Stitch Braids

Stitch Braids: Look Elegant With 23 Amazing Styles

Don’t you just love to get a beautiful hairstyle? People with an exquisite sense of style always stand out with their outstanding hairdos. Stitch Braids are certainly one of those that make it impossible to go unnoticed.

There are various styles of braids that are in trend now. Each of those has its own personality. Understanding what goes with you is absolutely important, and we think Stitch Braids is the one you are looking for.

There are so many variations that sometimes you get really confused about what to pick up. Do it at home or with the help of the barbers. We are here to help you figure out what you need!

This article has been tailored to meet your needs regarding Stitch Braids. We have discussed all the information you need about this influential hairstyle.

Here we covered the powerful origins of Stitch Braids, the methods available to do it, and why this hairstyle is excellent for you. Different types of exclusive Stitch Braids styles have also been presented in this article so that you can easily pick up your preferred style.

In advance, we have also answered some of the questions you may have. We also provided the care tips you will need.

So, let’s jump in and explore the wonderful world of Stitch Braids!

What Are Stitch Braids?

Stitch Braids are a type of braid that uses the feed-in cornrow technique for braiding. This is an excellent protective hairstyle. To achieve the look, the hair is divided into multiple horizontal lines which then are braided into cornrows through the usage of a feed-in process.

A bit of detail about cornrows will tell you how powerful it is. They have a rich origin.

In ancient Africa, kings and champions had cornrows. Their distinctive style made them stand out and be identified as their distinctive titles had suggested.

A specific braiding style indicated the tribe they belonged to as well. It has been well over 5000 years that women had cornrow hairstyles.

Most importantly, cornrows are a great career for expressing oneself. People had distinctive cornrows that made them noticeable. To make oneself be pronounced, cornrow users had used different types of accessories such as flowers, seashells, corals, beads, etc.

Why is it So Great for You?

Stitch Braids are fantastic for both your hair as well as rocking an outstanding hairstyle. This is one of the best protective hairstyles you can get. Even your hair will thank you for getting this hairstyle!

Stitch Braids are good for hair growth as well. It perfectly maintains its length for a long time and protects hair from getting stuck into things and ripped, or simply getting tangled.

From keeping your hair healthy to minimizing the damage, Stitch Braids do a great job. The aim is to not compromise at all in any department. You look astonishing and your hair remains protected.

How Long Does It Last?

How Long Stitch Braids Last


Stitch Braids last long. Depending on your hair quality and growth, they go close to two months without needing any change.

Although Stitch Braids are weather-friendly, it needs to be taken care of. Wrapping your head with a bandana or scarf would help your Stitch Braids go a long way for sure!

The hair texture also plays an important role in Stitch Braids. Seldom does it happen that the braids get loosened if it has an unfavorable texture. But there are always ways and we are here to assist you with those!

Hair Types For Stitch Braids

Usually, strong and thick hair is excellent for Stitch Braids. To be specific, coarse hair is the ideal type for this style. The texture of coarse hair really helps with the braiding process.

Coarse hair can be both straight and curly. The thickness of it determines the whole thing. There is an easy way to identify if you have coarse hair. If a strand of your hair seems to be thicker than a piece of thread then you have coarse hair.

From four main hair types, hair Type 3 (also categorized as curly hair) and Type 4 (coily hair) are excellent for Stitch Braids. The whole range of Type 3 and 4 (3A-4C) coarse hair is suitable for this amazing style.

Hair Size and Length

For Stitch Braids, heavy and medium-sized hair is suitable. For the length, waist length and mid-back length hairs are perfect.

Shoulder-length hair is also good for this style and will give an exquisite look. But collarbone length and shorter hairs would be a bit tougher to work with.

Things Needed

There are two ways Stitch Braids can be done: with rubber bands and with styling hair gel.

For both methods, similar tools and products are needed. All in all, you will need a pintail comb, an edge control balm, or a hairstyling gel for the braiding process.

Stitch-Braiding Process

Between two methods that are available to do your Stitch Braiding, your stylist will pick the one they will use. It mostly depends on their expertise and sometimes, on your hair type. Here we have discussed both methods for your convenience.

Rubber Bands Method:

Hair is first divided into five to seven sections horizontally. Now, depending on the preferred style, all the sections could be similarly thick. There could also be some thin cornrows between thick sections to bring a different look.

Thin sections are simply made into cornrows by hand without using any rubber bands. Thick sections are where rubber bands are used.

During the rubber bands method, small segments of hair are picked first and edge control balm or hairstyling gel is applied on the edges. Then rubber bands are looped at the roots of that segment.

After the hair is segmented and rubber banded, those sections are then braided into thick cornrows with a feed-in braiding technique. You can now attach different accessories to your braids to get the desired look!

All-Hand Method:

As everything will be done by hand, hair needs to be detangled first properly. Then they are divided into five to seven sections horizontally. As moving along, styling gel is applied and braided.

Hair needs to be braided a few times (3-4 times at least) to achieve a clean look and perfection. Using fingers and nails, hair is braided into cornrows with a feed-in technique.

23 Exclusive Stitch Braids Styles

Stitch Braids are so versatile that there are so many styles you can wear! Your look can be inspired from other hairstyles as well.

Usually, people go with the simple Stitch Braids look but where is the fun in that! To spice it up, you can use different colors on your hair. You can also use different accessories to achieve a gorgeous look.

Still confused? To help you decide, let us take you through various bewitching Stitch Braids styles. This is why you are here, and we’ve got your back!

Straight-Back Stitch Braids

Straight Back Stitch Braids

This is a traditional Stitch Braids look where the braids go straight to back.

Depending on your hair length, you can let it hang or just band it together below your collarbone length.

The classy feeling of a traditional look never gets old!

17-Stitch Braids

17 Stitch Braids

17-Stitch Braids are a variation of the classic Stitch Braids.

While the ancient Stitch Braids had five to seven cornrows, this 17-Stitch Braids style is a modern facelift. If you want to add something extra (literally even) then this one is perfect for you.

More numbers add more spirit to the overall powerful style of the art called Stitch Braids!

Bun Stitch Braids

Bun Stitch Braids

Bun Stitch Braids is a perfect look for the ones who have shoulder-length hair!

After getting the traditional Stitch Braids, hold your braids just under your occipital bone and tie them into a bun.

You can use a rubber band to keep the bun perfect in case you have short hair to work with.

Mixing those traditional Stitch Braids with a bun is a great idea that will have your surroundings appreciate your look even more!

Double Bun Stitch Braids

Double Bun Stitch Braids

Double Bun Stitch Braids are one style you cannot ignore! It is absolutely fascinating to look at.

After getting Stitch Braids, creating two buns on top of your head gives you this distinct look very easily.

You can also let a few braids hang which will uplift your look.

Space Bun Stitch Braids

Space Bun Stitch Braids

Space Bun Stitch Braids are a variation of Double Bun Stitch Braids.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the weight of your double bun on top of your head, definitely get space buns.

The position of the buns in space bun variation will certainly add a new element to your style.

And it will make you feel better too!

Giga Bun Stitch Braids

Giga Bun Stitch Braids

This Stitch Braids style is blessed with a huge bun on top!

Traditional Stitch Braids may seem a bit ‘straight’. Making a huge bun adds a strong flavor. This creates an ultimate Stitch Braids style that you can hardly go wrong with.

Get the bun on and rise above!

Stitch Braids Ponytail

Stitch Braids Ponytail

Stitch Braids Ponytail is absolutely a special one!

This is a bit different from the traditional Stitch Braids. The braiding process starts from the outside and meets at the point where you want your ponytail to be. Then the braids are tied into a ponytail to give you the desired look.

The difference in starting and ending points gives you a slick look with the ponytail. It instills a dynamic delightfulness in your everyday life!

Top Knot Stitch Braids

Top Knot Stitch Braids

Looking to get Stitch Braids Ponytail, but feeling like the pony is too much? Want to get something else instead of the pony? We’ve got you!

Top Knot Stitch Braids offer you something extraordinary. This is a stunner! The combination of Stitch Braids with a top knot brings attention to you as not many hairstyles can.

You will be adding a magnetic aspect to your personality with the Top Knot Stitch Braids!

Curly Ponytail Stitch Braids

Curly Ponytail Stitch Braids

Free those curls! You know you want to.

This variation of ponytail Stitch Braids is destined to be a beaut! If you are double-minded on getting a Stitch because you also love to let your hair flow then look no further.

Curly ponytail Stitch Braids will give you both and make you feel good about your hairstyle for a long time ahead!

Why wait then?

Sideways Stitch Braids

Sideways Stitch Braids

Just look at those braids!

Sideways Stitch Braids with curled-up baby hairs is one to die for. The braids’ direction to the side instead of traditional straight-back gives you a leafy look that is rare in itself.

Giving your side braids an additional zest with some colorful accessories is never a wrong move either!

Bohemian Stitch Braids

Bohemian Stitch Braids

Among the traditional variations of Stitch Braids, the bohemian variation illustrates the maverick YOU impeccably.

Sometimes also known as the partial Stitch Braids due to their nature, the Bohemian Stitch Braids have a stunning element to them. You should have at least waist-length hair to rock this look.

But if you have shorter hair, why not let your maverick self-shine nonetheless and astonish everyone with this spunky style!

Half-Done Stitch Braids

Half Done Stitch Braids

Half-Done Stitch Braids give your hair a relaxed and messy yet a touch of the art finish.

Half of your head has cornrows that are no less than perfect. Then all of a sudden, it stops and gives you a peacocky look if you have really curvy voluminous hairs.

This style can be done perfectly with shoulder-length hair, unlike the Bohemian Stitch Braids.

Give it a go and see the magic!

Elevated Stitch Braids

Elevated Stitch Braids

Elevated Stitch Braids are the mixed spices of Stitch Braids.

Some curvy cornrows along with a mixture of thin and thick cornrows create an artwork that nobody can take their eyes away from!

This is a true symmetrical Stitch Braids variation to satisfy your perfectionist soul.

Spider Stitch Braids

Spider Stitch Braids

Spider Stitch Braids oozes some rebelliousness for sure!

Instead of doing the traditional way of stitch braiding from front to straight back, Spider Stitch Braids begin at the center and go outward.

Like the number of legs in a spider, you can go with eight cornrows to get the authentic feel. You can also go with many thin Stitch Braids and create a new trend.

The sky is your limit!

Serpentine Stitch Braids

Serpentine Stitch Braids

Serpentine Stitch Braids are da bomb!

The curvy cornrows all over the head send a clear message that you are one fearless character. This hairstyle is mostly worn by men. But in a genderless world, it won’t be stopping you from getting it.

The cornrows can be of any width, and the number of them will depend on their thickness. An expert stylist won’t have any problem with doing thin serpentine cornrows on your head.

Choose whatever expresses yourself best!

Gargantuan Twin-Stitch Braids

Gargantuan Twin Stitch Braids

A symmetrical beauty!

Hair split in the middle to create two huge cornrows and ending them together to maintain the balance is a piece of craftsmanship. Sometimes, the cornrows are tied together slightly to either side to add an asymmetrical touch.

A natural hairstyle for some. An iconoclastic Stitch Braids to others.

Either way, this is gold!

Zigzag-Split Stitch Braids

Zigzag Split Stitch Braids

Looking for something not curvy or straight? Zigzag-Split Stitch Braids are here!

This hairstyle is perfect for you if you don’t feel like getting the classic Stitch Braid looks. Zigzag-Split Stitch Braids are extraordinary in their own way.

Announce yourself prominently to others with this hairstyle. Without a doubt, Zigzag-Split Stitch Braids will make you the center of everyone’s attention.

Zigzag-Part Stitch Braids

Zigzag Part Stitch Braids

Zigzag-Part Stitch Braids offer you the possibility of getting more than two cornrows, unlike Zigzag-Split Stitch Braids.

Usually done with an odd count of cornrows, Zigzag-Part Stitch Braids look fantastic on anyone. The extended part of the braids could be accommodated with beads and shells to spice up your look.

Rock your desired style and fly away!

Stitch Braids With Accessories And Colors

A clean, straightforward Stitch Braids style is excellent in itself. Nevertheless, different accessories and colors can be applied to your braids to add a new element to your style.

We have some interesting ideas that we are going to share with you now.

Red Stitch Braids Bun

Red Stitch Braids Bun

A wave of red is most definitely a sight to behold! Depending on your preference, you can get any shades of red you want for your Stitch Braids bun. Whatever you choose, you will undoubtedly look like a red ball of power!

Curvy Stitch Braids with Pearl Beads

Curvy Stitch Braids with Beads

A true classic! Pearl beads have been used as hair accessories for more than 4000 years. Using it with a modern variation of Stitch Braids such as Curvy Stitch Braids adds an exquisite touch to your personality.

Valentine Crimson Stitch Braids

Valentine Crimson Stitch Braids

Being able to match the occasion is one of the biggest versatile sides of Stitch Braids hairstyle. Going Valentine Crimson on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day and keeping on spreading the love is a great experience for sure!

Fiery-Tail Stitch Braids

Fiery Tail Stitch Braids

Seize the day with this fierce look of Stitch Braids. Who doesn’t want to add an unstoppable feeling to their look, right? Do it!

Goblin-Top Stitch Braids

Goblin Top Stitch Braids

Goblin-Top Stitch Braids’ clean vividness presents you as an energetic spearhead. Wherever you go, you establish your eminence in the blink of an eye, thanks to the Goblin-Top Stitch Braids!

Taking Care Of Stitch Braids

Your Stitch Braids need special care from you. Although this is a protective hairstyle, you need to be careful with your hair after getting the style.

The purpose of taking care of your Stitch Braids is to make it last longer and look tip-top.

Use an edge control balm or gel after every few days to make sure that the edges are neat.

Always wrap a bandana or scarf around your head when you are not going anywhere. Especially, put a scarf on when you go to sleep.

It is normal if you get itches after getting your braids. Use an anti-itch oil or grease on your scalp to get relief.

You must keep your hair hydrated. Every morning, spray some water on your head and then apply some leave-in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated for the day.

To clean your scalp from time to time, use a dry shampoo in a cloth.

These are some important tips for taking care of your Stitch Braids. According to your needs, you can use the tips to keep the braids clean and healthy.


Here, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions by people about Stitch Braids. You may get the answer to most of your questions here.

Are Stitch Braids protective?

Answer: Among many protective braiding styles, Stitch Braids is one of the most protective styles you may find. It uses the cornrow technique to braid the hair which protects your hair in the most effective of ways.

Can I get Stitch Braids even if I have short hair?

Answer: Although Stitch Braids are mostly suitable for medium to long-sized hair, it is also possible to do on short hairs. The hairstyles may slightly differ from the long or medium-sized ones.

You will also need to find an expert braiding stylist for your style. It mostly depends on your hair quality.

Can Stitch Braids be done at home?

Answer: Stitch Braids require patience and steady, coordinated fingers to do it perfectly. It is possible to do it at home.

Be sure to get someone patient enough to do it. They should also have to have good nails and coordinated finger movements.

Doing stitch-braiding takes experts a good amount of time. Someone not experienced at it will naturally take longer to do it.

Once they pick up the technique, it won’t be a problem.

How much does it cost to get Stitch Braids?

Answer: Depending on your location, hair length, hair size, and hairstyle, you may have to pay $20 – $100 for your Stitch Braids.

How long do Stitch Braids take?

Answer: Depending on the expertise of the stylist, it may take an hour to six hours.

It also depends on your hair length and quality. If you have medium-length strong hair and want to get a standard straight-back Stitch Braids with 5-7 cornrows, it will take close to two hours.

If you want to add different accessories to your hair, it will take extra time.

What are the pros of Stitch Braids?

Answer: There are various pros of Stitch Braids. This hairstyle is excellent for beginners. Trying it first and then getting to other braiding styles and techniques is a great way.

Stitch Braids also promote hair growth. Being a protective style, it helps grow hair in a well-mannered way.

Stitch Braids also last longer than most other cornrows.

What are the cons of Stitch Braids?

Answer: There are very few cons that can be mentioned about Stitch Braids.

Depending on the method used for getting the braids, you may face hair loss due to rubber bands usage. The non-rubber band method is free from this problem.

There is also a possibility that you will be facing some pain post-braiding. To relieve the pain, hydrate the scalp as suggested in the “Taking care of Stitch Braids” section.

Final Words

Now that we have reached the end, we can proudly say that we have made this article only for you because you may need some ideas and information regarding getting your very first Stitch Braids.

Stitch Braids are one of the best protective hairstyles you can get. If you are contemplating, we would suggest that you must try it.

The nature of Stitch Braids makes it an excellent hairstyle for your hair. You will also be rocking some of the best ever-looking styles. You also get to use colors and accessories to spice it up.

All things considered, Stitch Braids are elegant in appearance and appropriate in all settings. We definitely recommend this magnificent hairstyle.

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