Types Of Hair Clips

Your Simple Guide to Different Types of Hair Clips

In our childhood, our mothers used to style our hair in creative and playful ways. Those styles required colorful hair ties and hair clips to portray the childishness that we carried and to be honest, that appeal is not totally lost yet.

It’s true that trends and styles change with time, but some things just always remain on our list no matter what year or time it is. Just like those vibrant colored butterfly clips or snap clips from our childhood days. They have now become super fashionable with the changing desires of their consumers and can be picked for any of your ideal hairstyles.

With the aesthetic vibes becoming popular on Instagram, different types of hair clips have made their comeback in style. We have seen the pearl snap clips which created a wave of enthusiasm among social media influencers, and the butterfly clips that became quite popular for elevating baddie and cutie hairstyles.

However, do you actually know how many types of hair clips are out there, or what are they actually used for? Have you ever thought of using something else rather than your regular bobby pins and snap slips? If you haven’t, then this article is for you.

Ahead, we are going to talk about different types of hair clips that can be used for styling your hair in adorable and creative ways. But before that, let’s know some interesting facts about hair clips.

A Short History of Hair Clips

History Of Hair Clips

The history of hair pins can be dated back to the prehistoric era when small rocks were used as hair clips to hold the hair back. These rocks had clip-like edges to do so.

Apart from that, hair clips in ancient times were basically what we know as hair pins at present. Made from bone and wood as well as embellished with gemstones, these hair pins date back thousands of years ago. Ancient Rome, Greece, Africa, and China have seen the use of hair pins, and the designs of these accessories only advanced with time.

If we talk about the 20th century, we can see the variety in hair clips more prominently. In the 1910s, women used to wear decorative pins and combs to adorn their hair, which often had semi-precious stones in their designs. Bobby pins got their popularity in the 1920s, whereas barrettes became famous just after that!

Fast forward to the 1990s, butterfly clips became a popular accessory for styling hair. And as we reached 2010, the famous aesthetic barrettes won the hearts of ladies out there with their charm and beauty. Stacking them became a trend, and these barrettes are still in their A-game!

What Types of Hairstyles are Perfect for Using Hair Clips?

Generally, we associate untied and free-flowing strands with hair clips, but they can be paired with any type of hairstyle. We used to wear colorful snap clips and butterfly clips with our ponytails and pigtails in our childhood, and at present, they are still worn by children and fashionable ladies who love to keep up with trends.

While bobby pins are widely used for securing hairstyles or making creative appearances, the larger claw clips are in the scene for allowing you to clip up all of your hair anytime you want. You can put up all your box braids using claw clips as well.

The variety in snap clips makes them suitable for fancy and aesthetic occasions, and french barrettes are worn by modish women to make their half-up styles even more adorable. No matter if your hair is curly or straight-clips are suitable for all moods and vibes.

13 Types of Hair Clips to Style Your Hair

After knowing the history of hair clips and their suitability according to hairstyles, it’s now time for you to understand the difference between each type of hair clip. Not only their appearances, but these hair clips also differ in functionality. So let’s know everything in detail ahead.

Bobby Pins

Earning their name from the famous bob style of the 1920s, bobby pins are one of the most versatile hair clips out there. These are used to secure your hair in places, and the fancy ones can provide you with simple yet elegant hairstyles. These clips are quite useful for fine hair.

Bobby Pins

You can do a simple hairstyle like the one in this picture using your bobby pins. Pick them in different colors and materials. For something fancy and chic, rhinestone bobby pins or gold ones can be your go-to option.

Bobby Pins Hairstyle

Banana Clips

These clips were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The curved banana-like shape of these clips has given them this unique name. These clips are making a huge comeback, so you need to get one for yourself asap!

Banana Clips

Banana clips are available in different styles and materials, so you can make the best out of them depending on the occasion. For instance, this pearl banana clip is surely a great choice for an aesthetic event or photoshoot.

Banana Clips On Hair

Snap Clips

These are maybe the most popular types of clips out there because they are a major part of our childhood. At present, snap clips are worn to create adorable hairstyles by many ladies out there. You can just part your hair in the middle or at one side and wear your snap clips, or simply pair them up with different types of hairstyles.

Snap Clips

Snap clips are available in different sizes, colors, and designs. You can choose them based on your outfit and mood. Here is a super cute hairstyle with snap clips for curly hair that is sure to win hearts!

Snap Clips Hair

Claw Clips

In a claw clip, the claws come together and they help you to put up all your hair together at once. You can also use them to create adorable half-up hairstyles.

Claw Clips

If you have long hair and you want to try out an elegant hairstyle without giving much effort, then claw clips can definitely be your pick. The lady in this picture has done a half-up hairstyle using a simple claw clip, and we totally love it!

Claw Clips Hairstyle

Jaw Clips

Longer than claw clips, these are comparatively better for long and thick hair. The claws overlap in a jaw clip, so that’s the main difference between a jaw clip and a claw clip.

Jaw Clips

This is how simply you can style your hair with a jaw clip. Just take all of your hair together and place the clip following the style in this picture. You can literally wear your hair like this whenever you are running errands or simply enjoying your time at home.

Jaw Clips Hair Bun

Comb Hair Clips

For a super minimal hair look with a simple accessory, you can choose the comb clips anytime you want. You can use them to pin back a short amount of hair to create a cute style, and the smaller versions are especially great for thin hair.

Comb Hair Clips

Using comb clips, you can recreate this super simple and beautiful hairstyle. Putting it on will literally take seconds, so we suggest you give it a try right now!

Comb Hair Clips Hairstyle

Alligator Clips

The general purpose of alligator clips is to keep hair off your face and provide you with a great style. Previously, these clips were used to hold curls in place until they were set. Available in different styles, these clips are quite handy.

Alligator Clips

Basically perfect for young girls, alligator clips are made in different styles using different types of materials for embellishment. The little girl in this picture is wearing one with beautiful white hearts, accompanied by a cute snap clip.

Alligator Clips Style

Butterfly Clips

If you love to try out hairstyles from the ‘90s, then we know that you are possibly a fan of the butterfly clips. These clips can be worn with twisted styles or small braids, and they look totally captivating. For recreating a baddie or a cutie hair look, these clips are a must!

Butterfly Clips

For a super cute and stylish look, you can try this hairstyle with your butterfly clips. Make sure to choose them in different shades to create an eye-soothing appearance and make your hair curly if you want a similar style as in the picture.

Butterfly Clips Hair Up Do

French Barrettes

If your hair is thick and long in nature, you can easily pick up the french barrettes. These come in various designs so you can choose the ones according to your attire and style. For creating half-up hairstyles, these can be your perfect companion.

French Barrettes

To create a chic hairstyle, you can choose french barrettes that are embellished with pearls and rhinestones. Other than that, for a simple yet cool hair look, something similar to this one can be a great choice for half-up hairstyles.

French Barrettes Hairstyle

Pearl Clips

These are basically not any single type of hair clips, but your regular styles of hair clips designed with elegant pearls. Instagram has made pearl clips super popular among teenagers and young ladies, so we cannot but recommend these for you.

Perls Clips

From bobby pins to snap clips, pearls are literally everywhere! You can simply part your hair in the middle and wear the clips on one side of your hair. Wear a single pearl snap clip, or place multiple of them one after another.

Perls Clips Hairstyle

Duckbill Clips

Generally used for subsections, duckbill clips are great for styling your hair. As these clips have the shape of a duck bill, they are known as duckbill clips. If you want to keep your hair away from your face, you can use these clips quite easily.

Duckbill Clips

This is how duckbill clips are used to secure your hair sections during your styling process. You can grab a pack of them before sitting for the session, and these clips are sure to come to your aid!

Duckbill Clips Hair

Geometric Hair Clips

Star-shaped clips are quite popular among hair clip lovers, but you can also find the ones in the shapes of triangles or rectangles. These geometric clips are great for providing your hair with a cool vibe, so what’s stopping you from picking them up?

Geometric Clips

To make a super chic hairstyle, you can pick a triangle-shaped geometric hair clip like the one shown in this picture. Just a simple addition of this clip has taken the hairstyle to the next level. So smart and effortless we must say!

Geometric Hair Clips

Sectioning Clips

If you visit the salon quite frequently, you are already acquainted with sectioning clips. Generally large and black in appearance, these clips are used while bleaching your hair and simply for holding your hair in sections.

Sectioning Clips

Sectioning clips are used like this to make your hair styling process more convenient. They are basically used at the salons as essentials and are quite important and handy in nature.

Sectioning Clips Style

Final Thoughts

The variations in hair clips only make it possible for us to choose them according to occasion and preference. However, many of us do not actually know the functions of different types of hair clips, so it often becomes difficult to choose the proper ones based on our needs. This is why we have written this simple guide to acquaint you with the types of hair clips that you will find in the stores.

Remember to choose hair clips based on your styling idea, and take multiple of them just in case. In the case of butterfly clips and bobby pins, getting a handful beforehand is strongly suggested by us. But if you are shopping for claw clips or banana clips, just picking one that seems perfect for your hair will do the job quite well.

That being said, we suggest you go through this article properly before picking your next pack of hair clips. Try out fun and creative hairstyles using them, and click the perfect selfie for your ‘Gram with an amazing hairstyle that’s ready to be rocked any day.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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