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40 Finest Tomboy Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Tomboy haircuts can complement soft, feminine features in a way run-of-the-mill girlish haircuts can’t. Classic and contemporary tomboy hairstyles for women aren’t your ordinary quick boy cut.

Depending on how skilled your stylist is, there’s a lot one can do with short hair by combining and contrasting different textures, lengths, angles, volume, and colors.

There’s a dizzying number of tomboy hairstyles for women to explore. So if you have a thing for boyish fashion and looking for some inspiration for your upcoming hairstyle, you have landed on just the right page.

After a thorough analysis of popular hair trends spanning through decades, I’ve come up with a list of 40 face-flattering tomboy haircuts that are totally worth the hype.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it –

40 Tomboy Haircuts to Revive and Revamp Your Hairstyles

The success (or failure) of any hairstyle depends on our ability to choose the right haircut for our face. I can totally understand how puzzling that can be for someone who has donned long hair all their life. To help you get some inspiration for your short hairstyle, I have handpicked 40 trendiest tomboy haircuts for women –

1. Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts

Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircut


Volume, volume, and some more volume – short fluffy haircuts are all about achieving the right volume to create that messy but dressy bedhead look. Do not confuse it with poofy hair, though.

A perfect balance between messy hair and a blowout is what you should be targeting to achieve. The easiest way to bring your fluffy hair dream to life is by using hot rollers. Don’t forget to blow dry the locs upside down to add some more movement to your hair.

For a great body and texture, make sure to choose to include the right volume-build and enhancing styling products in your hair care regime. Dry shampoo between washes is the key to maintaining the volume and keeping frizz at bay.

2. Tomboy Pixie Cuts

Tomboy Pixie Cuts


The easiest to make pixie cuts look feminine is by creating some textures around the bangs and ends. Pixie with soft, side-swept bangs is an eternally classy hairstyle that pairs so naturally well with no/minimal make-up look. Pair it up with an undercut if you want to spice it up a little more.

If it’s your first-ever rendezvous with pixie, I would suggest a long pixie haircut with face-framing layers. Longer pixie hairstyles offer more styling flexibility than shorter cuts.

Conversely, if “go bold or go home” is your styling mantra, choose a short pixie cut for a dazzling, fashion-forward makeover. Super short pixie cuts are an extremely flattering hairstyle for those with sharp, angular features and thick hair. For round or oval face shapes, a simple but stylish pixie bob with a neat side part would create a polished, sophisticated look.

3. Tomboy Curly Pixie Cut

Tomboy Curly Pixie Cut


An easy choice for women with curly or wavy hair, tomboy curly pixie cut looks straight-up gorgeous with minimal effort. For some extra, pair up the curly pixie hairstyle with an undercut and keep those curls at the root tousled.

An asymmetrical curly pixie cut would be a nice way to create a striking effect on 3A-3B type hair. Short on one side and long on the other with some loose strands touching the eyebrows highlight the most pronounced features of angular faces.

4. Medium Tomboy HaircutsMedium Tomboy Haircuts

The amount of creativity and styling freedom medium-length hair offers is insane. A Side-shaved comb over is a bold and beautiful hairstyle for the rebellious ones. For a softer and more sophisticated look, try an asymmetric comb-over with a tapered side and extra volume at the root.

5. Messy Pompadour Undercut

Messy Pompadour Undercut

Look extravagant with this messy pompadour undercut. It’s currently one of the top-trending hairstyles for African-American women and is particularly preferred by women with round faces.

The height and perfectly lined-up edges can effectively slim down your face. A holding spray and a little time on hand are what you need to nail the look.

6. Korean Tomboy HaircutKorean tomboy Haircut

Step up your hair game with a cool and stylish Korean tomboy short pixie, a refined, low-maintenance hairstyle perfect for a professional environment. Koreans are blessed with sleek and shiny hair.

So to get the look right, make sure to address issues like dryness and frizz. An anti-frizz spray and a shine serum are all you need to manage this hairstyle.

If you want your hairstyle to reflect your undying, untethered love for K-pop culture, go for the timeless Korean Bowl cut. Tousle up the fringes a bit to amp up the kawaii aesthetic.

7. Long Hair Tomboy Hairstyles

Long Hair Tomboy

Tomboy haircuts aren’t confined within the realm of short hair. We live in an era where men can rock long hair like it’s nobody’s business and women can totally own a boyish haircut. Long hair tomboy hairstyles are the perfect middle ground between feminine and tomboyish hairstyles.

You can keep it simple or bring a ton of complexity by playing with fringes, tapered edges, a slick back, or pompadour. Add some drama with multi-colored chunky highlights and you are all set to wow the world.

8. Androgynous Tomboy Haircuts

Androgynous Tomboy Haircuts


Androgynous or gender-neutral haircuts are a tight slap against the belief that fashion parameters necessarily have to be different for every gender. A classy and editorial buzz cut with a textured top or a funky hair tattoo shaved on the side adds a lot of character.

Gender-fluid hairstyles can be anything you want them to be. The only rule here is that there are no rules. You can borrow and combine features of different hair trends to create a masterpiece of your own.

9. Short Cropped Bob

Short Cropped Bob

Having been popular for decades, short cropped bob with face-framing layers offers tons of styling flexibility. Transform the classic bob into a tomboy hairstyle by opting for choppy layers.

Want to play up the adventurousness? Cut a layered angled bob on one side and keep the other side shaved to create a cool contrast. Liven up the look with a bold hair dye.

10. Short Shag

Short Shag


Short shaggy haircuts used to be quite a rage in the ’60s and guess what? They are making a grand comeback. And by the looks of it, this time, the trend is here to stay. Short shag haircuts typically involve using the razor cutting technique to create a lot of texture for a fuller look.

A short shag cut requires minimal styling products and effort and therefore, is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-maintain look.

11. Mohawk

Mohawk Haircut


To oversimplify, punk culture is all about self-expression. Punk hairstyles like mohawk have always been regarded as the celebration of fiercely rebellious souls who aren’t afraid to be themselves. The mohawk style involves shaving the two sides, leaving a long stripe of hair at the center.

It can be styled in different ways with hair gel, wax, and hair colors. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to punk hairstyles and that’s the beauty of it.

12. Sharp Side ShaveSharp side shave

A sharp side shave with a textured top or A-line bob creates a stunning sharp look that draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Sass up the style with creative patterns or line-ups for a more tailored look.

13. Longer Pixie Cutlong pixie cut

Pixie cut doesn’t necessarily have to be super short. Longer pixie doos are a cool, contemporary twist on the classic short pixie haircuts. Long pixies combine a longer top with a shorter back for an asymmetrical look and work best on medium-long straight and thick hair.

14. Slicked and Short Tomboy Haircut

Slicked and short

Short hair strands neatly brushed back create a polished appearance. If you have chopped your hair and want a hairstyle that has a slight edge but doesn’t require a lot of work, a slicked-back hairstyle could be the way to go.

Your hair should be at least 6 inches long to ensure that the strands don’t fall out. For the sheen, you can use gel, mousse, pomade, or wax. Apply volume foam to give the roots a nice lift and finish off a climate protection finishing spray to set your style in place.

15. Tousled Short HairTousled Short Hair

Voluminous tousled bed-head is one of the most effective ways to style short and limp hair. The blow-dried strands carelessly tousled with fingers give the hair a natural volume. Pair it up with soft, wispy bangs to accentuate the chin and jawline.

16. Textured BobTextured Bob

A textured bob is a choppier, sharper take on layered bob. The stylist uses a razor or shear to chop off the ends to reduce bluntness and create lots of texture. If the hair looks flat, lightly spritz a volume spray to give the strands a nice lift at the crown and you’re good to go.

17. Short Sleek Bob

Short sleek bob


Nothing screams elegance louder than a classic short sleek bob when done right. If you are walking down the shag route, choose a rounded bob cut for extra fullness.

Enter the party like a supermodel straight outta Vogue magazine with tresses tucked behind the ears for a sharp, sophisticated look.

Give your tresses the radiance it deserves with a smoothing conditioner after washing and finish styling with a quality anti-frizz, extra strength serum.

18. Square Bob

Square bob

Perk up your hair with a laid-back, messy hairstyle that rings oodles of bounce, body, and movement to your tresses. Box bob with a sleek square line is an amazingly flattering hairstyle for women with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

Ever wondered about going blonde? Well, this could be your opportunity. Any shade of blonde can really accentuate the square line on the nape. If you choose to have this hairstyle with bangs, sweep them to one side to draw more attention to your pretty eyes.

19. Shaggy Bob Haircut

Shaggy Bob


Short bob is the perfect canvas for this cute and charming tomboy-next-door hairstyle. Shaggy short bob has been historically embraced by people with oval and round face shapes as the face-framing layers help to hide the width of the face which noticeably slims down the face.

Moreover, it’s easier to make extra-fine, limp hair look thick and voluminous by playing with different layers and angles. The key to getting this look right is to add volume where it’s needed.

20. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob trend is officially back in business and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Suitable for literally all face shapes and hair types, you can have a lot of fun by styling the longer side of the bob any way you fancy.

Enjoy the beach vibe by teasing the longer strands or brush the ends gently for a sleek, office-appropriate look.

21. Pompadour

Pompadour Haircut

Let your wild side take control with this rebellious hairdo. The dramatically elevated and teased or ratted top is a statement in itself. If you want to spice things up further, dye your hair with funky colors.

Create a striking effect with two contrasting colors, say black for the roots with dark brown or blonde highlights. A good holding spray is the ultimate tool for shaping and sculpting a gorgeous pomp at the top.

22. Volumized Pixie

Volumized Pixie

This low-key, high-fashion tomboy haircut is a blessing from heaven for women with short and fine manes or currently struggling with a serious hair-thinning problem.

To create the illusion of more volume, hairstylists would keep the sides and top longer than a classic pixie. The cutting technique here is extremely important to achieve the right volume and structure.

23. Spiky Tomboy Haircut

Spiky Tomboy Haircut

Throw all caution to the wind with this funky hairstyle that has been rocked by fashionable gamine women since the ‘90s. The rough, masculine vibe of this hairstyle is the hallmark of a true free spirit.

Your hair has to e ideally long and thick to achieve the volume that gives the spiky look its signature structure and body.

24. Tomboy Undercut Hairstyle

Tomboy Undercut

Make your hair look more androgynous and stand out with this easy-going and chic hairstyle. The shaved sections on the back and sides with longer top create a striking effect.

There is a wide range of styles you can try with an undercut haircut. Shape the hair at the crown into an edgy mohawk and make it more vibrant and dramatic with a two-toned color effect.

25. Quiff Tomboy Haircut

Quiff Tomboy

A clean side part with buzzed sides and a soft quiff looks so smart and dashing. A quiff is basically a more layered version of spike. I love how a parakeet whiff can ooze masculine vibrancy and look elegantly feminine at the same time.

The easiest way to shape and style a quiff is by using hair wax. Clean shave the sides to physically isolate the quiff if you want an edgier, bolder look.

26. Tomboy Bowl Cut

Tomboy Bowl Cut


Make a statement with this low-effort Asian tomboy hairstyle. The length of the fringe and the sides in this hairstyle is just perfect. The straight fringe with buzzed sides and back, also known as the mushroom cut, accentuates the face shape.

Make it more visually striking with complementary colors. The short round version of bowl cut looks hella cute on oval and round faces and can easily make you look a few years younger.

27. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie

Making a pixie cut look messy is super easy. Just get a solid 7 to 8-hour sleep and voila! There you have it. The haircut works exceptionally well on thick and wavy hair.

Add some extravagance to the look with platinum or light gold highlights. The highlights can really help to liven up and accentuate the layers.

28. Short Mullet


The tomboy remix of this smart and sexy ’80s hairstyle is perfect for someone who is in deeper touch with their feminine side. Accentuate the choppy layers with fun colors.

Mullet with moon bangs is another interesting take on this classic hairstyle. The curved micro bangs mirror the curves of your face. Keeping the bangs long and airy is quite a trend right now.

29. Curtain Hairstyle

Curtain Hairstyle

The modern twist on this iconic ’90s men’s hairstyle makes it an interesting choice for anyone who wants a high-fashion androgynous hairstyle. A simple center-part, swept-back curtain, or a gently tousled wavy curtain is a great everyday hairstyle for women who want to keep it simple yet stylish.

Those who are looking for a more layered look could opt for curtain bangs with highlights.

30. Tomboy Buzz CutTomboy Buzz Cut

The raw, rugged masculine energy of a classic buzz cut works unbelievably well for women with sharp, strong jawlines. Buzzcut really helps to highlight your prominent facial features and make you instantly stand out and leave a long-lasting impression.

31. TWA Hairstyle

TWA Hairstyles

TWA stands for Teeny Weeny Afro, a sleek and sophisticated take on the traditional afro. Hair length less than two inches is ideal for this hairstyle.

While the tightly coiled ringlets look exquisite on their own, you can glam up the look by dyeing your hair with icy blonde or dark brown hue. Add some nice detail with an ornate hair tattoo at the temple masterfully blended with the curls.

32. Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut

If you are looking for an easy-to-care-for tomboy haircut that cleverly conceals receding hairlines and creates the illusion of extra volume on the forehead, look no further.

You need to ask your stylist to trim the hair 1-2 inches all around the head to achieve the look. The hair length can be as short as 0.5” for a sharp, badass look.

The signature straight-cut bangs of Ceasar cut add an attractive element to this simple hairstyle. The short hairdo doesn’t require frequent touch-ups which makes it super easy to take care of.

33. Crew Cut

Crew Cut

A crew cut is essentially a more stylized version of buzz cut. Unlike buzz cut which features a uniform length all over the head, a crew cut combines different lengths at different locations, typically shorter back and sides with longer top for some character and definition.

This multi-length hairdo is the deepest plunge you can take when it comes to androgynous hairstyles.

34. Blonde Tomboy

Blonde Tomboy

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m low-key obsessed with blonde hair. Coloring your short pixie or bob with any shade of blonde is sure to get people to notice you.

Not really to fully commit yet? No problem. Instead of dyeing the head blonde, glam up your locs with cool blonde highlights and you will look just as fashionable.

35. Tomboy Piecey Fringe

Tomboy Piecey Fringe

Chic piecey fringe is a classy take on choppy bangs. A great choice for thick and coarse hair, the feathery, textured appearance of the bangs can make you look young and confident.

The idea of separated bangs lying unhinged on your forehead might not sound so appealing but trust me, the wet-finish look really works wonders for certain for square and heart-shaped faces.

You can use a styling cream or pomade to get that sleek, well-defined bangs or a leave-in conditioner for a rather soft, feathery appearance.

36. Wavy Tomboy

Wavy Tomboy

Charming and fun are the two words I have for this hairstyle. The wavy texture allows a lot of movement which makes it easier to achieve the effortless beachy vibe.

If you need a more polished look for professional events, style the locs with a medium hold spray or a leave-in conditioner, depending on the level of “slickness” you desire.

37. One-sided BuzzOne sided Buzz


Buzzcut on one side is both an act of celebration and rebellion. All you need is a clipper and lots of self-confidence to pull off this style. While the shaved side already creates quite a bit of contrast with the longer side, it’s the hair color that really makes the style pop.

38. White Blonde Buzz CutWhite Blonde Buzz Cut


There are very few things on God’s green earth that look as majestic as a woman who can pull off a nearly bald hairstyle. Elevate the visual aesthetics by coloring your hair with a platinum blonde tone and the result will be fire!

39. Side-shaved LineSide shaved Line

Catapult your badassery to the next level with this super edgy mid fade with a straight or curved line. Ask your hairstylist for a line-up to achieve a defined look. Not creative enough? Perk it up with an artistic hair tattoo or a cool zigzag line to contrast with the buzzed top.

40. Femullet

Tomboy Femullet Haircut


Úrsula Corberó’s (Tokyo from Money Heist) effortlessly stylish hairdo in the final season made me seriously consider stealing the look. Femullet (short for female mullet) is a more glamorous version of mullet hairstyles with its longer fringes and the wispy neckline which acts as an accent piece.

However, do note that this isn’t the easiest style to replicate. You need the right styling products and occasional touch-ups to maintain the structure and bounce.

Why Do Women Need Tomboy Haircut?

Long hairstyles undoubtedly have their own charm. But it can’t beat the sass and sex appeal of ladies who can rock a short hairstyle like it’s nobody’s business. And no, tomboy haircuts don’t necessarily make you look manly (not that I see any problem with it). It’s pure BS.

Tomboy hairstyles can be as feminine or androgynous as you want them to be. Fashionistas through ages have chopped off their hair to bring out their best features. For me personally, cutting my hair short felt liberating and empowering.

It made me realize that even a simple makeover can do a lot if done right. Not to mention how much easier my life became once I no longer had to spend hours arduously styling my hair. Beyond cool aesthetics, tomboy hairstyles are as low-maintenance as they get.

With short tresses, it’s easy to catapult your glam meter to the next level by putting in minimum effort. Anyone, regardless of age and facial features can look gorgeous in a tomboy haircut if they can pull it off with enough confidence.

Craft Your Hairstyle with Care & Own It

There’s nothing quite like a classic tomboy haircut with a hipster twist. By combining different lengths and textures, you can come up with a sensational, fashion-forward gender-fluid hairstyle for yourself – something that not only looks out of the world but also beautifully embodies the spirit of singularity and self-expression.

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