Wick Dreads

15 Fearless Wick Dreads That Will Upgrade Your Look

In a world full of countless diversity in cultures and hairstyles, wick dreads or wick locks are one of the unique ones. Getting a wick loc will make you stand out from the crowd and grab everyone’s attention for the best reasons!

Wick locs most likely originated in the Afro-Caribbean communities in Florida, but later achieved popularity through mainstream celebrities and rappers who have started to wear this eccentric hairstyle.

Getting a wick hairstyle is all the rage among free-spirited people. So, if you’re one of the bold ones, scroll down through this article as we have gathered some of the hippest wick hairstyle ideas for you!

Some Creative Wick Dread Hairstyle Ideas

Along with every other hairstyle wick dreads have fused with modernity and branched out into countless different styles. Here are creative, fun, and contemporary hairstyles for you to choose from!

Short Layered Black Wicks

Short Layered Black Wicks

If you want to go plain and simple with your wicks, short layers in your natural hair color can be a great choice! This hairstyle will give you an androgynous charm as both men and women can rock this!

Combine your hair with small sections of wick dreads that are around 6 to inches long. You can try this hairstyle with thicker or thinner locks – any way you prefer.

The thinner your locks are, the more your layers will be detectable. So, we recommend choosing your locks on the thinner side for this super chic hairstyle!

Yellow Blonde Medium Wicks In Long Hair

Yellow Blonde Medium Wicks In Long Hair

Long wicks can instantly make you look a hundred times more elegant and majestic! Locks of the medium volume look great if combined with light-colored hair such as warm blonde.

Slightly yellowish wick dreads will give you an extra glow no matter which shade your skin tone is! But if you combine it with cinnamon tan, the goddess of the sun will shine on you and you alone!

So get this elegant yet versatile wick hair looks for an added brightness in your life!

Red Wicks With Black Roots

Red Wicks With Black Roots

If you don’t want to tamper with your natural black hair, but still wish for colorful wick dreadlocks, then this could be your smart trick!

All you have to do is to get wick lock extensions of your preferred color and attach them to your natural hair. The sharp contrast between inborn black hair and red extensions is a great combination to try out!

Try out your own choices of color combinations to live numerous lives in one lifetime!

Burgundy Double Ponytails

Burgundy Double Ponytails

Short wick hairstyles are a great option if you want to go for casual looks! This short burgundy double ponytail look will give you the easiest hairdo option for daily wear.

Tie your dreadlocks into two high ponytails and leave two dreadlocks at the front to frame the face. If you have dyed hair, this hairstyle will look more diverse and playful. However, a muddy burgundy will be a great choice if you wish for a neutral vibe.

So, try out this hairstyle for an easy-going, daily look with dreadlocks.

Cotton Candy Pink Wick Hair

Cotton Candy Pink Wick Hair

This long cotton candy dread hairstyle will make you look like a new version of a Barbie doll that has come to life! For this hairstyle, you need to choose a good pastel shade of pink for your hair.

If your hair does not have the length you wish your dreads to be, try getting wick extensions of your preferred pink shade.

With long wicks of medium thickness and bead chains as accessories, you will look just like the IT girl everyone wants to be!

Long Red Wicks In A Ponytail

Long Red Wicks In A Ponytail

These fiery red wicks are only for the women who do not shy away from turning heads towards them! If you think you can rock a bright red all over your head, try this long red wick hairstyle.

The red of your hair will look phenomenal if you pair it with wicks that are on the thin side. That way your long ponytail will look even better than you imagine!

Don’t forget to style your baby hairs with wax for added detail. It will upgrade your overall appearance instantly and make you look polished and elegant!

Captain Jack Sparrow Inspired Wicks

Captain Jack Sparrow Inspired Wicks

Admit it or not, everyone loves Captain Jack Sparrow for his carefree attitude and cool wick dreads! You might try giving yourself wicks that are inspired by the man himself.

Captain Jack Sparrow has long dark wicks of medium thickness. But the key is to wear a bandana and add accessories and beads to some of the locks.

If you are bored with your casual long dreads, try this hairstyle every once in a while to get his signature pirate hairdo!

Thread Shop Wicks

Thread Shop Wicks

Do you fancy all the colorful thread bundles and beads? Then time to tie your dreadlocks with threads of all the colors you cherish!

Rope your locks all the way around with favorite threads and needle them until they attach to your hair. You can mix and match different shades and colors of threads to make your hairstyle more dolled-up.

Add tiny pieces of accessories and tasseled ends to your locks, and you’ll look just as sparkling as glitters!

Blue Afro Wicks

Blue Afro Wicks

If you want to try both an afro and a wick hairstyle, why not do both! Make your locks thick while keeping them at the length you want your afro to be.

To add a splash of excitement, make your afro colorful! Going blue is a unique and tranquil way to jazz up your regular hairstyle. Your locks will look more radiant in this color and so will your afro.

Give off serene and spiritual energy with this groovy hairstyle.

Rainbow Wicks With Bangs

Rainbow Wicks With Bangs

These cool rainbow extensions can be your next wick hairstyle! Bright colors of the rainbow will not only lift your features, but also the mood of others around you!

Adding colorful fringes with some sidelocks at the front will frame your face in a suave way. Especially, if you tie up your locks in a ponytail, it will add even more playfulness to your look.

If you wear this hairstyle, people will definitely be drawn to you and give you friendly cookie points!

Blonde Long Wicks With Pixie Buns

Blonde Long Wicks With Pixie Buns

If you’re having one of those days when you need to tie up your hair but feel like being a little playful with your hair, then this hairstyle is perfect for you!

You might not want to tie your long blonde locks into high ponytails every time as ponytails are a little notorious for the health of the scalp. The solution is to make two low buns with loose ends.

Perfect looseness on your roots and a full score on the styling will definitely become your favorite!

Thin Black Wick In A Topknot

Thin Black Wick In A TopKnot

Thin, micro wick locs will give you a mystic charm just from existing! And if you pair them with long, dark hair, they will definitely give you a sharper aura!

Letting your long locs flow down is majestic, but putting them all up into a heavy topknot is a different allure. It can look casual and also arcane at the same time.

So, if you want to try to bring a necromantic vibe with your wick, then this is THE hairstyle for you!

Long Wicks With Countless Beads

Long Wicks With Countless Beads

If you have long wicks with strong and healthy roots, it is such a waste if you shy away from styling the locs with beads!

Countless beads of different sizes and colors all over your dreads will make your hair heavy and it will put weight on your roots, but that’s a small price to those who prioritize being creative with their hair!

Wherever you go, the clinkers of the beads will instantly determine that you are the only alpha around!

Short Shag Hair With Two Long Wicks

Short Shag Hair With Two Long Wicks

You can try long wicks even if you have short layered hair with this unique wick hairstyle!

If you don’t want to meddle with all of your hair with dreads, then you can for this safe wick style. Simply attach two long wick extensions to either side of your hair.

Make your hair more fun by dying them in a combination of purple and pink. With short shaggy hair at the top, the locs will look ultramodern and chic! If you always wanted to try wick locs but don’t want to go through the tedious process, then this is your sign for a trial!

White Witch Wicks

This white witch wick style is just as phenomenal as it looks! With long extensions of white locs of medium thickness, you will look just like a celestial queen!

You can put them up into a half ponytail or you can let them flow down – either way, you will radiate a menacingly grand aura. Neutral white hair will either make a bold contrast to your skin or compliment your skin tone.

So, live your long-hair dream with this foolproof hairstyle and make everyone’s jaw drop!

DIY Wick Dreads At Home

Getting a wick hairstyle can be a tedious task depending on how thick or thin you want your locs to be. However, with a little patience, you can achieve great results from your home!

Simply follow these steps and your tenacity will pay off big time!

  1. Gather your tools before you start the dreads. You might need a lot of rubber bands, a crochet needle, sectioning combs, a hair dryer and wax or gel, dread extensions, etc. Don’t forget to wash your hair with shampoo before you start the process.
  2. Section out your hair. And tie them with rubber bands to keep them separate. Before you do this, you need to decide how thick or thin you want your locks to be. Use wax or hair gel to manage them better.
  3. Start the dreads. You can make wicks in three ways.
  • Use a crochet needle to crochet the hair. Start near the roots and push the crochet needle over and over again until your hair starts to form a fused shape. Move down the length of your hair and repeat in each section.
  • Use rubber bands to tie the entire length of your hair. Do this in every section and wait for three to four weeks until your hair naturally begins to form your desired dread shape.
  • Simply let your hair be. If you have the type of hair that naturally starts to fuse at the root, then they will form dreadlocks without any manipulation. Simply divide them into the thickness you want and you’ll get an easy dreadlock hairstyle!
  1. Add extensions of your choice. If you want to go for a long wick hairstyle or want colorful locs, extensions are the best way to fulfill your hair goal. Needle the extensions at the roots and it will combine them with your natural hair.

Now that you know how to start your wick dreads, let’s choose the perfect wick hairstyle for your hair!


Let’s answer some of the commonly asked questions about wick dreads to get a deeper idea about these hairstyles!

Q: Do wick dreads damage your hair?

Ans: The answer is no. Rather they can help protect your hair. Your hair might end up healthier than before after a long period of maintaining wicks. Avoid tight hairstyles and tugging at the scalp to prevent hair damage over time.

Q: Are wick dreads scratchy and uncomfortable?

Ans: It depends on the quality of your dread extensions. Wool extensions might feel itchy on your head while human hair dreads usually do not produce any discomfort. You can try washing your wool wicks with softening shampoo and wait a few days for the wicks to loosen up a little after you get them.

Q: How often do you need to wash your wicks?

Ans: It varies from person to person. Some feel the need to wash their dreads once or twice every week, while some wash them once a month. It is recommended to wash once or twice every week in the beginning while gradually finding out what works the best for you.

Q: How long does it take to form a wick lock naturally?

Ans: Usually it takes around three to four weeks for a wick to lock naturally after tying them with rubber bands. You can always check if they have started to lock on their own. If they haven’t, simply tie them up again and leave them for three to four more weeks.

Q: How long does it take to get a wick dreads at a salon?

Ans: Depending on your stylist and hair thickness, getting a wick hairstyle at the salon may take up to seventeen or eighteen hours, starting from at least six to seven.

Q: How much does getting a wick hairstyle cost?

Ans: Depending on your stylist and the number of wicks you want on your hair, it can cost from $120-$600. While thicker locks will cost less and micro locks may cost more than $600.

If you try wicks at home and decide to get extensions, it would be comparatively inexpensive. You can get fifteen synthetic locks for around $15 while twenty human hair locks can cost up to $50-$100.

Final Verdict

Wick dreads are a trendy expression of boldness and confidence. It has diverse potential to be styled in your creative way. Even the most popular celebrities are seen wearing this hairstyle on the biggest platforms. Be it a sophisticated cultural heritage or a voguish fashion movement, wick locs definitely out rule any ordinary hairstyle. So decide on your next wick dread hairstyle and pull everyone towards you like a magnet!

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