Widows Peak Hairstyles

Widow’s Peak Hairstyles: Saying Goodbye To Minor Flaws With Exhilarating Solutions!

There are things in life that we can control, such as our weight and body measurements. However, among the physical components is something that isn’t in our hands, i.e. our hairline.

At the end of the day, most of us are born with a straight-cut hairline, which changes form in the later stages before hair eventually fades away. On the other end is a widow’s peak, a misunderstood wallflower in the world of styling.

More often than not, a widow’s peak is scrutinized for the way it looks. It constantly battles against allegations claiming that having a v-shaped structure is definitely a bad omen, hampering its influence in the eyes of many.

The previous take, while understandable, has yet to gather evidence. But that doesn’t stop many from dismissing the structure of a widow’s peak completely.

With each year, it seems as though a widow’s peak keeps leaning towards extinction. That all ends here, however, as throughout this article are reasons that explain the hidden potential of a widow’s peak, with styling remedies that could be difficult to pass by.

What is a Widow’s Peak? Is It Natural? Going Back To The Fundamentals

Widow Peak Fundamentals

More often than not, many feel singled out when born with a widow’s peak. In addition to feeling part of an anomaly, users seem rather demoralized when the reflection of their hair has an extra component attached to what they call a normal hairline.

A widow’s peak is not a sign of illness, though, but just a v-shaped line that one is born with. The circumference of the shape covers more areas of the forehead, which is a hidden gem if you’re into wearing short hairdos.

Contrary to popular belief, a widow’s peak does not contribute to hair density in any way, nor does it foreshadow a scenario of male pattern baldness. In fact, having a widow’s peak is the opposite, as experts believe that the shape is a sign of resilient hair follicles derived from genetics.

19 Stellar Hairstyles That Pair Well With a Widow’s Peak!

If you grew around people with a straight-cut hairline, looking at your widow’s peak might have just made you feel singled out, which is nothing but unfortunate. However, if we were you, we’d consider ourselves special, since less than 30 % of men and women are born with a widow’s peak.

Moving on, since this guide’s sole purpose is to embrace the anomaly which goes by the name of widow’s peak, here are some outstanding hairstyles that can’t be outstruck by any other designs known to mankind!

Textured Butch Cut with High and Tight Zero Fade

Textured Butch Cut with High and Tight Zero Fade

A widow’s peak is only bad if the shape keeps receding with each year. If so, your case might be more severe than it seems.

While it could be hard to come to terms with such a big change mentally, a textured cut can help immensely in that moment. The cropped strands can create an illusion carrying multiple components of healthy hair, which only feels impactful when the strands are chopped up. Shaving the sides to form a zero fade is a must if your hair needs some elevation.

Rough Modern Mullet with Blown-out Comb Over

Rough Modern Mullet with Blown-out Comb Over

Masking the prominence of your widow’s peak may be necessary if it’s taking a toll on your confidence. Using hair fiber and texturizing powder can be two ideal companions during that time, carrying powder-like substances that can cover the lining of the V-shaped hairline.

On the contrary, if you believe that coming to terms with your natural hairline would be more helpful than running away with it, celebrate with the class, ease, and grace of a modern mullet. Doing so can build up your confidence, and make you a styling guru amongst your friends.

Uniform Buzz Cut for Natural Hair

Uniform Buzz Cut for Natural Hair

The positioning of your widow’s peak should be assessed if finding success is a priority. Additionally, finding your hairline’s placement on the Norwood scale can also give you the upperhand.

Being born with a Norwood zero is a blessing in itself if you’re worried about hair shedding, since that usually is anything but a sign of male pattern baldness. However, with a widow’s peak, it might be hard to make any hairdo look good, unless you prepare accordingly.

Before you go for a bold or outgrown option, start your experiment with a buzz cut. You may experiment with waves with afro-textured hair if change is necessary.

Slippery Gentleman’s Slick Back with Fade

Slippery Gentleman's Slick Back with Fade

You can either dwell on what could’ve been or accept something for what it is. Likewise, to really come to terms with a widow’s peak, you must either find a way to subside the appearance of it on the daily, or focus on the positives to find a silver lining.

A slick back is perhaps the best option for medium-length hair to experiment with, especially for those with a widow’s peak. The elevated look not only forms a structure that leads the way with volume, but also elongates the chin when paired with a low fade. It is also a great look for youths, as well as adults.

90s Gelled-up Curtains with Framing Layers

90s Gelled-up Curtains with Framing Layers

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your hairline is not as clean and more pointy than that of your styling inspirations. Additionally, if the outskirts of your widow’s peak is closer to your eyebrows, you can render yourself extremely lucky!

Moving on, if you’re intrigued by styling options that burst into the scene during the millennial generation, perhaps wearing curtains will enable you to feel more level headed. The framing layers of this e-Boy look are unsung heroes, as they help in reducing face fat.

Squeaky-clean Buzz Cut with High Bald Fade

Squeaky-clean Buzz Cut with High Bald Fade

Buzzing the hair can be a nightmare when working with a straight hairline, as a lot needs to be measured prior to carrying the notion out. A widow’s peak appears to operate on a different wavelength, however, being the perfect structure for the masculine hairdo.

The length of the buzz cut will obviously depend on hair density and texture. If playing it safe is a must, reduce the risks with a uniform buzz cut, with an outgrown top that pairs effortlessly with a high bald fade.

Choppy Wolf Cut with Low Taper

Choppy Wolf Cut with Low Taper

Distressed textures can be perfect for hiding signs of thinning almost always. An underrated trait of theirs is not the way in which they add to the density, but the measures they take to cover areas around the hairline, which can definitely be relied upon when dealing with a widow’s peak.

A wolf cut is an ideal candidate in our eyes, having tons of influence at the moment. The unhinged pieces are great for rebels, while the lift it adds around the roots is great for flat hair.

Natural Brushback Flow with Blended Fade

Natural Brushback Flow with Blended Fade

Applying greasy hairdos can be great for the hold it provides, even under unfavorable weather conditions. However, applying products with high-gloss and hold shouldn’t be an option if you’re still not fully satisfied with your widow’s peak, as doing so will only bring more light to the structure.

A natural brushback is a candidate that supports itself without any enhancement. It also carries tons of fullness that can manipulate and change the shape of the hairline, being able to cover a V-shaped hairline with ease.

Modern Slick Back for Receding Hairline

Modern Slick Back for Receding Hairline

The best possible way to deal with a widow’s peak is to highlight its strongpoints instead of ridiculing it for its shortcomings, an objective that a modern slick back carries out oh so elegantly.

A modern slick back isn’t just a token of sophistication, but also gives one more confidence with the natural lift it carries. It is a great option for business tycoons, but is just as promising for those with a receding hairline.

Unwinded Wavy Top with Tapered Sides

Unwinded Wavy Top with Tapered Sides

Although not always the case, the appearance of a widow’s peak in your 20s shouldn’t be received in a positive light, as it can easily be perceived as a sign of male pattern baldness, which can be tough to come to terms with.

Making changes to your diet and using DHT blocking shampoos can allow some strands to come back to life, but surgical procedures might be required if you’re hoping to make a dramatic comeback.

On the contrary, if you’d like to embrace aging, you snip the strands by an inch or so. Taper the sides with scissors and scrunch the cuticles on top to create this tousled top, known for catering to wavy hair.

Natural Hard Part with Highlights

Natural Hard Part with Highlights

When not addressed immediately, signs of baldness or hair loss can increase rapidly, targeting the hairline before moving onto the crown. But if taking artificial measures isn’t something you’d like to crumble to, make adjustments to your pre-existing look and let your widow’s peak take the lead.

Using styling tools and products can be great if you’ve committed to attending a high-profile event, since both equipment will give hairdos involving a natural hard part no space for falling apart. On rest days, however, avoid both at all costs. You may also install highlights to give your shaft a subtle boost.

Relaxed Quiff with Low Fade

Relaxed Quiff with Low Fade

The appearance of a widow’s peak can be good news as well, believe it or not. In fact, as opposed to a straight hairline, a widow’s peak is known for being the dominant one, showing no signs of recession year after year.

Additionally, if you’d like to settle for a low-shine look that will give your strands more fullness and take a couple of minutes to curate everyday, a relaxed quiff might fit like a glove. With a low fade, the formation of the look can survive with just a little bit of hair clay.

Glossy Angular Slick Back with Natural Taper

Glossy Angular Slick Back with Natural Taper

Hair can easily fall out of place once the strands grow in size. With a widow’s peak, unruly hair can look even more unappealing when unaddressed.

By combing against the grain and brushing the hair in a backwards motion, you can replicate this design, comprising a fusion of a slick back and comb over. Brush against the grain for more volume, moving towards the grain for a flatter, more polished hold.

Low Crop Cut with Mid-skin Fade

Low Crop Cut with Mid-skin Fade

Cropping the top isn’t just ideal for hiding signs of shedding or transforming your high hairline to a much lower one, but can also be a solution to your widow’s peak. The trick is to have just enough length on top to form a fringe that can reduce the visibility of the hairline.

A skin fade is once again a dominant companion if you’re picking a supporting option. The disconnection it provides can make your cheeks leaner and your jawline meaner!

Disheveled Tousled Comb Over

Disheveled Tousled Comb Over

Since angular designs look more natural, a comb over can surely be perceived as a compelling solution in this guide. By carrying textured pieces and shedding more light to the distinct features of the facial features, it can also erase the visibility of a widow’s peak.

This option caters to everyone, but harmonizes more with wavy hair. The freeness of the waves is the selling point, typically enhanced using hair mousse.

Textured Mohawk Fade with Blends

Textured Mohawk Fade with Blends

Aiming for an elongated hairstyle is a must if you want the “unfortunate” appearance of your widow’s peak to not take up so much of the spotlight. And if your sense of style is based around hairstyles that are experimental and loud, a textured mohawk fade is all you need.

To make room for your facial structure, you can once again rely on a fade. For a natural aura, stick to blends or tapered sides.

Afro-textured Curly Top with Sharp Shape-up

Afro-textured Curly Top with Sharp Shape-up

Afro-textured hair is a gift and a curse at the same time. But what makes it rather special in this guide is how easily it can diminish the negatives of a widow’s peak.

Many believe that sacrificing the pre-existing length and reducing it to a minimum is an effective solution. That’s not the only way, however, as picking out the fro and buzzing hairline to form a straight-cut shape is a compelling alternative to the former.

Polished Shoulder-length Bro Flow

Polished Shoulder-length Bro Flow

Choosing designs tied to maturity as opposed to siding with options that are bold can be a good way to age gracefully once you’re pushing 40. It can also be a great mantra to follow if you’re big on “old money” aesthetics.

Remaining patient with your strands can be rewarding if your widow’s peak is carried by wavy strands, since this shoulder-length bro flow can easily be added to improve your personal style. The grease-free visuals are truly something to behold, often created using dry shampoo or texturizing powder.

Side-swept Hard Part with High Skin Fade

Side-swept Hard Part with High Skin Fade

No amount of wax or hair product can help if you don’t have a hairstyle that compliments your hair density and pairs seamlessly with your face shape, let alone make you feel more comfortable with a widow’s peak.

Additionally, if your hair is coarse and follows straight-cut silhouettes, trim the ends to conceal signs of damage and comb the strands against the grain to rock a side-swept hard part, typically formed with zero styling products. To create more space for your stubble, position a skin fade towards the midsection of your temple.

A Source Of Encouragement: A-List Celebrities With A Widow’s Peak Haircut

The former piece can be a breath of fresh air if your widow’s peak is eventually taking a toll on your esteem, providing solutions that aren’t just logical, but also quite straightforward to carry out. It mentions noteworthy pieces known for making one feel better with the state of their hairline, with advantages that make space for more fullness and facial features to work around.

Moving on, as much as we believe in the power of hairstyles, the potential of each won’t feel as powerful unless they’re experimented with in real life. However, if you feel that a list of prominent faces will give you the push you need, we’ve got you all figured out. From Keanu Reeves to Becks, here are some members who are proud of having a widow’s peak!

David Beckham’s Textured Platinum Faux Hawk

David Beckham’s Textured Platinum Faux Hawk

Starting this list off is the style icon himself, David Beckham. While he wooed all the gaffers on the pitch by defying gravity using his freekicks and pings, another thing that evolved drastically around that time was his sense of style, eventually taking him to the top of the table.

Beckham is almost pushing 50, being far from his prime. One thing he was never ashamed of is his widow’s peak, however, which he once showcased with this platinum faux hawk.

Henry Cavill’s Greasy Pompadour

Henry Cavill's Greasy Pompadour

Henry Cavill is the man to look up to if you’re built like a tank, and seem to have a concentrated widow’s peak. His hair density definitely needs some work, but who needs more hair when you have self-esteem?

This pomp is draped in wax, which supports his fine hair and enables it to stay in place. The volume is all natural, while the structure is formed with a wide-tooth comb.

Chris Hemsworth’s Dishevelled Angular Quiff with Framing Pieces

Chris Hemsworth's Dishevelled Angular Quiff with Framing Piece

Chris Hemsworth first rose to relevance when he portrayed the role of Thor better than anyone else could. The Aussie-born leads an active life that requires frequent showers, which explains the reason behind this angular quiff.

The quiff carries itself with framing pieces, most of which go out of place naturally. The angles make the aura more masculine, bringing out the best in his jawline and diamond-shaped face.

Nick Jonas’ Outgrown Crew Cut

Nick Jonas Outgrown Crew Cut

Nick Jonas currently maintains his widow’s peak using a bro flow, which suits his curly hair and matches well with his age category at the moment. However, a hairdo that once gave all the spotlight to his widow’s peak is this outgrown crew cut, a convenient look for everyone.

The outgrown pieces don’t need anything for stability, offering a quick and easy styling process in the meantime. Additionally, if you have a lean face, this crew cut will make your jawline cut diamonds.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Swept Back Hair

Leonardo DiCaprio's Swept Back Hair

If you’re a Gen-Z kid, you were probably alive and kicking when Titanic took the film industry like a storm. Right after its release, however, it seems as though one man took up all the spotlight from the plot, which was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

The appeal of Leo has always been his confidence. His charisma is so monumental, that he doesn’t even let minor issues like a widow’s peak ruin his day. In fact, this swept back hair shows just how much he loves his hair, especially the V-shaped hairline.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Textured Spikes

Jake Gyllenhaal's Textured Spikes

Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t even look a day over 30, which is surprising once you realize how he’s cruising in his 40s at the moment. Apart from his skincare routine, we believe that his hair genetics play a crucial role in making the actor look like Benjamin buttons. But if you’re seeking a hairstyle that will back things up, here is a textured cut of his.

This textured hairdo is great for kickbacks and casual gatherings, requiring just some dry shampoo to stay afloat. The widow’s peak gives the roots around the hairline more elevation, making it a win-win scenario.

Keanu Reeves’ Shoulder-length Curtain Shag

Keanu Reeves Shoulder-length Curtain Shag

Keanu Reeves’ fanbase don’t need to back him up, since his down-to-Earth personality does all the talking. Another reason that fans are often left in awe lies behind his shoulder-length curtain shag, which exposes his widow’s peak to the fullest.

We believe that Keanu does very little to keep his hair in place, which makes sense when you assess his hair density. If you meet the length requirements, but struggle to keep your curtains afloat, use hair mousse when the strands are damp.

I Don’t Like My Widow’s Peak. What Should I Do? Solving Hypothetical Scenarios So You Don’t Have To!

The previous portions can surely give you some motivation if all you need is a new look. However, if you still want to get rid of your widow’s peak, there are certain measures you can take to tackle the issue.

Should You Cut Your Widow’s Peak?

.The first thing you can do is adjust the widow’s peak on a daily basis using a razor, mainly to form a straight-cut hairline. Do think hard before you give in though, since the strands will grow back rapidly.

The Perks Of Spending Big

Additionally, if the previous solution isn’t your cup of tea, spend big by taking surgical procedures. This may seem unnecessary if your hair doesn’t lack density, being a compulsory measure if you’ve fallen victim to male pattern baldness.

My Parents Don’t Have A Widow’s Peak, But Why Do I?

Alright, we admit. Having a widow’s peak is alienating at times, especially when neither your parents or siblings don’t have one. Are you adopted, or is it merely a coincidence? Not!

Many are quick to assume the worst when this happens. However, those that panic don’t realize that a widow’s peak is heritable. In other words, if a close relative of yours has a widow’s peak, you might just reprise that attribute.

Right Place, Wrong Time: How To Deal With A Botched Widow’s Peak Haircut

On the other hand, if you did decide to choose your guts over fear and dove right into this trend by wearing a haircut, chances are you won’t get it right the first time. And if that happens to be your case, don’t feel disheartened.

In fact, if you do know what it’s like to be in the previous scenario, you can either let it grow, or let it go. In other words, get a new haircut, or keep growing the strands until you find what you were looking for!

Bottom Line

Alongside some laughs and giggles, we hope you’re able to make peace with your widow’s peak. How, you ask? Through the help of this guide, which goes above and beyond to provide everything that one requires, from hairstyles to the basics.

A widow’s peak is definitely a lot of things. However, if one of the things on your mind is aggressive hair shedding, then you’re wrong, since many believe that a widow’s peak is more dominant than a normal hairline, providing more longevity with age.

Since putting your preferences in a cage is not an option, you can always remove your widow’s peak using grooming tools involving razors, shavers, and trimmers. However, on the other end are hairstyles that feel complete with a widow’s peak, so be sure to revise the guide one more time!

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