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17 Different Types Of Mullet Ideas Will Make You Look Sizzling Hot

If you are not familiar with mullet hairstyles, then you’re probably quite far from popular culture. Take the TV series Stranger Things for example. Steve Harrington’s smoking hot hairstyle rocked the hair industry with an iconic mullet stealing everyone’s heart.

I am a hardcore fan of this 80s hairstyle as well. It has recently made a comeback and is on the list of the most iconic hairstyles in 2022 with limitless variations.

Short and casual or long and classy, I was always torn between these two styles. However, after researching different types of mullets, now I can incorporate both of these into one.

So buckle up and get ready to check out some awesome mullets I have compiled. Near the end, I provided some answers to frequently asked questions as well.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the mullet dimension.

Different Types Of Mullets You Should Definitely Check Out

From my experience, I have seen people pulling off mullet hairstyles regardless of their hair type, face shape, aesthetic, etc. And I am pretty sure by the end of this article you will be enthusiastic about this hairstyle as I am.

Get your Boba tea ready and pick out your favorite one from the list!

Grunge Mullet

Grunge Mullet

From my experience, grunge hairstyles look best on people who have high self-esteem and confidence. They can own the untamed messiness in a snap. Grunge-styled mullet can alleviate your look and your whole aura on a different level. You will feel like the main character walking in slow motion.

For the ones who want customization in their haircut to properly showcase who they are, I think grunge mullet is the best hairstyle for them. Because I know for a fact that with all the textures you can dye your hair to create a style to die for.

So, I suggest you get this hairstyle as soon as possible.

Classic Mullet

Classic Mullet

I think you have all noticed how everyone is obsessed with keeping things vintage and classy nowadays. For this, the best haircut is obviously the classic mullet.

This hairstyle is a blessing in disguise making everyone’s style look 100x better. You can be sure to look iconic with hair for certain.

From what I’ve seen, classic mullet looks a little better styled out. You can get it blown out and add on your vintage shirt to get the full look.

I have seen my clients grow out their hair for months to achieve the beauty of this hairstyle. I hope you will too and be the CEO of iconic hairstyles.

Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet

We all love a thick head full of hair. However, they can come at a cost. From my experience, I have seen people with thick hair get more irritated than the ones with hair on the thinner side.

For the ones getting irritated with too much hair, I suggest they get this haircut. Because shaggy mullet is all about having textures as much as possible. It will help lessen the extra weight of your hair.

This type of hairstyle is sure to make you look undeniably bold. The textured rugged sexiness is all you will want for your hairstyle once you try this one out.

I hope you can let your edginess make a stand with this look.

Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet

As a stylist, I know that I should not have preference over hair types. However, I always seem to prefer curly hair over straight ones as they create a majestic look with any haircut. If you have curly hair, then I suggest you try this out right this instant.

I suggest you keep extra time on your hand to get this look to perfection. You will need to add a bit of setting gel and mousse to keep your hair stuck to your sides to make your hairstyle look more prominent. You will feel like the 80s charming rock star with this hairstyle.

So bring your boyish charm back with your curly mullet today!

Asian Mullet

Asian Mullet

I cannot begin to describe my eternal love for Asian mullets. This variation will make you look and feel stunning like a K-pop model. From what I’ve perceived among my clients this hairstyle seems more popular than the other variations for its limitless possibilities.

Asian mullets can make you look extra as well as low-key and professional (which is, in my experience, a hard thing to achieve with mullets). If you do decide to get one of these then people will swoon over your style. You can flaunt it without having to think twice.

Get this haircut and look utterly godlike.

Mullet Hawk

Mullet Hawk

I appreciate the braveness of my clients who chose mullet hawk as their hairstyle. Because this will make you instantly stand out among everyone no matter where you go.

The buzz on the side and the texture in the middle will never make anyone look like a “mid”. I swear you will fall in love with your overwhelming presence. From my experience, if you want to completely change your look then this is the one for you. You will be the trendy king but not mainstream.

Make everyone fall in love with you for your sharp sense of style.

Retro Mullet

Retro Mullet

To be honest, I think retro mullets give the same vibe as a Lana Del Rey song. The vintage fashion and fully blown-out side-parted waves create a dashing look.

It’s all about keeping it original and this will make you feel like the original main character straight from an 80s movie. The sweeping bangs are enough to sweep anyone’s heart away. You might have to style it a bit.

However, I promise it will appear effortlessly cool rather than purposefully styled. The debonair sophistication will give you the elegance you need to look expensive.

Incorporate a ravishing look with this haircut.

Mullet Fade

Mullet Fade

Oh man, where do I even begin with this one! Even as a fan of modernized versions of mullets I must say sometimes they can get a little out of hand. Mullet and fade juxtaposition is one of the modernized versions that I can fully approve of.

You can easily portray your quintessential fashion sense with the haircut. You will look like a bold and edgy boss of the fashion industry. From what I’ve seen, you might not be able to rock this hairstyle with any outfit.

Then again, I assure you if you’re confident and can perfect this hairstyle, then your day will get 10% better just by looking at your reflection.

Let your style awe inspire everyone with this haircut.

Fringed Mullet

Fringed Mullet

I have seen my clients get this haircut and their whole style changed into a younger and more powerful one. In this case, the fringes at the front do the trick. You will look like a professional guy from the front and a party guy from the back.

The fringes in the front make the perfect amount of textures to make your hair look healthy and thick. To make your mullet cooler and super fun, I suggest you dye your party side of the mullet.

If you want to keep it simple, then I suggest you keep your usual hair color or dye your whole mullet in a more professionally acceptable color.

Look like a high-end model with this hairstyle today!

Lined Up Mullet

Lined Up Mullet

From my perspective, if you don’t want to look too edgy and scary then getting a few lineups with your mullet might be a good idea. This will help you understand if you want to further get more intricate designs as well.

These are pretty low-key. So if you don’t like them just wait it out and your hair will cover your lines up in no time. And if you want to be the center of attention with your lineup then I suggest you get creative with them and make them stand out.

This iconic style will go with any hair type and enhance the style. So, intimidate everyone with your classy boldness with this haircut.

Wavy Mullet

Wavy Mullet

Any hairstyle looks gracious and elegant if you have wavy hair. And wavy mullets look simply refined and suave. This 80s boyfriend look is here to serve the community. The sweeping bangs of your waves will look gorgeously flirty making everyone become an instant simp.

There’s no subtleness to the look that comes with getting a wavy mullet. From my experience, this hairstyle looks both pushed back and free. You can style it up as much as you like or as little as you like, you will still look absolutely stunning.

Get an alluring look with your wavy mullet.

Short Casual Mullet

Short Casual Mullet

I love a good short casual mullet. Because it can make you look cooler without making you look like a try-hard. I think this is one of the hairstyles that exude confidence.

I know that it will be hard to get a pushed-back elegant look in this haircut with all the textures and ruffled hair. Even though they are casual, they look crazy good in your professional outfit as well.

You just have to leave your hair be and keep its originality. Anyone can rock the got-out-of-bed hairstyle. You can look dashing and boyfriend material with your short casual mullet.

Look casual and professional with this hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Fringe Mullet

Asymmetrical Fringe Mullet

Asymmetrical fringe mullet exudes a high-end haircut aura. All you have to do is leave a bit of your fringe uneven than the rest. And voila, you now have an iconic haircut with high taper fade mullet.

From my experience dying your hair was the best way to stand out. However, nowadays it has become mainstream. So to stand out, I suggest dyeing only the asymmetrical part of your fringes.

People tend to be afraid of looking different with a unique haircut. With this haircut, you will inspire people to embrace their originality.

Find the harmonious beauty in your asymmetrical mullet today.

Biker Gang Long Mullet

Biker Gang Long Mullet

According to social norms, longer hair is best suited for women to enhance their whole feminine aura. In the case of mullet, however, longer hair at the back entails looking more masculine breaking the stereotypical idea of gender norms.

The badass vibe of this long mullet is unbelievable. To alleviate this vibe, I suggest you get a fade from your side-part creating a more intimidating style. I think tattoos or intricate designs look best with this type of mullet. And this goes for all types of hair.

It creates a game-changer look for everyone. I swear you will become the talk of the town with this one for sure.

Get high on your edginess with this hairstyle.

Hipster Mullet

Hipster Mullet

Are you a fan of being a little extra? I sure am. And hipster mullets can get you that extra vibe in an instant. They are basically long mullets with extra-long fringes at the front all spiked up to create a powerful look.

From a professional point of view, hipster mullets can make you a star of any setting. This majestic hairstyle will make you ready for a heavy metal show. It is hard to go unnoticed with this kind of look. You will have a look that has no match.

Get this haircut and feel the power of mullet coursing through your whole aura.

Flat Top Mullet

Flat Top Mullet

As a lover of classy hairstyles, I must mention flat-top mullets. This hairstyle screams the 1980s like no other. You will literally have flat tops on your head adding a few inches to your height and self-confidence.

If you like everything retro then getting this haircut is a must. Nothing is subtle about this hairdo. Everyone will become obsessed with your sense of style in a snap. Complements will come rushing over to you.

Be ready to make everyone go crazy and flaunt a model look with this variation of mullet.

Side Feathered Mullet

Side Feathered Mullet

Side feathered mullet creates aesthetically pleasing textures with its perfect feather-like layers. This hairdo makes everyone want to run their fingers through your hair. You will look perfectly refined and poised.

From my experience, wavy and straight hair suits this hairstyle the most. The layers are the key point of this whole look. So I suggest you take extra time while styling to make your layers more prominent every time you go out.

Look like a fashion king with your beautiful layers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you’ve already picked up your favorite mullet and you will give your spin to the style you choose according to your style. So now, I will let you in on some basic information about the haircut.

Let’s look at the interesting facts.

Question: What is the most popular mullet?
Answer: The short and modernized version of the mullet is more popular these days. These types of mullets have their separate fan base. It’s easy to pull off and can go with any setting.

Question: Are mullets easy to maintain?
Answer: Mullets are popular not only for their ability to make you look 10 times better in any outfit but also for their super low maintenance. You will look good in the casual, laid-out, messy mullet as well as the perfectly styled blown-out way.

Question: How long does it take to grow mullet?
Answer: Generally, mullets take a while to grow out because of the textures. It can take about six months to grow this hairstyle out for most people. However, it can vary depending on your hair type, haircut, and the required growth time for your hair.

Concluding Thoughts

Nowadays there’s no such thing as a gender-specific hairstyle. Mullets break the usual gender norms for a haircut. With the smaller sections in the front and longer sections in the back, the hairstyle gives out an androgynous vibe.

So just because I have only provided hairstyle examples for the kings, doesn’t mean that my queens won’t have a chance to get the taste of mullets’ awesomeness.

From what I’ve seen, people regardless of their gender, face shape, and hair type can flaunt this hairstyle like a pro model. The mixture of different sizes will make you ready for a party, a casual meeting, a date, or even a professional meeting.

Mullet hairstyles can make you feel good and confident about your look, outfit, and fashion sense. I, for one, think that everyone should try one of the variations of this hairstyle out at least once in a lifetime.

So let’s try it out, my kings and queens.

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