Soft Locs

13 Stunning Soft Locs Styles Handpicked For You

What are the things that come to your mind when you hear the word “Locs”? A permanent, hard to achieve, difficult to maintain hairstyle?

Well, there are many kinds of locs. What if we tell you that we have found the most convenient one for you?

Soft Locs are the solution for all your doubts and worries. They offer you a range of protective hairstyles which are also easy to create and maintain.

It is the perfect combination of funk and sophistication. A playful and carefree hairstyle that does not appear out of place on any occasion.

If you are looking for versatile locs that also need less commitment, then soft locs are the perfect choice for you.

Stick with this article to find the answers to all your questions like what it is, why you should go for it, how to take care of it, etc.

What Are Soft Locs?

The term “Soft Locs” comes from their texture which is obviously soft. This hairstyle is usually created by using crochet locs and wrapping hair.

There are a couple of methods but the most common and popular is first braiding your hair and then the crochet locs are installed individually.

Then, you use wrapping hair to wrap around your hair to create the soft locs look. Don’t worry if it seems confusing, we have the detailed process for you.

Soft locs are usually very long and go beyond your hip length. Though the standard length is between 30 to 36 inches, you can go for a shorter length if you wish.

There is no definite answer to who first came up with soft locs or how they originated. However, they were first brought to the mainstream by Bobbi Boss when they launched Nu Locs for creating this hairstyle.

How Are They Different From Faux Locs?

Soft Locs vs Faux Locs

You might be wondering about the differences between Soft Locs and regular Faux Locs. Well, think of soft locs as a variation of faux locs. There are a few subtle but clear distinctions that make soft locs stand apart.

  1. Whereas faux locs are normally stiff and hard, soft locs are considerably softer.
  2. There is much less pressure and tension on your natural hair in the soft locs hairstyle.
  3. Soft locs offer your hair way more movement and liveliness than faux locs.
  4. Soft locs also appear to be significantly more natural and realistic.
  5. Though the processes are similar, we must mention that it is faster if you go for soft locs.

So, you can see that the two terms are not interchangeable. You can call soft locs the softer and more natural-looking version of faux locs.

What Hair To Use For Soft Locs?

Before you ask the important question, which hair to choose, you need to learn what your choices are. Thanks to this article, now you won’t need to pay a hairstylist because the options will be known to you.

You will need two types of hair. One will be the base which would be wrapped and the wrapping hair. Some popular hair options for soft locs are:

  • Crochet Faux Locs
  • Kinky Wrapping Hair or Afro Kinky Hair
  • Water Wave Hair for Passion Twist
  • Your Natural Hair

Crochet Faux Locs are an excellent choice for the base. You can save your time by deciding not to wrap your hair all the way down.

Crochet Faux Locs Hair

You can also wrap at the root as distressed locs to go for a more Bohemian look. If you have enough time and want to achieve a more faux locs looking style that is still not stiff and pretty soft, then you can wrap all the way down.

Kinky Wrapping hair has the adaptability to be used as both the base hair and wrapping hair. It is usually used more as wrapping hair because of its versatility.

Kinky Wrapping Hair

You can create a variety of styles depending on how you choose to wrap the Kinky Wrapping hair. It is also less complicated and easier to use than Water Wave hair.

Water Wave hair is your choice if you are going for passion twists. We agree that using it is a bit more complicated and you will need some experience and expertise in wrapping faux locs.

Water Wave Hair

However, you can create way more texture with Water Wave hair. By opting for it, you are choosing a smoother and less distressed soft locs style.

More than one option can be used for wrapping your hair. You can blend your Natural Human hair in the process as well.

Let’s give a shout-out to Marley Hair as some people might have questions about it. We would suggest not using it as the only wrapping hair because your soft locs will not be as smooth and soft as the other options.

Marley Hair

Your style would become more stiff. But, it can be used as the base hair. Especially for the Kinky Wrapping hair, it can be a suitable base.

Why Should You Go For Soft Locs?

If you are a fan of the locs, then Soft Locs might be the most suitable choice for you. A lot of people who want to try dreadlocks go for soft locs instead. There are a couple of reasons for that.

The first reason is the less commitment needed for soft locs. Unlike dreadlocks, you do not get stuck with soft locs for a long time.

After 6-12 weeks, you can get rid of your soft locs and go for a different style. If you like to constantly change your hairstyle, soft locs give you that flexibility.

Also, there are easier methods to take down your loft locs. You do not necessarily need to completely cut your hair like dreadlocks.

We have already discussed how soft locs are a better option than faux locs, if you are looking to save your time and go for a softer and smoother hairstyle.

Soft locs give you a carefree, wild, and Bohemian hairstyle with also a level of sophistication. It will be suitable and welcomed on almost every occasion.

It is also a protective hairstyle. It causes no damage to your hair if you keep a few things in mind. Keep reading to find out some great suggestions for protecting your hair.

DIY: Soft Locs At Home

As you might have guessed by now, there is no one single method of creating the soft locs style. The process depends on the hair you are using and the style you are choosing.

However, we have an easy guideline for anybody attempting this style at home. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

You must wash and dry your hair first. You can blow-dry if you want. Use a comb to untangle your hair. It will make it easier for you to manage your hair.

Step 2:

Then, you need to braid your hair. You can use a moisturizing cream or gel to soften your hair. It will make the braiding process easier for you. Make sure that the braids are not too loose and keep them a bit tight at the root. There also should not be much space in between. You do not have to keep braiding till you reach the very end of your hair.

Step 3:

After you are done braiding your hair, it is time to install the crochet locs and the wrapping hair. You need to choose which hair and hair length to go for beforehand. Now, you can attach your wrapping hair to your crochet locs first and keep it prepared, or you can install them separately. Another pro tip is checking whether you need the whole strand of wrapping hair. You can split it into two halves and use them on one braid each.

Step 4:

You will need a crochet hook to install the hair. You need one crochet loc for one braid. Make the hook go through the root of your braid, attach the top of the crochet loc to the hook, and pull the hook through. You have to create a loop in the crochet loc and pull the braid through the loop. Then you need to knot them together. If you have not attached the wrapping hair to the crochet locs, then take a strand of wrapping hair and use the crochet hook to attach it with the braid and the crochet loc.

Step 5:

Now, you have to start wrapping with the wrapping hair. Wrap around the root at least 3 or 4 times to secure the loc. Then start going further down and keep wrapping. Do not worry if a few hairs are peaking through the wraps, as it would only elevate the look. When you reach the bottom portion of your hair, you can use a glued blasting freeze spray on the hair for a neater look.

Step 6:

Repeat the same process for each braid. After you are done, you can style the locs as you like. You might also use an edge brush and an edge booster for perfect edges.

There you go, now you have created a fantastic-looking soft locs hairstyle.

13 Stunning Soft Locs Styles For You

Soft locs are very versatile and there is a range of hairstyles you can create with them. We have handpicked 13 must-try ways for you to style your soft locs.

Long Soft Locs

Long Soft Locs

Let’s start with the classic one. Traditionally, the length of soft locs is meant to be longer. If you love long hairstyles, very few options are as trendy as the long soft locs. You can go for the longest option, which is 36 inches soft locs. This hip-length style remains as popular as it was at the time of its origin.

Short Soft Locs

Short Soft Locs

It is not necessary for you to follow the usual route. If you are more comfortable with short hairstyles, you can choose the 12 inches soft locs. This hairstyle is much easier to handle. It is also bound to bring a chic vibe to your whole appearance.

Mid Part Soft Locs

Mid Part Soft Locs

This one is a simple, yet effective hairstyle. Create a middle partition and let your soft locs freely fall on both sides. It does not matter whether you have long or short soft locs. You can keep your edges neat to keep the style on fleek.

Side Part Soft Locs

Side Part Soft Locs

Let’s bring a fresh style to the side-part game. Pull all your soft locs on one side of your head and make sure that you have much less hair on the other side. You do not even need to braid. Keep the hair on the other side as it is. It creates a cool contrast with the locs. You can bet that this style is about to take off soon.

Soft Locs with Shaved Side

Soft Locs with Shaved Side

Ready to kick it up a notch? Create a bolder and more courageous style by shaving the hair on one side. This creates an even clearer contrast than the previous one. However, this one will need more commitment as it is a long-term style. But, if you want to attempt an edgier look, this is the one for you. It is better to keep your soft locs shorter for this hairstyle.

Soft Locs in a Bun

Soft Locs in a Bun

Soft locs will look superb in a bun. You will admittedly need shorter soft locs to create this hairstyle. You can bring all your soft locs upward and tie them all together in a single bun. You can also keep some of them out of the bun if you want.

Double Bun Soft Locs

Double Bun Soft Locs

Do you know what’s cuter than a bun? Two buns. To easily achieve this look, first, create a middle partition. Then, create a bun on each side. Keep a few soft locs out of the bun and let them fall around the buns. A few accessories on the free soft locs can elevate the style.

Soft Locs with Loose Ends

Soft Locs with Loose Ends

This one is an interesting take on soft locs. You do not need to wrap all the way down for this style. You can wrap until the halfway point and then just simply twist the rest of the hair. You can further improve the look by putting some soft locs in a top knot and letting two fall on the front. It is a much more modern and contemporary style.

Suave Soft Locs

Suave Soft Locs

This is probably the most sophisticated style on the list. You cannot wrap all your hair and must keep a few strands out. When the rest of the hair is turned into soft locs, these free strands stand out. You can also take two or three soft locs and tie them on the other side to further improve your whole look.

Multicolored Soft Locs

Multicolored Soft Locs

You do not need to get stuck with your natural hair color or even just one color. Mix and match multiple colors to create the vibe you want. For example, dark green will work great with deep blue. You can also go for multiple shades of the same color or create a kaleidoscopic look by using more than five colors. Be free and follow your own heart for choosing colors.

Soft Locs with Scrunchies

Soft Locs with Scrunchies

Most of the hair accessories will complement soft locs. Even simple scrunchies tied at the back or the top can drastically refine your appearance. Do not be afraid to use multiple scrunchies. You can easily go up to three. Try them to create a more playful style.

Soft Locs with Head-wraps

Soft Locs with Head Wraps

Head-wraps are the most versatile hair accessory. Not only because you can wear them in numerous ways, because of their function as well. They protect your hair and also immediately upgrade your look. Tie a head-wrap and let the soft locs fall out of it. Congratulations, you have just found one of the coolest ways of carrying your soft locs.

Soft Locs with Beads

Soft Locs with Beads

Beads look amazing on all kinds of locs. Soft locs are not an exception. After finishing wrapping, you can install beads on each soft loc or on as many as you like. Be creative with the choice of beads and go for any which your heart desires.

How To Maintain Soft Locs?

Though soft locs are a protective hairstyle, you still need a guideline for protecting your hair. By following our suggestions, you can ensure zero damage to your hair and also fresh soft locs for a longer period of time.

Hydrate & Moisturize

You need to keep hydrating and moisturizing your hair. The best way is to massage your scalp with oil and use a live-in conditioner for your roots to be moisturized. If you are looking for natural oil, then coconut oil and castor oil are your best options. You can also use rosewater for hydration.

Keep Clean

You must keep cleaning your hair and soft locs, but you also need to be careful. For example, it is wise to avoid shampoo. If you are adamant about shampoo, then you must find a sulfate-free shampoo. Also, make sure that there is no soap left in your locs.

You do need to keep your scalp clean. An apple cider vinegar solution can be used for rinsing your scalp. Again, do not use it regularly. Once every two weeks is enough.

Avoid Re-twisting

Soft locs are not natural locs. So, always avoid re-twisting the new growth like you would with natural locs. That will damage your hair which you will only realize after taking the soft locs down.

Wear Silk Cap

You need to protect your hair while sleeping as well. The best thing you can do is to sleep on silk or wear silk or satin. This way, your hair will not dry out or pick up dust.

Remove Locs Carefully

The most damage can be done while removing the soft locs. You need to be extremely careful. We have the safest methods for you in the next section.

How To Remove Soft Locs?

There are a few methods of taking down the soft locs. But, first thing’s first. You need to take your time and be very gentle in every process. You can damage your hair if you are hasty and not careful.

Method: One

The first method involves excessively moisturizing your hair. Your hair needs it because of being under locs for quite a long time. You need a detangling spray to unwrap the locs. You can create one yourself by mixing conditioner and water and putting it in a spray bottle. Clip the very end of the soft loc you want to remove. Then, start gently unwrapping the loc from your natural hair. Don’t forget to keep splashing your hair with the spray. It will soften your hair and make untangling easier. You can also use a bit of oil for moisturizing while removing all the soft locs.

Method: Two

The second method is the quickest process. For this, you need to find your natural braid and get a good grip. You might have to unwrap the wrapping hair a bit to grip your braid. Once you have got it, gently pull it out of the wrapping hair. Now, you can just cut off the wrapping hair carefully without cutting your natural hair. Then, you can remove the remaining hair from your braid. If you want to preserve the wrapping hair, you can just unbraid your natural hair and that will free the wrapping hair.

Method: Three

The third method is the most direct way. Cut the end of all your soft locs. Then, keep unwrapping the wrapping hair and pulling out your natural hair. It will take a long time but will not cause any damage. You might moisturize your hair as you go or wait till the end.

Soft Locs For Men

Soft Locs for Men

It is not very uncommon for men to choose the soft locs hairstyle. They have recently been playing with longer hairstyles quite a lot and soft locs will be slowly taking one of the top positions in their choice list.

The cool thing about soft locs is that they do not look good only on women. You can rock your long soft locs with a sharp beard as well.

You can also try shorter soft locs and create a fusion with other styles. A fade with soft locks can be the new killer look. A similar result can be achieved with an undercut as well.

You can go for even simpler styles. Just tie your soft locs on the back or put them on a bun.

Men have traditionally been drawn to dreads for a long time. This might not always be a possible choice for everyone. Soft locs can be the way for fulfilling their desire.

Be confident and be one of the first to adopt this hairstyle. It won’t be too long till everyone else jumps on the bandwagon as well.


Q: How long do soft locs last?

Answer: Soft Locs can easily last for 6 – 12 weeks. We would suggest not going beyond that. You are after all using synthetic hair which puts a minimum level of pressure on your natural hair.

Q: How much do soft locs cost?

Answer: It depends on which hair salon you are sitting at or which hair you are using. The cost can fluctuate between $100 to $300 depending on the location and the materials.

Q: Are soft locs heavy?

Answer: Any type of faux locs would be a bit heavy. But, if you are going for locs, soft locs would be the least heavy option.

Q: Can soft locs damage your hair?

Answer: There is nothing inherently damaging about soft locs. However, you can damage your hair if they are not installed or removed properly. Your hair will also be damaged if you are not cleaning, moisturizing and hydrating your hair. There is nothing to worry about if you remain careful.

Q: How many packs of hair do I need?

Answer: Usually, you would need about 4 – 5 packs. Feel free to use more if you have dense hair. For some people, even 7 – 8 packs might be needed.

Final Thoughts

Soft locs have already started to create a buzz on social media platforms. Though they have not stirred a storm yet, we bet that it will happen soon.

They are much easier to pull off than dreadlocks and they are also the improved version of faux locs. There is no way that soft locs will escape public eyes for too long.

We are also ready to bet that soft locs will remain in the scene for quite a long time to come. They are giving everyone the opportunity to express their fun side without much hassle or commitment.

So, do not waste any more time. Create the storm before the storm hits you. Pick up your instruments and come up with the most innovative style with soft locs.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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