Waitress Hairstyles

10 Sassy Waitress Hairstyles For An Everyday Look

Waitress hairstyles are the type of hairstyles that waitresses usually wear when they are at work. These hairstyles serve a special purpose.

Waitresses must have their hair tied up so it does not get in the way of serving the food. Imagine the horror of a customer finding a piece of hair in their food, and it turns out to be yours. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Waitress hairstyles are absolutely stunning, and we need these hairstyles in our lives. If you don’t know what a waitress hairstyle is, then you must read this article to find out all about it.

In this article, you will learn how stylish and functional the waitress hairstyles are. You will also see a variety of waitress hairstyles that will add to your inspiration, and you can basically wear a different hairstyle every day.

This article is all about how you can manage the waitress hairstyles and how they will come in handy for you. The waitress hairstyles are great, and you can take my word on that. If you haven’t tried these hairstyles before, then brace yourself because you are in for a ride my friend.

The list below will help you pick the best hairstyles that suit you and will make you look great when you serve and take orders from your customer. Dig in and find out what’s in store for you.

10 Unique Waitress Hairstyles To Lookout For

Waitress hairstyles are awesome, and I think everyone should get a chance to explore this amazing hairstyle that will totally change your style.

The addition of the waitress hairstyles to your fashion will bring you out of your comfort zone and give you a taste of its own flavor.

People will recognize you for your style. They will commend you on how versatile your fashion is and how inclusive you are.

The waitress hairstyle aesthetic has a charming vibe, and it makes you look flirty and comes in handy when you want to make some good tips.

Waitresses have been using this charming and flirty technique for as long as I can remember, and let me tell you all, it definitely works like a charm. From Hooters to Hilton, they have all done it.

If you are looking for a hairstyle option to wear as a waitress and you have found yourself in an impasse, I am here to rescue you and hand over to you the greatest waitress hairstyles of all time.

Twisted Buns

Twisted Bun

Twisted buns are safe and a very practical waitress hairstyle for anyone willing to join the waitressing industry. These waitress hairstyles allow you to do your job without interrupting you. Your hair is nicely packed in the buns, and the baby hairs in the front are in the twists.

The rest of the strands that stand out can be sprayed in place or you can just use a hairband. The major purpose of this hairstyle is to stay away from your business and not show up on anyone’s food. This satisfies both the customer and your employer.

That two birds in one stone situation. What’s even better is that the hairstyle is so cool and fun. You could totally go out with friends for a drink or two after your shift is over. So, don’t worry about looking dull when you meet your friends, because that hairstyle has got you, girl.

Bubble Pigtails

Bubble Pigtails

The bubbles are the cutest waitress hairstyles out there. The bubbles should be a giveaway of how cute this waitress hairstyle is going to be.

This hairstyle is the easiest waitress hairstyle that you can achieve in a few minutes. The bubble braids are the best for people who have long layered hair.

The bubbles are made by tying your hair at a distance after every bubble is made. You have to repeat this step for as long as you don’t cover the whole length of your hair.

Doing this results in not leaving out any hair to go loose and mess around. The bubble pigtails waitress hairdresser is adorable and perfect if you want to look all sweet and cheesy.

This hairstyle is totally for you if you have long hair that is trimmed in steps and requires a lot of clips and sprays to keep it put in one place. Instead of using all that, just go for the bubble pigtails and save your time and energy.

French Braids With Ponytails

French Braids With Ponytails

We have seen ponytails and French Braids individually, but when these two come together it’s like a power-packed couple. They are the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck of waitress hairstyles.

This hairstyle is creative and so smart. Whoever thought of this hairstyle deserves a round of applause because this is genius. This hairstyle will not be useful when you serve food or take orders, but it will also come in handy when you have a sudden plan of going out.

This waitress hairstyle is good for getaways. You can play field games without worrying about messing up your hair. If you plan on going to a fancier place, this hairstyle is still valid because all you have to do is, just change your outfit and put on some light natural makeup.

You can wear a silk dress and pump shoes to go with it, and you will be ready to rock the party. People will compliment your style, and you will attract a lot more attention than you initially planned. Be ready to get the crowd to have a good look at you.

Fishbone Braids

Fishbone Braids

Fishbone braids are the best waitress hairstyles that keep your hair looking majestic. This waitress hairstyle is absolutely stunning and so lovely to look at. It has a messy vibe which gives your hair a lot of texture and allows your face to be the center of attraction rather than stealing the spotlight.

This hairstyle also creates a lot of volume in your hair because of how beautifully fluffy this hairstyle is, and this allows you to look even more beautiful.

This hairstyle will bring you out of your same old hairstyle and help you experiment with different hairstyles starting with this because once you like it, you will be confident enough to try out more styles. This hairstyle shows how amazingly you can handle your work and look perfectly presentable at the same time.

If you like this waitress hairstyle and believe that this is something you want to go for first among all the others, I would suggest you go for it without a doubt. This hairstyle is perfect for everyone, and no one has ever looked bad in it to date.

This is a great choice, and you will feel good about it too. This hairstyle is super easy and requires a little practice for you to get it done in under a minute.

Bandana Bun

Bandana Bun

The bandana bun waitress hairstyle is very popular amongst the waitresses because first of all, it takes only a few seconds to style, and it is the safest and looks super good with the uniform as well.

The incorporation of the bandana in the bun is a great call because it helps to hold the hair tighter which makes it even more preferable for the people in the waiting services. The tighter the hair is tied, the safer it is for you.

IF you think this hairstyle is only a great choice you know it is not true because every girl knows how awesome the bun is. You can wear the bun anywhere. And by everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. You can wear your bun to bed or the Oscars. It all depends on how you carry yourself.

You can pair your bandana bun with various outfits. It looks great with all outfits irrespective of whether you’re wearing jeans and crop tops, formal attire, saree, any desi clothing, or some other cultural dresses. This goes with everything.

With this waitress hairstyle at your hand, you have nothing to worry about. You are good to rock any party, any event, and any attire you wear because this is the best and the easiest.

Celebrities in waitress hairstyles

Celebrities have waited tables, and we all know they did not become huge stars just overnight. You know what they say right? You work hard to play hard. Famous celebrities from all over the world have been spotted in these amazing waitress hairstyles, and they owned these styles.

Below is a list of celebrities who made waitress hairstyles even more fun and charming by appearing on screen in these styles. Find out which celebrity rocked your favorite waitress hairstyle and try a few for yourself too.

Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston rocking the cutest waitress hairstyle in the famous and most popular TV show of that time “Friends”.

Anniston starts as a character named Rachel, who worked as a waitress at the coffee shop, called “Central Perk”.

It was all her friend’s place, and Rachel served her friends. Her friends did not complain about the bad coffee she served and how frequently she mixed up their orders. Despite all this, her friends supported her and made sure she did well, and tipped her well.

Jennifer Anniston made a lot of the waitress hairstyle famous due to her role as a waitress in this show. People loved waitress Rachel, and they loved how stylish and cool she was.

Constance Wu

Constance Wu Waitress Hairstyle

Constance Wu plays a professor in the movie Crazy Rich Asians and absolutely kills it with her simple and almost not so perfect waitress hairstyle.

Constance plays the character of Rachel and is in a romantic relationship with Nick. Nick is secretly super-rich, and his girlfriend has zero ideas about it. Somehow his friend from Korea sees him with Rachel, and the word spreads like wildfire within minutes.

Nick gets called back by his mom, and he invites Rachel along with her, who had her jaw on the floor when she saw how filthy rich Nick was.

Constance Wu is famous for her role as Rachel in this movie, but at one point in her life, she was a waitress, and she is putting in her waitress hairstyle skills to work.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is an American actress who before becoming famous and well-known, was an excellent waitress. Amy is loved by her fans all over the world and is adored to her bones. She has a huge fan base.

Amy Adams’ waitress hairstyles would have been a thing if her fans found out about it, but the best part is that you know at some point in her life she wore the same hairstyle as you, and you too have the chance to grow and reach all your dreams and goals.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore served as a waitress before she became famous for her acting. She wore a waitress hairstyle too and from work every day and made sure she looked good enough for people to notice her.

Julianne Moore is amongst the most talented people you will ever hear of who give all their heart to anything they work for.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried, a former waitress, and one of the mean girls from the movie Mean Girls is famous for her character called Karen. Her character is a dumb white girl who is extremely beautiful.

This role got her huge recognition, and people love this movie to this day. Her role in Jennifer’s Body was also phenomenal, and she has been winning hearts since then.

Amanda has appeared in waitress hairstyles on a few occasions and has flaunted her style without any hesitation has openly spoken about waitressing before stepping into the industry.


In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about a waitress hairstyle that will help you in the long run. There are tips and tricks to how you can style your hair and every other even you can wear it too. You will also find tips on how to put together an outfit if you are not wearing a uniform.

However, we do receive a lot of frequently asked questions from our readers, and below I have answered some of them, which might come in handy. Give this section a read, and don’t miss out on valuable information.

Q1. Is it important to wear a waitress hairstyle at work?

Ans. As long as you are working in the food section and any place that requires you to tie up your hair, you can wear these waitress hairstyles. If you work in any other sector like marketing or real estate and such fields, you don’t have to wear this hairstyle if you don’t want to.

Q2. Are waitress hairstyles boring?

Ans. Waitress hairstyles are anything but boring. They are very chic, modern, and creative and they don’t get in the way. What else could you want? These hairstyles are amazing, and they are everything you want in a hairstyle. The only drawback is that you can not expect your long hair to fall down your back where you get to show off the length, waitress hairstyles are all tied up.

Q3. Can I wear waitress hairstyles to my office?

Ans. You can wear your waitress hairstyle anywhere you want. These breathtakingly beautiful hairstyles are not for you to sit home and enjoy. You have to show off your new hairstyle to everyone. So, why not wear it to work instead and receive those compliments that have been long overdue.


Waitress hairstyles are great, and we love them. The lists above made it clear how cool, funky and elegant these hairstyles can be. These hairstyles are workspace friendly, and they allow you to mind your business without causing any hindrance.

The best part about these hairstyles is that they are not only stylish but also super utilitarian. The waitress hairstyles are not appreciated enough for the hard work they pull off. They need more recognition and applause because these guys are not just talking the talk but also walking the walk.

If you think this hairstyle matches your aesthetic and that it is something you can maintain and carry with ease, then you should definitely check them out and try the hairstyles for yourself. There’s only one guarantee that I can give you, and that is these hairstyles will not disappoint you.

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