25 Taper Fade Haircuts For Short & Long Hair 2021 [Updated]

Are you looking for something that gives you a stylish and formal look? To make your needs met, you must keep the Taper Fade Haircut in your bucket as you can sport different look with this style.

The hairstyle can never go out of fashion as it gives you room for making your signature style keeping the basic idea of the haircut same.

Choose your hairstyle from the gallery below and be an inspiration to others!

1. High Taper Fade

It is a type of Mohawk style in which the hair at the back of your head increases gradually from top to bottom. The hairs of your crown remain longer than those at the back of your head and are listed as that in the Faux Hawk style.

To wear this hairstyle, you need not seek help pf a professional hairdresser and can wear yourself. To do so, you need a pomade of deluxe quality. Apply it thoroughly all over your hair and lift them in the Faux Hawk style.

2. Low taper fade

This can be an ideal hairstyle which you can wear on either formal or casual events. It is known as Low Taper Fade style as here the hair fades about two inches above your hairline.

Once you have this haircut, make sure you are using a deep cleansing shampoo to wash your hair with. Dry your hair thoroughly with a towel and use a styling gel to create your statement hairstyle.

Whether you have straight or curly, you will look equally stylish with the cut.

3. Bald Taper Fade

This haircut has a striking similarity with the Military Buzz Cut, and you can be easily disillusioned if you do not have a keen eye. The Bald Fade is an excellent choice for those who are bald or who are heading towards baldness as it can bring back their confidence to look stylish with their baldness.

The Bald Fade is distinguished in the complete fading of hair from the sides to the top of your crown where the fading is at its maximum.

4. Comb Over Fade

This hairstyle is all about the contrast of long and short hair all over your crown. The hair on the top of your crown is let grow to an increased length while the hairs around the base of your neck slightly above are trimmed regularly so that the contrast in the two levels of hair remain prominent.

This hairstyle is very much a preferred option for people with baldness problems. With this hairstyle, you can camouflage the bald section of your head and make your signature style. For creating the best look out of this hairstyle, it’s advisable to visit a professional hairstylist and get your haircut.

5. Temple Fade

It is also known as the Afro Blow Cut or simply Blowout. It looks best in the curly hair of African men and hence the name Afro Blow Cut.

The Temple Fade has a likeness with the Low Fade barring the abrupt difference in the hair length on the top and at the back of your crown. In this haircut, the transition between the long and short hair is bold and prominent.

The Temple Fade haircut goes perfectly well with any skin tone although it can be flaunted best in curly hair.

6. Taper Fade Deep Part

The Taper Fade Deep Part is similar to that of the Comb Over Taper Fade while the former stand apart in its texture. The Comb Over haircut gives a surgical cut appearance on your crown which accentuates your parting.

If you are looking for sporting a great and rugged hairstyle, don’t forget to keep this hairstyle in your priority list. Applying a dash of styling spray or gel will keep your hair in its place.

7. Brushed Back fade

The best aspect of this haircut is its correspondence with any complexion and hair type. For the best look, your hair should be clipped carefully at its edges to give a uniform thickness to your crown.

In this style, your hair is faded from medium length hair maintaining a unique angle. The Brushed Back Fade looks best on men with coarse hair.

8. Tapering Fade for curly hair

Don’t be disappointed if you have curly hair. Even with curly hair, you can sport your favorite taper fade haircut provided an efficient hairdresser guides you.

One of the benefits of choosing taper fade haircut for curly is the neat and elegant style you sport. In this haircut, the hair at your crown remains long which gradually fades down your neck to give you a clean finished look.

You can experiment versatile flairs in your hair as it leaves no messy edges for that you don’t need any upkeep or professional aid.

9. Traditional Taper Fade

If you are looking for a classy and neat hairstyle, this haircut must be at the top of your style bucket. In the entire range of Men’s Taper Fade, this is the easiest one you can wear and yet look at your best.

The most fantastic feature of this cutting is its formal look which is a perfect add-on in any official event. It also gives you room for making your innovation on the basic haircut.

10. Mid fade haircut

If your hairdresser is not entirely confident about the High or Low Fade cuts, the medium fade can be a convenient option for you.

To get the perfect Mid Fade, your hair should be trimmed along the sides up to half of your crown and back for a gentle appeal.

You can incorporate this hairstyle with any other cut if you want to flaunt your statement hairstyle.

11. Fade undercut

The Fade Undercut which has been at the height of trend for the past few years.

It is a combination of the traditional undercut and the fade cut. The Fade Undercut can be distinguished by gradual shortening of your hair along the sides and over your crown. Here, unlike the undercut, you hair shortens abruptly and then gradually tapers towards the neck.

12. High top fade with surgical line design

The haircut is best suited if you have curly hair and want to have a feel of side parting which is at times fussy in this type of hair.

To get a statement hairstyle in your curly fade haircut, you can opt for having a line shaved on one side of your crown. It will give you a visual impact of a side parting with an iconic look for a bonus.

To get this look, you need to seek the help of a trained hairdresser who can create a surgical line pattern on your crown.

13. Neck Taper

We have the Neck Taper cut for those in search of a subtle hairstyle. In keeping with the name of the haircut, it focuses on the nape of your neck.

The Neck Taper is identified with a careful shaving of your hair down the back of your crown till your nape where your hairline ends. For a fashionable and smart look at any social event, the Neck Taper must be one of your picks.

14. Buzz Cut Taper Fade

The military haircut is a style that inspires many modern men who are for clean-cut stylish coiffures. The Buzz Cut is a typical example of such hairstyle belonging to the Military Cut category.

If you want to add an edgy vibe to your ordinary Military Cut hairdo, combine it with the Taper Fade. It will bring a complete makeover to your profile and a perfect style to sport at any time.

15. Swept up taper fade

This is an excellent hairdo for men with relatively short hair. Instead of parting at a side, try the Swept Up Taper Fade in which all you have to do is sweep up your hair from the forehead.

Applying some styling gel will bring out the very best of this haircut.

16. Taper Fade with Waves

Now with your naturally wavy hair, you can sport your favorite hairstyle. Do you like to keep your hair longer? The Taper Fade with Waves must be your pick from the gallery of Fade hairstyles.

In the Taper Fade with Waves, the hair from the sides of your crown and at the back gradually fades downward. As a result, the longer hair over your crown is highlighted. You can flaunt your wavy locks by applying a dash of styling mousse.

17. Thick hair taper fade haircut

Does your hair grow within a few days after a haircut? Try the Thick Hair Taper Fade which is specially designed for men who have a thick growth of hair.

This haircut emphasizes on the thickness of your hair strands. As a result, you face is contoured in a suitable way of managing the thickness of your hair.  You can try the high and low taper fade depending on the texture of your hair.

18. Wispy layer taper Fade

The Wispy Fade haircut matches perfectly well with any type of layered hair. Men with straight hair can sport this smart hairdo to win public attention.

The sides are shaved gradually downward from above your crown to amplify the longer hair strands in front of your crown. Coat your hair generously with some styling gel to keep your hair manageable. It is a perfect hairstyle for teenagers to rock a bachelor’s party.

19. Spiky taper fade haircut

To get the perfect look from this haircut opt for the High Taper Fade to complement your style. Looking at the picture you can get a clear impression of this versatile haircut.

To make your spikes more prominent use styling gel in your front hair. A Low Fade may not give you the expected look of this hairstyle.

20. Side Slicked Taper Fade

If you want a rock and roll look with your long hair for this festive season, the Side Slicked Taper Fade must be in your style bucket. With minimum or no effort, you can get an irresistible look if you opt for the Taper Fade haircut and toss it on the other side casually.

Don’t forget to use a styling mouse for a wet and sensual look.

21. Pompadour Taper Fade

It goes without saying why the Pompadour Taper Fade has a timeless appeal to men who look for a classy look when it comes to hairstyle. It is a perfect combination of tradition with contemporary.

With a simple Taper Fade cut, spiced up with a pompadour hairstyle you can get a head-turning gaze provided an expert coiffeur makes it.

22. Deep undercut with long hair

Tired of your conventional hairstyle and looking for something that matches up with your inherent bohemian attitude? If you have long hair strands, you should try this haircut with the help of a professional hairdresser.

As the name suggests, your hair is cut from the top of your crown which gradually disappears towards the back. A part of your hair is kept long and stretches from your forehead till the top of your crown.

23. College High Taper

You have just stepped out of your school and want to sport a funky hairstyle before entering the adult’s world.

The edgy shaving of the two sides leaving the hair in front of your crown messy will be just the right style for you. You can keep your hair unruly or give them a certain texture using a hairspray.

24. High Bun with low Taper

Want to try something bizarre with your Low Fade cut? This High Bun with Low Taper hairstyle can be your perfect choice if you don’t want your Low Fade to be too much visible.

Tie the hair above your crown in a bun and leave it in its natural texture.

25. Subtle Taper Fade

This is for men who want to wear a subtle hairstyle that complements their personality. This haircut is a refined version of the traditional Taper Fade cut.

To create the real and discrete look of this haircut you must get your hair styled by a skilled hairdresser.

The Taper Fade Haircut has earned tremendous popularity over the years and is now one of the choicest hairstyles of modern men.

It is easily manageable and defines your sense of style amidst the crowd!

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