Tom Brady Haircut

Tom Brady Haircut: 10 Classic Hairstyles for Men to Try Out in 2022

Tom Brady is an NFL legend. We don’t think anyone can deny the fact that he is the greatest Quarterback of all time. So, it’s not a surprise that there is so much buzz around the Tom Brady diet, the Tom Brady workout routine, and the Tom Brady haircut.

Our focus is obviously on his hairstyles. Brady has changed his hairstyle a number of times over the years. Not all of them were well received, and some of them were actually shocking.

However, he has had a few that are actually amazing hairstyles. Some of them are recent, and some he had years ago. In this article, we’re bringing you those styles.

We promise you the best of his styles, and yes obviously we’re going to leave out the atrocious ones like the Bieber cut. So, keep reading this article to learn about some exciting styles.

10 Amazing Tom Brady Haircut Ideas for Contemporary Men

We have gone through all of Tom Brady’s hairstyles, and now we present you the ones that deserve your attention. Go through the list and find the ones that attract you.

Slick & Smooth Quiff

Slick And Smooth Quiff

Let’s begin with one of the latest Tom Brady hairstyles. It seems like he has recently been a fan of the quiff style. He has been going for it quite frequently for a year or so.

To get this style you need to have longer hair on the front and the top. The hair on the sides and the back should be shortened. Many men add a fade as well, but Brady only shortens the sides.

Then, you need to make the hair on the front and top face upwards, kind of like spikes. But, your hair should not be as sharp as spikes. The front hair also needs a curve and needs a bit more height than the hair on top.

Mid-Parted Long Hair

Mid Parted Long Hair

Now let’s look at a Tom Brady haircut from the past. Tom had really long hair which came down to his shoulders around 2010-11. He actually looked great with long hair.

He went for a simple but effective style for his long hair, which is the mid-part style. You just have to create a middle partition for this style, and let your long hair freely fall from both sides.

The great thing about this style is that it doesn’t matter whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair. If you have the length, any hair type will look amazing with a middle partition.

The Butch Cut

The Butch Cut

Remember when Brady really shortened his hair? This style is from that era, which was around 2004-05. The butch cut belongs to the same family as the buzz cut, but with a slight difference.

Your hair needs to be really short for this style, but the length can be a bit more than a buzz cut. Also, the hair length needs to be the same all around your head.

Ideally, all your hair needs to be between ¼ to ½ inches long for the butch cut. However, some men prefer slightly more length for the front hair, and you can follow that route as well.

Side-Parted Comb Over

Side Parted Comb Over

This is perhaps the most elegant Tom Brady haircut. He just looks smooth and charming with this hairstyle. It is actually a pretty simple style, but it suits him perfectly.

You need to create a side partition to begin. You then just have to comb over your hair on the opposite side. If you want to precisely follow Brady, you can give your hair a bit of height at the front.

This is the style for anyone who is trying to avoid a flashy or extravagant style, and looking for some sophistication. Also, this style has just enough zing to not make it bland as well.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

This is one of those Tom Brady hairstyles which he has come back to a few times. It is completely understandable because the brush up style looks stunning on him.

The name explains it all. You basically need to brush up your top and front hair. You will probably need the help of a hair product to make sure that your hair stays up.

For the hair on the sides and the back, you can just leave them be. Similar to the quiff style, your hair does not need to be as sharp as spikes for this one as well.

The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

We have another Tom Brady haircut which is similar to a buzz cut. However, you will have more length to play with. Starting from ½ inches, your hair on the front and top can go up to 2 inches for this style.

The important thing is to shorten the sides and the back. The most popular choice is adding a fade. But, Brady goes for a high taper, which means he does not reveal any skin on the sides.

Even though this is a military inspired haircut, it is actually a great style for a casual appearance. It does not have that uptight vibe as most other military haircuts.

The Mullet

The Mullet

Okay, so this is a controversial one. We have promised you at the beginning that we’d only offer you the best Tom Brady hairstyles, and we know that not everybody loves the mullet.

However, we would argue that Brady actually pulled off his mullet pretty well. We think the reason is that he doesn’t shorten his front hair, which happens in a traditional mullet.

His hair also has decent length and volume at the back, and he doesn’t overdo it. The haircut doesn’t actually look like a mullet at first. You can follow Brady’s interpretation as well and make a mullet work for you.

Classic Caesar

Classic Caesar

The Caesar cut is currently pretty popular among contemporary men. But, they mostly go for a modern version of the style. That was not the case when Tom Brady had it back in 2005.

Brady went for the classic Caesar style. To attain this style, your hair needs to be short and around 1 to 2 inches. Your hair at the front will be cropped, and you’d have a short fringe.

The hair length will be more-or-less the same all around, with the front hair being a tad bit longer. Nowadays men usually add a fade or shave off the sides, but Brady kept a similar length for the sides.

The Brady Ponytail

The Brandy Ponytail

We’re again going back to the time when Tom Brady had really long hair. He tried out a ponytail for his long hair, and we’d say that it was a pretty solid style.

That is actually a huge compliment, because not every man can carry a ponytail with such success. It’s a practical style for long hair and will give you a refined look.

All you need to do is brush back all your hair, and tie them with a band at the back of your head. You can also tie them on top of your head and get a top knot.

“The Dynamo”

Tom Brady Dynamo Cut

We confess that we didn’t actually know what to call this Tom Brady haircut. Thankfully, he posted a picture on his Twitter account with some of his hairstyles throughout his career.

There he called this style “the dynamo”. So, we decided to use that name as well. Visually this kind of looks like a spiky style. It’s like the one David Beckham had back in the day.

But, his triangular shaped spikes sat right in the middle of his head. Brady’s one kind of goes sideways. It is actually a unique style, and you can definitely give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

After looking at the best Tom Brady hairstyles, we will now focus on some of the questions that are frequently asked about Tom Brady’s hair. So, let’s answer some of those.

Who did Tom Brady’s hair transplants?

A few years ago, there was a rumor that Tom Brady had hair transplants. The rumor was that Dr. Robert Leonard from Leonard Hair Transplant Associates did his hair transplants. However, there was never any concrete proof or public statement about this. But, looking at the receding hairline he had and his current great hair, it’s not impossible.

Why did Tom Brady color his hair?

Pretty recently Tom Brady colored his hair red and orange. He actually did it for a charity event titled “Cut and Color for a Cure”. It was done to bring more awareness to pediatric cancer, and also to raise money for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

What does Tom Brady use in his hair?

According to an article published by GQ magazine back in 2018, Tom Brady uses a vegan paste on his hair. The paste is called “v76” and it’s created by entrepreneur Vaughn Acord. It is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free hair product.

Final Words

You can now be considered as an expert on Tom Brady’s hair. Not only do you know about his most exciting hairstyles thanks to the FAQ section you’ve also learned about other aspects of his hair.

The best thing about the haircuts we presented is that these are all dependable styles. They are not so bold or edgy that it would be inappropriate in some settings. But, these hairstyles also have pizazz and will surely catch a lot of eyes.

If you’re a fan of this G.O.A.T. and want to precisely follow his haircut, you’d end up with a dashing style. You can also use his styles as an inspiration, and put your own twists on them to create your own style.

Choose whatever suits your stylistic preferences. So, all that is left to do is to draw everyone’s attention with your new hairstyle.

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