Two Strand Twist For Men

Two Strand Twist For Men: DIY Guide With 33 Vibrant Styles

Looking for a simple and clean yet stylish hairstyle? Worry not dear men, Two Strand Twist styles are here to take your look to the next level!

Two strand twist hairstyles offer something extra for your natural hair. There are not many styles that can make you look fashionable and trendy without making any compromise. This is where two strand twist styles stand tall.

This hairstyle is also known as Double Strand Twist and 2 Strand Twist hairstyles. It adds some tangy flavors to your look. Different styling choices and easy maintenance provide some additional features to it as well.

The goal is simple: Look cool and chic in a simplistic way but keep your hair healthy at the same time. But not all the two strand twist styles will make you stand out either, will they?

This is why we are going to discuss the best ones that you can get. It is easy to get lost in details when you look for something that suits your style.

For your ultimate experience, we are going to discuss everything about two strand twist hairstyles here. From products that you will need to get your desired two strand twist styles and how to do it to the ways you can maintain it, it will all be discussed in this article.

We have also created a list of styles for two strand twist styles. This will make it easier for you to choose what you are looking for.

Let’s explore!

The Manual To Two Strand Twist Styles For Men

Two Strand Twist hairstyles are some of the easiest to create. It is so easy that even a child could do it with some directions. It falls into the category of low manipulation hairstyle for a reason!

But do not let its simple process fool you! You will see that this style has a lot to offer when you dive deeper.

Two strand twist styles are brilliant for men and are excellent for your hair growth. They are some of the best protective styles you can get. Two strand twists are different from braids and cornrows because less pull is applied on your scalp while doing it.

You can get your twists at a barber as well as at home. The process for twisting is fairly easy. We are mainly preparing this guide with one thing in mind; that you are looking for a trendy and dashing style. You can find all the help you need in this article.

In this section, we are going to discuss what type of hair you need for your two strand twist styles and how to do it at home. We are going to provide you with a complete guide for this two strand twist beauty.

Type Of Hair Needed For Two Strand Twist Styles

Although some variations can be done on any type of hair, Two Strand Twist styles mainly require you to have Type 4 hair (coily hair or kinky hair). Specifically, type 4C is considered to be the most appropriate for these styles. This type of hair has the perfect texture for two strand twist styles.

For the length, generally you need at least 2.5 inches long hair. If you have shorter hair, you can go for short variations of two strand twist styles.

Your hair length, texture, and whether you are doing the twisting dry or wet determine how your two strand twist styles will look.

Products You Will Need

For your two strand twists, some products will make the process simpler and easier. We have gathered a list of products that will make your journey to two strand twist smoother and hassle-free.

  • Shampoo: You will need a good shampoo for your hair before you begin the process of twisting. We recommend Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Moisturizing and Detangling Shampoo for a good experience.
  • Leave-In Conditioner: To keep your hair moisturized after the cleaning, you are going to need a good quality leave-in conditioner for your hair. There are many options available, but we have picked As I Am Leave-In Conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Edge Control: A good edge control gel will make the twisting process simple. We recommend that you get Shine ‘n Jam Conditioning Gel.
  • Curling Lotion: When you are doing the twisting, applying a bit of curling lotion on your strands will hold the twists in and keep the style locked in. It will also add an extra voluminous look to your twists. We are recommending Innersense Organic Beauty – Natural I Create Volume Hair Volumizing Lotion for your tantalizing twists!
  • Water Spray Bottles: Doing your twists on slightly wet hair brings out the best results. You may already have some spray bottles in your home. Be sure to use one.
  • Hair Clips: Sectioning your hair is important when you are getting your two strand twist hairstyle. To keep them sectioned, you are going to need some hair clips. We recommend that you get some good quality hair clips, like FRAMAR Pastel Alligator Hair Clips 10 Pack.
  • Pintail Comb: A good pintail comb will help you separate your hair and create precise sections all over your head. You may get a Professional 8.8 Inch Tail Comb for a good experience.
  • [Optional] Rubber Bands: In an alternative method for twisting, rubber bands are used to keep strands separated at the roots. We recommend GOODY Ouchless Womens Polyband Elastic Hair Tie for this process.

The Complete DIY Guide

We are going to discuss how to get your two strand twist styles in 4 easy steps. The steps will have slightly modified directions depending on what style you have chosen.

We highly suggest that you pick up a style from our curated list given below in this article. This was done to give you the best male 2 strand twist experience available.

Pick one that you want and then let’s jump into the process of achieving those tranquil twists!

Step 1: Preparing

Before you begin the procedure for getting your two strand twist style, it is important to wash your hair. Cleaning your hair makes it easy to carry out the steps.

While cleaning is necessary to get rid of the residues, hydrating your hair is one of the main goals for this action. Make sure to detangle your hair following the cleaning process.

For cleansing your hair, we are recommending Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Moisturizing and Detangling Shampoo. Afterward, let your hair air dry. Alternatively, you may very gently tap or squeeze your wet hair with a cotton towel. DO NOT completely dry out your hair.

If your hair seems to be tangled, you can use As I Am Leave-In Conditioner and comb through your hair to detangle. Start your combing process at the end of your hair and work your way to the top.

Remember, it is better if your hair is slightly wet and completely detangled.

Once you are done cleaning and detangling your hair, you can go to step 2.

Step 2: Sectioning

In this step, we are going to help you section your hair perfectly for twisting. For ease, you can begin sectioning from the back and go towards the front. You can also part your hair first in the middle horizontally from one ear to another first.

Now, depending on the style you have picked, you will need to section your hair in either small sections or large sections. If you want to get big two strand twists, section your hair horizontally in 4-6 sections first. For smaller ones, go with 7 or more sections.

Keep the sections separate with a hair clip. We are going with 8 sections in this process. After sectioning front and back hair, create 4 even sections within each of them.

You should use the pintail comb to make precise sections. Secure each section with hair clips.

After finishing the sectioning, you can move to the next step.

Step 3: Twisting

We are going to discuss how to do the twisting in this step. We recommend that you go from the bottom-most section and work your way to the front.

Remove the hair clip from your last section of hair. Comb them down to detangle properly. Depending on how big you want your twists to be, create smaller sections in that large section.

Take a small section of hair and separate them into two strands. Apply a good Edge Control gel (we suggest Shine ‘n Jam Conditioning Gel ) at the root of your strands to keep them neat and separate. If you are using rubber bands then use them at the root to keep the hair in place.

If your hair becomes dry, spray some water on your strands before you start twisting the strands.

Take those two strands and start twisting them tightly one around the other. Once you are halfway through twisting those pairs of strands, apply some curling gel to get the most out of those twists. We are suggesting Innersense Organic Beauty – Natural I Create Volume Hair Volumizing Lotion for this.

Keep twisting till you have reached the end of your twists. Using the curling gel will keep the end twisted in a neat and clean way.

Be sure to twist your strands in the same manner from root to the end of your hair strands. DO NOT start rolling the ends of your twists.

Step 4: Maintaining

After you are done with the twisting process, make sure that your hair is hydrated. You also need to keep your twists clean if you want to make them last longer.

33 Stylish Variations Of Two Strand Twist Men

We understand how important it is to choose a good style for you in terms of both look and care. Here, we have presented 33 excellent two strand twist styles for you to try out.

Regular Two Strand Twist

Regular Two Strand Twist

This is a two strand twist hairstyle in its simplest form. Whether you have short hair or long hair, you can try this out.

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the most gorgeous way to go!

Short Red

Short Red Two Strand Twist

If you are bored with the look of simple two strand twists for men, why not add some color to them?

The color red oozes passion and energy. After getting your twists, get your twists colored in red and show yourself more dazzlingly.

Marley Two Strand Twist

Marley Two Strand Twist

Marley Two Strand Twist style is more than one can imagine. Marley is the name of an emotion.

Yes, you guessed right. This particular hairstyle is after Bob Marley’s iconic style. If you have your head full of long afro hair, give this one a try. Not many people can pass on the opportunity to look like the great Bob Marley. That too with two strand twists.

Give it a try!

Two Strand Twist With Fade

Two Strand Swist With Fade

Two Strand Twist with Fade is one of the most desirable styles you can find.

There were days when mixing different hairstyles were almost forbidden. Gone are those days and now, a modern style like fades got into bed with the classic two strand twist.

Why not show that you are a man of everything when you have the chance?

Two Strand Twist Dreads

Two strand Twist Dreads

Turning your two strand twists into dreadlocks is a tremendous way to go. It’s more than how it looks.

The history of dreads tells you how liberating they are. They are more than hairstyles. They are lifestyles.

And two strand twists dreads are a deadly combination for all things considered.

Two Strand Twist Into Free Dreads

Two Strand Twist Into Free Dreads

If you love the dreads but traditional and maintained dreads seem too much to you, two strand twists into free dreads are here for you!

Easy to maintain yet have the look, this two strand twist style would be excellent for you if you have medium-sized hair. You can also modify it as you like.

Traditional or free, you may taste the dreads as you like.

Mini Dreads

Two Strand Twist Into Mini Dreads

If you don’t have long hair for a classic two strand twist dreads look, how about going for a short one?

It may take more work to get this done properly. One of the best ways is to get your two strand twist done not too tightly. This helps get those short hair to turn into dreads in a more convenient way.

There is always a way!

Curtained Two Strand Twists

Curtained Two Strand Twists

Hair parted in the middle has been one of the most versatile variations in the history of hairstyles.

Adding this bit to your two strand twists creates a look of simplicity and tradition. Who doesn’t love this combination?


Side Parted Two Strand Twist

The Side-Parted Two Strand Twist style is perfect for you if you want to create a fuller, flowing appearance. This style also fits every situation.

Getting these classic looks is never a bad decision.

Top Knot Two Strand Twist With Extension

Top Knoted Two Strand Twist With Extension

We don’t always have the perfect volume of hair. But why would you let this stop you from getting the fantastic two strand twists?

One of the best things about using the extension is that you can get a top knot as a final touch. As the hair length is not a problem, why not go further for a bit of extra, right?

The colors are the additional bits that make your life vivid as well. The crown of life awaits you!

Two Strand Twist High Bun

Two Strand Twist High Bun

Two Strand Twist High Bun is a magnificent variation of two strand twists for men. The bun brings a more energetic side to your two strand twists.

This style is suitable for you if you have medium to long hair. The touch of bun adds a bit of flamboyance to your style.

Straight Two Strand Twists

Straight Two Strand Twists

Straight two strand twists are excellent for you if your hair type falls into the category of 1-2B.

Usually, two strand twists are perfect for people with coily hair. But where there is a will, there is a way.

This straight two strand twist style looks so unique and slick. Try this one and feel the power from within!

Long Two Strand Twist

Long Two Strand Twist

If you have long hair, it creates a good style by itself. Don’t underestimate your lengthy locks!

Long two strand twists carry a sign of time and wisdom. You may incorporate dreads look as well if you like.

The blessing of your long hair will not go unnoticed.

Short Two Strand Twist

Short Two Stand Twist

Not having medium or long hair should not make you stop from getting any hairstyle you like. This is why we are always here to assist you!

Your short two strand twists are also good for the health of your hair. Get the strands early and do some re-twisting later on to keep them locks protected.

Floppy Two Strand Twist

Floppy Two Strand Twist

The Floppy Two Strand Twist style is a bit different from the regular one.

Instead of getting tight twists, you are getting some relaxed strand twists in this one. This contributes towards creating an easygoing yet composed look.

Let it flow and keep it tight at the same time!

Jumbo Dreads

Two Strand Twist Into Jumbo Dreads

This variation of two strand twists is a piece of work. It will take time to get the final look but it’s well worth it.

To get and preserve the look from the beginning, the twists have to be slightly relaxed. For the final jumbo dreads look, bind a few twisted strands and achieve completeness.

Remember the saying… good things take time!

Undercut With Top Bun

Two Strand Twist Undercut with Top Bun

Two strand twist undercut with top bun is absolutely a banger! Sort of a chameleon. Let us explain to you how.

When you get the undercut, you set yourself up for so many styles. Now, when you get two strand twists in this case, even your twists can be organized in many different ways. Top bun is just the beginning.

You can also make a ponytail out of your long two strand twists and establish a mullet-like look at the same time.

It just does not let you stop being creative!

Jumbo Braids

Two Strand Twist Jimbo Braids

This style takes your twists into the next level. You are making a marriage between two strand twists and braids!

For this particular style, your strands will need to be thicker than usual. Halfway through, turn your twisting into making braids, and there you have it!

Short Pony

Short Pony Two Strand Twist

Short pony two strand twist hairstyle is yet another one where you can apply various modifications.

After you get your fades for this one and have your hair twisted, it by default looks like a French crop hairstyle, if you like. You then get a short pony to work with it.

If you have shorter hair, you may create a simple French crop two strand twist style out of it. Think about it!

Box Short Two Strand Twist

Bob Short Two Strand Twist

Box short two strand twist style is perfect for you if you have shorter than medium-length hair. It is also possible to do with short hair but will not look as full.

This style is one of those closest to the regular two strand twist styles. People with thick hair can look their best with this style.

Blonde On Black

Blonde On Black Two Strand Twist

This blonde on black two strand twist style is for everyone. You can catch people’s eyes pretty fast with this style. The added color amplifies the look of your perfect two strand twists.

You can use extensions if your hair is not long enough. The combination of black and blonde is gorgeous.

A work of art!

Two Strand Twist Locs With Highlights

Two Strand Twist Locs With Highlights

Your two strand twist locs in itself are grand. The amalgamation of those relaxed twists and some highlights makes you stand out.

Your highlight’s color can be anything. Choose whichever you resonate with. Just make sure that it is bright enough to make a good contrast.

Jumbo Feed-In Two Strand Twist Braids

Jumbo Feed in Two Strand Braids

When you are doing jumbo feed-in two strand twist braids, you are cooking something really cool! Braiding is an excellent technique that works perfectly with two strand twists.

The protective nature of your two strand twist gets multiplied by those feed-in braids. You get the look as well as good preservation of your hair.

A perfect two-in-one!

Chequered Two Strand Twist

Chequered Two Strand Twist

This style sends the message that you are a perfectionist. It requires your stylist to be a perfectionist too.

When your hair is getting twisted in two strands, those perfectly created boxes are also making a chequered pattern. Parting in the middle then gives the feeling of a thoroughly done symmetrical mastery.

Let your chequered two strand twist add some spice to your already flawless life!

Heavy Two Strand Twist

Heavy Two Strand Twist

Heavy two strand twist gives life to those who have extra thick hair. It keeps your hair organized and lets it grow in a controlled manner.

The strands tend to be really heavy in this style. In turn, it requires you to be more careful regarding taking care of your twists.

Bleached Two Strand Twist Mohawk

Bleached Two Strand Twist Mohawk

This variation of two strand twists has a lot of things going on at the same time. You are getting a mohawk with your twists, and you are having your hair bleached!

If most two strand twist styles look boring to you then this one will definitely keep you going. You can try other male hairstyles with your bleached 2 strand twists as well.

The possibility is limitless!

Cornrows Mohawk

Two Strand Twist Cornrows Mohawk

Two strand twist cornrows mohawk is yet another one where many things are happening at the same time. Twists are created in a hybridized twisting and cornrows technique.

This blending of techniques is creating a unique irresistible style. Finishing it up with a mohawk is making you go that additional length. What a beauty to behold!

Side Swept

Side Swept Two Strand Twists

This particular style goes slightly against the traditional two strand twists. You start at one side of your head and go in the opposite direction.

Side swept twists can also be tried with one side shaved. You may even create your own style by getting a Viking look if you are bulky.

The floor is yours.

Micro Twist

Micro Two Strand Twist

If your hair length is really short and you are desperate to get two strand twists, you must give this one a try. Those micro twists look absolutely charming.

It would be best to use rubber bands for your twists if you are opting for this style. The short hair itself is not capable of holding the twists.

The lovely look of those mini two strand twists will not escape anyone.

Plain Two Strand Twist

Plain Two Strand Twist

Plain two strand twist style is a favorite of people with straight hair. Unlike our earlier mentioned straight two strand twist style, this one looks fuller and slicker.

As your hair is straight, the twists will not be as tight. You may need to use bands at the end of your twists to keep them as it is.

You may also use extensions and highlights to modify the look according to your preference.

Crossed Twist

Two Strand Twist With Crossed Twist

Isn’t this one a beauty!

Two strand twist with crossed twist style is bewitching in its own right. The crossed twists are unifying your sides, and those thick twists are playing all over your head.

Everything is covered in this style.

Long Two Strand Twist With Highlights

Long Two Strand Twist With Highlights

When you have long hair, some regular hairstyles may look very flat. This is where long two strand twist comes in with highlights.

Use a contrasting color as your highlights and let your long twists shine magnificently as they are. Try not to go overboard with the amount of highlights, and you will be fine.

Point Parted

Point Parted Two Strand Twist

Point parted two strand twists provide you with a unique appearance. You are making a statement of your individuality through this amazing style.

Additionally, you can add beads and highlights in your twists to revamp the look every once in a while.

With this elegant style, you are sending the message that you are all fun and games!

Care Guide

Two Stand Twist Care Guide

Taking care of your hairstyle is no less important than getting your desired look. It requires as much effort in keeping the look intact and last longer. Therefore, we also come bearing the care guide for your two strand twist hairstyles.

Never get your twists when your hair is completely dry. Spray some water on it before starting the twisting process.

You may clean your twists every 4-5 days. While washing, be extra careful with your twists. If you are using shampoo, make sure that your twists are clean afterward.

Keeping your twist moisturized is fundamental. When you realize that your hair has dried up, spray a little amount of water on your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner and let it sit.

Let your hair dry after the twisting is done. Do not rush the process.

Wrap a satin headscarf around your head when you are going to sleep. This will keep your twists free from getting frizzy.

You can keep your head wrapped other times as well to protect your twists from getting stuck in places, especially if you have long twists.

Bigger twists last shorter. If you want your twists to last long, pick up a style with small twists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I retwist my two strand twists?

Ans: Depending on your hair growth, you may need to retwist every 30 days-60 days.

How long should my hair be for two strand twists?

Ans: Two strand twists styles are possible to do on any hair. But ideally, you should have at least 2.5 inch long hair for your double strand twist style.

Are two strand twists protective?

Ans: Yes, two strand twist styles are protective and good for your hair growth.

How long does it take to get two strand twists?

Ans: Depending on your hair type, it may take you 1-4 hours for your two strand twist style.

Is it possible to get two strand twists on permed hair?

Ans: Yes, it is possible. However, your twists will unravel fast and you will have to get them retwisted again and again. It is better if your hair is not permed when getting a two strand twist hairstyle.

Are two strand twist styles high maintenance?

Ans: No, two strand twist styles are low maintenance and require low manipulation.

Final Thoughts

Two Strand Twist hairstyles are simple yet so attractive for everyone. They are extremely versatile hairstyles. You can also modify all the styles according to your desire. The protective nature of the style is an added bonus.

In our article, we have provided all the information you may need. The styles we have presented here are carefully picked based on the current trend and effectiveness of the styles.

Rocking a trendy look and taking care of your hair is similarly necessary. Based on our extensive research, we can say that two strand twist styles will undoubtedly take good care of your hair besides making you stand out among everyone else.

Be unparalleled and let a stunning two strand twist style express your vibrant self, today!

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