Spring Twists vs Passion Twists

Spring Twists vs. Passion Twists: Explaining The Two Hairstyles Using Differences and Similarities

Maintaining afro hair is definitely anything but an easy task in the book. However, every problem comes with a series of solutions. Likewise, while using certain accessories and picking up on healthy hair care habits often come as reasonable solutions for defending afro hair, revolutionary hairstyles such as spring twists and passion twists can also be excellent remedies!

While both have the same purpose and cater to the same type of hair, spring twists and passion twists are two separate hairstyles at the end of the day. However, due to having similar traits and looking eerily similar, many often tend to confuse the two or get them mixed up more often than not.

Worry not, however, as in this article, on top of covering passion twists and spring twists from top to bottom, we will also advise you on which one you should pick between spring twists vs. passion twists!

What Are Spring Twists?

What Are Spring Twists

Spring twists are a protective hairstyle that are hailed for their super lightweight nature. They contain loads of definitions, are safe to install through the help of extensions, and can open doors for creative minds with their adaptable features.

In addition to offering wearers the option to experiment with the hair, spring twists are fairly long-lasting. When untouched, spring twists can last for up to six weeks at a time. Since the spring-like hairdo is also extremely weightless, it tends to put less pressure on the hairline, preventing severe conditions like traction alopecia with ease.

Due to their rich and kinky hair-like definition, spring twists are often compared to Senegalese twists.

What Are Passion Twists?

What Are Passion Twists

Just like spring twists, passion twists are also known and praised for their abilities to defend afro hair with ease. In terms of visuals, they look extremely defined, well nourished, and thick. Despite being extremely versatile, passion twists are mostly prominent amongst those that are artsy. The playful structure in addition to their thick, eye-grabbing strands make them compatible with any kind of outfit, and render them suitable for every kind of occasion.

Since multiple strands need to be brought together to form passion twists, they might run a bit heavier than most protective hairstyles for those with afro hair. The weight could also take a toll on one’s scalp and could bring to the table unfortunate scenarios like friction alopecia (also known as frictional alopecia), but that concern can be tackled effectively using minoxidil or any remedy that can restore a receding hairline.

Passion Twists vs. Spring Twists: A Thorough Analysis On Their Differences

Difference Between Passion Twists and Spring Twists

It’s not out of the ordinary to say that passion twists and spring twists are like twins, because in various ways, they are very much identical. They keep afro hair safe from withstanding any damage during hair growth journeys and are easily some of the trendiest hairstyles in the game of fashion right now. However, since they do have two separate identities, spring twists and passion twists aren’t always on the same page, and are massively different from one another. From the installation value to the maintenance process, below you will find all the differences of passion twists vs. spring twists.


Passion twists are definitely desirable if you often experiment with your wardrobe. They pair well with casual attires, but can also make you the star of the show at high-end events. The thick strands they have are great to look at, however, could feel a bit heavy on the scalp as opposed to spring twists. The lightweight nature of spring twists can also help you from stressing out your hairline; an aspect that passion twists can’t guarantee.


Another perk that gives spring twists the edge over passion twists is how lenient it is to maintain in contrast to its counterpart. To maintain spring twists, all you have to do is use a gentle cleanser every now and then, use oil to keep the blood circulation on your scalp active and moisturise your scalp, and use a scarf to maintain the structure of the hairstyle.

The hair care routine for passion twists could be a little challenging and exceptionally overwhelming if you’re new to wearing twists. To clean the hair, you might have to carefully detangle each piece, which might take a while. If you find damaged ends, you might also need to use a pair of scissors to chop it off in order to maintain the look’s healthy appearance.


All the weight that passion twists carry is definitely not difficult to work past mentally. However, it could take a toll on your scalp and damage your follicles indefinitely if they’re left on for too long. For that reason alone, passion twists often last for 2 to 4 weeks at most.

Additionally, due to their laidback nature, spring twists very much have the edge over passion twists, lasting for 6 weeks on average.

Why Spring Twists And Passion Twists Are Often Put In The Same Box

Twist Similarities

Even though they don’t look the same to those that know about the hairstyles, spring twists and passion twists are often mixed up with one another by many due to how similar they look from afar. In addition to catering to the same hair type, both hairstyles contain a playful aura that can only be found in other types of twists. That’s not all that they have in common, though. In fact, when you closely examine spring twists and passion twists, you might just find a few more aspects that both of them mutually contain.

Procedure and Cost

While both of them are installed using extensions, passion twists could require you to spend a little extra on the thick strands that they provide. Since more extension rods are implemented when creating passion twists as opposed to spring twists, resorting to passion twists could be $100 more costly than their counterpart.

That’s not all, we’re afraid. To wear passion twists, you might also have to spend more time at the salon, as installing the extra extension rods could be a little more time-consuming than expected.


A trait that they both share equally and are regularly appreciated for lies behind their versatile nature. Just like every other kind of hair twist, spring twists and passion twists are extremely flexible and incredibly resistant. This could be a great feature to look into if you rarely find yourself sticking to one hairdo, as you can wear an up-do, a half-bun, or even pair both hair twists with a suit through the help of a voluminous side-part.

Though passion twists might require a bit more product to keep them firm, both spring twists and passion twists are very much cooperative to change!

Passion Twist Or Spring Twist? Helping You Make Your Pick

 Passion twists could be great for you if you’re seeking a look that will transform your hair with definition, versatility, and an endless amount of density. Sure, installing them might be a little hectic and taking care of them could require you to spend an additional amount of time, but they’re very much your option to go forward with if you’re trying to embrace your inner fashionista.

On the contrary, if you find yourself playing with your hair too much and believe that a solid protective hairstyle will allow you to control that habit, look into spring twists. On top of having an easy-going hair care routine, spring twists are also extremely affordable. Although they could lack the significant amount of fullness of passion twists, spring twists tend to be more long lasting than their counterpart for this bout.

Final Takeaway

Both spring twists and passion twists serve the same purpose and could be great if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to embrace that natural afro of yours. However, if you’re seeking something that is flexible and can last you 2 months without having to change your hair, you should definitely give spring twists a go!

On the other hand, if you don’t mind carrying a bit of weight on your head for enhancing the volume of your hair, take into account the promising components of passion twists. While they could be a bit costly and a bit complex to understand at times, the world of fashion will be in the palm of your hands if you choose to wear a look as timeless as passion twists.

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