Swoop Ponytail

Swoop Ponytail: Everything You Need To Know

Do you remember the classic Aqua song “I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world”! Well, what inspired that song also inspired a popular, sleek hairstyle around the 1990s and 2000s. And this Barbie doll-inspired hairstyle is none other than the sassy Swoop Ponytail.

The swoop ponytail is the ultimate girly girl look paired with a splash of childhood nostalgia.

It is the ongoing trend among your favorite celebrities from the movie, music, and fashion industries. This includes the likes of Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, as well as Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B.

If you have got really long lustrous hair, this hairstyle can make your appearance stand out from everyone else in the room. But fret not short-haired girls! You can do the swoop ponytail too if you have the right accessories.

You might be looking to find out what the swoop hairstyle is, how to do it all by yourself, which products to use to get the perfect look, what are the sassiest ponytails of 2022, and some tips on how to maintain your new look. Girl, look no further! You have come to the right place.

This article will give you a comprehensive idea about all these and more. It will also answer all of your frequently asked questions at the very end.

So stick with us and explore all the ins and outs of the swoop ponytail!

The Swoop Ponytail – What Is It?

Before entering into the intricate world of the swoop ponytail, let us help you figure out what it is.

This is a protective hairstyle that consists of two sections – the bang and the ponytail. Without actually cutting your hair into bangs, the anterior section of your full-length hair is taken sideways into a dramatic swoop motion. Thus the name!

This completes the front part of your hair. Now comes the back portion. You have to take the rest of the hair and tie it into a low, medium, or high ponytail with a swoop of your choice.

And, voila! The swoop with ponytail is done, easy-peasy.

This style works for all hair types but it is easiest to do for women with straight hair.

Though this hairstyle is most common and popular among women (particularly African-American women), men with long hair can certainly give it a try if you are looking to give yourself an unconventional and unique look.

DIY With Hair Products

You can attempt the easiest swoop ponytail or go for more complex, elaborate styles. There is a wide range of types, lengths, and even colors.

Before delving into that, in this section, we will show you how you can do the basic beginner-friendly swoop hairstyle all by yourself at home without anybody’s assistance.

Follow the detailed step-by-step guide below to achieve this modern and sleek ponytail with swoop!

Step 1: Straighten Your Hair

Some of you have naturally straight hair, others may have wavy or curly hair. Either way, in order to achieve the smoothness of the swoop ponytail, it is best to start off by straightening your hair.

Protect your hair against the heat of the straightener by using the Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray. You can’t go wrong with this Amazon’s Choice product!

Set your straightener at a lower temperature and iron your hair in small sections to get a refined touch. Slowly build up the heat to avoid burning your hair.

Note: If you want the swoop ponytail to be naturally wavy or curly, then do step 2 first and then come back to step 1 and only straighten the swoop bang.

Additional Step For Wavy Or Curly Hairs:

Your hair quality can vary texture-wise. Let’s say you have thick, bushy, or frizzy hair that is difficult to manage as opposed to the silky, smooth, or fine-textured hairs. For you gals, there is a pre-step before you start ironing for the swoop ponytail.

Begin by blow-drying your hair. Then take small sections and hot comb the roots of each section with the Andis 38300 Professional Ceramic Press Comb. This will help to release all the frizziness and knots and give you a fine swoop ponytail.

This step prepares the foundation of your hair, which you can now straighten. You can opt for the Remington 8510 Anti Frizz Therapy Hair Straightener, which gives you full-day protection.

Note: For women with straight hair, you can stay between 300-350°F. Curly or coarse hair textures might require you to go as high as 380-450°F.

Step 2: Section The Bangs

To create the two sections of the swoop ponytail, you should use a rat-tailed comb. Take the comb and part the front hair section forward and in a sideways sweep.

Use the curve of your hairline to part the bang either on the left or the right side of your face. You can do a straight or curvy parting as you choose to.

The tail of the comb can come in handy to achieve a flawless hairline!

Now decide where you want your swoop bang to end.

If you want to do a high ponytail with a swoop, then your bangs will have to end around the middle of your scalp. This is 1.5” to 2” from your forehead hairline. For a much lower swoop ponytail, you can make a thicker bang.

With your bang parted, tie it in the front with a silk rubber band or put on a hair clip. You should try to avoid an elastic rubber band as that might ruin the straight base of your hair.

Step 3:  Manage The Edges

Back brush all your remaining hairs and fix the position of your swoop ponytail.

Hold the ponytail and take out all the edges and baby hairs you want to leave out around the sideburns or the neck. Make sure the hairlines you previously created are showing.

Apply the Avlon KeraCare Styling Wax with an edge brush to control your edges all around the outer hairline. This will give you a smooth matte finishing touch. This wax is not too thick so that your hair gets too fixed or breaks while you are styling the swoop ponytail.

To get a more wet look, go for the L’Oréal Professionnel Extreme Splash Gel. Feel free to curl and style your baby hairs with the tail of your comb too!

Step 4: Make Your Ponytail

It’s finally time to create the swoop ponytail!

Take a boar bristle brush and start to brush your ponytail backward. For a higher ponytail, make the topmost section first and keep adding more layers from the bottom. For a lower ponytail, do the opposite.

The higher the ponytail, the sleeker you will look. The more sections you add, the thicker and more voluminous your ponytail will be.

With each section, use the Nexxus Maximum Hold Finishing Hair Spray, followed by a blow-dryer to mold your ponytail. Tie the separate sections of your swoop ponytail together to put it in place.

If you want to make your look appear very natural, hide the rubber band by wrapping a few strands of your hanging ponytail around it. Secure the ends with bobby pins on the underside of your ponytail.

Note: Girls with straighter hair can avoid creating sections and make the ponytail in a single section.

Step 5: Set The Swoop

With your ponytail intact, all that is left to do is to set the swoop bang.

Untie and set your bang behind your ear and shape it in the front to nicely frame your face. Decide how much of your forehead you want to cover.

Give your swoop a straight or a slightly curvy edge and set it with hair gel or wax. Apply hair spray and blow-dryer like in step 4.

This is the final step of your swoop ponytail hairstyle!

If you happen to have short hair or prefer a very long ponytail, check out the next step.

Step 6: Elongate The Ponytail

Not many of us have the perfect hair length to form this hairstyle. That is why many swoop ponytails use hair weaves to enhance the length or volume of your hair.

If you have shorter to medium hair lengths, then you should go for longer hair weaves. There is a wide range of hair extensions available that measure between 12” to 35”. The SARLA Straight Ponytail Hair Extension comes in many colors!

Create a braid with your swoop ponytail and wrap it with hair strips before attaching the hair weaves. Many hair extensions can simply be inserted into your hair.

Straighten or Curl the extra hair you added as you wish to style it. You can also give the extended hair a little trim to get rid of any unwanted strands.

And with these six steps, your perfect swoop ponytail is done!

You might still find it difficult to follow every instruction given in this article and do it yourself accordingly. In that case, check out this handy video tutorial that takes you through each step in full detail – The 90s Flipped Barbie Ponytail with Swoop

If you are more of a passionate hair enthusiast, the best option is to go to an expert at your nearest hair salon and get the best swoop ponytail look that you desire.

19 Sassiest Swoop Ponytails Of 2022

Now that you know what a swoop ponytail is and how to DIY at home, let us take you through a wide variety of the sassiest swoop ponytail hairstyles that are trending in 2022.

With the basic idea of the ponytail being similar, these styles differ in look, pattern, type, length, and color too.

Explore the 19 cool and popular looks below to find out which style suits your hair the best. Add a touch of sass to your hair!

Classic Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

Classic Barbie Ponytail with swoop

The Classic Barbie Ponytail With Swoop can give you the ultimate 90s vibe! This style is the most widely used one and it is the girliest look out of all.

This swoop ponytail styles the hair with a combination of three different techniques:

First, for the back of your hair, use weaves and create bouncy curls. You can do this by adding multiple layers of weaves and sewing or gluing them on.

Secondly, create the swoop in a fine 45° sloping motion. Keep the edges of your swoop bang as straight and tilted as possible to get a sharp, dramatic look in the front.

And for the final step, it is time to play with your baby hairs! You can use the tail end of your comb to create ‘s’, ‘c’, or ‘o’ shaped edges on your sideburns and posterior hairlines.

Long drop and dangle earrings are the perfect finishing touch for your Classic Barbie Ponytail With Swoop!

Swoop Ponytail With Long Curls

Swoop Ponytail with Long Curls

If you are a fan of long luscious tresses, then this swoop ponytail is the one for you!

To achieve this look, start by setting the back portion of your hair. For this, you can use the Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray. Since this style does not incorporate a high swoop ponytail, you do not need to create separate sections.

After prepping the back, do not tie your ponytail yet. Form the swoop bang with a slight curve or keep it completely straight as you prefer. Now merge the ends of your bang with the swoop ponytail and create a short braid.

With the braid done, you can go on to add your ‘Curly Spirally’, ‘Curly Kinky’ or ‘Curly Twirly’ weaves. The thicker you want your curls to look, the more weaves you should add.

For a wavy look, change up the style of the weaves to ‘Wavy Swavy’ and get the swoop ponytail of your desire! Those of you with curly or wavy hair can surely try out this style without using weaves.

Complete the look by placing the swoop ponytail with a weave over any side of your chest, creating a side swoop ponytail with long curls, and getting some long eyelash extensions.

Schoolgirl Pigtail With Swoop Bangs

Schoolgirl Pigtail with Swoop Bangs

The Schoolgirl Pigtail with Swoop Bangs proves that you are never too old to be young!

This hairstyle will hit you with a double shot of nostalgia. And young girls can surely do this swoop ponytail at school too.

This look may appear very simple but it will take twice the effort as you have to do a two-side swoop ponytail.

After portioning the bang on one side, split the remaining hair into two equal sections to form one ponytail on each side. You can choose to leave out some hair on the back if you wish to.

This side swoop ponytail allows you to get really creative. You can use any weave of your choice – curly, segmented, braided, etc. – and mix up your style every now and then.

Accessorize your look with large hoop earrings and some fancy hair clips to match your outfit!

Swoop Ponytail With Fancy Edges

Swoop Ponytail with Fancy Bangs

From casual jeans and t-shirt day to going to a chic or glamorous party, the Swoop Ponytail with Fancy Edges is a guaranteed win-win for you!

Like most other styles, this one is also a swoop ponytail with a weave. But one major highlight is the edge on the non-bangs side. You can really experiment with the edge and get patterns as you wish to.

For instance, you can make two to three curvy hairlines complemented by a curled sideburn. You can also go for layers of fades or braid your edges.

You can play with your baby hair in a number of cool and fashionable ways that match your personality. Make sure to get fancy edge inspirations for your swoop ponytail from popular 90s celebrities!

Segmented Swoop Ponytail

Segmented Swoop Ponytail

If Blakely Lively, Jennifer Morrison, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Thorne are among your favorite stars, you have surely seen segmented ponytails. Segmented Swoop Ponytails are fun, bold, and super easy to do!

After straight swoop ponytails, this one is the least time-consuming hairstyle. All you have to do is create a high, medium, or low ponytail and segment it.

Since the swoop bang takes some time to shape, first take care of that. Once it is set, create segments on your long or short ponytail with rubber bands. To look more natural, wrap your hair strands to cover the bands.

To create a more casual, bubble-like side swoop ponytail, loosen up your segments and take out a few short hair strands here and there. It will look effortless yet orderly!

Heart-Shaped Swoop Bangs


Heart-Shaped Swoop Bangs can make you look very cute and charming!

Interestingly, in this hairstyle, the focus is not on the swoop ponytail or the bang either. Instead, the styling matters upon the shape of the hairline.

And yes, you have guessed it right! The hairline is heart-shaped.

This is constructed by using the tail of your rat-tailed comb. The hairline is formed in such a way that your bang will look like a heart sitting on your forehead and a slick back ponytail with a swoop.

Since this is quite difficult to pull off, make sure you ask a friend for help to get the shape just right. You can also try it out yourself by watching this video – Heart-Shaped Swoop Bangs.

Blunt Cut Ponytail With Swoop

Blunt Cut Ponytail With Swoop

You might know the Blunt Cut Ponytail With Swoop as the Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail with Swoop Bang. If you are into short blunt haircuts, then this style is a must-try for you!

Unlike most swoop ponytails, this one is usually on the shorter side. The length of your ponytail can stay longer if you want to keep it that way.

For this style, you have to cut the bottom edge of your ponytail in a straight, sharp blunt shape. With the high position of the ponytail, the hair hanging below will relatively reach around your chin or shoulders, creating a frontal ponytail with a swoop.

Pair your Blunt Cut Ponytail With Swoop with a light-colored lip gloss to match the shine of your hair!

Swoop Ponytail For Short Hairs

Swoop Ponytail for Short Hairs

Are you wanting to do a long, fancy ponytail but have really short hair? No need for sulking, we have just the thing for you!

The Swoop Ponytail for Short Hairs is entirely reliant on clip-ins to get you the perfect low-hanging ponytail. The clip-ins act as your natural hair to form the swoop ponytail.

Before making the swoop bang, start this look by adding the Colhair Clip in Hair Extensions. Add according to how thick you want your ponytail to look. Once your clip-ins are in place, make a regular low swoop ponytail with a front swoop bang.

Don’t worry, it is not at all a boring hairstyle. After Rihanna wore it at the amfAR gala, this look has been trending like crazy!

Customized Swoop Bangs

All the swoop ponytails till now have experimented with the ponytail style or length, the hairlines, and the edges. This style is very different from all of those.

Customized Swoop Bangs will give you a unique anterior face look that can reflect your persona brilliantly! Though swoop bangs are normally created without bangs, here you get to cut your bangs in several ways as you please.

Let’s say you prefer a fuller bang that almost entirely covers your forehead. In that case, cut a large section of your front hair in ‘swoop layers’ so that they do not look like your regular swoop bang. Instead, all the visible layers can be styled in random ways each time you do a swoop ponytail style.

Swoop Layers

Another styling of bang you can do is the ‘swoop curl’. For this, the end of your bang is not blended with your ponytail. Rather, it is molded into a tight spiral curl with a thick hair gel or wax.

Swoop Curl

If you do not like the tightness of the swoop bang, then try out the ‘loose swoop’ which you can do with your regular plastic round brush. Cut your hair into a one-sided thick bang and apply some light hair spray to set the shape.

Loose Swoop

There is also the ‘pixie swoop’ that goes really well with a swoop ponytail. The end edges of each layer are cut into sharp, pixie-like motions that form a y-shaped sideburn.

Pixie Swoop

And last but not the least, the ‘swing swoop’. For this, you do not have to cut any bangs. Simply curl the ends of your front bang portion and let it swing free! No need to fix it with any hair gel or wax.

Swing Swoop

Let your imagination go wild with your very own customized swoop bangs to match your swoop ponytail look!

Colored & Synthetic

Colored Swoop Ponytail

Have you been wondering why there is no mention of any colored swoop ponytail styles? Hold your horses, because we have arrived at your destination!

To get colored swoop ponytails, you can go one of two ways – natural or synthetic.

For a more natural look, it is better to color your own hair and then make a swoop ponytail. For this, you can go for one even color shade all over, highlights, or separate colors for the bang and/or the ponytail. You can also go for multicolor highlights to achieve a funkier hairstyle.

There are a lot of options out there so choose with all your heart’s desire! One of the most popular hair colors most women tend to choose is Burgundy.

If you do not want to color your hair, then option 2 is also there. You can use synthetic hair wigs that are already colored. It saves time and allows you to change up your hair color every other day!

Discover the world of colored wigs on the internet and you will certainly find the one you are looking for. The SMOOTH YAKY Freetress Equal Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail & Swoop Side Bang has a wide range of brown shades, starting from jet black to black cherry. It has straight along with frizzy and smooth curly wig types as well.

Some wigs come with only the swoop bang ponytail, others come in two pieces with both the bang and the ponytail. So you have both options to choose from!

If you cannot find any swoop ponytail wig, you can also buy a regular wig and customize it.

The Au Naturel Swoop

Natural Swoop

Sometimes simple and natural is the way to go! There is nothing wrong with showing off the beautiful long tresses you have been growing with care since childhood.

The Au Naturel Swoop is easy-to-do, fast, and efficient. It does not involve the hassle of weaves or wigs. The only part of your hair you have to prep is the swoop bang and the slick back ponytail with swoop.

Tightly collect your portioned hair to make the ponytail. Apply minimal gel or wax to set the posterior hairs where your ponytail will start. The key is to make you appear as natural as possible.

Once that is done, create your swoop ponytail and move on to your bang. Place the swoop bang on the left or right side of your face, whichever suits you the best. Do not apply too much hair product as that will give you a more artificial sleek look.

To add some subtle stylings, you can make a single or double braid along the hairline of your bang that goes from the forehead towards your ponytail.

Note: Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly beforehand to get your best Au Naturel look. Detangle your hair with a bristle brush before starting so that your hair remains silky soft all day long.

Ponytail Cornrow Braids With Swoop

Ponytail Cornrow Braids with swoop

If you are searching for a very advanced and complex look, try out the ponytail cornrow braids with swoop! Today it is more popularly known as the Lemonade Ponytail, titled after Beyoncé’s style in the music video of the same name.

To create this ponytail, braid your hair very close to your scalp. There is no separate bang-ponytail portioning. The braids are constructed towards the angle of the swoop bang, parallel to each other, and then curved around the middle to continue the ponytail.

Moreover, you can boost up the middle section of your head by forming zig-zags, fire patterns, whirlpool motion, or heart shapes with your cornrows.

Similarly, the edges are also curved, but it does not have the same density of cornrows as the side of the bang. The cornrows on the edge side can be customized with gaps and patterns of your liking.

Those of you with long hair can make the entire cornrow swoop ponytail with your own hair. Others will have to opt for cornrow weaves or wigs like the LEOSA Cornrow Braided Wig Headband.

One of the most long-lasting yet difficult hairstyles to do is the cornrow braids. It can last as long as eight weeks and requires low maintenance of only the edges and scalp.

This ponytail is quite tiring to do by yourself so better to visit a well-reviewed hair salon since not everyone can do cornrows.

Any kind of lip or eyebrow piercing will be a great match for your Ponytail Cornrow Braids With Swoop!

From Pixie To Ponytail

Pixie to Ponytail

The Pixie to Swoop Ponytail hairstyle is quite similar to the Swoop Ponytail For Short Hairs. The difference is that this process uses weaves instead of clip-ins due to the very short length of your hair.

Like any other swoop ponytails, start off by portioning your hair and then setting the mold for your ponytail. Use the Style Factor Edge Booster which comes in multiple colors. The end result will possibly be a tiny tail-like ponytail.

It will be difficult to attach any weaves at this point. To elongate the ponytail, use braiding hair to form a strong foundation and protect it with the Red by Kiss Wrap Strip.

You can also wrap around your ponytail mold. This allows the wetness from the edge booster and the hair spray to set and dry.

Start adding the weaves for your ponytail with some hair glue, and turn your pixie into a swoop ponytail!

Swoop With The Crisscross Side

Swoop with Crisscross Side

To give your swoop ponytail an edgier vibe, try out the look with the sleekest crisscross side. This will add a little element of surprise to your regular ponytail!

The Swoop with the Crisscross Sides has three parts – the swoop bang, the weave ponytail, and the one-sided criss cross edge. This is easy to do but looks very intricate.

Before doing your bang or ponytail, begin by constructing box-like sections on the non-bang side of your hair. Using the tail of your comb, part each section and strongly secure with stretchable elastic rubber bands.

Create about six to eight sections, which should now be looking like mini ponytails hanging from one side of your face. This will develop a check-like pattern with the internal hairlines. For more intricate design, make smaller sections with more rows and columns.

Now it is time to form the crisscross side. Take the front-most section and join it with its diagonally opposite section, making a larger ponytail. Overlap this with the other front section and create a second larger ponytail.

Continue this process until all the sections merge to form a crisscross pattern and one singular side ponytail. Once this is done, do your bang and attach that singular ponytail with the central one.

Complete your new look with some diamond stud ear tops!

High Ponytail With Swoop

High Ponytail with Swoop

Do you want your swoop ponytail to look as smooth, shiny, and extended as a horse’s tail? The High Ponytail With Swoop will give you exactly that!

This hairstyle is as straightforward as it comes. Using the regular techniques, create a side part sleek swoop ponytail with weave. Simply, place the swoop ponytail at a much higher position than usual. That’s all!

You should buy the straightest hair weave out there to get the best final look. If you want to style it up a bit, curl the swoop ponytail ends slightly for a casual flow.

The highlight of this hairstyle is the length of the weave. Get the longest Huarisi Straight 4 Bundles Hair Weaves which come in multiples size from 24” to 30”.

Match your tallness with your swoop high ponytail. Accessorize your swoop bang with some colorful bobby pins.

Swoop Bang Buns

Let us take a break from swoop bang ponytail in this section. How about we show you some buns instead!

Swoop Bang Buns are of many, many, many types and sizes. You will have to check out a whole article on hair buns just to explore how many kinds of buns you can possibly do.

For now, let us take you through some of the most basic and popular ones. Keeping the swoop bang the same, for this style you have to replace the ponytail with a swoop with a bun that fancies you. For each style, we have added one how to DIY video to help you out.

The easiest one is the ‘Donut Bun’ which you can create with a thick donut-shaped rubber band or the inside-out double rubber bands. If your alarm fails to ring and you are getting late for the office, this hairstyle is a lifesaver!

Donut Bun

The ‘Curl Bun’ is for people with short and thick bushy hair. You guys can simply let your curls free by making a rising bun and a swoop bang. This will allow your hair to breathe and give your hair a cute cactus aura!

Curl Bun

Now comes the ‘Knot Bun’. This one can be a sleek ponytail swoop low bun or a high bun. Form the swoop bang with the ponytail base first and then twist your hair until you form three knots. For more knots, take long hair and make more quantities of twisted knots!

High Knot Bun

Low Knot Bun

For the ‘Braid Bun’, first portion some hair for your swoop bang and use the rest to create the cornrow, faux loc, or other braid swoop ponytails of your choice. You may leave out some long strands if you wish to have ponytail-like energy.

Braid Bun

Next, divide your ponytail into three or more sections depending on your desired bun height. Twist and Roll each section around like the knot bun until the ends meet a new section, just like the crisscross method.

Finally, swoop your bang with the left-out portion and bring it around the base of your compiled braids from the back to stabilize the bun height. Let out some loose curls to decorate your Braid Bun!

The ‘Double Bun’ is similar to the Schoolgirl Pigtail in the sense that it also has two partitions in the back to create two buns. You can use any of the bun styles and make two of each to get this swoop bang bun.

Double Bun

For any of these Swoop Bang Buns, use weaves or wigs if you have short hair. And turn these buns into a proper party look with some colorful eyeliner!

Back To School Box Braids Ponytail With Swoop

Box Braids Ponytail with Swoop

A fun back-to-school hairstyle is the Box Braids Ponytail with Swoop! This can either be made with a knot or knotless, whichever you are comfortable with.

Much like the Cornrow Swoop Ponytail, the best part is you only have to apply edge boosters on the hairline edges and you may moisten your hair with a leave-in conditioner. No hair wax or spray product is required on the box braids.

Since a knotless look is less painful, we will talk about that today.

To achieve this swoop ponytail, prepare your hair by making box braids. Start by creating 1” or 2” sections like the ones we talked about in the ‘Swoop With The Crisscross Side’ section. Braid each section and tie them up with all of your hair.

Time to add the braiding hairs. Braid in your extensions at the base of your actual braid sections. Once you reach the end of one long braid, use the extension to create a knot. Do this for each of your boxed sections.

Now create the swoop ponytail and leave out some box braid strands for your swoop bang. Wrap a large number of your braids around the ponytail to support it.

Shape your braids in a swoop motion to form the bang. Since the ponytail is already made, the ends of the long box braids are circled on the back of your head and wrapped in with your ponytail.

If you want a faster approach with a readymade box braid, get the Sensationnel Ruwa Cloud 9 Synthetic Box Braid which has four color variations.

Get back the feel of your good ol’ school days with the Box Braids Ponytail with Swoop!

Faux Locs Swoop Ponytail

Faux Locs Swoop Ponytail

If patience is your virtue, then you must attempt the Faux Locs Swoop Ponytail! This hairstyle is a variation of the previous style, albeit a harder one.

Before starting to braid, apply the SoftSheen-Carson Let’s Jam! Shining and Conditioning Hair Gel at the base of the hair roots of each section. This rejuvenates your hair and creates sharp, clean hairlines.

The base of Faux Locs Swoop Ponytail is the same as that of the Box Braids Ponytail with Swoop. You have to create box-like sections which are then braided uniformly. Make sure all the hair is braided in tightly for the next step.

You will need two things for this step – the Shinon Dreadlock Crochet Hook Needles and multiple packs of the Bobbi Boss Nu Locs, according to the hair length and volume you desire. To get a more rustic hair texture, you can always go for the Marley Twist Long Afro Braiding Hair Extensions.

Start to crochet each braid with one faux locs strand by inserting the needle downwards through the root of your braids and pulling the extension upwards by its loop. Next, knot each loop by passing your braid and the loc through this loop.

Separate the locs and slightly detangle and loosen it before overlapping it over your braid in a clockwise motion. As you get further down the tip of your braid, loosen the locs less and less.

To get more textured hair, you can create a rope braid first before overlapping it with a secondary locs extension. You can also try other complex retwisting, butterfly, or goddess faux loc methods.

Once your faux locs are in place, continue to create the bang and ponytail with swoop the same way we showed in the Box Braids or Cornrow sections. Do your ponytail first before adding in the end tips of your swoop bang around it.

Leave out a few loc strands hanging on the non-bang side to fashion a sporty sideburn! Add in some hair ornaments – Jewelry Decoration for Braids – to amplify your fashionable locs and give them some color.

Here is a super easy beginner-friendly tutorial to get you started on your very first Faux Locs.

Swoop Braided Ponytail

Swoop Braided Ponytail

Let’s close off the styles section with something uncomplicated and classic!

To make the Swoop Braided Ponytail, use long hair weaves if you have short hair. For long hair, you do not need to use any extensions.

You should start with the anterior hair first. This contains two parts – the swoop bang and the side braids. Set your swoop bang with hair wax and try to add in one or two braided strands to make your hair pop!

Go for a plain side or get fancier with fashionable and unique braids for the non-bang side. You can customize this or use some traditional ones such as the Dutch, Fishtail, Lace, Mermaid, Single to Quintuple Cornrows, or Twisted Rope braids. For a more eccentric style, try out different asymmetrical braid patterns!

Time for the braided ponytail with swoop. Like all the simple styles, form the ponytail mold and add in all the excess hair from the bang and the sides. You can make a braid with your short ponytail or leave it as is.

Add your synthetic hair extensions and get braiding! For a thicker braid, use more extensions and vice versa. Put in the finishing touches by curling the hairs on your forehead edges.

This easy-breezy Swoop Braided Ponytail will let your neck breathe a little and allow you to take on the summer heat!

Tips To Maintain Your Swoop Ponytail Look

If you have gotten this far in this article, you have found out that the swoop ponytail requires a significant amount of hair products. Using such a heavy quantity of products can damage your hair.

To help you prevent that and maintain the quality of your hair, we have listed some easy-to-do care tips that will keep your ponytail with a swoop looking sharp and sleek for a long duration.

1. Never go to bed without washing your hair at the end of each day. This can lead to long-term permanent damage resulting in hair fall, clogged pores, scalp acne, and much worse!

2. To remove the build-up and heavy residues from your hair spray, apply the Nexxus Clean and Pure Clarifying Shampoo which is enriched with a ‘Protein Fusion’ blend to replenish vital nutrients and recover your damaged hair.

For colored hairs, you can go for the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo.

3. In case of excess hairspray or wax buildup, add some Baking Soda to your shampoo and leave it on for a few minutes before washing your hair. This helps to lift the grease off of your hair strands and scalp.

Note: DO NOT apply it on wet hair!

4. Vinegar is a great household product to get off hair gel applied to your ponytail with swoop.

To get back your natural smooth and shine, you may also use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar after cleaning your hair. The amount will vary according to hair length.

The Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Blend Shampoo is a cool 2-in-1 product!

5. Keep your swoop ponytail hair extensions or weaves clean and detangled.

Most clip-in hair extensions are pretty low maintenance. For other types of sew-in weaves, visit your favorite salon for touch-ups.

6. Your scalp goes through a lot when doing tight hairstyles such as the ponytail with swoop bang.

Depending on the frequency of how much you do the style monthly, make sure to massage your scalp with Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Oil or PURA D’OR Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil after each ponytail.

This moisturizes your scalp, edges, and hairlines, preventing any irritation or itchiness.

Note: If you are planning to keep on the swoop ponytail for a few weeks, you must follow this tip to protect your scalp from serious damage.

Maintain these six steps regularly and you can keep your hair healthy and nourished for an occasional ponytail with swoop bang!

FAQ About Swoop Ponytails

There might be some common questions many of you have frequently asked about swoop ponytails. No worries, we have all the answers right here!

Q: Is a ponytail with a swoop the same as a ponytail with front bangs?

Ans: No, they are not the same. Ponytail with swoop does not have any typical front or side bangs. It styles your existing hair into sections to create a side part swoop ponytail with a bang on one side.

But there are certain styles where you can choose to cut customized swoop bangs of your liking instead of using your full-length hair.

Q: Can I do a swoop with a ponytail if I have short hair?

Ans: This is a definite YES! As this article shows, there are countless options to achieve a swoop with a ponytail using short hair. For this, you will require a bunch of external hair extensions.

Q: How long can a swoop ponytail last?

Ans: Although we do not recommend it, swoop ponytails can last for more than two weeks with proper support.

Since it is quite a protective hairstyle, particularly for African American women, wrapping a scarf around your ponytail and pinning it up can preserve the style. Ensure that your hair is not pulled too tightly so as to not strain your scalp.

Q: Is swoop ponytail high maintenance?

Ans: Both, yes and no.

Making this hairstyle might require a considerable quantity of products, but managing it afterward is very easy. Since it mostly relies on hair extensions, your natural hair remains protected against external manipulation. This also encourages hair growth since you do not need to touch your hair that often.

Additionally, it is very long-lasting and you do not have to redo it for a while if you properly maintain it.

The negative, however, is that it needs to be taken care of regularly. There are a series of steps (mentioned in the tips section above) that you should follow to prevent your scalp from suffering permanent damage.

Q: Is a swoop ponytail damaging to your hair?

Ans: Sadly, yes. Any kind of tight, high tying hairstyle is damaging to your scalp and hair follicles.

But if you want to do this style, no problem. Maintaining hair care tips and getting regular hair treatments can protect your hair from permanent damage.

Q: Are swoop ponytails expensive?

Ans: This depends on your choice of clip-in, sew-in, drawstring, or other types of hair extensions and the length you would like to purchase. The price of ponytails can range from being as cheap as $10 to as expensive as $300.

Q: Is a swoop ponytail for Black hair?

Ans: Swoop ponytail is a predominantly Black hairstyle. However, Caucasian women and women of color have also been known to wear the very popular and stylish swoop ponytail.

Our Final Words

The bold and girly swoop ponytail can rock any party during the day or night! This fancy Barbie or Bratz doll look is stunning and will surely make you stand out in a crowd.

The long-lasting protective style of swoop ponytail compliments all types and textures of hair – straight, wavy, curly, long, short, silky, frizzy, and whatnot. Being relatively low maintenance, it can save a lot of your time in your daily routine.

What’s more, is that the ponytail with swoop can be worn anywhere from a casual hangout with your friends to an important meeting with the boss!

If you are a fan of hair weaves and wigs, this style can undoubtedly be your go-to look. Try out as many lengths and colors of extensions as you want, and mix up your appearance with customized bangs/sides, braids (including cornrow, box braids, and faux locs), buns, and pigtails.

Use the right products to achieve the shiniest swoop ponytails. Maximize your style with the right accessories, be it makeup, jewelry, fashionable hair clips, or even heel shoes.

You must beware of permanent damage from hair product buildup though.

Be Sassy this Spring season with your Sleek Swoop Ponytails!

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