Two Layer Braids

25 Two Layer Braids Hairstyle Ideas to Rock this Season

If you are a fan of braiding your hair often, then it’s easy to assume that you know about a lot of braiding hairstyles. From traditional box braids to regular three-strand braids, the styling options are endless when it comes to braids. But have you ever tried out the two-layer braids? Or simply, do you know what two-layer braids are, and how they are perfected with precision?

When it comes to braiding hair, we generally part our hair in the middle or on the sides to make the braids look organized. With box braids, it’s required to create box-shaped mini sections. But in the case of two layer braids, you just need to part your hair and the braids will go in different directions from there, creating an eye-soothing pattern.

You can style your hair in a variety of ways if you are willing to opt for a two layer braided look. Just make sure to part your hair in fun ways to create gorgeous styles instantly. However, doing two layer braids can be time-consuming work and it requires great patience and skill, so prepare yourself beforehand if you are willing to embark on the journey.

How To Do 2-Layer Braids?

Here we are going to talk about a simple way to do two layer braids and make the process easier for you. The fact is, you need to make the partings in an interesting way. So start off by making an ear-to-ear parting and dividing your hair in half. Clip the upper section of hair separated and start with the lower section first.

Do a middle part in your lower section and start making your feed-in braids. Don’t forget to apply your hair gel and use a rat tail comb for ease of parting. Choose a pre-stretched braiding hair of your choice and color that will be perfect for your style, and start adding pieces of hair as you braid down to achieve your desired size of braids.

When the entire lower section is done, move onto your upper section of hair and part your hair in the middle. Now start doing the same braids on each side of your parting. When the sides are done, some of your hair will be left in the middle.

Make braids out of this section of hair in a way that these braids will remain placed on top of the lower section braids. No parting is needed for this specific section of hair; just section and make feed-in braids.

When all the braids are done to perfection, it’s now time to seal the ends of your hair. Use hot water to seal the ends. You can also apply hair mousse after ending the braiding session, and opt for applying oil after completing the lower section.

This style is elegant and the patterns are especially mentionable. We are sure you might have seen pictures of women with 2-layer braids flaunting their hair, so now it’s your time to try out this gorgeous hairstyle asap!

25 Stylish Two Layer Braids Hairstyle Ideas

The styling options for two layer braids are endless as we mentioned before, and you might get baffled while choosing the right option for you. We suggest you figure out which style is going to complement your vibe and go for the styling after that. Make sure to determine your hair length and what color of hair you will be using to make the task easier.

Ahed are some of the trendiest 2-layer hairstyles that will help you pick your perfect one without any hassle!

Classic Black

Classic Black

Let’s start our list with the classic long black braids. This style is maybe the most popular one among all the ladies out there because women love to flaunt their long and luscious braids that reach the waist and beyond that. So for starters, try out this classic look to see if two layer braids will be a good option for you.

The precision of the middle part is everything for us in this picture. We love how the braids have been done in a simple but organized way to keep everything neat and tidy, plus the shine on the hair is absolutely stunning. We believe you won’t want to come back to your regular hairstyle once you go for these elegant braids.

Long Brown

Long Brown

We have always seen middle-part hair as one of the classic styles for hair of any type and texture, and it has a special appeal to braid lovers as well. But did you ever think of braiding that very part out? Sounds interesting, right? Well, this picture will give you a visual of what we are talking about.

In this particular hairstyle, a skillful illusion has been created that makes us think that the hair is parted in the middle, but actually, the middle hair is braided as well. The braids have been organized in a way that creates a beautiful design, and the intricacy of the style is breathtaking.

This hairstyle is perfect for those who love brown hair. The length of the hair is absolutely flattering, and the neatness is making us want to try this style right now!

 Orange Braids 

Orange Braids

How often do you see people trying out the color orange on their hair? Well, we actually don’t see much, and it makes us wonder why because a vibrant orange hair color looks totally dazzling! Especially if you are going for a braided hairstyle, we suggest you try out orange hair to stand out from the crowd.

Take this picture as your inspiration and delete your worries! This 2 layer braid hairstyle is simple but the color has added all the gorgeousness. As you can see, the orange braiding hair has been adjusted with her natural black hair, leading up to a long and stylish ponytail that is all vibrant and cheerful. The next time you visit the salon, this is a must-try!

Braided Half Up

Braided Half Up

When it comes to braided hair, doing any style is quite easy because your hair is already braided and set. You just need to grab a hair tie and turn your style into a cool and sassy one without giving much effort. But if you love subtle styles on your hair, you suggest you try out a braided half up.

For instance, this lady has a beautifully done half up style with her braids which is so simple to do. The hair has been parted in the middle and large 2-layer braids have been done all over the head. Two pieces of braids from both sides have been separated at the front and given a half up look, which is effortless and trendy at the same time.

Cornrows Style

Cornrow Style

Although we have talked about the middle-part style with upper and lower sections of hair, you can make two layer braids without doing any specific parts as well. This specific hairstyle can be named the cornrows style as the pattern looks like traditional cornrows.

Achieving this hairstyle is quite easy. Remember the middle section of braids that we layered over our lower section of braids in the feed-in braids method? This pattern is exactly like that middle section. For a clearer vision, here is an example of what a cornrows-style 2-layer braids hairstyle looks like.

It is visible from the picture that there is no specific parting in the hair, and in the middle, there is a distinguished braid that looks stunning. You can try out this style for a simple everyday look as it is casual enough for that.

Multicolor Side-Parted

Multicolor Side Parted

If regular black and brown seems boring to you, why not go for several colors in one hairstyle? We know it’s a difficult decision to make because not everyone has the confidence to pull off a multicolor hairstyle. But if you have the boldness within you, why not give it a try?

Take this hairstyle as an example. The hair has been parted on the side and 2-layer braids have been done on the entire hair. However, three colors of braiding hair have been used to create this gorgeous style.

The cyan and purple braiding hairs have been placed randomly on both sides, alternating with the black braids. This has created an illusion of highlights. So if you have been thinking of getting highlights for a long time but also want a braided style, this hairstyle can be the best inspiration for you.

X-Pattern Braids

X Pattern Braids

Two layer braids are popular for their intricate patterns, so you can also incorporate some of those to make your hair different than the rest of the crowd. When it comes to patterns, you can make them according to your desire if you have the skills, or simply visiting the salon where you can get them will do the job for you.

The patterns of two layer braids look exclusive on your scalp as the braids are already creating an intricate outcome. So if you are confused about which one to go for, here is an X-pattern 2-layer braids hairstyle that is perfect for a girl’s night out as well as for glam events.

As you can see, the braids have been done in an X-formation to give this look the ultimate elegance. Plus, there is a small but amazing detail right in the middle, which makes it seem like those two X-pattern braids are tied together with two pieces of braid right in the middle. We can already imagine the amount of dedication that has gone into this wonderful hairstyle!

2-Layer With Box Braids

2 Layer With Box Braids

You can combine two braiding styles into one hairstyle to show that you are here to slay with your boldness. For this, half of your hair can be turned into one style and the other half into another. But make sure that the partings are done properly so that the hairs do not overlap with each other.

Incorporating two layer braids with box braids is as elegant as it sounds, and the style will completely shock you with its elegance. Take this hairstyle for instance. On the upper part of the head, a braid has been done right in the middle, and several braids have been done on the sides quite neatly.

Right below the 2-layer style is the box braid style, where medium knotless box braids have been done to perfection. Some of the box braids have a triangular design while the others have a square shape, which has added to the elegance of the hairstyle.

We love how she has chosen blonde braiding hair because dark roots with blonde hair is a classic style that every woman wants to try. So the next time you wish to upgrade your hairstyle, give this one a try!

Bob Hair

2 Layer Bob Braids

If you want to keep the length of your hair short and compact, then you can go for a bob haircut. But your hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring, so you can try out 2-layer braids to make your bob look pretty and chic.

For instance, this is a picture of how a bob hairstyle looks when 2-layer braids are done. You can just cut off your braiding hair to your desired length for a perfect bob. As you can see, there is a middle part in this style and the braids have been done in a reverse design. This has given it the complete bob style which we just can’t get enough of.

Swirl Design

Swirl Design

The name sounds fancy, right? Well, achieving this hairstyle is not much of a hassle if you follow it the proper way. It’s all in the parting of your hair and determining how you are going to do swirl designs. After that, all you need to do is braid properly and finish your look.

This picture shows what a swirl design 2-layer braids hairstyle looks like. The swirls in this hairstyle are so accurate that it makes us feel like we are looking at a masterpiece! Each braid has been done neatly, and the length of the hair is also flattering.

With Slayed Edges

With Slayed Edges

When it comes to protective hairstyles, it’s always important to ensure that your roots baby hairs are taken care of. Some of us make the mistake of not setting those hairs properly, and it’s also not possible to include them in the braids. So creating slayed edges is the best possible way to set those hairs.

For slayed edges, you just need to have an edge control gel and a brush at hand. After braiding your hair, you can style your edges just the way you like. Here is an example of how slayed edges go well with two layer braids.

The advantage of slayed edges is you can design the baby hairs according to your wish, so go big and bold! You can create simple wavy patterns as well as intricate designs to make your style much more classy. Choose your style according to your mood, and you will be the best baddie in the town!

Half Up Top Bun

Half Up Top Bun

We have said this a hundred times-buns look so fuller and volumized when they are done with braided hair. If you do not believe us, give it a try yourself! Protective hairstyles that are done with braiding hair already consist of many braids, so when all or some of them are used to make a bun, it looks so beautiful.

Here is a picture to prove our point. This is clearly a half up style with two layer braids that are done so gorgeously that we just can’t take our eyes off. Half of the hair on the top has been separated precisely to create that beautiful bun, and the rest of the braids are flowing gorgeously.

The entire style is already chic, but we love the extra element that has been added here-the brown braids. These pieces of braids have created that highlight effect on the shiny black hair, so this hairstyle is a must-try from our side!

Star Pattern

Star Patern

If you are a fan of two layer braids and their different styles, then there is a possibility that you might have seen this style already. The star pattern is an exclusive style when it comes to two layer braids, and if your vibe is all about that boldness and extravaganza, we suggest you give this a try.

As you can see from this picture, there is a precisely done star shape right in the middle of her scalp which has been created using braids. You can also notice that the feed-in braids have been done using a neon green color braiding hair. This color has complemented the black hair perfectly, and this is a style that will make you look cool in an instant.

Curly Ends

Curly Ends

Braids are generally all about that straight and tidy look, but you can give them an elegant style by adding curls at the ends. This makes your look full of volume right where it actually looks thinner because of the braided ends, so give this a try next time you try out a two layer braids hairstyle.

If you are still unsure, here is a picture of 2-layer braids with curly ends. Here, half of her head consists of two layer braids, and the other half has beautifully done box braids. The middle-parted long hairstyle has curly ends which look quite beautiful.

With Beads

Two Layer Braids wth Beads

Adorning your braids with beads is fun, especially because you have so many options to choose from. Beads have become a popular accessory for box braids and you can add them to your two layer braids as well. All you need to do is choose your favorite material and pattern, and follow the proper steps to install those beads.

Beads can be placed at different lengths of your braid, but the classic stacked-up look at the eds is loved by many women out there. It looks beautiful when the beads are wooden and lighter in color. You can also choose those with patterns to give yourself a traditional look.

Take this picture as a guide for your beaded two layer braids. Several types of wooden beads have been placed at the end to give the braids a vibrant look. Moreover, the braids have been set in a triangle shape, which gives us a geometric vibe all over.

Goddess Style

Goddess Style

Goddess braid is the combination of curls and braids in the same hairstyle. For achieving this style, curly braiding hair is used in a way that creates the visual of braids and curls complementing each other. Doing this style requires practice and skill, but the outcome is absolutely beautiful.

In this picture, the woman has two layer braids along with the goddess style, which makes her entire hair look so pretty. The combination of 2-layer braids with the luscious curls looks healthy and full, and the length is also quite flattering. We recommend you give this a try the next time you visit the salon.

Red and Black

Red And Black

The combination of red and black is a classic in braided hairstyles, and when it comes to colored hair, it is one of the most popular color combinations at present. This is because red hair represents boldness and confidence, and many women out there want to channel their inner self through their hair.

When it comes to 2-layer braids, you can easily choose red braiding hair to create this popular combination. You don’t need to do much, just your regular 2-layer braids will do the job for you. This picture is a classic example of black and red 2-layer braids that are neatly done and have a beautiful shine.

Hues of Blue

Hues of Blue

We believe that there should be no restrictions when applying colors to your hair because your hair color reflects who you are from within. So when it comes to bold colors, just go for it if it matches your vibe. From bold orange to vibrant blues, your hair should be able to express who you really are.

If you are planning to change your hairstyle very soon, then we have a suggestion for you. If long hair is your goal, you can try out this 2-layer braids hairstyle with hues of blue at the end which has given the entire style a vibrant finish.

The root hair is dark but the addition of braiding hair in different shades of blue has taken this hairstyle to the next level. Especially the royal blue color at the very end is so vibrant that we cannot but recommend you to try out this style asap!

Zigzag Pattern

Zigzag Pattern

One of the most common ways to do two layer braids is making a zigzag pattern on the scalp which works as the parting. It gives your hair a fun style and adds to your coolness. No extra work, you just need to part your hair in a zigzag pattern and the braids will give you the ultimate bold vibe.

You can see from this picture how cool it looks when you do a zigzag pattern. The incorporation of blonde braiding hair has also uplifted the entire style. The braids are neatly done on both the front and the back, and the combination of black and blonde is really eye-soothing.

Half Black Half Red

Half Black Half Red

You can try out two colors in the same hairstyle. It’s not necessary that they have to be highlights or ombré, rather two different hair colors on both sides can do the job perfectly. It can be your traditional black on one side, and another vibrant color on the other.

For instance, this black and red dual tone is really elegant and seems like a bold hairstyle from the very first glance. There is a swirl pattern in the middle with two layer braids, and black and red braiding hairs have been used to create the braids. Also, the style includes slayed edges at the front, which gives it an overall neat look.

Snake Pattern

Snake Pattern

Just like box braids, you can combine your two layer braids with stitch braids and other types of braids as well. The goal is to create as many patterns as you can, so why not do it by creating intricate braiding designs that are both fun and cool at the same time?

We’ve talked about the swirls and stars, so now it’s time to know about the snakes. Well, obviously they are not literal snakes, rather snake patterns made with braids. This style here requires major skills to be perfected, so you can rather pay a visit to the salon to achieve this hairstyle.

There are literally so many designs in one place here but everything is done so neatly that we just can’t get enough of it. As you can see, the entire hair has been set on one side and beads have been added to the braids at the ends, which gives the black hair a pop-up effect!

Side-Part Swirl

Side Part Swirl

If you are willing to go for a side-part style with your two layer braids, you can create two different styles on both sides. It’s up to your wish how you would like the pattern to be created, but sometimes going for something extra is allowed to get rid of the regular boredom, and yes, we are still talking about your hair.

Take this picture as an example. The lady has a beautifully done two layer braid hairstyle with a side part that is precise. However, on one side the hair has swirl patterns and on the other side, it’s left normally. This is a mixture of elegance with simplicity and this hairstyle can be carried anywhere with grace.

Elegant Layers

Elegant Layers

As the pattern and design options are infinite, you can do the braids in several stylish ways. The thing with 2-layer braids is that the pattern looks beautiful on the scalp, so the neater the parting, the cleaner the look will be. And there is literally no limit to doing the braids.

For instance, the lady in this picture has a perfectly done two layer braids hairstyle that looks like layers have been created using two pieces of braids on each side, one after another. The wavy pattern of this style is literally everything! Plus, a half up style has also been done using two pieces of braids from both sides, which has made the style more elegant.

Top Bun

Top Bun

We have already talked about the half up top bun, so if you were thinking that maybe it’s not possible to do a single top bun with all your two layer braids, then this picture is going to prove you wrong!

Making a bun with braided hair is easy because it does not require any extra effort as your entire hair is already braided. All you need to do is gather all your hair together and make a beautiful big bun right on the top. In this picture, braiding hair with subtle colors has been used to make the braids, which makes the style much more beautiful.

Simple Ponytail

Simple Ponytail

We have saved the best for the last, and it is also one of the easiest ways to style your two layer braids. Yes, we are talking about our very own ponytails. Ponytail is one of those constants when it comes to everyday hairstyles, as it can be worn anywhere, from running errands to red carpets.

Once you finish braiding all of your hair and creating your 2-layer braids hairstyle, just gather all your hair and tie them into a ponytail. You can use scrunchies to secure the style, or simply use your braided pieces of hair to twist around the ponytail and keep it in place-it gives it a more natural look.

Both blonde and black braiding hairs have been used in this ponytail style, and it looks elegant enough for any glamorous event.

General FAQs

Are two layer braids and tribal braids the same?

Tribal braids refer to the African traditional braiding patterns, such as Fulani Braids as well as our regular box braids. However, both of the styles are kind of similar.

How long does it take to do two layer braids?

It can take up to 1 hour to 3 hours. The time will depend on the style and patterns you are choosing, so we suggest clearing up your schedule beforehand to go for a stress-free hairstyling session.

Can I keep my two layer braids short?

Yes, you can. We have talked about bob hairstyle with two layer braids, so you can try that out without any doubt. It’s all about how much length you want and the style totally depends on your preference.

Final Thoughts

Trying out different and newer styles is always fun, so if you have already ended your box braids and cornrows journey and want to try out something new, then give these two layer braids hairstyles a try. We believe you will fall in love with this braiding style.

Two layer braids are not only protective but also flattering. The amazing patterns of these braids on your scalp will make you go aww every time you look into the mirror, and this is a style that can be suitable for casual as well as glamorous occasions.

So what are you waiting for? Try out these awesome two layer braids hairstyle today! Don’t forget to add colors and beads to your style for that extra effect, and carry your hair with grace wherever you go!

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