Why Does My Leg Hair Grow So Fast? Here’s the Answer!

If women were asked what is one of the most irritating things about life that they wish they could change, the rapid growth of leg hair will surely be one of them. There’s hardly any of us who didn’t go through the pain of watching the leg hair grow back just the day after shaving. And while we spent hundreds of bucks to solve this issue, hardly any of those solutions worked.

Leg hair just grows back so fast that you don’t even get to enjoy the smoothness for a longer amount of time. While many women switch to waxing to deal with the issue, there’s the fact that waxing is not preferred or accessible to many out there.

There are multiple factors that play role in faster hair growth on your legs. We know your struggle to figure out exactly why your leg hair doesn’t give you a rest for a couple of days is real, so here we have explained the situation for your convenience. Let’s read ahead to learn more!

Which Factors Play Role in Faster Hair Growth on Legs?

Your genetics, diet, and even how fresh your blade is may contribute to faster hair growth.

Some people have genetically coarse and dark hair which becomes more noticeable compared to lighter hair while growing back. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that coarse and dark hair leads to faster hair growth. However, the speed rate of hair growth depends on your genetics.

Your diet can also determine how fast your leg hair grows. And if you didn’t know this already, a dull blade can actually contribute to this problem as well. Just imagine using something that is not sharp enough to shave your legs properly; everyone knows it’s not going to work.

Does Leg Hair Grow at the Same Rate as Your Hair on the Head?

Some of us might think that the hair on our legs grows faster compared to the hair on our heads. But it’s actually not the case.

Your leg hair and hair on the head grow the same amount each month, so that doubt is cleared. However, you may ask why doesn’t your leg hair grow as long as your head hair? It’s because the hair on your legs has a shorter growth cycle.

While your leg hair has a growth cycle of around 1 to 1.5 months, the growth cycle for your hair on the head can be multiple years. This is why even though the growth rate is the same, the hair on your head usually grows longer compared to your leg hair.

How to Stop Leg Hair from Growing Fast after Shaving?

While there’s no easy way to prevent your leg hair from growing faster after shaving, you can always try out some basic activities to keep the hair at bay for a longer amount of time.

If you have been noticing that your razor is not performing the way it’s supposed to, opt for changing the blades. The rule of thumb is five uses, so make sure to change the cartridge after that.

Keeping your concerns in mind, the market has hair inhibitor products that are quite popular among consumers. These products slower the rate of hair growth, so try investing money in them.

You can also try out exfoliating your skin for better outcomes. Besides that, make sure to choose a high-quality razor in order to get the best out of your shaving sessions.

How to Shave Legs Properly to Remove Leg Hair?

Many of us do not get the desired results after shaving just because the method we followed was wrong. So here is a simple guide to shaving your legs properly in order to keep them smooth and hassle-free for longer.

First of all, start by exfoliating the skin. This will help to make your skin comparatively softer and get rid of the dead skin cells. After that, apply your shaving cream to your legs and then use your razor to shave. You can use your conditioner if you do not have shaving cream at hand.

Just be gentle while you are shaving. Make sure to rinse your blade after every couple of strokes in order to avoid knicks while shaving. You can use single-blade razors or even men’s azors to shave your legs properly.

Moisturize your legs afterward to get the smoothest feeling after shaving. And that’s it, your work here is done!

How to Permanently Stop Leg Hair from Growing?

While shaving can give you relief for a shorter amount of time, waxing can actually provide long-lasting results as it works to remove hair from the roots. Many women also prefer to use hair removal creams. However, these are not permanent solutions for stopping hair growth on legs.

If you are ready to splurge some money, then you can opt for laser treatments in order to remove your leg hair. But make sure you have the bucks and time at hand because you will be needing multiple sessions.

Other than laser treatment, electrolysis is also a good option for removing your leg hair permanently. In this process, the root of your hair is destroyed, and around 8 to 12 sessions are required to get rid of the hair for good!

Final Words

You are beautiful just the way you are, and it’s quite natural to have body hair and cherish its existence. But it’s also not a bad thing wanting to get rid of your leg hair, because enjoying a hair-free moment is always fun. And for women who want to make the results last longer but are wondering why it gets interrupted, hopefully, this article has answered the question.

You can prolong the smooth feeling after shaving by following the tips mentioned above or opt for permanent solutions as well. Just make sure to enjoy what you are doing. Because in the end, it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, so do that with perfection!

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