also, a sleek swoop is usually done with a bang, the hair strands that cover your forehead. This fusion of a bang and the curly pattern of the ponytail makes this style really exciting.

For those who think of ponytails as kind of bland, trying this particular style once can change their opinion in a major way.

Color Duet

Duet Color Sleek Ponyail

For those who like to dye their hair, this one is a lovely option for you. You get to dye your hair with not one but two colors. You can actually do even more colors if you want. You are free to choose any color you like to create this hairstyle.

However, we would suggest that you use two opposite colors to create a clear contrast. You can also use two shades of similar colors for a more minimalistic and grounded look.

This type of sleek ponytail is the best choice for all of you who like to dye your hair and also rock a ponytail. It is more of a casual look. You should be a bit careful with choosing a color if you spend a lot of time in a professional setting as all colors will not be equally welcomed.

With Accessories

Sleek Ponytail With Accessories

Are you the type of person who does not have the word ‘traditional’ in their dictionary and always loves to put a modern twist on everything?  Well, don’t worry because we have something for you that will tickle your fancy.

This is a contemporary version of the sleek ponytail and a kind of bold one as well. It kind of defeats the purpose of keeping a ponytail as a simple hairstyle, but if that is your jam, you should go for it.

This sleek ponytail hairstyle incorporates some accessories to achieve the look. For example, a headband with glitter and some plastic stars for the hair strands. Unlike regular ponytails, this sleek ponytail makes the top of your head appear like a water fountain.

With Butterfly Ribbons

Sleek Ponytail With Butterfly Ribbons

Are you looking for a fancy-looking ponytail? We have just the thing for you. This hairstyle makes ponytails look fancier than most others. You can confidently attend any special occasion with this one. You can even attend a wedding as a bridesmaid with this charming style.

This might sound too hyperbolic, but it is not. If you want to show what you can creatively do with your hair, then this sleek ponytail is the right one for you. With the right dress, you can carry this hairstyle as the bride herself.

Heads will definitely turn when you appear with this hairstyle. So, choose this style if you have no problem with being the center of attention.

With Knots

Sleek Ponytail With Knots

If you are not the biggest fan of butterfly ribbons, then you can go for this one instead. This sleek ponytail style is very similar to the above one. This is definitely another classy one.

You can aim for the same dignified appearance with the knots as well. This style is equally fancy, if not more, but with a different type of accessory.

The Knots of the ponytails makes this hairstyle appear minimal, but the in-between fluffy hair gives it a graceful charm. So, along with the previous one, you have two great options to improve your overall look with a combination of a simple hairstyle and some regular hair accessories.

Semi-Braided Ponytail

Semi Braided Ponytail

Usually, when you do a ponytail, you keep the top hair straight and pull it to your back and later form a ponytail. Well, this hairstyle needs a different approach from the traditional method. For the semi-braided ponytail, you need to extensively work on your top hair first, before tying the ponytail.

This hairstyle will surely earn you praise for thinking outside the box. This one is easier than it looks and works great on formal and fancy occasions.

Everyone in a party is bound to be impressed with this hairstyle. Let this hairstyle proudly declare your refined taste and earn you everyone’s attention.

Top Braided

Top Braided Ponytail

Here is a similar example of customizing a sleek ponytail without working much on the ponytail part. The above hairstyle features relaxed semi-braids for top hair, and this one features regular-sized and textured braids on the top middle section of the hair.

These braids will give you a style resembling the braided-hairstyles from the TV series Vikings, which is actually historically accurate as well. These types of hairstyles were worn by Shield-maidens who fought in many wars. This connection to history makes this hairstyle more interesting and adds historical legacy to the style.

Confidently carry the top braided sleek hairstyle to flaunt your inner strength and unyielding warrior spirit. This impressive hairstyle really packs a punch.

Leaf Braids

Leaf Braids

Since we are on braids with sleek ponytails, let’s add another cool one to the collection. This is for the lovers of nature and natural patterns. We can all appreciate some of the amazing patterns found in nature. The pattern on a leaf is one of them. With the combination of color, shapes, and veins, leaves can have really amazing patterns.

This hairstyle implements some of the features of a leaf. The braids being on the sides of the head creates a leaf-like impression that eventually merges with the ponytail. This connection with nature and natural patterns definitely adds a zing when you explain your hairstyle to someone. If you are the one who always looks for deeper connections and meanings, this leaf-like braided sleek ponytail will be a great addition to your favorite hairstyles.

Sleek Braided Ponytail

Sleek Braided Ponytail

Braided hairstyles are protective styles. For those of you, who are facing hair breakage and splitting ends, braided hair should be the go-to protective hairstyle. The supportive braids can hugely help in protecting your natural hair.

With this sleek ponytail style, you get to protect your hair as well as carry a refined hairstyle. With the help of braiding, you can create this decent hairstyle.

This hairstyle is definitely more appropriate for formal or fancy occasions and does not give the most casual vibe. If the stated scenario matches your needs, this hairstyle can come to you as a savior.

 Low Braided Ponytail

Low Braided Ponytail

This low sleek ponytail is for those who find long hair to be difficult. It is true that the longer the hair, the harder it is to manage. With this protective braided style, you get to protect your hair, easily manage it without struggling, and most importantly appear really cool while doing all of these.

You can also part your base if you like. But, do not forget to follow the ponytail caring process in the FAQ section if your primary reason for the low sleek braided ponytail is to protect your hair.


Here in the FAQ section, we’ll help you find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions you might have regarding Sleek Ponytails.

What can I use for a sleek ponytail?

Anything that will make your hair damp, will help in creating a smooth base. Primarily, you can use water spray to wet your hair, and then dry it a bit and brush your hair to create a smooth base. Use a rubber band to tie the rest of the hair to form a ponytail.

How do you make a sleek ponytail last?

Use a new toothbrush to brush your base hair. It will help to maintain its smoothness and sleek look. Then, use a hair scarf to tie them for 10-15 minutes. As for the ponytail, washing and brushing them properly is enough. Also, cover them at night while sleeping. Do this every day and your ponytail will remain smooth and on fleek.

How long will a sleek ponytail last?

If you take care of your ponytail properly like wearing a scarf on the head while sleeping, and brushing them in the morning, your ponytail will last up to two weeks. After that, if you want to keep carrying this hairstyle, you have to redo it.

Is a sleek ponytail a protective style?

Yes, you can consider it as a protective hairstyle. With a sleek ponytail, you don’t usually put too much strain on your scalp and to the root of your hair. Also the procedure for creating a sleek ponytail does not necessarily cause any damage to your hair.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the point where we need to conclude the article. We hope you have found your own sleek ponytail style through this article. It was put together in a way that even a person with no previous sleek ponytail knowledge has learnt how to select a ponytail that is the best choice for them.

This article also explains why a particular sleek ponytail will be perfect for a specific occasion, so you can pick the right ponytail according to your needs.

If your hair needs protection, this article has also included ponytails that are protective for your hair and we have also suggested ways of taking care of sleek ponytails in the FAQ section.

The popularity of sleek ponytails is not about to die soon. The fact that there are so many ways to style a sleek ponytail will keep attracting people towards it.

So, do not wait too long to jump on this bandwagon, because you will be missing out on having a trendy hairstyle which can be adopted for any occasion.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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