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SUPRENT Takes CT Barber Expo 2024 by Storm: A Cut Above the Rest!

The CT Barber Expo 2024 was abuzz with excitement, but amidst the hustle and bustle, one brand truly stole the show: SUPRENT. Positioned strategically at booth #351, right across from the main competition stage, SUPRENT made a statement with its impressive lineup of grooming tools and dynamic team presence.

Led by their leader of Branding Department, alongside esteemed influencers Leonardo Garay (@leog_the_barber) and Slidell Bickham (@hyb.ig), the SUPRENT team commanded attention and admiration. Their booth showcased SUPRENT’s Black Obsidian Professional trimmer and clipper, the Phantom Professional hair clipper, and the Phantom-T professional trimmer, solidifying SUPRENT’s reputation for quality and affordability.

SUPRENT’s sponsorship of the cutting and styling competition added an extra layer of excitement to the expo. Amidst cheers and applause, SUPRENT team members engaged the crowd, distributing swag and even awarding a coveted Black Obsidian shaver to the most enthusiastic attendee. The gesture underscored SUPRENT’s commitment to supporting the barbering community and fostering connections.

Leonardo Garay's Observation About SUPRENT's Grooming Tools

Over at the SUPRENT booth, Leonardo Garay wowed onlookers with live haircut demonstrations, showcasing the precision and power of SUPRENT’s grooming tools. Attendees were impressed by the quiet operation and meticulous design of SUPRENT’s products, noting the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reflecting on the event, their Branding Department leader emphasized SUPRENT’s dedication to empowering barbers and stylists with premium tools at an accessible price point. “We understand the challenges of entrepreneurship in the barber community,” he stated. “Our mission is to provide barbers with the best tools so they can succeed.”

Slidell Bickham echoed this sentiment, highlighting SUPRENT’s understanding of barbering as a passion and a calling. “SUPRENT gets it,” he remarked. “They’re not just here to sell products; they’re here to support our craft and help us succeed.”

Barber Using SUPRENT

As the curtains closed on the CT Barber Expo 2024, SUPRENT emerged as a frontrunner in the industry, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and influencers alike. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, SUPRENT is poised to continue making waves in the barbering community for years to come.

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