Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm: All You Need to Know About Spiral Permed Hair

Spiral Permed hair is a form of hair that is achieved through the use of spiral rods that push the hair upwards to give the strands a corkscrew-esque look. The rods come in all shapes and sizes, and the amount of styles that can be achieved with this hair is never ending. Additionally, this is an excellent choice for those that are also into getting their hair colored.

Even after all these years, the spiral perm is a look that never went out of style. However, these days, compared to the 80s, the appearance of the hairstyle is rather flexible, which makes it a fan favorite amongst youths. Taking into account its laid back nature, it is also a great option for people with thick wavy hair who are eager to add a new look to their arsenal.

26 Trendy Spiral Permed Hairstyles to Try Out Today!

Over the years, the spiral perm became a staple for women amongst all ages, mainly due to its modern appearance and versatile forms. A spiral perm outshines any other hairstyle regardless of where it is displayed. It can be pulled off at a bigshot event and at a hangout with friends because of the range of hairstyles that can be showcased.

Regardless, here are various renditions of the spiral perm that you must try out in 2023.

1. Long Loose Spiral Perm

Long Loose Spiral Perm


This hairstyle often favors those with thick hair, as the loose texture is done to increase the fullness and volume. Hair colors like hazel brown often complement this look. However, if you feel as if your hair is on the finer end of the spectrum, try using products like volumizing sprays, styling foams, and sea salt sprays to mimic the look somewhat accurately.

2. Blonde Wavy Perm

Blonde Wavy Perm


A tremendous option for those that are looking forward to making the most out of their spiral perm, a blonde wavy perm has a very beach-esque vibe to it, which makes it a very laid back hairstyle.

The appearance of it will excel if the texture is matte, as it will really increase the vibrancy of the hair color. Lighter colors like beach blonde will further enhance this hairstyle, as they tend to bring out the best in curls and tresses when it comes to volume.

To maintain the hairstyle and pull the look off remarkably, all you need is a good brand of texturizing cream and some hair mousse.

3. Beach Wave Perm for Fine Hair

Beach Wave Perm for Fine Hair


This is a tremendous option for people whose main priority is to give their hair a minor improvement and embrace it. It’s also suitable for those who are seeking hairstyles that look playful.

A beach wave perm looks damp on the eyes, but in a pleasant way. The definition of the curls are unparalleled and are usually achieved through the use of sea salt sprays, hair custards, and more. This look will really shine with dark colors like black, dark brown, auburn red, and more.

4. Shoulder Length Perm

Shoulder Length Perm


Perfect for those that need a texture-oriented hairstyle, the shoulder length perm screams confidence. Not only will it give your locks the upgrade that they need, but it will also make your presence known in a room full of people. This is also favorable to those with blonde hair, as the color itself really brings out the best in the volume and quality.

5. Delicate spirals on medium length hair

Delicate Spiral Hair

Out of all the options, this brings out the best in spiral perms. It is wavy from the beginning to the end, which makes this hairstyle one of the most picked looks amongst the rest. This is also a great choice for outgoing people because of its versatile nature. It can be worn anywhere at any time! Hair colors like hazel brown really benefit off this particular hairstyle.

6. Side Swept Spiral Curls

Side Swept Spiral Curls


The side swept spiral perm is a great option for those that are seeking a trendy yet low maintenance look. The loose curls really make this hairstyle playful and laid back.

Moreover, you do not need a comb or a hairbrush to style it. Using your finger tips will not only suffice for fixing the hair, but will also maximize volume. Use a styling product that controls frizz to give the look more brightness

7. Subtle spirals on Long Hair

Subtle Spirals on Long Hair


Subtle spirals look great when hair is grown out. If you have partially wavy hair, this hairstyle will suit you best. Hair colors like auburn will really complement this look. Use products like sea salt spray or styling foam for the best finish. You may also apply argan oil to the ends if you want the locks to look glossy and retain moisture at the same time.

8. Tight Spiral Perm on long hair

Toght Spiral Perm


This hairstyle kick started the success of spiral perms, and luckily, it’s just as amazing as it used to be. To mimic this look, use some curling cream and scrunch your hair gently to add to the definition. To make sure the hair stays in plays, use a can of hairspray and apply it all over the springy hair strands.

9. Curly and wavy perm on fine hair

Wavy Perm on Fine Hair


Having thin or fine hair shouldn’t stop you from following this trend! However, to maintain this look, you may need to invest in a few items for hair care. Invest in a shampoo that will boost your curls and thicken the texture.

Also, invest in a volumizing conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, and hair custard. Not only will these items help you with pulling off the best hairstyle possible, but they will also make your hair healthier in the long run

10. Short Spiral Perm

Short Spiral Perm


This hairstyle is for those that don’t have enough patience to grow their hair out, but want to wear a look that is timeless. Getting a bob cut beforehand will really make this look shine.

The short spiral perm gives off a really modern vibe, which makes it an amazing choice for those that want to write the future with their hairstyle. Vibrant hair colors will really enhance the outcome of this look.

11. Piggyback Spirals

Piggyback Spirals


The way your hair looks from the back should be prioritized just as much as how it looks from the front, and this hairstyle usually does just that! This also looks more natural as opposed to normal spiral perms, as the curls are usually all over the place.

The term “all over the place” might sound disorganized, but the hairstyle is the opposite. It looks rather presentable on the eyes and might result in a lot of compliments due to its artificial yet natural appearance.

Furthermore, to make things easier, we have attached a video that consists of a tutorial to attain piggyback spirals! To watch the video, click here.

12. Corkscrew Spiral Perm on Afro

Corkscrew Spiral Perm on Afro


People with afros benefit the most from a spiral perm. The texture will look extremely defined and healthy because of how thick afro hair usually is. The corkscrew strands will really be something to behold.

If you’re looking for something that will give you that effortless look, then this should definitely be one of the options to consider.

13. Stacked Perms on Short Hair

Stacked Perm on Short Hair


Perhaps the best way to embrace spiral perms, this is ideal for the ones that want to chop it all off and give themselves a fresh start. Parting your hair in a curtain-esque manner will really bring out the best form of this particular hairstyle. The hair will look healthy and voluminous at the same time.

This hairstyle will also be favorable to those whose face shape is round, as the locks will really narrow out the face if they’re on both sides.

14. Layered Pixie with Spiral Perm

Layered Pixie with Spiral Perm


A spiral perm would look amazing on a layered pixie. Firstly, the tresses and curls will look more sharp and defined due to the combination, which will grab a lot of attention in a crowd. To make sure the curls look effortlessly stretchy and defined, make sure the hair on top is slightly longer than the rest.

Moreover, to maintain the texture for days, apply some styling cream or curling cream, and finish it off with the use of a diffuser.

15. 80s Spiral Perm

80s Spiral Perm


The title says it all. This is the look you should go for if you’re a big fan of vintage looks. This spiral perm barely has a routine for maintenance, which gives it a rather natural appearance. The curls are spread out, and some ends may even look frizzy, but how it was rocked back then, and it should just be left alone and embraced.

To seal the look, a styling foam will really come in handy. To achieve the best possible scenario with this hairstyle, pair it up with high waisted bottoms and a baggy sweater to achieve the staple look from the 90s.

On the other hand, for a more modern look, use a bristle brush to give it a combover, and some hair custard or hair mousse to finish the look. Try incorporating curl enhancing shampoos that are silicone and paraben free to your daily routine. Team it up with a nourishing conditioner that contains curl strengthening ingredients.

16. Digital Spiral Perm

Digital Spiral Perm


This is the kind of perm for you if you want the best of both worlds. It is a revamped look from the 80s, with an added touch from the modern era. This specific spiral perm is convenient for those that are looking for a long term look, as it lasts for about a year without the assistance of a stylist.

The greatest trait about this hair is the ends, since it contains a ton of definition. It’s also great for those with straight hair that don’t have enough time to adapt to a new kind of hair.

17. Long Loose Spiral Perm with Body Wave

Loose Perm Body Wave


The spiral perm allows the hair to breathe properly and usually consists of a routine that is very easy to follow. The perm itself is very loose, giving it a laid back appearance. The tresses also look very polished on this hair.

For best results, refrain from using styling tools like hair dryers and try air drying instead. You may use a curling iron if you want to add more definition to the perm,

18. Pin Curl Permed Hair

Pin Curl Perm


A pin curl perm is very similar to a high bun hairstyle. It usually involves wearing the hair upwards through the use of pins to maximize the fullness and the volume. Lotion may be used to keep the hair and scalp hydrated. To secure the hold, hair products like pomades and gel can be used.

Also, people with round faces might want to take this look into consideration. Lengthier hair tends to narrow down the face shape. Wearing a middle part might be very advantageous in this scenario.

19. Volumizing perm

Volumizing Perm

This look is one of the very few forms that is suitable for all hair types. It gives a minor boost to the hair strands that makes them seem thicker. It is also very lenient, as maintaining it barely requires any effort. When styling and experimenting with this hairstyle, make sure to use styling products like sea salt sprays and curling creams so that stretching them is easier. For a further lift, you may also use a gel based styling cream.

20. Root Perm

Root Perm

Mainly consisting of giving the hair a minor push from the roots, a root perm is suitable for those with flat hair that is tough to control. It’s also very low maintenance, and the texture is achieved solely through a blowout. Limiting the use of towels and air-drying instead really keeps this hair consistent and lively.

21. Cold Perm

Cold Spiral Perm


A cold perm involves the use of small to medium rods to achieve effortless curls. The procedure of this hairstyle is less harmful as opposed to the rest, as the rods are mostly used on the ends of hair. The appearance is also a bit different compared to most, as the damper it is, the better the curls and tresses will look when wearing this hair. It is also easy to maintain and even has a routine on the web that can be followed at home. A cold perm usually lasts for 3 to 6 months before it loses its touch.

22.  Spot Spiral Perm

Spot Spiral Perm


Spot spiral perms are for those that want to change their hair up a bit. It’s also very lenient, as perms are only carried out on specific areas of the hair that the users pick.

To bring out the best in spot spiral perms, get highlights. Make sure the shade is a vibrant one, so that the curls look polished and are voluminous. Add a heat protection mist to the hair care routine as well.

23. Spiral Perm with Extensions

Spiral Perm with Extension


Although this look is probably the most artificial one on this list, it obtains the most volume and shine. Anyone and everyone can wear this hairstyle without having to follow a routine and worry about the quality.

This hair is at its best when it’s dry and helps with making the hair look more thick. This look also gives the tresses a boost in terms of length and volume.

21. Multi Textured Perm

Multi Textured Perm

This perm has a very natural touch to it due to the uneven curls that it attains. To add some volume and some personality, you can dye your hair or install some highlights. When picking a color, think of colors that are vibrant like platinum blonde, beach blonde, orange, and more.

Use a hairbrush to style it if your hair is on the straighter end. However, using your fingers and crunching it would suffice if your hair is curly.

22. Messy Spiral Perm

Messy Spiral Perm


The title says it all, truth be told. This hair is for those that enjoy their bedhead hair. The curls are of all lengths and sizes, and multiple sized rods are used to achieve the look. You may use a padded brush to shape the curls up a bit, but make sure to be gentle.

Face Framing Spiral Perm

Face Framing Spiral Perm


This is an excellent choice for those that are growing out their hair and also want to achieve a defined face through their hairstyle. Make sure to go to a stylist that has enough knowledge on spiral perms to execute this specific look. Try to keep the tendrils near the forehead uneven to style them the way you want to.

Spiral Perm vs Regular Perm: What is the difference between them?

A spiral perm and a regular perm may look the same from afar, but the procedure and traits they attain drastically different from one another.

A spiral perm contains curls of all shapes and sizes as one of its main traits is uneven hair. However, on a regular perm, the hair strands are often of the same length to establish a more modern-esque chic appearance.

Furthermore, both looks require the assistance of a completely different set of tools. To get natural perms, a specific size of iron rods are used and placed flat against the head. On the flip side, spiral perms are obtained through the use of special rods of different shapes and sizes. It is also placed in a different way and has a more vertical placement.

What really divides the two is the amount of volume both of them carry. One of the main characteristics of spiral perms is its immensely voluminous texture through the use of multiple special sized rods. Regular perms are more favorable to those with short hair and are only looking to give their hair a subtle boost in texture.

In conclusion, both hairstyles have a completely different demographic. A spiral perm is more catered to people with long hair and natural curls. On the other hand, a regular perm is catered to those with short and fine hair.

How to Maintain Spiral Permed Hair

Achieving a spiral perm might be incredibly easy, but maintaining it might be a bit challenging at times. You might have to change your routine up and may want to get rid of habits that may seem unhealthy. Here are some rules you must abide by if you’re getting a perm.

Ditch the comb

After getting your perm, leave your hair alone for the next 72 hours. You may use a comb afterwards, but doing so might hamper the perm and ruin the quality of it. Use your fingers to gently scrunch the hair instead. Using a comb might be beneficial on wet hair to detangle the ends and increase the fluffiness.

Cut down on using shampoo

A shampoo usually cleans up your scalp, which strips the scalp of its natural oils. Also known as sebum, making sure your hair doesn’t lack sebum is a crucial factor when getting spiral perms. The natural oils not only make the hair look healthy, but also the stretchiness of the strands alive.

On wash days, make sure the shampoo you’re using is sulfate-free and is made of ingredients that are natural. A clarifying shampoo will really help in this scenario. Clarifying shampoos clean the roots deeply and feel very light. They’re also very easy to wash off.

Refrain from using styling tools

Using styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons will completely ruin the texture of your hair. It will also result in split ends, which will decrease the lifespan of your perms. Allow your hair to air-dry to make sure the perms stay in place.

However, if using a blow-dryer is the only choice, attach a diffuser to it so that the heat is evenly distributed to each hair shaft. To decrease the probability of damaging your hair, spray some heat protectant on your hair.

Moisturize your hair regularly

Since getting a perm involves the utilization of loads of chemicals, making sure your hair isn’t dry is a very significant factor. To ensure this, use a deep conditioner that will thoroughly nourish your hair. To make things even easier, invest in a leave-in conditioner and a hair custard to achieve fabulous perms.

Deep conditioning twice a week will strengthen the quality and make your hair achieve an appearance that is flawless. On lazier days, you may turn to a leave-in conditioner or a hair custard, as the ingredients they contain are used to strengthen and add definition spiral perms.

Get the right products

To make sure you don’t have a hard time with taming your perm, pair it up with a set of specific products. Try to introduce shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams with formulas that will enhance your curls. Avoid using any product that contains SLS, paraben, alcohol, and silicone.

Sodium Laureth sulfate, paraben, and alcohol will dry up your hair strands and scalp. This will make your hair lose all its shine, creating fuzzy and brittle looking hair, which is something you would want to avoid after installing perms.

Moreover, silicone tends to weigh your hair down. Frequently using silicone enriched hair products will also make your hair look greasy and oily, making it look thinner than it is as a result.

Don’t use towels

To achieve the best results, it would be ideal to dry your hair naturally. Using a towel might damage the perms, as most towels are made of cotton. If you do want to resort to using a towel, make sure the towel is made of silk. Be gentle when using it, though, as one wrong move might result in you paying your stylist a visit.

In conclusion, letting your hair air-dry will not just be the safest option, but will also be the most favorable option if you want your hair to look springy and natural.

Get regular trims

Trimming your hair once every 2 months is necessary if you want your hair to feel amazing and grow gracefully. Make sure to only get rid of the ends, though. Healthier ends result in voluminous hair, which is a plus point if the color of your hair is vibrant.

How to Achieve Spiral Permed Hair at Home:

Everyone with basic knowledge on spiral perms can definitely agree with how expensive it is to get at a salon. Also, due to the pandemic, visiting a stylist won’t really be a convenient choice. To resolve that issue, however, we would like to provide you with a set of basic instructions that you could follow at home and achieve your own type of spiral perms.

1. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo

Before getting the spiral rods and other equipment ready, make sure you clean your hair thoroughly. Using a clarifying shampoo will get rid of all the product buildup and residue from the scalp, which will leave it squeaky clean. Having a clean scalp will also reduce the chances of having an irritated scalp.

2. Use a towel to get rid of the excess water

Gently use a towel to squeeze a significant amount of water out. However, make sure it’s not completely dry. Spiral perms are easier to achieve when the hair is damp.

3. Comb Out the Knots

Make sure to gently comb the knots out with a wide toothed comb. This will reduce the chances of having a botched procedure and split ends, which will ensure the longevity of hair.

4. Cover Your Shoulders with an Old Towel

You may even use an old t-shirt. This will prevent any harmful chemical on the product from ruining your clothing items.

5. Divide your hair into 3 primary sections

Use 3 hair clips to divide your hair down the middle to the back, the left side, and the right side. Although this process might be time consuming, it will allow you to strategically perm your hair

6. Let go of a thin portion from the hair at the back

Gently release a fine portion of the hair in a parallel manner. To detangle the hair properly, a comb may be useful.

7. Use a comb to make a section that is half an inch wide

Divide the sectioned hair gently using a comb to make sure it is straight enough to be paired up with a rod. To make things easier, make sure to start from one side of the end. Move to the other end gradually.

8. Cover the end of the first section with a wrapper

For achieving spiral permed hair at home, using perm papers are crucial. They prevent frizzy ends from occurring. Make sure to use one for each strand to achieve the ideal outcome.

9. Use a perm rod and gently roll it up the strand

Use a spiral rod and tuck it inside the hair strand and roll it until it reaches the nape of your neck. Furthermore, you may use a clip to ensure the rod doesn’t go out of place.

10. Roll each strand the same way until the procedure is done

Make sure to take your time as it is your hair at the end of the day. Ask a reliable friend of yours to help out if it feels too hectic to carry the steps out alone.

11. Apply a perm solution to the hair to lock in the look

To ensure a good outcome, drip tiny drops of perm solution thoroughly throughout the hair. Keep your hair hydrated by spraying water so that the progress doesn’t get hampered.

12. Cover your hair with a showercap and leave it on for the next 30 minutes

To make sure the hair isn’t collecting any dust particles or getting dehydrated, wrap it up with a showercap. You may also use multiple showercaps if the rods seem to be bigger than expected. Make sure to read the instructions mentioned in the packaging of the perm solution.

13. Rinse the hair with cool water

Make sure to thoroughly rinse the hair with cool water. Don’t get too concerned if the solution burns a little, as the intention of this step is to get rid of it as much as possible. Some of the residue might remain in the end, but the coldness of the water will definitely help.

14. Apply a neutralizer to the rods

Using a neutralizer will make the process of removing the rods much easier. When taking them off, make sure to gently push them out so that the texture of the hair doesn’t not get compromised.

15. Wash the hair with cool water and let it dry naturally

Rinse the hair properly with cold water after removing the rods to make sure there’s no residue of chemicals. Once you step out of the shower, let the hair be and let it dry naturally. Refrain from using a towel or a styling tool so that the process doesn’t collapse.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to not do anything to your hair for the next two days. Switch your cotton pillowcases with silk or satin pillowcases so that the strands don’t dry up. Washing too soon or too frequently might mess up the consistency of spiral permed hair.

Items You’ll Need:

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Towels/ T-shirts
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Petroleum jelly (Optional)
  • Spiral perm rods
  • Paper perm wrappers
  • A bottle of water
  • Perm solution
  • Neutralizer solution

Products to Use for Maintaining Spiral Permed Hair

Making sure the quality of your hair doesn’t deteriorate after a perm is one of the hardest tasks to keep in check. Luckily, there are loads of hair products that will make the process of hair care easier. Here are a few products that we’d like to recommend:

  • Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner

A hydrating mask is crucial for consistency. It will keep the hair cuticle healthy, which, in turn, will increase the presentability of the hairstyle and make it look shiny. It will also prevent hair from looking dull and will prevent the occurence of split ends.

For best results, refrain from using a hydrating mask that is paraben and sulfate-free. Also, use it twice a week at most, as using it frequently might result in greasy looking hair.

  • SheaMoisture Hydrate & Repair Conditioner

This pair will be very effective at keeping your scalp healthy and your perm stress free. The shampoo is also sulfate free, which means that you can use it more than once a week without dehydrating your hair follicles. The conditioner will add to the volume and definition of the locks while keeping it nourished at the same time.

  • Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

This styling cream is effective at keeping the strands healthy and keeping the curls defined. The ingredients used in this cream also makes the product grease free and weightless, which prevents hair from feeling heavy.

  • SoCozy Curl Spray

This spray is an absolute game changer. It is the best leave-in conditioner for curls due to its natural ingredients. It also contains jojoba oil, which will definitely improve the quality of hair in the long run.

  • OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

This is a great purchase for those that are aiming for a beach-esque effortless look. This spray helps with achieving an ample amount of volume and its appearance is very subtle. It leaves no grease behind. The hair can also be changed up whenever as this product makes the hair more flexible as well.


Here are some questions on the web that we’d like to answer!

How long does spiral permed hair last?

The consistency and texture of a spiral perm may last for about 3-6 months if the right kind of products are used on a regular basis. To further ensure its longevity, visit a stylist every month or two for a clean up.

Can you dye permed hair?

Yes, you can. Just make sure the color type is semi-permanent. Any other type of hair color might ruin the quality of the hair and ruin the texture of the perms.

Can you brush permed hair?

Try to use a hairbrush on your permed hair as little as possible. Since the texture itself is temporary, using a comb or hairbrush might ruin the quality of the locks. Try to use your fingertips to style your hair instead. Not using a comb will also increase the longevity of your perms.

Can I sleep on permed hair?

You might have to change your sleep essentials up a bit to protect the quality of your perms. For instance, try replacing cotton pillowcases with satin pillowcases. You may even use silk pillowcases if you want to. Cotton usually absorbs moisture, and retaining moisture is crucial for achieving the finest perms.

How many times a week should I wash my permed hair?

Even though the answer to this question mostly depends on the type of hair the reader has, permed hair should only be washed once a week. Shampooing too often might ruin the quality of the perms and will result in brittle looking hair. Moreover, shampoo only when the hair looks greasy or oily.

If your scalp is naturally oily, try limiting the use of products that contain silicone. Not following this step properly might ruin the perms and damage the hair strands permanently.

What should I do if my permed hair is damaged?

Try using conditioners and styling products that contain silicone. Silicone will prevent your hair from becoming dry and control the frizz at the same time.

Moreover, make sure your hair is moisturized. Invest in leave-in conditioners as they help the hair strands with retaining moisture. Try buying hair custards and styling creams that are meant for permed hair.

Furthermore, you may also incorporate a hot oil treatment into your hair care routine and carry it out once a week. Using oils like argan oil and coconut oil will really be beneficial in this scenario. When rinsing it out, make sure to use cold water so that a combination of sebum and the oil application can be absorbed by the hair.


All in all, we hope this article has provided you with the information that was necessary and has helped you with making a decision. Make sure to leave your hair alone for a bit for a voluminous texture.

Invest in a clarifying shampoo, a nourishing conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner to maintain the consistency.

Visit a stylist every 6 months to keep the perm bouncy and stress-free. Trim your hair often to let it breathe peacefully.

Most importantly, make sure the hair you choose to wear changes your life for the better!

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