Two Ponytail Hairstyles

16 Super Adorable Two Ponytail Hairstyles for Trendy Ladies

If there’s one thing that we would like to have back from our childhood days, it will be the innocence we carried with our cutesy two ponytails. Remember how our mothers used to help us get ready for school and tie our hair in different fun ways? Well, the double ponytail was surely one of our favorites, and this is why it is still worn by many women to portray their childish side.

The ageless charm of tying up your hair into a two ponytail style is still present, and we are lucky to witness the comeback of this super cute hairstyle. Though times have changed and girls are experimenting with different styling options, the classic appeal of the childhood 2 ponytails is still present in those styles.

You don’t need to try out a regular style with your ponytails just because your childhood days are left behind. Rather, you can always opt for fancy and colorful accessories to make your ponytails look even chicer. The options for styling your hair with two ponytails are endless, and so are the styles themselves.

Back to School Double Ponytail Hairstyles to Seal the Deal!

Now that you know how to do a regular two ponytail style and a two ponytail style with weave, it’s time to move on to the fun part! Double ponytails are the best options for a hangout with your girls or a pajama party with your besties, but to make the best out of them, you need to pick a style that screams cuteness and confidence! Also, if making a childish statement is your goal, then we’ve got you covered. Ahead is a list of our favorite double ponytail hairstyles for you. So without any further ado, let’s check them out!

Natural Black

Natural Black

Let’s start our list with a simple hairstyle with 2 ponytails that is sure to win hearts! Sometimes it’s all about flaunting your hair with a beautiful natural style, and for those days, these two ponytails with natural black hair will do the job perfectly.

The girl in this picture has straight black hair with a medium length. She has gone for a cute and casual style consisting of a middle part and two ponytails on the sides. We love how she has kept everything simple by using black hair ties, and this style can be a perfect pick for your classes and regular wear.

Brown Beauty

Brown Beauty

Being blessed with naturally brown hair is always a plus point. In that way, you do not have to go for the extra hair coloring sessions and your hair looks ready for the day. So to portray the beauty of your naturally brown hair, we have got a simple 2 ponytails style for you.

Just look at how simple and soothing this hairstyle looks! The middle part style consists of ponytails that are secured with brown hair ties matching her hair color. The length and curly appearance of her hair are adding the extra elements of beauty, and the edges at the front are also perfectly laid down to avoid hassles.

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

When it comes to 2 ponytails with blonde hair, Loren Gray is our favorite girl! Her long and flowy hair with the perfect curls and double ponytails have always inspired women who love to try out adorable styles, so our list will be incomplete without adding one of her personal styles!

If you are a fan of barbies and love to try out barbie hairstyles, then this one hair might become your favorite soon. These sleek ponytails have been done to perfection in an interesting way. The ponytails only hold a portion of her hair, whereas the rest of her hair is styled in a way that makes it look like these are two big ponytails. Also, the way some of her hair has been kept out of the style at the front looks quite charming!

Curly Ponies

Curly Ponies

Black girls can try out different types of two ponytail hairstyles the way they want because of the variety of the ponytail extensions. From colors to curl patterns, the versatility of these ponytail extensions makes them suitable for any occasion.

To create a perfect curly two ponytails hairstyle, the first thing you need to do is grab ponytail hair extensions that are curly in nature and are compatible with the look you are going for. After that, create your ponytails following the method we have mentioned above. The result will resemble the look in this picture, and we don’t need to describe how gorgeous it looks!

Pink with Scrunchies

Pink With Scrunchies

Wearing a hair wig is quite fun as you can style your hair in different ways with your wig. So if you ever wanted to try out an all-pink hairstyle, now is your time to give it a shot with your wig. Straight or curly, the pick will be yours and you are going to look fire for sure!

For your ease of understanding, here is a beautiful hairstyle with a curly pink wig. This middle part hairstyle has two ponytails that are tied up with scrunchies. The color of the scrunchies and the color of her hair has created a great contrast. Plus, the curls are super gorgeous, so why not give this a try?

Back Ponytails

Black Ponytails

Although most of the ponytail tutorials consist of two ponytails that are done on the sides, you can also do those on the back of your head. If you choose kinky curly hair for your ponytails, then they will look like a bunch of beauties from the front.

This is what two ponytails at the back look like. This is just your regular two ponytails with weave. However, you can do the parting in creative ways such as combining a front side part with a middle part at the back. No matter which style you choose, these ponytails will make you look like a diva!

Sleek and Straight

Sleek And Straight

One of the most common hairstyles that black girls love to try out frequently is the sleek and straight look with their ponytails. This is especially great because you can take a moment to escape from your braids and curly hair and enjoy the sleek style for a while.

The key is to choose the perfect sleek hair as your ponytail extension. Once it’s done, you can continue with your regular ponytail styling session with weave, and achieve a glamorous sleek look at the end. Don’t forget to style your edges in order to complete the look!

Zigzag Part

Two Ponytail Zigzag Part

A lot of your creativity in hairstyling can be displayed through the way you part your hair while braiding or simply doing your ponytails. Apart from the regular straight partings, the zigzag partings are quite common for two ponytails. So this time, try out a zigzag part instead of going for your regular middle part looks.

The lady in this picture has a perfect hairstyle for the ‘Gram that we always dream of. Her hair has a zigzag part with two bubble ponytails on the sides. We love that she has used the hair clips and the bubble style to make her hair look super cute, so we suggest you give this one a try as well!

With Bangs

Two Ponytail With Bangs

What is the best way to make your two ponytails look the cutest? Well, adding bangs at the front for sure! Bangs are capable of making your hair look pretty and elegant at the same time, so when you combine your double ponytails with bangs, that style is a winner for sure!

If you have short hair then making 2 ponytails is one of the best ways to utilize the length of your hair. Then you can add a blunt or a short bob at the front to compliment your ponytails. For instance, the lady in this picture has the perfect two ponytails with bangs. She looks super cute with the clips, and we are totally rooting for this look!

Braided Ponies

Braided Ponies

For those with protective hairstyles such as box braids and cornrows, one of the best ways to style the hair is by opting for double ponytails. As the hair is already braided, it only takes minutes to do the ponytails. This style has become quite popular on social media, so you can give it a try this time.

For starters, you need to choose the perfect braiding hair for your braids. Pick the color you want and do the braids in your desired style. After that, grab your braids on the sides and make ponytails out of them. Make sure to wrap pieces of braids around your ponytails to give them a natural look. Leave out two pieces of braids at the front to make your style look super trendy like the one in this picture.

Cutest Hairstyles with Two Ponytails for Kids

As a kid, you surely have rocked your double ponytails everywhere from regular classes to birthday parties. If you are a mom at present, or simply have a niece who loves to try out cute and adorable hairstyles, then you can go for the two ponytails undoubtedly. Just combining them with fancy styles will make the kids happiest for sure!

Stitch Braided

Kids Stitch Braided Two Ponytails

The great thing about protective hairstyles is that everyone can rock them no matter their age. So we have seen many kids flaunting their hairstyles like divas with their perfectly done box braids and cornrows. If your kid loves her braids as well, here is a hairstyle that’s surely going to be loved by her.

The adorable girl in this picture has a head full of stitch braids. The partings of her braids have been done in a zigzag manner, and the braids have been gathered together on both sides to make 2 ponytails out of them. We totally love the use of those colorful ribbons and the super cute beads on her ponytails and suggest you try out this hairstyle on your little girl’s braided hair as well.

With Rubber Bands

With Rubber Bands

The most common way that little girls can wear their two ponytails is by combining them with a rubber band style. This style can be created in versatile ways, and that makes it so special. Just make sure you grab a pack of good quality and colorful rubber bands for your little girl, and the rest will be quite easy to do.

For hair that is cute and compact, here is a great style to try out. Create a middle part and an ear-to-ear part to divide the hair into four sections. Then do the ‘X’ formation with rubber bands and create two ponytails on the sides. For playtime and casual days, this hairstyle can be the cutest pick.

With Bow

With Bow

The most adorable accessory that you can add to your little girl’s hair is a hair bow. Seriously, it looks great with everything! No matter what the hairstyle is, a bow is going to make the hair look perfect everytime. Just remember to pick them in vibrant colors and you will be good to go!

Here is a simple hairstyle with two ponytails that literally anyone can do. The amazing part about this style is the two hair bows that look stunning! They have brought out the playfulness of the ponytails, and there’s not a single thing that we don’t love about this style!

Celebrity Hairstyles with Trendy Double Ponytails

Apart from our favorite influencers, our favorite celebrities have also rocked their two ponytails with ultimate grace on different occasions. From glam to sweet, everything is present in those styles. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Two Ponytail Hairstyle

The queen of luxe hairstyles has made it her goal to amaze us with her hair every single time she steps outside. From her classic ponytail to the pigtails, Ari has flaunted them all. Here is a picture of her dashing two ponytails from the 2020 MTV VMAs. She wore these modish ponytails with the curled ends to the event, and we love how this simple style makes her look so perfect effortlessly.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo

Since the days of ‘Bizaardvark’, we have been fangirling over Olivia. She has set her own standards when it comes to fashion and makeup, and we just can’t get enough of her trendy hairstyles as well. In this picture, she is wearing two cute ponytails on her natural hair. The curly vibe of her hair is totally adorable, and the high ponytails are a great pick for those who love to keep things simple and stylish.

Madison Beer

Madison Beer

Our favorite girl Madison loves to wear double ponytails every now and then. If a chic and fancy hairstyle with two ponytails is your goal, then you can surely take inspiration from her. In this picture, Madison is wearing two snazzy ponytails that look ready to take over the world! Her middle part style along with the pieces of hair left at the front has won millions of hearts, so we welcome you to the party as well!                              

How to Do Two Ponytails with Weave?

We all know the basic rules of doing two ponytails with our natural hair. Just part your hair in the middle, make ponytails on the sides and secure them with some fancy hair ties. However, doing a two ponytail style with weave is a bit different than the traditional method. So let’s know about it in detail.

First of all, grab your rat tail comb and make a front to back middle part on your natural hair. Now, if your natural hair is long, then make two ponytails on the sides and then braid them. But if it is short, you can just go for two simple buns on the sides.

After that, grab your styling gel and your edge control brush. Undo the bun on one side and apply your gel properly, and then using your edge control brush, lay everything down neatly. Do the bun again and use the brush to give your hair a sleek look. Repeat the same process on the other side as well.

Then grab your ponytail hair extension and adjust a bobby pin at one end of the extension. Place that bobby pin underneath your bun to secure the hair, and then start wrapping it around your bun. When it reaches the end, grab another bobby pin and secure the style properly.

Repeat the same process on the other side and you will be left with two gorgeous ponytails. After that, you can take pieces of hair from underneath the ponytails, wrap them around the ponytail to conceal your tracks, and use bobby pins to secure and give your hair a natural look.

Finally, style your edges at the front to give yourself a polished look. This hairstyle is a lifesaver for black girls as it doesn’t take much time and looks super cute. We recommend you give this one a try asap!

Final Thoughts

These are the trendiest double ponytail hairstyles that you can try any time of the year to look totally gorgeous. The thing with two ponytails is that they look cute and elegant at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about whether they will match your vibe. Rather, trying out these two ponytails will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s your birthday or a casual hangout with friends, give these ponytails a shot. Pick adorable accessories to make your style look even more incredible. And if you want some barbie vibes, don’t forget to grab all the pink accessories from your favorite store.

Last but not the least, flaunt your double ponytails like a diva as you step outside with ultimate confidence and beauty!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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