Triangle Braids

19 Ultra-Stylish Triangle Braids to Try Right Now!

In the world of braided and twisted hairstyles, the variation is infinite which gives us the opportunity to try out different looks every time. While some women love to stick to their traditional styles, some just prefer the touch of glam without compromising the beauty of the original style.

The popularity of box braids is not unknown to anyone at present. These braids date back to 3500 B.C. and their appeal has been the same for all these years. Trendy styling options have been created by hairstylists, and you can now wear box braids in different styles and sizes.

Although traditional box braids are done using square-shaped mini sections, you can do the partings in other creative styles as well. And right after the box-shaped partings, the triangle ones are super popular and preferred by many ladies.

Triangle braids look extra chic because of the uniqueness in their parting style. If you search the internet, you will discover tons of pictures with triangle box braids. So it’s normal to feel like trying out this style right now, but before that, let’s know how you can do them on your own quite easily!

How to Do Triangle Braids in the Easiest Way?

Just like your traditional box braids, doing triangle braids is also quite easy. We recommend starting the process by pre-parting the natural hair and separating the braiding hair beforehand in order to avoid any extra hassle.

First of all, apply your edge control gel to the parting you are starting with. Typically it’s the bottom section of hair that people start braiding with, so apply your gel to that parting and smooth everything out.

Now create your triangle parts in this section of hair. Just go diagonally using your rat tail comb, and separate the upper mini sections from the lower ones. Start braiding the hair from the lower mini sections.

Take your piece of braiding hair and wrap it around your index finger and thumb. The natural hair will be the third piece of hair for your braid. Underhand, pinch, and then braid normally.

Separate some of your braiding hair and adjust them with the natural hair in order to maintain the thickness of all three pieces of hair. When all three pieces of hair have been evened out, keep on braiding the hair down the length.

For the rest of your sections, continue the same process of parting, adding hair, and braiding. Make sure to apply your edge control gel to each of the braids. When the back portion is done braiding, move on to the front portion and create your triangle partings accordingly.

Once all the braids are completed, dip the ends in hot water but make sure that it’s not too hot. You can add accessories to the braids to make them look even chicer. And that’s it, your triangle braids are all set to take over the world!

19 Spectacular Hairstyles for Triangle Braids

The kingdom of triangle braids has summoned you, so there’s no going back now! As you start preparing yourself for the journey with triangle braids ahead, you might be wondering which hairstyles are going to be the best picks for you.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the trendiest hairstyles with triangle braids that are sure to leave you awestruck. So let’s check them out together!

Classic Black

Classic Black

When it comes to braids, we always love to start our list with the most classic and popular style. In the case of triangle braids, it’s definitely the long black braids with the perfect triangle partings.

You can do these braids by following the method we have mentioned above. As seen in this picture, choose black braiding hair only if achieving the perfect black braids is your goal. You can randomly place gold hair rings in some of your braids, and the style is going to look fabulous!

Small Knotless

Small Knotless

Knotless braids are separate from the traditional ones in the sense that they do not consist of the small knot at the root. In this process, you keep on adding the braiding hair as you go. If you want to rock knotless braids, then you can ask your hairstylist to go for them on your next session.

Triangle knotless braids are quite popular among ladies, and they can be styled in many ways. For an intricate look, you can opt for the small knotless braids this time. As the size of your braids is going to be small, the number of triangle partings will also increase.

When completed, this is what a hairstyle with small and knotless triangle braids looks like. You can choose braiding hair in a similar color to recreate this look, and your style will be mesmerizing!

Medium Triangle Braids

Medium Triangle Braids

When it comes to box braids, medium-sized braids are most popular among women of all ages. The same goes for the triangle braids, so you can opt for this look if you are getting your triangle braids installed for the first time.

This is an example of what medium-sized triangle braids look like. These knotless braids look quite stylish because of the neatness and color combination of the style. Black, brown, and blonde are the classic colors when it comes to braids, so combining them in a single style has surely added glam to her hairstyle.

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Braids

Talking about triangle braids, we simply cannot skip the jumbo ones because apart from their beauty, they are quite popular among many women.

Jumbo braids provide you with a unique look and the braids appear fuller compared to small and medium-sized braids. So we always love a properly done hairstyle with triangle jumbo box braids.

In this picture, the lady has the perfect jumbo triangle braids with an amazing style. She went for brown braiding hair and gold hair accessories to adorn her braids. We love these long braids and suggest you give these a try as well!

Short Hair

Short Hair

While many ladies love to keep their braids super long, many of them also prefer compact and short hairstyles. Short braids are especially suitable for warm weather because you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

You just need to keep the length of your braids in a shorter range to recreate the look in this style. The triangle partings will surely add extra coolness. Moreover, you can style your hair in the shape of a bob haircut if you wish to. The options are infinite, so try them out!

Curly Ends

Curly Ends

Here is a styling idea for medium-length hair lovers. If you often struggle to figure out which hairstyle is going to be the perfect option for you, then we suggest choosing the one in this picture this time.

The jumbo triangle braids that the lady went for have a perfect mid-length appearance. What makes it different from the rest of the styles is the curly ends that have added proper volume. The combination of black and blonde hair in the style is super chic, so give this a try to save your time!

Red Braids

Red Braids

Going back to our favorite fearless hair color, it’s the red braids we are talking about. Red is a color that portrays your boldness and passion, so we recommend trying out the red braids at least once in your life, no matter which style you are going for.

To try out something simple yet stylish, these red braids can be your biggest inspiration. From the size of the braids to the color of your hair, everything is top-notch in this style. Moreover, we totally love the length she went for. So from our side, this style is a winner!

Ombré Style

Ombre Style

If something classic and snazzy is your goal with braids, then why not give the ombré style a proper try? We are sure you have seen plenty of box braided hairstyles in the stylish blonde ombré look, so try them out with your triangle braids this time.

This is what a classic ombré style with triangle braids looks like. The transition from black to brown to blonde gives you an eye-soothing feeling. As ombré hair is super trendy at present, you can give this one a definite try to make your modish statement.

Blue Ombré

Blue Ombre

Although it’s the classic combination of black, brown, and blonde shades when it comes to ombré braids, you can get creative with the colors this time.

To try out something new, you can opt for the blue ombré style. You can take this picture as your guide to your hairstylist to make triangle braids out of your hair with this ombré appearance. Trust us, you will fall in love with this look instantly.

With Beads

With Braids

If you ask us to name one thing that elevates any braided hairstyle in an instant, we are going to talk about the beads for sure. These simple accessories can give your hair different looks based on different occasions, and you will fall in love with each look for sure!

Transparent beads are most popular among women, and they can be worn by everyone starting from children to women over 50. So this time, you can pick transparent beads for your triangle braids and add them to the ends of your braids for a sophisticated look.

The outcome will be similar to the one in this picture if you choose the same type of braiding hair and combine square and triangle partings in the same style. All in all, this style is sure to win hearts!

Half-Up Top Bun

Half Up Top Bun

The best thing about getting your braids done is that you can make different styles out of them. While some women love the classic ponytails, some just prefer to go for the half-up styles with their braids.

Take this picture for instance. The lady here has the perfect triangle braids done all over, and she opted for a half-up top bun style with those braids. If you notice carefully, you will see that there are pieces of curly hair throughout the braids for giving them a bohemian look. To create a stylish statement, this hairstyle is surely going to be a perfect choice!

Blonde Braids

Blonde Braids

Looking to go all blonde with your hair but don’t know how to start? Well, we have a solution for you. If you are opting for a new protective hairstyle soon, choose blonde braiding hair this time and go for the triangle braids.

If you want to try out the classic blonde hair with dark roots style, then we definitely recommend keeping your natural hair black. Then create triangle partings, take your blonde braiding hair, and braid your hair like a pro.

You can keep the braids long if you want to, or simply opt for a bob style. No matter which one you pick, your style is going to slay!

Pink Money Piece

Pink Money Piece

Money pieces are face-framing highlights that help you to achieve an ultimate stylish look. Generally, they are blonde, but you can also make your money piece in creative ways to make a bolder statement.

For ladies who always love to try out something extra, a pink money piece hairstyle is going to be the best pick. Take this picture for instance. The triangle goddess braids in this picture look absolutely amazing with the brown hair situation going on. But undoubtedly, those pink money pieces have stolen the show.

Starting from the vibrancy of the color to the styling creativity, everything about this hair look screams coolness. So give this a try right now!

Black and Blonde

Black And Blonde

The combination of black and blonde braiding hair in the same braided style has remained trendy for quite a while now. Blonde braids act as highlights while placed along with the black braids, and we must say, we totally love how chic it looks!

While choosing your braid size, go for the large ones this time. Ask your hairstylist to make your triangle braids by styling them in the way portrayed in this picture. You can keep the ends thinner compared to the upper parts if you wish to, and your style will be just as amazing!

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair

Have you ever felt sad because you couldn’t rock the mermaid or unicorn hair colors on your natural hair? Well, worry no more, because choosing your braiding hair in different colors will help you create those unicorn braids quite easily.

Take this picture for example. The lady here went for pink, purple, and teal braiding hair to make those unicorn triangle braids. Although her roots have her natural hair color, the vibrant braids are surely giving us playful vibes. These triangle medium knotless braids will become your favorite once you give them a proper try, so what’s stopping you from giving them a shot?

Twist Braids

Twist Braids

With your triangle partings, it’s not necessary to try out three-strand braids every time. Instead, you can go for the classy twist braids to upgrade your style this time.

Here’s how gorgeous it looks when you try out triangle twist braids. You can keep the length of your braids as long as these ones, or simply choose something smaller and compact. Your style is going to look amazing no matter which one you opt for.

Stylish Triangle Braids for Men

The versatility of triangle braids makes them an amazing choice for both men and women. Just like regular box braids and cornrows, men can rock triangle braids with confidence and style. Ahead are some of the smartest triangle braid hairstyles for men that are sure to turn heads!

Brown Hair

Brown Hair

As short hairstyles are basically associated with men, it becomes easier to do the braids because there’s no need to add extra braiding hair. So here is a hairstyle with brown hair to get you started.

From this picture, it’s visible that the natural brown hair of the man has been used to create those triangle braids. The partings are quite natural and distinguished, and the braids look fabulous. For any occasion, this hairstyle is surely going to be a great pick!

With Rubber Band

With Rubber Band

Rubber bands look just as beautiful on men as they look on women’s hair. And the option of choosing them in different colors is also present, so the task becomes even more versatile. Even though black rubber bands are largely popular, you can pick the white ones this time to make your statement.

The ends of these amazing triangle braids have been adorned using white rubber bands, and we totally love the vibe he’s got. There are random placements of colorful rubber bands throughout the braids as well, which have added a vibrant touch to the overall style. For a cool and sporty look, this hairstyle should definitely be on your radar!

Blonde Tips

Blonde Tips

While single-colored braids definitely take up a large portion when it comes to braided hairstyles, you can certainly create cool appearances by opting for creative coloring methods. One such option is the blonde tips that many men and women totally love.

The ends of your braids are given a blonde look only to create this hairstyle. Just go for your regular triangle partings, and you can choose twist braids instead of three-strand braids this time. With blonde tips, your hair will look similar to the one in this picture.


After knowing all the amazing hairstyles for triangle braids, here’s a small corner for answering all the questions regarding this amazing braided hairstyle.

How long do triangle box braids last?

Triangle box braids last somewhere around four to six weeks.

How many packs of hair do I need for triangle braids?

It basically depends on the thickness and length of your hair. If your hair is on the thinner and shorter side, more hair is needed for braiding. Two to three packs of hair will suffice for triangle braids, but you can take more if you want to.

Final Thoughts

As we are at the end of this article, it doesn’t require any more explanation that triangle braids are awesome, and you need to give them a try asap! These braids are similar to box braids and the main difference lies in the partings, so trying them out won’t be a hassle!

We suggest going all creative with your triangle braids. Use different types of beads to adorn them, and add gold accessories to make your braids even more exclusive. Try out different lengths as per your preference, and you will notice the change in your style for yourself!

We hope the hairstyles we have mentioned above will help you determine the best one for your hair. So give these amazing triangle braids a shot, and flaunt your braids like a rockstar anywhere you go!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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