Snake Braids

Snake Braids: 15 Spectacular Forms For 15 Different Scenarios!

Since preserving hair’s health is mandatory to establish great hair density in the future, partaking in hair care using the right candidates is important. In addition to shampooing every other day, one must always condition their hair, get regular trims, and apply a hair mask once a week to expand the lifespan of their hair density.

Though not always the case, braiding the hair from the bottom to the top can be a good way to protect the strands, especially if you have afro-textured hair. If you happen to check the former box, let us introduce the prominence of snake braids.

According to Snake Insider, there are over 4,000 different species of snakes; all of which can be examined and adopted to form a new variation for snake braids. However, since time is always limited, we will only be mentioning the frontrunners of snake braids on this list, as well as the underdogs that deserve attention!

Simple Yet Extravagant Snake Braids That Are Must-haves In Our Look Book!

If you’re aware of the nature of braids, you’re probably aware of how versatile each design tends to be. Though protecting the pieces is a priority for options based on snake braids as well, the hairdo comes in various forms to cater to a series of enthusiasts hoping to incorporate creatures of nature into their styling needs.

From snake braids that require extensions to looks that are fused with iconic fashion trends such as sleek ponytails, here are all the entries that justify the promising potential of snake braids!

Thin-stitch Snake Braids with Hard Part Side Part

Thin-stitch Braids with Hard Part Side Part

A great way to showcase the adaptability of snake braids is to pair them with a high-contrast look, which is exactly what these braided units do, thanks to the hard part side-part.

Though the braids carry the show, the hard part side part proves to be equally worthy, allowing more hairstyles to form a venture with these braids.

Additionally, with enough creativity, you can open new doors with this look, as it welcomes unique flashy patterns in the blink of an eye.

Compact Snake Braids with Natural edges

Compact Snake Braids with Natural Edges

Creating edges can be a great way to make room for more flair, a trait that snake braids already run big on. However, instead of lathering the edges up with wax, consider keeping it natural, so the hairdo has a gradual flow about things.

The braiding system should be sharp and compact, mainly so that the strands don’t incur or carry any flyaways. If you’re hoping to rise above the rest, pick a shade you can create vibrant streaks with.

Snake Braids with Curly Updo

Snake Braids with Curly Updo

In addition to feeling airtight at times, braids can weigh down the hair, exposing the scalp to hair shedding and hair loss. Immediate solutions exist, however, such as these snake braids, infused with a curly updo.

While detangling the hair towards the ends can be a good way to bring this look to life, you may even use a curling iron if you want the curly updo to look healthier and organized.

Furthermore, if you’d like to explore more hairdos you can do with your braids and curly hair, don’t forget to check out our guide on half-braided and half-curly hairstyles!

Waxed Snake Braids with Beads

Waxed Snake Braids with Beads

Securing the hold at the bottom is something that braided looks involving a snake-like pattern struggle to ensure. Worry not, however, as there are various ways to tackle that issue, that too with flair.

A great look that runs on boldness and stability is this set of waxed snake braids, securing the position of each unit with beads. If beads aren’t your cup of tea, you may replace them with rings and threads.

Bleached 3-stitch Snake Braids

Bleached 3-stitch Snake Braids

A 3-stitch feed-in system can be an easygoing way to install snake braids, preferably when you’re creating it at home. The strands look healthier as a result, and can even accommodate thin hair when curated correctly.

Adding colors can be a good way to introduce some elevation around the roots. You may even use a blow dryer to give your hairline the lift it needs.

Cornrow-stitch Snake Braids With Updo

Cornrow-stitch Snake Braids With Updo

Having straight hair is a blessing in most cases, but can be a tough pill to swallow when creating snake braids, since twisting and turning the cuticles might cause tons of irreparable damage. Worry not, however, since there’s always a way in which you can satisfy your craving for snake braids.

Wearing cornrow-stitch braids is one of the healthiest decisions you can make for you and your hair. While the pieces will feel loose, on top of each unit will be a size packed with density and fullness!

Feed-in Spider-infused Snake Braids

Feed-in Spider-infused Snake Braids

Spider braids involve adding the limbs of a spider directly onto the cuticles of the unit. When fused with snake braids, the pattern sort of changes, but the length of the look remains the same.

A feed-in system is typically adopted to make these spider braids look and feel better. While outgrown hair is the main demographic, this look can also cater to medium-length hair, and form an incredible collaboration with fade haircuts!

Twisted Snake Braids with Loose Cosmic Buns

Twisted Snake Braids with Loose Cosmic Buns

With rings and a multifaceted pattern, even a set of snake braids running low on volume can look outstanding. Additionally, since the strands will have plenty of space for more elements, don’t hesitate to add components that might enhance the experience of wearing this look.

Twisted snake braids are known for their easy going nature. In addition to being quite impressive as solo candidates, they seem to leave behind open areas for companions like cosmic buns to occupy; a look that somehow strengthens the impression.

Multipurpose Snake Braids with Tri-tone Tips

Multipurpose Snake Braids with Tri-tone Tips

If you liked the previous installation, especially the pattern, know that there are more ways to amplify the elements. Sure, wearing rings, and even changing the pattern by a tad bit can work wonders.

However, if you don’t want your hair to deal with all that damage, keep it simple. Add tints of bold shades around the tip of your hair, preferably involving tones of blue, green, yellow, and so on.

Hazel Snake Braids with Low Twin tails

Hazel Snake Braids with Low Twin Tails

The color of your braids can easily shape the future and first impression of your snake braids, so deal with that area wisely.

While darker colors might help hide signs of thinning, resorting to shades like hazel will make your hair glow in the sun, and throughout summer. To make things even better, you can add complementary companions, such as twin tails!

Sleek Snake Braided Ponytail with Beads

Sleek Snake Braided Ponytail with Beads

Since snake braids look best on outgrown hair, looking after the design on a daily basis can be a chore and a half. When you do feel lazy, however, try to place your trust in the potential of this look, containing beads and a sleek braided ponytail.

Wearing this look causes tons of friction, which can be difficult for your scalp to handle. To ease the process down, you may either shorten the timeframe of the look, or wash the scalp regularly.

Rope-inspired Snake Braids with Bleach

Rope-inspired Snake Braids with Bleach

With a tail comb, dividing each unit is definitely easier, explaining why many prefer incorporating the tool during the installation process of snake braids. That’s not all that the braids have, however, as each unit appears to be looser and, therefore, packed with volume.

On another note, if your hair lacks the elevation that you’d like for it to have, consider installing bleach around the tips and mid-section of the braids. To find success without repercussions, give this guide a read!

Knotless Snake Braided Ponytail with High Updo

Knotless Snake Braided Ponytail with High Updo

Carrying tons of gloss around the roots and the tips, knotless braids can easily be paired with snake braids. To add more to the layers and the impression, it is advised to tie the braids into a high updo, which can work wonders for many reasons.

One of the selling points is the fact that it will make the overall hairdo less heavy, increasing the lifespan of the design.

To prevent the pieces from drying out, be sure to use wax around the base and the ends of each unit. Additionally, if you want this look to carry more volume and elevation, take help from our guide on half-up, and half-down braids!

Dutch Snake Braids with Low Bun

Dutch Snake Braids with Low Bun

Desiring healthy-looking braids is as normal as they come, and can be obtained in multiple ways if you place your trust in the right stylist.

However, if wearing snake braids is your main aim, take it easy on yourself and your follicles. Consider replicating these Dutch-inspired snake braids, sealed elegantly with a low bun.

The bun doesn’t just give a thorough preview of the size each braid contains, but also glows when draped in soft colors. To make the most of it, you may install streaks alongside this hairdo.

Golden Snake Braids with Extensions

Golden Snake Braids with Extensions

If you’ve got a head full of natural hair, but don’t want your scalp to deal with so much friction, consider wearing your snake braids with extensions, known as the safest possible way to obtain a protective hairdo.

While artificial, this look will still carry traits of an authentic hairdo, as long as you clip the extensions the right way. The length isn’t the only impressive element of this option, as this hairdo shines under bright hair dyes.

Making Snake Braids At Home: A Brief Guide That Covers All!

Taking help from professionals is what we’d like to suggest if you’re hoping to wear snake braids and do so in a healthy way. However, if you’re working around a time crunch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

When all is said and done, all you have to do is follow a 5-step routine to bring soft and easygoing units of snake braids on your own. Don’t believe us? Give the following segments a read!

Create a three-strand braid

By adopting a criss-cross method, create your first unit using a three-strand braid. The piece in the middle should remain stationary to allow the units on the left and right sides to form a bond using its company.

Grab the stitched unit by the mid-section

Once the unit is formed, you might notice a swirly pattern forming from the bottom to the top. Don’t just let it be, however. Grab the unit using your thumb and index finger to readjust the placement.

Push the braid towards the top of your head

Like a spring, accumulate the unit from the bottom and push it to the roots of your scalp. This not only secures the hold, but also strengthens the appearance of the snake braids.

Spread it apart and tie it at the back

Upon creating the snake braid, secure the hold by finding the right place on the surface of your scalp. Using the backside first is advised, since more frequency can be added that way.

Twist and repeat

Once you’ve reached completion with a snake braid, repeat the process. To shorten the time frame, consider asking your friends for help!

Frequently Asked Question

Following the former guide will help you bring snake braids to life, and that too at home! On the other hand, if you’re still unsure of whether you’d like to invest in snake braids, we hope the questionnaire mentioned below helps you with coming to a decision!

Q: How long do snake braids last?

Ans: Just like most braided hairstyles, snake braids are said to last for over 6 to 8 weeks. However, due to the wear and tear hair goes through throughout the whole process, be sure to take them out and redo them every now and then to give your scalp and follicles enough room to breathe.

Q: Can snake braids cause hair loss?

Ans: Since braids can cause tons of friction, wearing them for a prolonged period can expose the wearer to hair loss, which can even be permanent in some cases. To avoid the ordeal, be sure to undo and redo your braids frequently, keep them hydrated using wax, and use pillowcases made of silk instead of cotton.

Bottom Line

All in all, if you’re hoping to slay the transition from winter to summer with the help of a timeless piece, the world of snake braids can be of great help. The braids swirl just like the body of a snake, running high on frequency to cover every square inch of the scalp.

With the help of actual species of snakes, which totals 4.000, you can easily bring to life a new design belonging to the theme. Make patience your friend, however, since each variation takes tons of time to come into existence.

Another element to keep in mind is the upkeep, which could be just as difficult as maintaining any other braided hairdo. In short, be sure to keep your scalp clean, hydrate your strands on the daily, and give them a breather by undoing the braids every now and then to perfect your experience with snake braids!

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