Widows Peak vs Receding Hairline

Widow’s Peak vs. Receding Hairline: Are They Really The Same? 

Hair loss is rather common amongst men. In fact, more than 80 percent of men tend to lose a significant amount of hair throughout their lives. Even when one is prepared for it, losing hair is very mentally draining. Witnessing the regression of one’s hairline is truly a nightmare, especially when it’s influenced by genetics.

While a receding hairline is the most common sign of hair loss and male pattern baldness, many tend to believe that those with a widow’s peak are victims of the same scenario as well. However, that theory of theirs is nothing but a myth in most cases.

Moving on, if you’ve been worried about the hairline you have and wondering whether it’s a widow’s peak or the first sign of male pattern baldness, also known as a receding hairline, stick around until the end to find out how to differentiate a widow’s peak from a receding hairline.

That’s not all we’ve got for you, as in the second half of the issue, you will find the similarities of a Widow’s peak vs. Receding Hairline, and all the remedies to control both scenarios with ease!

A Brief Guide On Widow’s Peak: What Causes It?

Brief Guide on Widows Peak

A widow’s peak is a v-shaped curve around the hairline that is placed right at the centre. While many see the presence of it as a sign of bad luck, a widow’s peak solely exists due to genetic factors and is equivalent to having curly hair. While it does form early on in one’s life, a widow’s peak may also appear when a person ages.

Unlike a receding hairline, a widow’s peak doesn’t compromise the density of one’s hair or lead to hair loss, unless the hair around the crown decreases in terms of texture over a short period of time.

The Early Signs and Causes Of A Receding Hairline

Signs and Causes of Receding Hairline

A receding hairline occurs when the hairline gradually moves backwards from each side, and forms an m-shape over a short or lengthy period of time. It tends to take place after puberty and arises due to low levels of testosterone, hormonal issues, and high levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Genetics can also make someone the bearer of a receding hairline. In some cases, a high level of cortisol and telogen effluvium lead to having a receding hairline.

Having a receding hairline is one of the premature signs to male pattern baldness. In addition to losing strands, volume, and thickness around the hairline, a receding hairline can also lead to hair loss around the temple and crown of the head.

Widow’s Peak vs. Receding Hairline: How To Tell The Difference

The only thing that a widow’s peak has in common with a receding hairline is the appearance that it has. Since both of them make the hairline look a bit more mature than its supposed to be, separating a widow’s peak from a mature or a receding hairline could be rather challenging. Worry not, however, since there’s always a way. Likewise, here are all the techniques that will enable you to tell the difference between a widow’s peak against a receding hairline!

Difference Between Widows Peak and Receding Hairline

Measure the hairline

Checking in on your hairline in a thorough manner could be the easiest way to figure out the kind of hairline you have.

A mature or receding hairline will have slightly higher corners than a widow’s peak. The hair will also feel more soft and thin, but could also be as thick as it was in the centre.

A widow’s peak, on the other hand, will have more density in contrast to a mature hairline, but will also contain the v-shape structure that it always did. Additionally, if you do have an m-shape structure with a widow’s peak, the shape of your hairline will look more prominent.

Run a wrinkle test

Looking in the mirror could also be an easy way to discover the kind of hairline you’re dealing with. For instance, if your hairline is resting slightly above the highest wrinkle you have on your forehead, then don’t stress on it, as it’s just a major sign of a maturing hairline that can eventually transform into a widow’s peak.

However, if your forehead seems more visible than ever, and the gap between the highest wrinkle and your hairline is apparent, it might be a compelling sign of a receding hairline.

Keep an eye out for even recession

If you’ve never had a widow’s peak until years after entering puberty, try to assess the hairline. If you’re losing density around the corners and forming a widow’s peak without losing clumps of hair, perhaps it’s a sign of a mature hairline.

On the contrary, if you’re shedding more strands than usual, and your hairline seems unevenly put, you might have fallen victim to a receding hairline.

How To Treat A Receding Hairline

As stated earlier, loads of men suffer from a receding hairline, and eventually become victims of male pattern baldness in their lifetime. Although embracing it and trying out different looks is definitely the healthiest approach to take in order to cope with this scenario, it’s never too late to retrieve the hair that you once had. In fact, if you follow the right technique and incorporate a solution that works for your hair, you can even reverse your hair loss and say goodbye to male pattern baldness forever!


Minoxidil is a foam-like application that battles against a receding hairline and improves the structure of one’s hairline. In addition to improving the condition of one’s hairline, minoxidil is also a good way to add to the hair’s density, and improve the overall health of one’s hair follicles.

While using it could definitely benefit those with a receding hairline, it can also bring to the table side effects such as acne, and inflammation. In certain cases, using minoxidil could lead to aggressive hair loss.


If you don’t have an issue with oral supplements, try consuming finasteride. While it could result in a loss of libido, having finasteride on a daily basis will decrease levels of DHT, which is a primary contributing factor that leads to a receding hairline.

FUT or FUE (Hair Transplant)

A permanent fix to a receding hairline is a hair transplant. While it is more costly than any of the recommended remedies, a hair transplant should definitely be a solution you can consider if you’re suffering from aggressive hair loss. In addition to controlling your hairline issue and maintaining it until eternity, a hair transplant will also add more thickness to your hair. Although the procedure tends to be painful and the recovery process is lengthy, getting a hair transplant is easily the ultimate cure to a receding hairline.

Changes In Lifestyle

Eliminating bad habits can also improve the quality of your receding hairline! All you have to do is incorporate a balanced diet into your life. Make sure your diet plan contains tons of greens, and protein. Since omega 3s are also prominent for restoring hair, try consuming almond nuts and fish on a regular basis.

Additionally, to control the amount of cortisol in your body, partake in physical activities. Play your favourite sport or join a gym so that you can workout on the regular. If you’re working around a tight schedule, just do some yoga and breathe!

Hair Restoration Kit

In this modern day and age, fixing a receding hairline is like riding a bike; easy. While letting go of bad habits could be an accessible way to restore your hairline in the long run, if you’re seeking overnight progress, you might want to look into hair restoration kits that come with finasteride and minoxidil. In addition to that, they also come with a scalp application with a shampoo that controls dandruff and restores hair follicles.

Should You Fix Your Widow’s Peak?

Although having a widow’s peak is the farthest thing from an early sign of male pattern baldness, the v-shaped structure of it could be a bittersweet aspect to fathom. However, if you believe that your widow’s peak is leaving a dent on your social life and self esteem, there are many ways in which you can tackle that issue!


A simple and easy life hack to change the shape of your widow’s peak can be achieved through plucking. Using a tweezer is generally favourable in this scenario. However, do keep in mind that it needs to be done on a daily basis!


If you’re susceptible to pain, you can even try using waxing strips. While it is more painful than plucking, the procedure of waxing is extremely time friendly. On average, it takes around 5 minutes to wax off the shape of your widow’s peak, which can take almost 30 minutes if you use a tweezer.


Another simple way to clear out the presence of your v-shaped hairline can be achieved by using a razor. Prior to shaving it off with a razor, make sure to apply shaving cream to save yourself from nicks and cuts.

On another note, if your scalp is sensitive and fragile against the sharpness of a blade, you can definitely shave it off using a hair clipper with a 0 guard.

Hair Removal Cream

Using depilatory creams, also known as hair removal creams, can also be a quick and easy way to manipulate the structure of your widow’s peak.

To make the most of it without facing any repercussions, apply the depilatory cream very carefully. Take a sufficient amount of time if necessary, as one wrong move might lead to irritation and inflammation.


If you don’t want to deal with your widow’s peak anymore, eliminate it indefinitely through the help of electrolysis, which is a procedure that individually erases hair from the face or the body. Since it destroys growth cells underneath the skin, the hair strands are rendered incapable of growing back.

Final Takeaway

Even though a widow’s peak and a receding hairline are extremely similar in terms of visuals, the purpose of a receding hairline is much more unfortunate and unfavourable than that of a widow’s peak. As opposed to having a widow’s peak, having a receding hairline is a sign of male pattern baldness, which solely occurs due to genetics, hormonal issues, and having high levels of cortisol, also known as stress hormones.

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