Slick Back Haircut with Fade

11 Sophisticated Slick Back Haircut with Fade to Try in 2022

Are you in search of a trendy haircut? Are you a fan of fade haircuts? Do you like Slick Back? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are looking for a Slick Back haircut with fade.

Slick Back haircuts are considered to be one of the most sophisticated haircuts of all time. It has gone through an evolution and today’s Slick Back is much different from the one that was popular during the 1980s. It has become a sensation among men of all ages due to the striking look it provides.

Slick back haircut with fade is fashionable and can be worn with different outfits. It is one of the go to hairstyles for fashionistas at this moment. In this article, I will be discussing everything about slick back haircuts with fade. Every haircut that I will be discussing here can provide you with a trendy appearance. Stay tuned!

What is a Slick Back Haircut with Fade

Identifying Slick Back Haircut with Fade

Slick Back Haircut is undoubtedly one of the most popular haircuts among men. It became really popular during the 1970s and 1980s. Slick back with fade is a bit different from the original style.

The original classic slick back hairstyle was achieved through a squared cut. The front hair was cut quite long alongside the sides and the back hair. Every section had a similar length of hair that gave a squared design. But slick back with fade is quite different.

The hair is cut in a fade haircut where the side and back hair is gradually trimmed with a hair clipper. The front hair has a decent length which is brushed back to give a clean look. Hair wax or pomade is used to get the look and keep it for a long period. There are different types of fade haircuts and each of them can give you a different look.

11 Trendy Slick Back Haircut with Fade

Slick back haircuts are undoubtedly very popular at this moment. It is a fusion of a classic hairdo with a modern one. People are crazy with fade haircuts at this moment and when the slick back is mixed up with it, some great ideas are generated.

Here is a list of 11 slick back haircuts with a fade that is trendy and can improve your look instantly. You will not regret it.

Slick Back Undercut

Slick Back Undercut

The first haircut that I am going to talk about in this article is a slick back undercut. A slick back undercut is a fade hairdo where the front hair is kept long and brushed back. The undercut is quite different from a regular fade haircut.

In a regular fade haircut, the hair is cut gradually. There is a contrast between the shaved sides and front hair but that is not as apparent as it is in an undercut. In the slick back undercut, the contrast between the top slicked back hair and the sides are the main focus and is highlighted.

Slick back undercut first emerged in the poverty-ridden people of British industrial areas. But it came to be a worldwide phenomenon during the 2010s due to its recurring appearance in various films and tv series. One of the big examples is Brad Pit’s Fury haircut. His hairstyle in this movie is one of the most sought movie hairstyles.

Low fade

Low Fade

The second hairdo I am focusing on is a slick back hairstyle with Low fade. This hairstyle is very popular as well similar to the other fade styles. The sides and back hair are trimmed with a hair clipper and the hair on top is quite long which is brushed back using hair wax.

This style is known as Low fade because of the shaved sides’ position. In a low fade haircut, the sides that are trimmed are quite low compared to mid and high fade. Only the bottom part of the sides are shaved. The rest of the hair is cut with scissors and styled accordingly.

Slick back with Low fade has become a go to style for many people due to its neat look. It is a great hairstyle with a formal attire. That is one of the reasons for its worldwide popularity.

High fade

High Fade

The third slick back haircut that we are going to discuss is a slick back with High fade. It is quite similar to the previous hairstyle. The main difference between a high fade and a low fade haircut is in the side sections of your hair.

In a high fade haircut, the sides are shaved from a really high position. The whole sides are shaved and it is highly apparent when you see a high fade haircut side by side with a low fade haircut.

High fade slick back hairdo gives a striking look to the wearer. The contrast between the trimmed sides and slicked back top hair is more apparent than a low fade slick back. It gives a really neat look which is preferred by most men in this era. That is one of the main reasons for its massive demand.

Taper Fade

Taper Fade

Taper fade slick back is undeniably one of the latest fusion hairstyles out there that is taking everyone by storm. It is a fusion of three great haircuts: slick back, fade, and taper. The top hair is pretty long while the sides are shaved in a taper fade. You might be wondering what is this taper fade.

In a taper fade, the sides get gradually decreased, while the top sides where the fade style begins are kept a bit longer as if they were not shaved. The gradual decrease makes the temple and sideburns to be almost skin fade.

Taper fade slick back is one of the most sought slick back hairstyles. It looks really good with formal attire and is a go to hairstyle for people with a corporate job.

Mid Skin Fade

Mid Skin Fade

Mid Skin Fade slick back is another slick back fade hairstyle that is quite popular. It is a great hairstyle for people of all ages due to the clean look it can give the wearer. It is another variation of fade hairstyles where the side hairs are shaved in the middle with the number 0 guard. Because of this, it is known as a skin fade.

The top hair is brushed backward using hair wax or pomade, giving a clean look. A slick back with a mid skin fade is a good hairdo for regular use. Once you get the haircut, the styling is quite simple. The skin fade sides also give a bold look which many of you want. So try right away.

Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade

Another slick back hairstyle with a fade that is quite popular among men is the slick back with Low Drop Fade. Drop fade hairdos are quite similar to regular fade hair cut. The main difference is in the fading effect. In a drop fade hairdo, the fading effect goes in a symmetrical line, all around the head. A clear v-shaped line is created which is visible in the back.

In the low drop fade, the fading effect starts in the lower sides, around the temple, and sideburns. It is one of the most trendy hairdos at this moment. The slicked back hairdo alongside the drop fade gives a phenomenal look that is desired and appreciated by all.

Slick Back with Design

Slick Back with Design

Once upon a time, a slick back hairstyle was mostly known as a wall street haircut. It was a hairdo that people used to wear for any official setting. But that is not the case anymore. Take the slick back with shaved design as an example.

The front hair is brushed back while the side hair is shaved and there is a precise design. It can be accomplished with different fade haircuts. You can try it with an undercut, high fade, or disconnected fade hairdo.

Shadow Fade with Textures

Shadow Fade with Textures

A slick back with a shadow fade is a unique haircut. Shadow fade is a type of fade where the sides gradually decrease like any other faded hairstyle but the difference lies in the seamless transaction.

In a regular fade, the contrast between the faded hair from the sides and back with the top hair is apparent while in a shadow fade, it blends seamlessly. Because of this, it is quite easy to style your hair in different designs.

Slick back haircut with shadow fade is a great choice for you if you are new to fade haircuts. The seamless transition between the top and sides gives a dapper look.

Slick Back with a Line

Slick Back with a Line

A slick back with a shaved line is another haircut that is mainly suited for a casual setting. The top hair is brushed back like any other slick back hairstyle. The sides are shaved and there is a shaved line that gives an edgier look.

It can be achieved with most fade haircuts like an undercut, low fade, high fade, taper fade, etc. it is a very popular hairdo among young men at this moment. The shaved line on the side gives the striking edgy appearance that they usually strive for.

Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Taper Fade with Curly Hair

In general, slick back hairstyles are not well suited to curly hair. But that does not mean you can not try a slick back hairstyle with curly hair. You can easily get a slick back hairstyle with taper fade if you have curly hair.

The classic slick back is not plausible with curly hair because the sides and back hair are hard to brush backward. But that is not the case with a slick back with fades. You can brush your front hair backward using hair wax while your sides and back hair are cut in a taper fade.

You will get a clean look with your curly hair from this haircut. Curly hair will give you a unique texture that is not seen often.

Disconnected Fade

Disconnected Fade

The disconnected fade haircut is another fade haircut that looks really striking with the slick back hairdo. In this hairdo, the front hair is kept long and brushed backward while the side and back hair is trimmed short, giving a sense of disconnect between the top hair and the rest.

This is my favorite slick back haircut with fade. I like to have the sides really short, skin fade if possible. The disconnected fade with a slick back can give a polished look. I recommend this style for people with square shaped faces.

Should You Get a Slick Back Haircut with Fade at Home?

Slick back haircut with fade is a tricky hairdo that can not be easily accomplished. I recommend that you do not try to get this hairstyle at home. It is better to get this style from a professional because of the faded haircut. There are several fade haircuts, each one different from the others.

A faded haircut that is done by a professional hairstylist is way more precise and clean than one done by an amateur. You may have really steady hands and can get most of the haircuts at home by yourself. But you might miss some tiny details that affect the whole hairdo. For that reason, I always recommend getting a hard to achieve hairstyle like a fade haircut from a professional instead of doing it yourself at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about a slick back haircut with fade that is eating you on the inside. I tried to answer some of them to put your mind at ease. I hope it helps you to satiate your curiosity.

Question: What type of hair is better for a slick back haircut?

Answer: Slick Back haircuts in general looks the best with naturally straight hair. You can get a slick back hairdo with wavy hair as well. Some of the iconic slick back styles like Patrick Bateman’s hairdo were done on wavy hair.

Question: How much do slick back haircuts with Fades cost?

Answer: A slick back haircut with Fade does not cost more than any other hairstyle. It can cost you from $30 to $100 based on where you are from and the barber you are choosing to get your hairdo.

Question: Is a slick back haircut with fade suitable for a corporate job?

Answer: A slick back haircut with a fade can give a neat professional look which is essential for a corporate job. So generally speaking, it is a good haircut for corporate settings. But every faded slick back is not suited for a corporate job like the hipster slick back.

Final Statement

Slick back hairstyles are one of the most popular hairdos of all time. It was mostly known for its corporate look. But that is not the case anymore.

Slick back haircuts with fade gave the slick back style a modern variation where it fused with fade hairdos and became a well-sought styling choice for any setting. Most of the hairdos that are discussed in this article can be worn in any situation whether it is a formal situation or a casual party.

All of these hair designs are trendy and suitable for different outfits. If you get any of these styles, you will be grateful for your choice. I also encourage you to use your creativity and try a slick back haircut with a different fade style. Maybe you will create the next trend!

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