35 Viking Braids Hairstyles For Men 2023: Long, Medium & Short Hair

For centuries, Vikings were talked about for their warrior spirit and their knack for discovering and exploring multiple portions of the world. The skills they had regarding navigation and when inventing equipment for traveling on the sea were also admired by the world.

However, there was one more thing that they were known for: Their raggedy appearance. Every Viking had braided hair or long hair that was wrapped in a ponytail. They used to increase the intimidation behind their look by growing scruffy thick beards to protect their chins.

Their Rapunzel-like hair accompanied their characteristics and their physical appearance perfectly and is a combination that is mimicked and adored around the world to this day.

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Newfound Fame of the Viking Look in Recent Years

TV shows play a crucial role when setting trends. They carefully orchestrate the physical appearances of characters in hopes of shaping the future of their fanbase. The method is quite effective, too, as a list of them have achieved worldwide recognition because of their fictional characters on the show, not just their plot.

One of the shows on that list is “Viking”. Viking has played a massive role in setting trends for hairstyles since its release in 2013. The aesthetic approach to each character might have fallen in the same category, but were implemented differently to give each one their own unique vibe.

The show lasted from 2013 to 2020, which left fans feeling devastated, but they were quickly met with a teaser of a sequel to the initial series. After dealing with the setbacks of the pandemic, the franchise released their second series which premiered last weekend.

35 Viking Hairstyles For Men That Will Blow Your Mind!

Today, to welcome Viking’s sequel series “Valhalla” and show our utmost appreciation to the franchise, here are some hairstyle ideas inspired by the series that you should definitely take into consideration

Viking Inspired Braids Hairstyles

1. High Undercut with Long French Braids

Viking inspired the world by releasing looks and hairstyles that have an intimidating presence. This is one of them. To achieve this look, you might have to shave your sides and the back till it reaches the crown. To support the French braids, get a little crafty and incorporate some designs to the sides. Think of patterns that will complement your hair. Grow a stubble or beard to enhance the ruggedness of this look.

2. Short French Braids with a Blended Fade

The drawback with viking hair is the time consuming nature of it. Majority of the time, people have to grow their hair out to the max in order to pull off one of the variations. However, to balance things out, here’s something that anyone can wear with short hair.

The blended fade of this look really enhances the maturity of its appearance. Not only will you look good in casual outfits, but your braids will also eliminate each and every one of its competitors at a high-end event, especially if you pair it up with a suit.

3. Micro Braided Ponytail on Long Highlighted Hair

A braided ponytail stands out when presented in smaller segments. The segments really showcase the thickness of the hair. Blonde highlights also make the hair’s presence more lively.

For this look, you may use a flat iron before braiding the hair and heat protectant spray so that the process of braiding is easier. This option also gives you the freedom to accessorize, so bedazzle your hair with some subtle attachments. Show your braids off with style. Attach some clips and rings to it.

4. Long Voluminous Ponytail with a Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut and braids go hand in hand. They complement each other so well.

For instance, A disconnected fade that is shaved to the skin brings out the best in the volume of the braids. The separation is even more beneficial when a beard is involved, as the hairless sides make the facial hair strands seem thicker. Make sure to leave the beard alone to give it a natural look and complement the braids on top at the same time. For the ponytail, you may use a hair tie that is of a different color to ease down the toughness behind this look’s appearance.

5. Grown Out Braided Viking with a Bubble Ponytail

Perhaps the best part about having this hair is the amount of experiments that can be carried out: Plenty. This is a bit modern as opposed to the traditional viking look due to its ponytail. A bubble ponytail is literally what it sounds like: a ponytail that looks eerily similar to bubbles from afar. It is achieved through taking the ponytail out of a series of hair ties until the shape of the tails are full enough and defined enough to look like bubbles.

The haircut is also supported by smaller detailed braids on the sides to make every angle look exquisite. Take the help of your creative side and add some accessories to your hair to enhance the charm of this variation.

6. Viking Mullet with Long Fishtail Ponytail

A viking mullet gives you the best of both scenarios. It helps you achieve a look that is trendy and funky while attaining that menacing factor simultaneously. To support this hair, pair it up with a bushy beard. Use some conditioner so that the texture seems baby soft and silky. For the mullet, you can either go for a lengthy textured combover up front and a plain look at the back that leads up to the tail.

7. Viking Cornrows

Another look that takes the viking look to another level, cornrows when combined with viking are great if someone is tired of growing the strands out and needs a change. It is rather fashionable and can really give you a more mature appeal, which will be a helpful pro for those that are rarely taken seriously. You can either roll with 3 cornrows at the top, with two on each side, or make multiple smaller cornrows throughout your scalp.

8. Half-up Viking with Thin Framing Braids

This hair not only looks appealing on the eye, but it’s also beneficial for wearers of it in multiple ways. Firstly, the half-up tends to add volume, and by now, we should all know how lengthy hair on top brings out the best facial features and makes the hair look more thick and luscious. For the braids, make sure they’re parallel and just thin enough to narrow down the shape of your face.

9. Braided Viking Bun for Redheads

Mimicking a viking hairstyle will work wonders for redheads. The vibrant color of the hair itself will make the person the highest in the room.

To perfectly execute this form, make sure the hair is grown out to at least 12 inches in total from each side. Since this hair offers a natural and laid back attitude, refrain from using shampoo regularly and protect the ends from getting damaged by using a nourishing conditioner.

10. Viking Haircut with Long Locks

This is the most basic but fanciest option for anyone that’s looking to relieve their hair from all the stress. Even though viking braids look extremely pleasant, they often cause a lot of strain to the strands. The firm hold of the braids may lead to hair loss if it’s worn for too long. This hairstyle allows the strands to be wild and free. Use styling mousse if you want your hair to stay in place.

11. Half up Ponytail

The half up ponytail is the best choice for any individual if they want to show the growth of their hair to other people. The scruffy beard complements the hairdo perfectly. To achieve this look, make sure to incorporate hair care products that are chemical free to your routine. Try to use beard oil in order to thicken the quality of facial hair.

12. Slicked Back and Damp Look for Long Hair

If you adore beach hair, you’ll love this variation. This hair looks lively, and contains a lot of definition, and texture. The slicked back portion is achieved through the use of sea salt spray and hair putty. For best results, get a maintenance trim every 3 months to get rid of the ends. Doing so will increase the pleasantness of the hair’s appearance.

13. Messy Wavy Viking Hair

This is yet another version that’s perfect for you if you’re not staying indoors. It looks funky, and the locks contain loads of definition. It will fit you like a glove if your personality reeks of fun.

To achieve the messy and wavy layout, start conditioning your hair more often. Scrunch the strands whenever you have free time so that you can achieve those natural and bouncy locks. Use hair custard at the ends and get creative with it.

However, if your schedule barely consists of any free time, go to a hairdresser that is experienced enough to help you.

Viking Inspired Man Bun Hairstyles

14. Casual Bun

Tired of long hair care routines? Take a break. Tie it up in a playful and relaxing bun.

For this look, you may use a hair tie or even a hair pin if you want the accessory to be less obvious. This look is suitable for gatherings and for formal scenarios, which is one of the main reasons why it’s one of the fan favorites.

To ensure the neatness of this look, make sure you get all the strands when wrapping it up in a bun. Use q-tips or cotton buds to sort out the baby hair and uneven strands.

15. Glossy Man Bun with an Undercut

Controlling long hair can be very difficult at times, especially if the hair is extremely thick. Hair also tends to be more fragile when it’s longer, which might require you to comply gently with messy long hair. That’s when this variation might come in very handy.

To tame the hair, you may use hair clay since it will soften up the hair strands. This will allow you to achieve the bun effortlessly.

Moreover, the undercut will solely be received to give the bun more height. Shaving the sides and back with a 0mm guard will also improve the contrast of the hair color.

16. The Medieval Mess

If you love the carefree nature of long hair, show your love for it to the world. This look might require you to wear it in a bun, but the strands don’t have to be aligned. When wrapping your hair up, leave a portion of your strands behind and let them hang freely. This will give the hair a more thick and natural appearance. To further enhance the volume, dye your hair. Pick a light color like beach blonde.

17. Man Bun with a Taper Fade

Since most viking hairstyles are a bit messy and disorganized, this option is rather refreshing to see. The hair needs to be of medium length to achieve the ideal bun for this look. The taper fade will only be present to make the beard and hair look plentiful. The hairline will also be trimmed down to a buzzcut to make the bun look more full.

18. Vikings Samurai Bun

As opposed to the previous option in the list, this hairstyle is all about that mess. To create a samurai bun, you might have to grow your hair out for a long period of time.
Moreover, when creating the bun, take the middle section of your hair. The ends of hair for this look are usually under the hair tie, not in the bun. This is mainly done to give the appearance a tension-free appeal.

Undercuts and Mohawk Based

19. Side Swept Bangs with Undercuts

To achieve the ideal viking hair, the strands need to be very lengthy. However, there are loads of looks that you may try out if your hair is still in the growing stage. This is one of them. To achieve the look, get a skin fade undercut and make sure your hair is grown out up until your chin.

Furthermore, when styling the hair, use some hair wax and a comb to design the side swept bangs. You may use hairspray if you want the style to stay in place.

20. Viking Long Mohawks

If you lack composure, this is the best choice you can possibly find. A mohawk is known to be one of the best hairstyles only because of how intimidating it looks. Team it up with a beard, and you’ll have the ultimate combo. For best results, use a volumizing comb, but avoid using hair products so the texture looks natural. Disconnect the mustache from the beard to give both of them their own personalities.

21. Wavy Hair with an Undercut

People with wavy hair will have more pros than cons when opting for a viking look. An undercut will not only make the tresses look more defined, but will also narrow down the shape of their face. To wear this hair in the correct manner, use some sea salt spray before styling it. Using it will make the hair look neater than usual.

22. Disconnected Fade with Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is also an option that you should seriously consider if your hair is short. Pairing it up with a disconnected fade will make each strand at the top look immensely thick. It will also add some shine to the beard. Just make sure to ask your stylist for a clean up to unlock that benefit.

23. Super Long Mohawk with a Clean Fade

The USP for this is its messy yet full appearance. This hairstyle is also very low maintenance, which could be ideal for anyone if they don’t like spending too much time on their hair.

To achieve this hairstyle effectively and easily, use texturizing powder. Take a portion of it and massage it on your scalp through the use of your fingertips. Using this product will also make your hair softer, which will allow you to style it comfortably.

24. Undercut with Modern Slick Back

Anyone can resort to this option if they’re looking for a mature hairstyle. Slicking back long hair will increase the smoothness and make the overall appearance more polished than ever. This haircut is also suitable for various occasions and will really stand out at parties and formal events.

25. Wet Slick Back with Undercut Fade

For those that have short hair and have trouble with styling it, resort to this straightforward option. This hair is known for its gleaming appearance.

However, to achieve this look, there’s a set of tools that you might need to use.

Long story short, you need a pre-styler, hair wax with a firm hold, and hairspray. You can even use a blow dryer with a diffuser to give your hair a minor lift.

Slick Back With Disconnected Undercut viking

26. Shaved Mullet with Dreads

Want to show your mullet off but tired of its funky look? Give it a fresh start. Shave the sides and show the progress of your hair through dreads at the back. Trim the ends of the strands at the top to give it some volume. Use some styling powder to unlock a mohawk that is grease free.

Undercuts with Long Dreadlocks

Bald, Buzz and Crew Cut Based

27. Smooth Viking with Scruffy Beard

The viking look can be pulled off by anyone and everyone, even if their hair is not on the thicker end. Embrace your genes and shave it all off. To make up for the loss of hair, let your beard grow out. To maintain this look, you may purchase beard oil to ensure the density of its texture. Being bald has never looked this good!

Bald with Long Beard Viking

28. Bald with Medium Length Beard

This option is very similar to the one above, but it does come with a different requirement. Even though an outgrown beard looks great at casual events, it won’t always fit on every occasion. Trimming it regularly will definitely make a groundbreaking difference. It would look even better if the length is trimmed down a bit.

Bald with Medium Blunt Beard

29. Buzz Cut with a Shaved Hairline

A buzz cut is probably the most intimidating option you’ll find on this list. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it will also age anyone drastically, especially if they complement it with a beard. This will make people take you more seriously. If you have an oblong face shape, then you should get one immediately. It will definitely allow your presence to be known

Viking Buzz Cut with Blonde Beard

30. Creative Buzz Cut with Neat Lines

If a buzz cut seems too plain for you to get, get creative. Go with the flow and ask your stylist to add some patterns or lines so that it looks more lively, not boring.

For the sides, you can either get a skin fade or ask the stylist to blend it in with the size of the buzz cut at the top.

Buzz Cut with a Hair tattoo Viking

31. Crew Cut with an Undercut

If your hair is on the finer end, then this look will work wonders for you. A crew cut usually boosts the texture of the hair, and getting an undercut with it will also increase the darkness of the hair and beard. When wearing this hair, make sure to style it with texturizing powder to prevent the hair from feeling heavy and looking greasy.

Crew Cut In a Viking Style Viking

32. Braids with a Disconnected Undercut

This option is more catered to those with afro hair and incredibly dense hair. This is because braiding on fine hair is usually more difficult for the stylist and stressful for the user’s hair due to the fragility of fine hair. To make the most of its texture, a bald fade will really be helpful. You may even dye your hair and add a sober color to it if you want a more natural appearance.

Blad + Bun + Braid Trio Viking

33. The Rollo Lothbrok

If you’ve watched Viking, then this character doesn’t need an introduction. Rollo is perhaps the most renowned character on the show, and a majority of his fame comes from the various hairstyles that he has pulled off in the series.

For this look, you might have to grow your hair out till it passes the length of your chin. To maintain its consistency, condition it properly and on a regular basis. Try to use the braids to your advantage and narrow your face down through the use of them.

viking hairstyles

34. Spiral Braided Dreads in a Ponytail

This hair will allow you to pay homage to your ancestors and allow you to accessorize with it. What probably makes this option standout is the unique layout and the final design of it. It’s tied up in a downward ponytail, but the ponytail is then sectioned and wrapped around in multiple punch clips from the beginning till the end. This look would look excellent on occasions like Halloween, where you can pull this off without feeling like an outcast. Wear a necklace made of bones to further enhance the uniqueness of this look.

Spiral Braided Dreads in a Ponytail

35. The Two-Horned Viking

If you want to frighten your mates as well as receive a few compliments, then this option should definitely be taken into account. The two horned viking is a simple braided man bun that is accompanied by a bald taper fade underneath it. The bun is then split into two parts from the middle, to give the hair a horn-esque appearance.

Two Horned Viking Breads

A Step by Step Guide to Achieving Viking Braids for Men

Braiding is a requirement that is mandatory for anyone that wants to achieve the ideal Viking look. However, the process of braiding your hair might be time consuming, especially if you prefer doing it on your own. Moreover, going to a stylist and getting braids might be a bit too costly.

Therefore, in order to make things easier, we will provide you with a set of simple instructions that will definitely be useful regardless of whether you’re getting braids at home or at a salon.

1. Grab the front section of hair and section it into a triangular shape.

This will help you with figuring out the kind of pattern you would like to go with.

2. Split that section into 3 minor sections.

A normal french braid usually consists of 3 minor sections. However, you can divide your hair into more sections if you want to create a thinner pattern. People with hair that is immensely thick and resistant can split their hair into 5 or 6 sections so that it’s easier for them to create the braid.

3. Move the center section to the right, the right section to the left, and the left section to the center. 

This will allow you to create a subtle pattern that you can follow throughout the braiding process.

4. Start adding more density to the hair from the sides.

Doing so will add more volume to the braid and prevent it from looking flat.

5. Grab your old centerpiece from the right and move it back to the center.

This will create a subtle knot that will kick start the braiding process.

6. Add some volume to the previous section by taking strands that are located on the right side.

The appeal of french braid is the plentiful amount of volume it adds to your hair. Remember to carefully handle your hair when carrying out this maneuver.

7.  Grab the newfound piece on the left side and move it to the center.

This will finish the creation of the first phase and will allow you to move on to the next.

8. Repeat the process until the braids are completely done.

When braiding, remember to give the portion in the center some size through the assistance of the strands on the left and right.

9. Loosen the knot a bit and seal the hold with some hairspray.

Give your braids some room to breathe and gently use your fingertips to loosen up the texture near the scalp. You may use hairspray to ensure a firmer hold.

The first part of this step is crucial. Failing to follow this correctly will cause a lot of friction to your hair strands, which might lead to traction alopecia.

10. You can either tie the tail up with a bobby pin or create a ponytail.

Using a bobby pin will keep the tail glued to the braid, which will give the braid a boost and improve the texture.

On the other hand, you may let the tail hang and wrap it up in a hair tie if you want to boast about the growth of your hair to other people.


Here are some queries that we’ve responded to that will provide you with more knowledge about viking hairstyles!

1. What kind of hair did vikings have?

Vikings had long hair or shaved heads. The color of their hair was either blonde or brownish red, mainly since they were all from Denmark.

2. What did Vikings look like?

Although we’re rather unsure of what their physique looked like, they were known to have presentable hair and a rather lean muscular build due to the intense physical requirements of their activities. Vikings would carry multiple grooming products to look hygienic and were even known for using make-up for an ageless appearance.

3. Why did Vikings have long hair?

Vikings used to grow their hair out in order to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. They often covered their ears with their long hair strands to protect themselves from the relentlessly cold weather conditions during fights. However, some vikings only cut their hair at the back to prevent the strands from getting tangled to the helmet.

Did Vikings wear dreads?

Although there’s not enough research to reassure the accuracy of this data, vikings were not known for wearing dreads. There seems to be no recollection that backs up this claim. Although most of them were either redheads or had fine, blonde hair, a majority of them preferred having shaved heads.

On the other hand, perhaps male vikings weren’t known for wearing dreads, but female vikings were known for wearing braids. They used to add accessories to their hair and wear head scarves to increase the uniqueness of their look.


We hope this article helps you with exploring your inner viking spirit and inspires you to try out the variations mentioned in this article.
Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you plan to achieve French braids at home. Ask one of your friends, or even a family member to assist you throughout the process. Incorporate grooming products to your hair care routine so that you can keep experimenting with your hair without suffering from long term consequences.
Most importantly, make sure to choose the option that suits you best!

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