Wash and Wear Haircuts For Women Over 50

Wash and Wear Haircuts For Women Over 50: 33 Ways To Change Your Styling Habits!

More often than not, a good hairstyle is defined by the way it looks and the way it adds to one’s appearance. It is also pitted against modern day frontrunners in the styling community before rendering itself a contender in the fashion scene. And while many do go above and beyond to amp up one’s physical appearance with their bold visuals, not many prioritize convenience such as wash and wear haircuts.

Wash and wear haircuts kind of describe themselves. The designs almost always form themselves without styling routines. They may not be the flashiest of them all, but definitely comprise appearances that many are fond of. Often, wash and wear haircuts also stand out for the natural bounce and volume they contain.

In addition to saving one’s time, “wash and wear” haircuts also carry a youthful glow. They hardly ever stress the strands out, and won’t make you unpunctual at work.

In other words, if you’re seeking a look at 50 that will make you age backwards mentally and physically, perhaps a wash and wear haircut should suffice. On another note, if you’re actually in that scenario, let this guide of wash and wear haircuts take you back to your glory days!

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33 Wash And Wear Haircuts That Give Women Over 50 A Glimpse Of Their Adolescence!

While the concept of wash and wear haircuts is a revelation in the eyes of many, the look was always around. Catering to all shapes and sizes, the main purpose of wash and wear haircuts was and is to always offer a look that is stress-free and easy. And although it did struggle to make its presence known, the land of wash and wear haircuts is definitely one of the best possible sources for fashion enthusiasts at the moment.

From short hairdos to outgrown tresses to even natural curls, a wash and wear haircut knows no bounds. If you’re seeking validation for the previous remark, we hope you find it with the help of the upcoming segments!

Relaxing Short-length Wash and Wear Haircuts For Women Over 50

Often, wash and wear haircuts feel best when the strands are downsized or converted into shorter layers. The drying time, which is quite pivotal in shaping the success rate of wash and wear haircuts, is surprisingly convenient. The styling time, you ask? Non-existent. Proof? You need to try it in order to find out.

Moving on, while it may be simple for you to explore your mind and pick your brain into finding a design that fits for you, the same task could be an unfathomable challenge in the eyes of indecisive minds. To help out, however, here’s a list of short wash and wear haircuts made for women in their 50s!

Choppy Pixie with Cropped Angula Bangs

Choppy Pixie with Cropped Angula Bangs

Starting off this list is a choppy pixie with cropped bangs, where the strands are shortened significantly for some extra hold and stability. The layers are low-maintenance, dry in minutes, and don’t need styling products, making it perfect for those working around a tight schedule.

This look is perfect for those with fine hair over coarse hair, as it can bring forward visuals of thick hair with ease. Finer pieces tend to receive more volume when this look is curated.

Textured Platinum Pixie Cut with Glasses

Textured Platinum Pixie Cut with Glasses

A platinum pixie cut can morph into various designs when a wash and wear routine is followed. However, a look that finds success each time is a textured cut, carrying tons of elevation, fullness and so on. It also allows the pieces to look healthy, and can be maintained without any hiccups.

To add some personality to the platinum paint job, install highlights. Go for neutral colors for a high contrast energy.

Bouncy Curls with Outgrown Chip

Bouncy Curls with Outgrown Chip

Although curls take more time to dry, the results found in a wash and wear technique on curls is surely unparalleled as opposed to that of their competitors. If you’re intrigued, take a look at these bouncy curls.

With outgrown layers and matte-based pieces, this look can be the perfect companion for everyday chores and high-end occasions. Using the scrunching method is advised for some extra texture.

Two Block Cut with Layered Side-burns

Two Block Cut with Layered Side Burns

Two block cuts are quite popular in Korean culture, but also move quite freely and effectively in the land of wash and wear haircuts. The look requires no time to come into place, causes no stress around the roots or leaves any tugging or pulling behind for the scalp to deal with, making it perfect for those with fine hair to deal with.

A two block cut offers visuals that don’t look artificial or too obnoxious. It merely works endlessly to allow mature women to preserve their hair until eternity.

Cropped Blowout Shag with Choppy Bangs

Cropped Blowout Shag with Choppy Bangs

By pushing the pieces back with your fingers, you can generate tons of natural elevation around the roots, especially if you do it while the pieces are still damp. If you don’t want the strands to go out of place, however, try taking this look from Jane Fonda’s book!

Jane Fonda is a veteran first, but fashionista second. Over the course of her career, she’s worn her hair in marvelous ways, one of which is this cropped blowout shag, finished with choppy bangs.

Disheveled Pixie with Ultra-fine Layers

Disheveled Pixie With Ultra fine Layers

Shedding tons of hair can be a common battle once you enter maturity. Sometimes, even using a towel can cause enough friction to trigger signs of hair shedding. Worry not, however, as this disheveled pixie can be a good solution.

The layers require nothing at all, but might take tons of time to dry. To bring the unruly pieces in order to life without damaging the well-being of your hair, try using a t-shirt to get rid of unnecessary moisture.

Bleached Bangs with Dark Tips

Bleached Bangs with Dark Tips

If you have very short hair and have fine pieces with a fair amount of density to work with, playing it safe can be a great way to obtain something amazing. And if you’d like to keep it minimal, a look that you can wear are these bleached bangs.

Using bleach has been regarded as the perfect way to hide shedding, a receding hairline, and a way to allow the scalp to breathe a little more. When mixed with a high contrast theme, these bleached bangs become the star of the show.

Bedhead Bob with Frosted Faux Hawk

Bleached Bob with Frosted Faux hawk

Lisa Rinna might be known for the contributions she made to Hollywood for the renowned gigs she took up as a television actor and leading protagonists in A-list films. However, in the fashion scene, her hair leads her to stardom.

One of the many impressive hairdos of Lisa Rinna is surely her frosted faux hawk, which can be tough to piece with ultra fine hair. However, if you prefer messy hairdos with tons of natural hold, be sure to add this contender to your list.

Straightened Comb Over with Angular Side-part

Straightened Comb Over with Angular Side-part

Straightened comb overs have long been discarded because of how perfect they are in terms of visuals. However, if you’re working a professional 9 to 5, know that nothing beats the features offered by this comb over.

More often than not, this hairdo caters to those with straight-cut, and needs to be curated while hair is still damp. Don’t hold back on the highlights or color, though, as the strands glow with perfection when a high contrast paint job is added.

Greased-up Bob Cut with Face Framing Swoop

Greased Up-bob Cut with Face Framing Swoop

With ultra-fine pieces, you might have a hard time with air-drying, since the porosity of the cuticles are typically very low and fragile. However, if you part the hair around the favorable side of your face, consider wearing this bob cut.

Featuring short layers that are perfect for those in their 70s, the look comprises the perfect mix of smooth and frizzy pieces that can add some natural volume when dried naturally. To get rid of the frizz, getting a haircut is advised.

___ Manageable Medium-length Wash and Wear Haircuts That Seamlessly Deal with The Awkward Phase

Being the middle-child can be difficult when you’re having to keep up with competitive siblings. However, an underrated pro is how much guidance and help they receive from both the younger and older ones during their development periods. The middle-child also tends to be a great facilitator and perceived as a dependable source for the older sibling.

The same could be said about medium-length wash and wear haircuts, if you think about it. Medium-length wash and wear haircuts aren’t just underrated, but are also key facilitators in the eyes of outgrown or long wash and wear haircuts. But since medium-length looks are known for having awkward phases, here are the best ways to style them without questioning your esteem!

Bleached Straight Cut Layers

Bleached Straight Cut Layers

Straight cut layers can be easy to bring to existence when aiming for a wash and wear hairdo. If the pieces are of high porosity, you can even expect the hairdo to dry rather quickly.

If you’re struggling to add fullness to your hair, take a risk and try out the act of bleaching. The procedure not only adds a lift around the roots, but also provides a useful glow to women in their 50s.

Wispy Shoulder-length Shag

Wispy Shoulder-length Shag

Meg Ryan is almost always sought after for the performance she put on in The City of Angels alongside Nicholas Cage. However, not many give her credit for her styling preferences.

The actress turned Hall of Famer once wore this wispy shoulder length shag, a look that can easily be created using the wash and wear technique. The hairdo carries tons of body around the back, with an unruly set of curtain bangs that makes this shaggy hairdo an icon in the scene of mature fashion.

Medium-length Bob For Fine Hair

Medium-length Bob For Fine Hair

As stated earlier, the simpler the hairstyle, the easier it would be to maintain the look. Similarly, if you feel as though your hair is giving in to signs of aging and simply losing the touch that it once had, ditching combs and styling tools for a wash and wear haircut can be perfect.

One of the medium-length looks we’d like to offer is this bob cut, comprising a soft yet disorganized set of bangs with a fair amount of elevation. When push comes to shove, this look can cater to both casual and special occasions.

Modern Wavy A-line Bob with Angular Frame

Modern Wavy A Line Bob with Angular Frame

If you have had partially wavy hair throughout your life, but need some change, try a modern bob. The waves will look rejuvenated with shine and density, comprising healthier visuals. The previous trait won’t just help your hair, as it will also make you look much younger than you are.

This wash and wear haircut is perfect for women over 50 because of how low-maintenance the visuals are. Once brought into existence, the hold seems immovable for days!

Mod Shag with Pushed Back Comb Over

Mod Shag with Pushed Back Comb Over


Similar to growing hair, going from short hair to medium-length hair can feel like a chore in itself. And since preventing the strands from looking awkward can be a common challenge, try and keep that issue in check with a mod shag!

A modern shag contains the same traits as any other shag, but is pieced up with straight cut layers. To sustain the strands, wearing a comb over with sleek visuals is often advised.

Jet Black Textured Bob

Jet Black Textured Bob

When you think of reality tv shows, a household name is almost always Kris Jenner. And while she does receive tons of recognition for her roles as a parent, she’s often swept under the rug when it comes to her sense of style, which starts with this textured bob.

Her jet black hair has been morphed into various hairdos, but none of them hold up as well as this bob cut, which can easily be formed using the wash and wear technique. To learn more about Kris Jenner’s hairstyles, be sure to give this guide a read.

Unhinged Elevated Comb Over with Shoulder Length Part

Unhinged Elevated Comb Over with Shoulder Length Part

You can’t always make time to style your hair in this day and age, so it’s often better to have a time-friendly substitute in mind. Moreover, if you’re a fan of volume, perhaps this comb over can be a good option for your medium-length hair.

While the strands are still damp, comb the hair towards the favorable side of your face. If you’d like more elevation, comb against the grain of your hair.

Coarse Shoulder Length Shag with Unruly Pieces

Coarse Shoulder Length Shag with Unrully Pieces

Shoulder-length shags are quite common in the world of mature women. They’re easy to take care of, cover signs of aging, and can be worn in marvelous ways.

Sometimes, leaving the hair to grow on its own can be perfect if you’re aiming for a wash and wear option. And if all else fails, give this shoulder-length shag a try!

Wispy Medium-length Framing Curtain Bangs

Wispy Medium Length Curtain Bangs With Angular Swoop

Wash and wear haircuts are often rather messy and unruly during the formative period. Once you get used to it, though, controlling the narrative shouldn’t be an issue.

One of the best hairdos you can try out is this set of curtain bangs, which has a sense of organization and professionalism. Despite how complicated it seems, you can easily replicate the formation for this look with your fingers.

Modern Day Mullet with Rat Tail

Modern Day Mullet with Rat Tail

Age is merely just a number or word, it seems. While it could be rather peculiar to wear an edgy look in your 50s, know that the world is your oyster. In other words, if you’re feeling like taking a trip down memory lane, give in to that hunch. Try a modern day mullet with a rat tail.

With a party look in both the front back, this mullet is certainly miles ahead of the rest. To bring the textured cut into existence, finger comb your hair repeatedly towards an upwards motion while hair is damp.

Flow Haircut with Angular Separation

Flow Haircut with Angular Separation

Flow haircuts are often allowed to grow in their own way, pairing best with curls and waves. For their laid-back aura, flow haircuts are rendered eligible to curate using the wash and wear method.

Taking care of a flow haircut is by far the easiest task about this hairdo. For the angular separation, comb your hair during and after your hair is damp. For sharper angles, use your nails.

Edgy Crop Cut For Curls

Edgy Crop Cut For Curls

Crop cuts are extremely popular at the moment. The design isn’t just revolutionary for the amount of texture it possesses, but also because of how it caters to women in their 50s.

A crop cut looks best on curly hair, especially when the strands at the back are outgrown. Many often believe in growing out the sides, which can be good if you’d like to adjust your facial structure into an oblong shape.

Duotone Comb Over with Twirled Ends

Duotone Comb Over with Twisted Ends

An alternative to the wispy comb over stated above is this comb over, which requires more density and fullness at the end of the day. The hairdo is paired with a duotone comb over, which can be a good look if you’re trying to look younger than most.

This look finds angles while hair is still being washed. Finger-combing the hair against the grain is advised to form this design, while pushing the follicles backwards is suggested for a plump. To obtain a youthful glow, consider replacing grey areas with a platinum shade.

Wavy Wash and Wear Curtain Bangs

Wavy Wash and Wear Curtain Bangs

Having a head full of hair at 50 shouldn’t be dismissed, as our hormones often give in during that time and cause tons of stress to our PH levels.

However, if you’re still rocking a head full of hair that is packed with fullness, length, and density, consider wearing curtain bangs to give your distinct facial features more screen time, and your layers more texture to showcase to the spectators.

Chin-length Swoop with Sharp Layers

Chin-length Swoop with Sharp Layers

Dealing with thinning layers as you age can be an ordinary issue to tackle with. Tools such as thickening spray can come in handy at that moment, especially if you’re struggling to keep your self-esteem in check.

One of the best solutions for thinning hair is a chin-length swoop, which can easily be replicated using a wash and wear technique. To make the outlook as soft as possible, angle the hair against the grain of your hair follicles.

Choppy Angular Bangs For Thinning Hair

Choppy Angular Bangs For Thinning Hair

With wispy or thinning hair, it’s best if you maintain the strands with face framing layers. And since covering the forehead can be just as ideal, take into account these choppy yet angular bangs, which can even cover a receding hairline.

This look is amazing for 50 year olds and over because it benefits from everything, from colors to highlights. It also can be adjusted with a quick swipe on most occasions.

Two-tone Middle-part with High Contrast Streaks

Two-tone Middle-part with High Contrast Streaks

Cruising through the highs and lows is all you should do in your 50s. In fact, if you’re able to, try and give your hair some space. Cave into a wash and wear haircut.

One of the best designs to work with is a two-tone middle-part, in which the curtains create themselves. All you have to do is create the separation, before letting the hair morph themselves into place.

___ Staggering Wash and Wear Haircuts For Women Over 50 with Long Hair

Good things take time is not a theory that applies to most cases. However, a wash and wear haircut seems to be one of the very few exceptions.

Long wash and wear haircuts might take time to dry off, but tend to look the best in terms of texture and visuals. The outgrown layers aren’t just good at making one’s facial features stand out, but just as impactful when it comes to hold. When push comes to shove, long wash and wear haircuts are known for being durable and long lasting. They require very little attention for upkeep, and can be worn in multiple ways for great success.

To learn all about it, get a glimpse of the following wash and wear haircuts, which strictly makes time for long hair!

Curtain Bangs with Wispy Layers

Curtain Bangs with Wispy Layers

Waves and curls benefit from the attributes of wash and wear haircuts. Not only do they retain the natural moisture, but also preserve the natural pattern that they’re often assigned with.

Curtain bangs hardly ever let people down, especially when the layers are long and durable. Air drying it instead of using styling tools can be perfect if you’re seeking some elevation around the roots, and a texture that is unique yet healthy. If your natural hair color is vibrant, this option will fit like a glove.

Concentrated Mid-part With Warm Tresses

Concentrated Mid-part With Warm Tresses

Similar to the previous look is this mid-part, which stands out a bit more with healthier visuals and highlights. The hair finds separation through a deep mid-part, which can be engraved through finger combing.

To bring this look into existence, make time your friend. Stand underneath a ceiling fan if you want the tresses to dry faster, and use a scrunching technique to activate the waves around your tresses. For the volume on top, finger comb the hair against the grain.

Deep Platinum Side-part For Straight Hair

Deep Platinum Side-part For Straight Hair

British actress Helen Mirren is definitely a role model for aspiring teens looking to pursue a career in acting. Additionally, for her hair, she’s also an icon amongst women in their 50s with a knack of looking younger.

Helen Mirren never holds back from experimenting, which explains why her hair is a blazing topic in pop culture. One thing that makes everything more impressive is how most of her styling preferences count as wash and wear hair, including this deep side-part.

Plumped Combover with Neutral Tips

Plumped Combover with Neutral Tips

Consistency is key in life, but it’s often difficult to maintain that stance when change is the only constant. Similarly, while a wash and wear hair is a specialist in eliminating frizz, it too can have a fair share of bad days.

Instead of dismissing the look, try and embrace it with open arms. Comb through your hair in an upwards motion to create this plumped combover, which can work wonders on thin hair as well. Add dark streaks around the tips to add more to the visuals of this look.

Layered Shaggy Hairstyle with Natural Bangs

Layered Shaggy Hairstyle With Natural Bangs

A shaggy hairstyle, believe it or not, has been quite popular among women in their 50s, proven by a material of ours. With enough effort and creativity, you can even replicate a shaggy hairstyle using the wash and wear method.

As opposed to most, this hairdo is rather simple. The natural bangs might need daily maintenance to stay sound, but the silhouettes of the shag can be air-dried in under 5 to 10 minutes.

Curtain Shag with Duotone Streaks

Curtain Shag with Duotone Streaks

An alternative to the previous look that you can cave in on with your long layers is this shaggy hairdo, a design that is led by curtain-shaped layers. The look finds tons of presentable visuals when the strands are pieced up and trimmed to remove split ends. Adding duotone streaks is also a must-try to add some contrast and a youthful glow to the pieces.

Just like most curtain-shaped hairdos, it is important that you manually create the shape while the strands are still damp. Once the hair is dry, use dry shampoo to remove any sign of extra moisture.

Under-the-table Necessities To Maintaining Wash And Wear Haircuts: A Guide For
Women Over 50!

For women over 50, wash and wear haircuts can be tools to look younger, brighter, and more confident. Each option in the former segments might differ from one another, but are united by their way of manipulating the hair without needing any maintenance. Additionally, a wash and wear haircut also prevents the cuticles from looking unhealthy and ridiculously damaged, making it easier to preserve hair density for a longer period.

Without the former portion, it could be difficult to find the right look for your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. However, if you’d like the positives of any of the previously-mentioned candidates to stay back, the untold secrets mentioned below should be of assistance.

Leave your hair be

Wash and wear haircuts are successful because they don’t promote the use of styling products, tools, and towels; all of which can lead to frizzy hair and damaged cuticles. Instead, they allow the hair to grow and dry in their own way.

Therefore, to ensure a successful experience, treat your hair like a temple when it’s wet. Don’t make unnecessary contact unless absolutely mandatory.

Use satin and cotton t-shirts to absorb excessive moisture

While avoiding frizzy hair is somewhat of a dream in the eyes of most, the weight of dealing with extremely wet hair can feel overwhelming, especially if the size of your wash and wear haircut runs long and heavy.

If you’d still like to follow the rule of not using towels, bend the rules a bit. Use a satin-infused towel or a t-shirt at home to get rid of all the moisture from your hair. Don’t worry about having frizzy pieces, since both materials don’t cause any friction.

Your fingers are your friends…

Overcoming the hair, especially at 50, could lead to hair loss from tugging and pulling. While it could be difficult to refrain from using a wide-tooth comb, try using your fingertips to change the formation of your wash and wear hair without ruining its natural texture. For best results, follow this technique while your hair is still damp.

As are your hairdressers

Hairdressers or stylists must not be avoided, but resorted to, when you’re planning to find success with a wash and wear haircut. Even if the change is minimal, getting regular cuts will remove the split ends from your hair, unveiling healthier visuals as a result.

On another note, if you’re working around a tight budget, we’d suggest seeking the services of a barber, since they’re relatively affordable. If you have enough courage, you can even do it yourself with a pair of scissors!

Frequently Asked Question

Being confused and scared is normal when you’re going for change. Additionally, if you feel that certain needs of yours have been dismissed or have yet to be solved, here are some questions that might come in handy.

Q: What are the benefits of a wash and wear hairstyle?

Ans: From having a rapidly fast drying time to styling the hair without any assistance, a wash and wear hairstyle is perfect for women over 50. The look also provides a natural hold that not many can replicate without styling tools.

Q: How long does it take for a “wash and wear haircut” to dry?

Ans: A wash and wear haircut usually takes 20 minutes to dry. However, the time frame is shaped by the density, length, and porosity of the hair.

Final Takeaway

Throughout this material is everything one needs to know regarding wash and wear hairstyles; a solution for women over 50. The look comprises a volume of hairstyles that can cater to different types of texture and density, requiring no tools to come into existence.

A wash and wear hairstyle is perfect for its time-saving traits, the convenience it offers, in addition to being rendered reasonable to wear on a daily basis. From pixie cuts to curtain bangs, the world of wash and wear haircuts knows no bounds.

Before siding your interests towards one specific look, consider analysing your hair texture and fullness. Going for shorter looks can be perfect for fine hair, while aiming for a longer one can be great for relatively coarse pieces.

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