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Takuache And Edgar Haircut: 11 Popular Styles for Men

You probably have come across a Takuache meme at least once in your lifetime. The meme shows a guy wearing an edgy Mexican version of a Caesar cut. This hairstyle echoes Cillian Murphy’s French crop in the popular TV show Peaky Blinders, with high fades on the sides. But the only major difference lies at the fringe line on the forehead.

Takuache (also known as Edgar Haircut) is almost notorious in the world of hairstyles. It is so due to its appeal and for its reception as a popular meme content in the world of pop culture.

Despite the love-hate treatment, this hairstyle is a stylistic statement that flaunts edginess. Takuache has most definitely claimed its place amongst the top varieties of trending hairstyles.

What exactly is a Takuache Hairstyle?

Takuache is something that goes beyond a hairstyle because some believe it to be a lifestyle belonging to a Latin-American subculture. This hairstyle is widely known as Edgar haircut as well, while the others refer to it as Takuache, hood bowl, or even Cuh haircut.

Regardless of its origin, this hairstyle has gained popularity worldwide. It has achievability and inclusiveness to all hair types, and in hindsight, a bold fashion statement one can easily carry around.

11 Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ideas

Below are 11 of the trendiest Takuache hairstyles that you can try out at any time:

Classic Takuache Haircut

Classic Takuache Haircut


This is the most classic form of Takuache that goes nicely with men having short and thick hair who want a neat and distinct-looking hairstyle. It is commonly achieved by combining a Caesar cut with high fades.

This haircut draws its straight fringe on the forehead after combing the top hair down the front. The blunt and edginess of this style holds defining characteristics for one and is a blunt statement itself.

With high skin fades, this haircut has the potential to draw appeal at any place – be it casual or formal.

Bowl Takuache

Bowl takuache

Bowl Takuache is a revival of the 60s Beatles-inspired mushroom hairstyle but with the fringe line continuing to the sides as well. Imagine placing a bowl on top of the head and cutting the hair around it, as Jim Carrey did in the movie Dumb and Dumber (1994).

This cut is generally combined with a taper fade. This distinguishes it as a modern-day homage to the 60s-70s popular bowl cut. The difference between Classic and Bowl Takuache is very little, mostly it’s the distinction of hairlines on the sides. The former prefers bluntness and the latter is more toned down and can have a jagged edge.

Caesar Takuache

Cesar takuache haircut


Caesar Takuache is also known as Mexican Caesar. It derives its name from the Caesar cut mixed with the Mexican adaptation of the Edgar haircut.

This is different from the Classic Takuache in regards that it has crisp edges all over and the temple fade is curved rather than straight. This haircut is most commonly picked up by young Latinos in America living the Takuache lifestyle.

Takuache Bangs

Takuache Bangs

Takuake is a hairstyle that goes hand in hand with various forms of bangs. You can explore options of a short blunt bang like the famous Spock, or even a long one.

Bangs are usually achieved with dense hair at the top of the head and combing it down the forehead. Then you can shape your fringe based on your liking. You may opt for a short bang with your fringe line anywhere between your hairline to your eyebrows, or you can choose to have a thick fringe with longer hair.

You can complement this style with a neck taper on the back or bald fade on the sides. The longer hair often accentuates dense and blunt bangs because of the thick fringe.

Takuache Fades

Takuache fade haircut

You can personalize your Takuache style by adding fade variations to the sides or at the back. For example, if you have rough or wavy hair, you can set for a skin or bald fade. But with softer hair, you can explore different tapers as well.

Low, Mid, or High fade – all of which go hand in hand with Takuache and generate diverse and interesting results. With high fades, you can try a high and tight style, or a mid-skin fade for straight and medium-length hair that will make you look drastically different.

You may even curve the fade at an angle instead of drawing it straight to achieve a fresh and uncommon style.

Mullet Takuache

Mullet Takuache


This haircut is exactly what it sounds like – a Takuache fringe on the forehead with a flow of mullet at the back.

This can be stylized in separate ways. For example, the sides can be temple or skin faded according to one’s taste, much like the hair length at the back or the fringe height on the forehead.

Takuache with Beard

Takuache With Beard


Fashion enthusiasts always look for ways to take their style to the next level. You can do just that with your Takuache cut by growing a full beard. But there are strict protocols that need to be followed, otherwise this styling attempt might end in a catastrophe.

In order for it to work, you have to mirror the distinctive features of your hair –

  • the beard needs to be short and thick,
  • the edges sharp with clean lines and
  • it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

With a few tweaks and modifications, you can achieve a mature and manly look with your Takuache hair.

Takuache for Curly Hair

Takuache for Curly Hair

Find your styling options limited for your curly hair? This won’t stop you from getting a good Takuache haircut, because it allows the hair to maintain its own characteristics.

Based on the strength of your curls, you can adopt different methods to get a better result with this hairstyle. For example, if you have strong curls, then you should go for a skin fade on the sides and let the top hair drop down on the front instead of drawing a neat fringe line.

Manchester United midfielder Jadon Sancho wears an iconic Takuache with his strong curly hair that has inspired thousands to follow.

Natural Takuache

Natural Takuache


This hairstyle is a more relaxed form of Takuache where you don’t necessarily need to structure your hair rigidly. Instead, you can utilize the natural shape of your hair and stylize accordingly.

Although some may not recognize it as a Takuache haircut due to its deviation from the strict patterns, you can wear it anyway. It endorses the essence of Takuache and allows you to have a more natural look through catering to the patterns of your hair.

You can experiment with this style according to your preference as well. Like, you can let the hair drop on the forehead instead of drawing an edgy line. Or you can let the bowl lines on the sides be wavy instead of lining them like the Classic Takuache.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance Takuache, you should definitely go for this one and add your unique touch to create a hairstyle that defines you.

Short Takuache

Short takuache

You can wear your Takuache really short by borrowing influences from crop hairstyles like buzz or crew cut. This makes it sort of a fusion hairstyle. Although the short length might sound somewhat confining, you can still play with a few things to add variation to your short style.

You can go for an edgy look by spiking up the hair on top of your head with pomade or clay. But this might distort the distinct fringe on the forehead. You may also leave your fades unblended in order to add boldness to your hair.

Takuache or Cuh Haircut Variations

One of the best features of Takuache is the fact that it can complement any type of hair, be that wavy, curly, or choppy. Wavy or curly hair can be let loose from the top in front, and skin or bald faded up high on the sides. On the other hand, choppy hair is somewhat relaxed and can be worn in layers with different textured angles.

Adding highlight or bleach to your hair can also enhance the Takuache style. It is often matched with blonde or platinum-colored hair to go that extra distance in the world of hair styling.

Takuache is almost infamous for the edginess of its looks, and adding a highlight to it will only draw more attention and express the nature of boldness. It transcends this beyond a hairstyle.

Bleaching can often damage the hair follicles. But with Takuache, it will affect less because Takuache cuts are mostly short and keep the repercussions of bleaching to a minimum.

Takuache Mohawkfade


Takuache Moe haircut


Takuache Colored Bleach Hiar


Takuache Variations


Takuache Variations


Should you go for a Takuache?

Despite being a controversial meme content for the past few years, pop-cultural consumers still choose to receive different variations of Takuache haircuts to date, so it is evident that it hasn’t lost its charm yet, it is still a prominent hairstyle to be had and you can modify it according to your needs. You can definitely go for it without any second thought.

Final Thoughts

Takuache started out as a popular haircut for Latino men, but it doesn’t mean anyone other than them can’t get it. If you feel this style aligns well with your taste, then nothing else should matter really.

Takuaches are very low maintenance, easy to get hairstyles that pretty much anyone can pull off, and to top it off, you can modify the style by adding some personal touch and it paves way for endless possibilities and unique results. So, what are you waiting for? Call your barber right now!

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