Southside Fade Haircut

12 Southside Fade Haircut Designs To Achieve The Wow Factor In 2022

A good haircut reeks of positivity. It boosts one’s confidence by aging them backwards, making them look younger as a result. Although the importance of this isn’t discussed as much, a good haircut is also supposed to complement one’s facial features. It’s supposed to give their face a flattening effect, tightening their jawline and adding more definition to their cheekbones as a result.

While every haircut caters to a specific demographic, longer haircuts have been more in favor over the past few decades, especially in men’s fashion.  Moreover, since they pair well with the popular aesthetics in fashion, people of all genders pick it up more often as opposed to haircuts with minimal length.

However, there are loads of short haircuts that are not just fashionable and low maintenance, but can also bring out the best physical features a person might have. One of them is called the Southside Fade, which will be the main agenda of this article.

In today’s writeup, we will highlight every useful insight on the Southside fade and provide you with multiple inspired looks, tutorials, as well as additional tips and tricks to successfully execute it as your next hairstyle.

What is a Southside Fade?

What Is Southside Fade

By now, most of us are aware of the Fade haircut and the 3 main variations it consists of: High, medium, and low. While the fade haircut has taken over the world as well as the hearts of fashion enthusiasts due to its versatility and outstanding visual appearance, it never stayed stationary.

Amongst the endless variations the high fade can adapt to contains a Southside fade, which involves tight and defined high skin fade that trims all the follicles around the head till the temple is reached. In short, it’s a hairdo that involves a 3 mm fade in the frontal region and the hairline, featured by a disconnected fade on the sides as well as the backside.

The hairline receives a tight and highly defined look through the implementation of a shape-up, while the frontal region is modified through blends. Every other section is trimmed to the skin in an attempt to make the frontal region more defined and impactful.

Since the look made its debut in the southside of Houston, people gave the high fade haircut variation the title “Southside Fade” and never looked back.  Thus began the successful phase of an edgy look that is just as admirable to this day. The versatility it contains is the sole cause of its never ending popularity. The Southside fade not only caters to those with thick or curly hair, but it also serves to the ones whose hair are on the finer end. This flexible look also caters to those that fall victim to the earliest stages of hair loss, which can be draining both emotionally and mentally.

How to Achieve the Southside Fade Anywhere at Any Time

While the look is extremely versatile and welcomes every hair type with open arms, achieving the look might be a little tricky. Since the procedure involves the use of multiple guards and hair clippers, one must always seek a reliable hairdresser who has knowledge on the art of cutting hair and avoid those that have yet to gain enough experience.

For best results, visit a renowned salon and get it done by a specialist. Doing so might require you to extend your budget a bit, but it will surely be worth the price. If you’re working around a tight budget, however, mentioned below is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can achieve the “Southside Fade” at home, whether it’s on your own or through the help of another.

Take off the top with a 1.5 guard

This will make the whole procedure easier as it will get rid of the unnecessary weight and length that your hair might have. It will also create a guideline that users or hairdressers can choose to follow for a better outcome.

Disconnect the frontal region from the other sections of the hair

Follow the guideline and use a zero guard to disassociate the top and create a separation between the top and the other areas on the scalp. Make sure to follow the initial guideline created in step 1 so that more hair isn’t shaved than required.

Use a straight edge razor to achieve a bald fade around the top

While a skin fade is more effective than a bald fade, a bald fade is easier to achieve. It can easily be mirrored through the implementation of a basic razor, which can be great for inexperienced hair dressers as well as those that are giving themselves this haircut.

Following this step will also reduce the chances of a botched hairdo, which can be rather difficult to avoid if you’re using hair clippers.

Moreover, although this maneuver is effective and almost always beneficial, those with sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp should be extremely careful when carrying out this step. They can also apply shaving foam or gel before shaving the scalp and apply a moisturizer afterwards to avoid razor bumps and nicks.

Make sure to regularly shave against and with the grain

Since shaving is a mysterious activity itself, regularly shave with the grain and against the grain to achieve balance and make things easier for people to visualize the final look. Regularly switching up the method will also avoid minor drawbacks such as irritation, nicks, cuts, and razor bumps on the scalp.

Use a zero guard to achieve the “Southside Fade” 

Follow the guideline and trim the clippers against the grains of hair located in the frontal region to complete the final fade. It will allow the fade to look more natural and the top to look more defined. Use a mirror if you’re recreating the look on your own.

Use the assistance of shapes to add more definition 

Use oblong shaped rulers to enhance the look and tighten the shape-up on the hairline. You may also use the ruler on the frontal surface to improve the physical appearance of the ends of the Southside fade.

12 Southside Fade Haircut Ideas To Instantly Improve Your Hair Game

Another reason why the Southside fade should receive more recognition is due to how chic and modern its appearance is. It has tons of volume, is suitable for multiple categories of occasions, and is extremely easy to look after as well.

Furthermore, it can also be merged with and recreated into multiple different haircuts. Listed down below are some of our top picks of the haircut variations you can achieve through the help of a Southside fade.

Bald Southside Fade with Outgrown Top

Bald Southside Fade With Outgrown Top

Fans of crew cuts will definitely adore the southside fade. While they do contain mutual features, a bald southside fade can definitely add more texture to one’s hair as opposed to a crew cut. Awkward phases when growing out hair from a buzz cut can also be effectively avoided if this hairstyle is recreated.

In addition to the first two traits, the disconnection this hairdo contains can pair well with a stubble and can even enhance its density, which is definitely a plus point for those with thinning facial hair.

Military Crew Cut with Southside Fade

Military Crew Cut With Southside Fade

While there is hardly any evidence for this take, haircuts similar to the Southside fade are rather popular amongst those in the military. It is an effective short hairstyle that is easy to maintain and almost always stays in place, which could be two of the reasons why it could and should be worn by those in the military.

This look can also be worn by those that partake in intensive physical activities such as sports, as it will allow them to feel lighter during sessions. The scalp will also be easier to clean and manage if this hairstyle is incorporated.

Southside Skin Fade with a Hook Part

Southside Skin Fade With Hook Part

This haircut is extremely similar to the look that influential artist and hip-hop sensation Drake wears on a day-to-day basis. It consists of a line-up around the hairline to take the edges off a bit and make the strands look thicker. A hook part is then created on one of the sides of the hairline to add a minor disconnected cut and add some style and uniqueness to the look.

This hairstyle is adaptable enough to be worn at parties as well as laid back hangouts, so don’t hesitate when pairing them up with any outfit.

Waves with Southside Fade

Waves With Southside Fade

The appearance of this duo was almost inevitable on this list. Everyone that knows about waves is well aware of how they pair well with a high skin fade. Since they already are a perfect match for tighter fades, a southside fade will further enhance the presence of the waves and make the presence of it more impactful.
Remember to conditioner the waves regularly so that they stay moisturized and look healthier with each day.

The Buzz Mohawk

The Bazz Mohawk

This look is extremely convenient for those that are seeking a hairstyle that is edgy as well as low-maintenance. It is for the rebels that want to express their inner personalities with an intimidating haircut.
Apart from the impact it will have on one’s confidence, the buzz mohawk is a look that is timeless and has been around for as long as we could remember! Enhance the edginess of your appearance by incorporating accessories such as earrings to complete your look.

Southside Fade with 360 Waves

Southside fade With 360 Waves

Give your natural hair a subtle but effective twist by incorporating a southside fade. Not only will the waves look more apparent, but the overall look will give anyone wearing it a youthful appearance. It will also shape-up the width of their face, making it look more narrow and defined. Other major facial features such as the cheekbones and the jawline will also majorly benefit through this hairdo.

Southside Fade for Afro Hair

Southside Fade For Afro Hair

Afro hair is resilient, but taking care of it isn’t quite the cup of tea for plenty. While some love growing their hair out and experimenting with their newfound dreads, some prefer a straightforward trim that is time-friendly and user friendly as well. This hairdo is for the latter group of people mentioned in the previous statement.

Since a regular buzz cut with a shape-up is a very common find amongst those trying to save time, spice up your hair a little and incorporate razor decals or even hooks near the hairline or on the sides. Not only are designed haircuts in demand right now, but they’re also rather pleasant to look at when paired with the right outfit.

Buzz Fro Hawk with Southside Fade

Buzz Fro Hawk With Southside Fade

Afro hair is hard to take care of once it’s lengthy. It is also the hair type that contains the most amount of density and definition, which makes it more resilient to different haircuts.

Once a person achieves this look, they will have highly defined locs that will be trimmed down to 3 to 4 inches at most. The southside fade will bring to the table more uniqueness, appeal, as well as an easier hair care routine for the wearer of this look.

Patterned Southside Fade

Patterned Southside Fade

Since the fade is tight and high, incorporating designs to the buzzcut will surely make you stand out if you’re in a room full of people. It will also give the hair a unique trait, especially if the design carries a ton of value for the wearer.

Any and every design will look good with a southside fade. Whether it’s an initial or a doodle of words, make sure the design carries some sentiments so that you can make use of it at social gatherings.

Triple Zero Fade with Southside Fade

Triple Zero Buzz With Southside Fade

This variation is perhaps the best one to fight back and even beat the heat this summer! Catered to those that live in humid areas, this hairdo can make the scalp feel lighter while maintaining its presentability. It can also give one’s face a flattening effect, making it a win-win scenario for everyone.

Southside Fade For Thin Hair

Southside Fade For Thin Hair

Whether your hair is thinning or impeccably dense, you can always hold on to the remaining strands and show them off with tons of pride. Getting a bald fade around the top will be better for the thinning buzz cut in front to adapt to, which will make the high fade look more tight and defined. As a result, the hair will look thicker than usual, which will surely aid one’s self-esteem.

Southside Fade with Subtle Side Part

Southside Fade with Subtle Side Part

A southside fade can also allow one to grow a fully healthy looking and voluminous side part as well! Since the disconnected fade has a higher starting point, any comb over haircuts such as the side part or even a slick back can pair up with the southside fade and look noticeably more desirable!

Celebrity’s Southside Fade Haircut

Adam Levine

Adam Levine Southside Fade

David Backham David Backham Southside Fade Haircut

Canadian Rapper Drake

Drake Fade Haircut

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

Brazil legend Ronaldo

Ronaldo Bald Head Southside Fade

Tips for Maintaining a Southside Fade

Maintaining Southside Fade Hair

The immediate aftermath of the haircut is extremely important. It should consist of activities that will enhance the hair and ensure safety of the scalp, mainly to prevent unintentional and inevitable drawbacks, such as the awkward stage.

Fortunately, there are loads of tips and tricks one could incorporate into their lives to increase their chances of maintaining the consistency of the Southside fade. Here are the best and most simple life hacks we’d like you to follow!

Prioritize Your Scalp

In order to achieve the best results possible, taking care of the scalp is crucial. While the southside fade doesn’t have much hair to take care of and look after, ensuring the growth of healthier strands in the future is necessary.

You should shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week to encourage the growth of healthier hair strands and keep minor inconveniences like scalp acne and flaky scalp to a minimum.

Moisturization is Key

Just like every other body part, the condition of your scalp worsens and ages faster when it isn’t taken care of. This might result in a flaky scalp, irritation, scalp acne, and in some cases, hair loss. To prevent that, moisturizing the scalp every now and then is necessary, especially if you reside in a country with unfavorable weather. There are various scalp lotions available that can nourish the scalp and prevent it from becoming dry. It will surely come in handy if you’re giving your hair a fresh start.

Invest in hair supplements

We live in a world where cities rarely ever sleep, which often requires us to have flexible schedules as opposed to a steady one. While prioritizing hair and making time for it are necessary for some, on the other end lies a group of people whose schedules are inconvenient and incapable of introducing additional hobbies. As a shortcut, one can invest in supplements and hair medication that contain vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the growth of hair on one’s scalp.

Choose hair clippers over beard trimmers 

Since frequent trims will be required for its maintenance, it might get a little too expensive at times. For that reason alone, we’d like to recommend you to purchase a hair clipper with reliable materials. Doing so will allow you to work past the awkward phases of your hairdo at home and save an ample amount of time as well as money.

Remember to buy hair clippers, not beard trimmers, mainly since the materials they’re both made up of are different from one another. One is catered to facial hair and for manscaping, while the other is for controlling and trimming down the thick strands our scalp grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning from long hair to short hair might be confusing for many. The drastic change in the length of one’s hair might make them feel out of place, which is why loads of things should be taken into account before making the huge decision of getting a haircut.

Additionally, before getting a haircut, it is normal to have a list of questions that involves the outcome of the look, the design of the haircut, and generic questions about the hairstyle itself. Mentioned below are some of the questions we have addressed effectively and entirely.

When was the Southside fade discovered?

First discovered in the avenues of South Houston, it is believed that this minimalist hairdo with a contemporary look made its debut in the early 90s, and was a favorite amongst up and coming musicians of that time. While it didn’t have much of an influence on the fashion scene in the 90s era, it is considered to be one of the more sophisticated hairstyles that also offers the perfect amount of edginess in today’s society.

Which hair type is the Southside fade suitable for?

This haircut can be achieved by anyone and everyone, mainly since it involves chopping off a majority of the wearer’s hair. Moreover, since the design of the haircut is very minimalistic and simple, one does not need to have density in their hair to recreate it. With the right set of tools, through the assistance of reliable hairdressers, this hairstyle can surely change the lives of many.

How is the Southside fade different from a skin fade?

Unlike a skin fade, the Southside fade leaves strands of hair in the frontal region that are relatively longer than the strands of hair all over the wearer’s scalp. A skin fade on the other hand, involves using zero guards to shave the head till the skin is visible or a disconnected pattern is reached.


Overall, while this haircut is a common find in the city of Houston, it is definitely one of the many hairstyles that attains impactful benefits that only very few appreciate, which makes it criminally underrated. We strongly believe that the Southside fade deserves more recognition, not just in one country, but all over the world. It contains various features that can help one achieve the best version of oneself. Whether your hair type is as coarse as thieves or as thin as rail, the Southside Fade haircut will never do you wrong or fail to make its mark.

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