25 Bold and Adventurous Viking Hairstyles for Women

The Vikings, also known as the Norsemen, are Scandinavian people dating back to the late 8th century who raided and took control of Europe and many other places. These people held different occupations, however, they turned into raiders after calculating many factors.

The Vikings are considered to be brave and fearless for their conquest of unknown lands and adventurous mindset that made them successful years after years. At present times, different television shows have depicted an appearance of the Vikings which reflects their fearlessness through their attire, hairstyle, and traits.

Although how much these characteristics actually match with the ancient Vikings can be questioned, the fact that these appearances have created a sensation can not be denied. Especially the hairstyles of Viking women have gained their fair share of popularity.

How Did Viking Women Style Their Hair?

For Viking women, length of hair was a primary concern when it came to their attributes. The shiny long hair was a distinguishing characteristic of the Viking women. However, it is said that the Norsewomen did not pay as much attention to their hairstyle as their male counterparts.

Most women would follow simple hairstyles like tying their hair into a knot, making a bun, or braiding and decorating hair. Women who were thralls usually had to wear their hair short and cropped. Women also wore two braids on each side of their head, which reflects that doing braids was a common practice among Viking women.

It is described that Norsewomen adorned their hair with different types of headpieces. Scarves, Fillets, Jorvik, and Dublin hood were worn by women living in the Viking era. It is also said that blonde hair was considered to be of greater value, so brunettes would bleach their hair using a strongly basic soap, the lye of which would work to make the hair lighter.

For Viking women, the most common hairstyle was a long ponytail knotted into a bun and then falling free, which has been evident from various amulets. However, long hair can be styled in different ways when braids are done on the hair, this is why many Viking hairstyles have emerged inspired by the classic description of Viking women wearing their hair.

25 Viking Hairstyles That Every Woman Should Try

In recent times, many women have tried out different types of Viking hairstyles inspired by the tv series ‘Vikings’. It’s not necessary that you need to follow the rules strictly. Viking hair is all about boldness with a touch of power and elegance, so all you need to do is go big and bold to create a style statement.

Ahead are some of the best Viking hairstyle inspirations to try out!

Bubbles and Braids

Bubbies and Braids

Let’s start our list with a rather easy hairstyle that looks difficult to perfect, but will be a piece of cake to do with practice. This hairstyle consists of a bubble ponytail-like style in the middle and beautifully done braids along the sides.

First of all, you need to section off hair in the middle to create the bubble style. You can backcomb the hair to make it look more volumized. Then create bubbles on your hair by tying it with rubber bands serially.

Once it’s done, make some braids on the sides of your head. Be creative while doing the braids-they can be rope braids, classic french braids as well as other styles to make them look sophisticated. If you want you can add gold hair rings to your braids and bubbles to elevate the look.

Make sure to separate some hair at the front to give your entire hair that flowy feeling. Let the rest of your hair flow like a princess and get that powerful Viking aura within minutes! For the best outcomes, you can color your hair gray or silver.

Side Shaved Bob

Side Shaved Bob

If confidence and passion are your keywords, you can carry a bob haircut with grace any time of the year. But we understand that regular bobs do not really have that Viking appeal, so to unleash your inner Norsewoman, try out a bolder style with your bob.

You can take this side shaved bob as an example. In this style, one side of the hair has a shaved appearance with simple twists, and the other side has a gorgeous tousled bob. This undercut bob has a balanced approach with one side being shaved and styled while the other one being free and full.

This is a hairstyle that reflects confidence, and you can carry it anywhere with utmost grace and charm.

 Multiple French Braids

Multiple French Braids

Several types of braids can be done on a Viking hairstyle, but as we mentioned before, there is no rulebook. So combining large and small french braids can give you a simple Viking hairstyle which will require less time and will be just as beautiful.

For example, this hairstyle is one of our favorites as it looks quite difficult but actually is easy to do. A simple french braid has been done in the middle which looks quite voluminous. Just beside the middle french braid, two small braids have been added to make the style more eye-catching.

And on both sides of the head, side french braids have been done to perfection which has given the hairstyle the ultimate Viking vibe. All the braids have been secured with rubber bands and properly styled to make the hair look luscious and full of volume.

 Front Fishtail Braids

Front Fistail Braids

If you are a fan of Lagertha from the television series ‘Vikings’, it requires no explanation that you might have been fangirling over her hairstyles for quite a while now. Lagertha’s hairstyles are quite intricate and reflect the aura of the Viking era efficiently.

Now as we speak of Lagertha’s hairstyles, we need to keep in mind that the hair needs to be textured and long in order to create a perfect representation of her character. Let’s talk about her famous front fishtail braids accompanied by the side snake braids.

As it is visible in this picture, the upper front side of her head has been crowned with fishtail braids. The braids are set in a circular way to almost make it look like a scarf wrapping the hair, and they cover half of her forehead.

Apart from these voluminous fishtail braids, two snake braids have been done on each side to make the hair look more appealing. If you want the look of a Viking shield-maiden and ruler, this one is sure to make a statement.

Half Up Bubbles with Layered Braids

Half Up Bubbles with Layered Braids

This is another hairstyle combining the half up bubble ponytail along with small braids that are layered like necklaces. This hairstyle is easier to do than it looks, you just need to have some rubber bands at hand to create this style properly.

First of all, make a half up bubble ponytail with hair in the middle. Then do some random braids on each side of the bubble ponytail. These braids do not need to follow any pattern because the messy and uncontrolled look will give you the perfect Viking vibe.

Now take the small braids and arrange them like a layered necklace. On the back of your head, secure these braids with the half up bubble ponytail and you will be left with a gorgeous hairstyle looking like jewelry made out of your hair. Try this hairstyle the next time you feel like being a woman from the Viking era.

 Ponytail with Small Braids

Ponytail with Small Braids

If you are a fan of messy but tied-up hairstyles, you can try out a ponytail look the next time you step outside. But a simple ponytail doesn’t sound Viking enough, right? So to achieve that vibe, all you need to do is make some braids at the front, and your Viking ponytail will be done within moments.

Start by doing random braids at the front up until the middle of your head. The braids can be randomly allocated or they can maintain a pattern. Make sure that you braid your hair from the middle as well as from the sides.

Now take all of your hair together as well as the braids, and turn them into a regular ponytail. It’s as easy as that. To make things more elegant, you can try different braiding styles such as french braids or fishtail braids, and rock a bold Viking look without giving much effort.

Braided Half Up Knot

Braided Half Up Knot

As we mentioned before, the most common style for women during the Viking era was turning hair into a knot and then letting it fall free. So you can combine this classic style with different types of braids to make a style of your own.

You can take this hairstyle as an example. Here, the entire hair has been divided into three parts. There is a french braid in the middle and right beneath it are two small braids on both sides. Taking these braids together, a half up knot has been done on the back and given a single bubble style.

The hair is perfectly curly so when it is let down, it screams Viking vibes. Also, on the front sides, two simple braids have been done and secured with silver hair rings to make the hairstyle perfect.

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

Turning braids into a ponytail is a fun thing to do. For additional intricacy, you can add rope braids and twists to your hairstyle. The most interesting part of a braided ponytail is placing a braid right in the middle of the ponytail to make it look sporty and bold at the same time.

For instance, this hairstyle is done by combining braids and ropes to create that braided ponytail look. The main braid in the middle reaches to a ponytail where it is accompanied by casually done rope braids at the sides.

A regular three-strand braid is placed in the middle of the ponytail. You can secure your hair by using hair ties, and the braid in the middle can be tied up with a rubber band. This is a casual hairstyle that you can rock during your sports days as well.

Snake Braided Back

Snake Braided Back

What about a back full of snakes? Just kidding! But wait, you can actually do that! If you want your hair to look more complicated but stylish at the same time, then this Viking hairstyle is the right option for you.

Here, the back of her head consists of several snake braids which are aligned throughout the back creating a great visual. The twists and turns of the snake braids also create an illusion of snake motion, giving the name its proper credit.

We love the complexity of this overall hairstyle and the use of hairstyling accessories to make the hair look more appealing.

 Intricate Braided Updo

Intricate Braided Updo

If you think that Viking hairstyles are only suitable for cosplays, then we are here to tell you that many women have rocked such hairstyles on formal occasions such as weddings and bridal showers. It’s just about picking the right style so that you can carry your favorite hairstyle gracefully no matter what the event is.

This braided updo is a great recommendation for an adventurous bride who is ready to rock the braids with poise. This is a very complex hairstyle, so you can visit the salon to perfect this look. What we absolutely love about this hairstyle is the assembly of so many braids that are neatly done to give it that perfect Viking hair sensation.

Words will fall short to describe the beauty of this style. All the braids at the front and sides, the updo in the middle, and the curly hair flowing down from the nape and onwards are everything that you need as a ‘Vikings’ fan bride.

Side Shaved Fishtail Braid

Side Shaved Fishtail Braid

Although side shaved hair is more popular among men with Viking hairstyles, you can also try it out to unleash the inner Viking in you. Side shaved hair has become quite popular among women in recent years, so without any second doubt, you can opt for a side shaved style and pair it with braids.

Side shaved doesn’t mean you have to keep the rest of your hair short. Rather you can go for longer styles such as fishtail braid in the middle. You can also try out two-tone hair colors on your hair to give it a more trendy look.

In this picture, a fishtail has been done in the middle while much of the hair is left messy down the end. A side braid has been done on the shaved side to add to the details, and this hair is a major baddie style that we recommend you try out.

Side Shaved Dreadlocks

Side Shaved Dreadlocks

Who said dreadlocks cannot rock a Viking hairstyle? Well obviously, we didn’t. Rather if you have dreadlocks, you can turn them into cool Viking hairstyles without giving much effort. You can use the combination of different types of colored hair to make them look more fantastic.

The woman in this picture is rocking her beautiful black and blonde dreads, but the most interesting part that has given her the Viking vibe is the side-shaved appearance. The dreads are beautiful and blonde down the length for a glam vibe.

As mentioned before, blonde hair was of great value during the Viking era. So you can choose blonde hair extensions for your dreadlocks. Don’t forget to adorn them with wooden beads here and there to make the hair look more traditional in nature.

Braided Half Up

Braided Half Up

You can create a simple look while keeping that Viking vibe intact with your hair. Although Viking hairstyles are all about complex braids and textured hair, to give it a simpler look, opting for a simple braided half up style will just be enough.

Take this hairstyle as your inspiration for a simple but elegant Viking look. The blonde hair has been tied into a half up style and right beneath it, two braids have been created elegantly. There is no messiness in the style so if neat and tidy is your preference, this hairstyle is a good option.

To make the style more gorgeous, the rest of the flowing hair has been beautifully curled. You can tease your half up hair to give it a fuller look. This is a style that you can carry gracefully on any formal event, plus your Viking vibe will remain present with you all the way.

Fishtail Braid and Curls

Fishtail Braid and Curls

Curls are always elegant. So whenever you opt for styling your curly hair, no matter what the style is, your hair will look gorgeous and stylish in an instant. However, if you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can always use styling tools to create the curls of your desire for the perfect Norsewoman look.

When it comes to Viking hairstyles, doing a voluminous braid is the key to perfection. For instance, this style can be an inspiration for your next hairstyling session. This half up half down hairstyle starts with a braid at the middle front.

When it reaches the middle of her head, a half up style is created, which is then turned into a fishtail braid by assembling hair from the half up and both sides of her head. Pieces of hair right beside the fishtail braid are beautifully curled to give it that fuller look.

Two small braids are also done on the sides along with small snake braids to give the hair that perfect Viking look. We are also in love with the length of her hair and the platinum blonde shade, so if you are a fan of this hair color, then we suggest you try out this look asap!

   Bubble Braid Mohawk

Bubble Braid Mohawk

Mohawks are one of the boldest hairstyles which only people with utmost adventurous personalities can rock. Let’s face it, getting a mohawk done is not an easy decision to make; this hairstyle is pretty unique compared to other traditional hairstyles, so as a part of adopting a Viking personality, mohawks can be your best friend.

If you are willing to start your mohawk journey soon, we recommend this bubble braided style. A voluminous bubble braided mohawk has been done just in the middle of her hair to give it a messy but fierce look.

On the other hand, several types of braids have been done on the side, starting from regular three-strand braids which ended up as snake braids and fishtail braids. The braids and mohawk have been adorned with gold hair rings to complete the entire look.

Dreads and Braids

Dreads and Braids

As Viking hairstyles are mostly about different types of braids done on long hair, you can easily combine them with dreads to give your hair a bolder look. To make things fun and cool, you can use hair extensions in different playful colors and give yourself a Viking hairstyle that is chic in appearance.

For example, this is a style with blonde and rose gold hair extensions that look trendy from the very first view. Some of the hair has been turned into beautiful braids, whereas the others have been turned into dreads to give it that fuller and messy look.

If you are bored of your hair color and want to try something new, then this hairstyle will be a great pick. We also love how the hair has been given a half up style to showcase the Viking vibe to perfection.

Red Hair

Red Viking Hair

Red hair is always exotic and can be styled in different stylish ways. So if you have red hair and are willing to go for a Viking hairstyle, your options can be modish and fierce at the same time. Even a simple princess braid style can do the work quite well.

In this picture, the girl has beautiful and healthy hair with eye-catching waves. As a red-headed person, she has done justice to her hair. The beautiful braids start from the front and join at the back, creating a visually appealing style.

What grabs our attention is the silver hair accessory placed right in the middle. This simple accessory has elevated the entire style, giving it the perfect Viking characteristic while keeping things elegant.

 Mohawk Braid

Mohawk Braid

If you are a fan of neat and clean hairstyles and just want to keep things tidy but would really love to try out a mohawk, then worry no more because a mohawk braid will just do the work for you. You just need to do the braid neatly and your mess-free Viking look will be done in minutes!

We recommend trying out this particular hairstyle if your theme is braids and braids only. In this picture, a dutch braid mohawk has been done to precision right in the middle. On both sides, two small and beautiful braids have been done to perfection.

This long and braided hairstyle is a great look for those who want to carry a Viking personality but keep things tidy at the same time. Plus, the hair color is also reflecting the vibes of a Norsewoman.

Simple Side Braid

Simple Side Braid

When it comes to the television series ‘Vikings’, the female casts have flaunted their hair in ways that represent their fearless attitude as well as their femininity based on their roles and scenes. So for your casual Viking hairstyle, you can pick this simple side braid worn by Gunnhild.

Nothing fancy has been done in this hairstyle yet it looks so elegant and classy. A loosely done braid has been set on one side and placed beautifully over her shoulder, which gives us a casual vibe. The curly style of the hair is also admirable.

This hairstyle is something that many of us have tried in our home just casually-who knew that we were waiting for our inner Viking to be released?

Side Braid Ponytail

Side Braid Ponytail

A Viking hairstyle is all about that extravaganza with braids and curls, but if you are looking for something subtle with all that vibe intact, then a side braid ponytail can do the work for you. It doesn’t require much time and skill plus the outcome will definitely please you.

For instance, this dutch braid leading to a ponytail is a simple but elegant Viking hairstyle that you can try any time of the year. It’s a simple style that can be done within the comfort of your home, and for additional touches, you can do two dutch braids on both sides.

If you haven’t noticed the obvious already, the dutch braid goes along with the ponytail down the length. This hairstyle is clean and precise, so don’t forget to try it the next time!

Flowery Braids

Flowery Braids

Being a Norsewoman doesn’t only mean that the hair should be set all messy and rough like a warrior all the time. Rather it can be adorned with something as simple as flowers, and given a sophisticated look without giving much effort.

In the television series ‘Vikings’, Yidu’s double braids wrapped with strings of small flowers have been an iconic look for many women out there. Her look presented a hint of femininity with the Viking vibe all present. The yellow and orange flowers were perfect for her dark hair as they popped up and expressed the beauty of her hair in a beautiful way.

French and Fishtail

French And Fishtail

A loosely done simple braid can be your companion for day-to-day activities, so you can add a touch of your Norsewoman attitude in your braid to make it look more attractive and bold. For instance, doing a french fishtail braid will serve your purpose of showcasing your Viking traits.

This casually done french fishtail braid doesn’t require much time or precision-you can just color your hair in two tones to make the braid look more attractive. And if a single braid is not satisfactory enough for you, then go for princess braids as they will give you the perfect effortless look within minutes.

Flowing Curls with Braids

Flowing Curls Braids

This is another iconic look of Lagertha, which has a hint of sweetness and peace along with intricately done braids that represent her bold aura. The combination of hair flowing down freely and braids on the upper side can be your style for showing your free spirit.

In this style, a full and fluffy braid has been done on one side of the hair whereas the other side consists of two beautifully done dutch braids. Complementing the dutch braids is a snake braid right behind them, which gives the hair a sophisticated look.

 Messy Curls

Messy Curls

We understand if you do not feel like styling your hair with all those extra braids and twists, so for keeping things hassle-free, we suggest you try out a messy curly hairstyle like Siggy in ‘Vikings’.

Siggy’s hair doesn’t involve difficult braids or mohawks. Rather it is casually styled with properly done curls. The hair also has loosely done braids to give the curls a more defined look, and the entire hair has a voluminous appearance to portray a messy but well-styled hair look.

 Mohawk Updo

Mohawk Updo

If you are willing to take your hairstyle to the next level, try a mohawk updo. It might seem easy to do but actually requires patience and skill. The focus will be on the middle area of your head as the mohawk will be done there, so you need to make sure that your braid looks fuller enough to rock the style.

Here is a picture of a mohawk updo to make your work easier. You can already assume that this hairstyle is going to need some time, so be prepared beforehand to finish it to perfection. The style is a combination of different types of braids done on different parts, and they look equally appealing.


Is it necessary to do a braid every time for perfecting a Viking hairstyle?

Well, to be honest, a majority of Viking hairstyles include braids, whether it is a regular three-strand braid or a complex snake braid. But if you are not a big fan of braids, then you can simply curl your hair and give it a shaved style on one side. Let your hair flow and you will get a Viking hairstyle minus the braids and twists.

What kinds of accessories are suitable for a Viking hairstyle?

We have mentioned the use of hair rings in some of the styles, so you can choose gold or silver hair rings in different designs according to your preference. Apart from those, you can adorn your hair with Celtic hairpins for a traditional and elegant vibe.

Do I need to have long hair for doing a Viking hairstyle?

Not necessarily. Although most of the hairstyles include long braids and ponytails, you can also have short hair and rock a Viking hairstyle, like the side shaved bob we have mentioned above.

Final Words

Bearing the spirit of a Norsewoman is not an easy task. You have to be brave, bold, and courageous to live up to your words. So if you are confident enough to step into the world of the Vikings, it’s time to step up your hairstyle game right now!

Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you, so pick a bold style and don’t be shy to try out adventurous hairstyles because Norsewomen are all about that fearless spirit. You can change your hair color to blonde shades for the ultimate Viking style, or keep it as it is to create your own statement.

Don’t forget to take care of your precious hair in the meanwhile, and let your hair showcase your courage in front of the rest of the world as you step outside.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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