Wolf Cut for Men

Wolf Cut For Men: 27 Different Looks To Experiment With This Year!

If you regularly keep up with fashion trends with the help of social media platforms, we hope you’re aware of the dominance of the wolf cut and its gender-fluid nature.

When it first entered the world of beauty, a wolf cut was extremely difficult not to notice. Involving a textured look with tons of elevation around the roots, a wolf cut was initially favorable in the eyes of many due to the way it changed the wearer’s facial structure, preferably in a positive way. And while it did become a must-have look for women when it first gained recognition in the fashion scene, it now has a great influence over men’s fashion.

A look that is often confused for a shag due to its laidback nature and misunderstood for a mullet due to having similar visuals at the backside, a wolf cut typically stands out with its flair. A specialist in giving the wearer’s face a slimming effect, a wolf cut is essential to men with a knack for sharp jawlines and defined cheekbones.

No matter how round or oval your face shape may be, a wolf cut can adapt to it remarkably, making the hairstyle a safe bet for any and every man seeking to explore their taste in fashion. And if you are one of them, consider sticking around until the end as we’ll unveil everything we know about all the top-notch wolf cuts for men in this article.

Additionally, if you hang around until later, you might be rewarded with a tutorial that will make the creation process a walk in the park! Don’t believe us? Just watch!

27 Wolf Cut Variations For Men That Can Be Created Anywhere, At Any Time!

Although this textured look was created during the 60s, the wolf cut took quite some time to be acknowledged in the world of trends. Between the 70s and late-90s, the wolf cut was a favorite amongst edgy and rebellious teens, having very little exposure in Hollywood and a minor fanbase among fashionistas. Its rise to stardom came to an indefinite end when hairstyles like the mullet and shag, two looks carrying the same aura, surpassed the milestones set by the wolf cut.

However, as teens got edgier and more experimental, the appeal of a wolf cut came back in 2021, taking social media platforms by storm. And although it initially became a sensation in women’s fashion and androgynous individuals, it eventually won the hearts of men. Skim through the entries below to learn about the best wolf cut variations all men must try!

Crop Wolf Cut With High And Tight Fade

Crop Wolf Cut with High and Tight Fade

Starting off the list is this edgy look with a slightly shorter length, but tons of texture. It also gives us a preview of how much potential a wolf cut can have when paired with a crop cut!

Also known as a crop wolf cut, this look typically caters to those with a slightly structured face shape with fine or thin hair. While the visuals can also be created on coarse hair with thinning shears, this crop wolf cut is for those that need to cover their forehead or hairline.

A crop wolf cut is all that you should look forward to if you’d like to replace your pre-existing look with a messier look containing a shape-up!

Jay Jo’s Wolf Cut

Jay Jo's Wolf Cut

When the South Korean anime Windbreaker hit the screens, Jay Jo quickly became a prominent face in the anime community. And while his personality traits grew on people over time, it was his physical appearance, specifically his modern wolf cut, that mainly stole the spotlight!

At the end of the day, there’s not much you need to do in order to mimic this look. In fact, all you have to do is grow your hair out until the strands are 6 inches long, which might require tons of composure. However, if you want to learn everything about the styling routine and its origin, consider reading our write-up on Jay Jo’s haircut!

Mid-part Wolf Cut For Asian Hair

Mid-part Wolf Cut for Asian Hair

A wolf cut received an overwhelming amount of positivity after becoming an overnight sensation on Tik Tok,  but expanded its fanbase even further when it meshed with a mid-part haircut, satisfying the minds of those with Asian hair.

In addition to having a clean-cut shape, this mid part has tons of density and flair to match any outfit in any kind of setting. While this hairdo is mostly styled with hair mousse, those seeking an extra amount of shine can also incorporate a water-based pomade. For a slight lift and firmer hold, you can even use a pre and post-styler such as hair spray!

Dishevelled Wolf Cut With Fringes

Dishevelled Wolf Cut with Fringes

Taking notes from bed head looks can be a blessing in disguise before getting a wolf cut, as you can easily create this dishevelled wolf cut with choppy fringes.

If you have fine but dense hair, this variation should be a perfect match for you. In addition to making your strands look thick with the choppy texture, this look will also offer you a low-maintenance styling process.

On most occasions, you won’t even have to use styling products to create the visuals of this look. All you’ll need is a diffuser or hairdryer!

Wolf Cut With Wavy Curtains

Wolf Cut with Wavy Curtains

A middle-part is always a great look to keep in mind when wearing a wolf cut. While the layers can be a bit difficult to maintain when lengthy, that issue can be sorted out if you crop the ends by an inch or so to create this chin-length wolf cut.

The wavy texture of this haircut is very well the selling point of this hairstyle. However, another aspect you can expect this wolf cut to have is a low-maintenance routine. With a co-washing routine and an efficient styling routine with a matte-based hair pomade, you can expect your wolf cut to stick around for days!

Edgy Wolf Cut

Edgy Wolf Cut

A wolf cut was often recognized from afar due to its texture back in the day. However, since trends are open to interpretation and more subjective than ever these days, you can definitely stand out with a louder variant like this edgy wolf cut.

The best part about this look is definitely the way the bangs have been incorporated into the wolf cut, which must have required a tub of hair gel! However, the brilliance of the frontal region is also accompanied by a tri-tone hair dye comprising shades of grey.

While we wouldn’t recommend this look to be utilized in formal or professional settings, be sure to make this your best friend if your outfit is just as daring!

Asian Wolf Cut

Asian Wolf Cut

If you liked the appeal of the curtain-shaped wolf cut that was mentioned formerly, you might also like this variant, which offers another design that was curated for Asian hair.

In contrast to the previous one, the groundwork of this look is more texture-oriented. The waves are usually created on damp hair, and are formed using sea salt spray. To clinch the structure, a water-based pomade should be used, especially if you want your strands to look polished.

On the contrary, if you do want the hairdo to look a bit more natural, manipulate the structure with your fingertips to create curls!

Wolf Cut With Wavy Flow Haircut

Modern Wolf Cut

In order to create a wolf cut, your hair must be at least 6 inches long. However, if you’re in the middle of the growing phase and you’re already tired of maintaining the lengths, consider ditching a long-length variant of a wolf cut for this mid-length wolf cut with a bro flow.

Since this pick is a bit more flexible and cooperative than the rest, you can incorporate various designs into the hairstyle. If you’re not the biggest fan of the curtain-shaped bro flow in the picture placed above, you can always opt for a hairdo as voluminous and as classy as a slick back or comb-over.

However, if you do want to replicate this option to the fullest, incorporate a hair mousse that will enhance your natural waves!

Modern Wolf Cut

Modern Wolf Cut

Taking into account how established the wolf cut has become in the fashion scene, we have no doubt that it will secure its legacy as a timeless fashion trend eventually.

Although the look keeps crowds on the edge of their seats by coming up with a new variation every year, the frontrunner among the series of wolf cut designs that have come into existence so far is this modern wolf cut.

While it rose to stardom when stars like Noah Beck slayed the look at Paris Fashion Week, the modern wolf cut was always a convenient look prior due to its easygoing process. In fact, to make this look a part of your life at this very moment, all you need is a high skin fade! To create the wavy layers, be sure to use a curling cream.

Curly Wolf Cut

Curly Wolf Cut

In addition to being adaptable enough to experiment with, curly hair can be an asset due to its density and texture. Pairing it with low taper fades and temple fades can be great to give the strands a little more elevation. However, if you want to grow all your curls equally, you might just be eligible enough to pull off this curly wolf cut!

To create this look, tie your hair up into a ponytail once the strands have been detangled with a wide tooth comb. Create the guideline with the help of the ponytail, and incorporate the face-framing layers by splitting your hair into two equally oriented sections.

Furthermore, if you’d like to learn more about how you can create this curly wolf cut, read through the tutorial we have mentioned in the second half of this article!

Permed Wolf Cut For Blonde Hair

Permed Wolf Cut for Blonde Hair

As wolf cuts feel better when the strands are curly, a great option many with straight hair can take into account is this permed version of a wolf cut.

Just like a permed mullet, this permed wolf cut might be a hassle to create. And although the hair care routine will be just as challenging as the creation process, this wolf cut can be an exceptional style to incorporate if you’re into vintage fashion trends.

Additionally, if you add a little more hairspray or hair mousse to the hair and grow the length on the side by a tad bit, you might just recreate one of the many hairstyles of Logan Paul.

Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut

If you’re an Asian with a knack for care-free hairdos with a very easy styling process, try mimicking this Korean wolf cut.

On top of being easy to replicate, a Korean wolf cut is a versatile option that can accompany you at work and during interviews. When created with styling products, you can also get a companion that will be a perfect match for bold outfits.

A difficult part about this hairstyle could be its maintenance, which might require you to get the strands evened out once a month. However, if you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, consider finding an alternative by skimming through this write-up covering Korean hairstyles for men and women.

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Due to the visual similarities, a wolf cut is often confused for a shag cut or shag mullet, which are more volume-oriented than the former.

Though you can learn everything about how different a wolf cut is from a shag cut with the help of this article we’ve prepared, you can also throw this shaggy wolf cut into your list of hairstyles to experiment with.

This shaggy wolf cut had its fair share of success when British-pop bands made it their signature hairstyle in the late 90s. Frontmen like Liam Gallagher of Oasis and Richard Ashcroft of The Verve are two notable figures.

Moreover, although the shaggy wolfcut is not as popular as it once was, you can always bring it back in style if you have the right amount of confidence!

Chin-length Wolf Cut

Chin Length Wolf Cut

Hairstyles look much sharper and shape one’s facial structure for the better when the strands are parallel to the user’s chin. In addition to being relatively easy to maintain, a chin-length haircut is also good at introducing tons of volume and elevation to one’s hair. And if you don’t believe us, humble yourself with this chin-length wolf cut.

With this wolf cut, carrying out multiple looks should be easy. As long as you apply the products we’ll cover in the second half of this article, you can incorporate relaxed side parts, voluminous slick backs, and distressed curtains into this middle-length wolf cut!

Wolf Cut With Curly Shag

Wolf Cut with Curly Shag

If your face shape is slightly small and extremely narrow, mimicking a curly wolf cut variant that has way too much texture and fullness can cover your face up massively, preventing your distinct facial features from standing out to the fullest. However, don’t lose hope just yet.

In fact, if you’re okay with trimming your curls by a significant amount, you should definitely add this wolf cut to your must-have options, which features a curly shag in the front as well.

In contrast to most entries, the styling procedure of this wolf cut is simple. If you already have loose curls, try using a diffuser to create a laid-back structure. On the contrary, if you don’t have a diffuser, air dry your hair while scrunching the shaft to create a relaxed, weightless set of curls.

70s Wolf Cut

70s Wolf Cut

Despite having multiple modern options, a wolf cut never forgets its roots. While the mullet holds onto its past with the help of the 80s mullet, the wolf cut pays homage to its originators with the 70s wolf cut, which is still up for grabs in this day and age.

Unlike most modern variations, this wolf cut has a simpler approach. Instead of standing out with tons of waves and texture, the 70s wolf cut does it the old way by being as volume-oriented as possible, typically created with hairspray.

While the sides are fluffy to say the least, the backside of the 70s wolf cut comprises curly tresses with a subtle bounce.

Messy Wolf Cut With Textured M-shaped Layers

Messy Wolf Cut with Textured M-shaped Layers

Awkward phases are common when you’re growing your hair out. Maintenance cuts are often seen as a good way to maintain the structure of the layers and reintroduce a manageable styling routine. However, if you’re open to trying out new hairdos to say goodbye to your awkward phase, do keep this messy wolf cut in mind.

While your hair might need to be manipulated and structured a certain way to create the pattern of this design, this messy wolf cut could be your perfect match if you’ve got a laid back personality, dirty blonde hair, and a face shape that needs trimming. To effectively bring out the best view of your jawline, you can even trade the long framing layers in the front for choppier, sharper, curtain-shaped fringes.

Curly Wolf Cut With Frizzy Tresses

Curly Wolf Cut with Frizzy Tresses

Once you keep growing your curls out, the strands could be incredibly difficult to look after. Getting a maintenance cut could very well hover your indecisive mind around that time to immediately relieve yourself from all the stress. However, another great solution to this problem is this curly textured wolf cut with frizzy tresses.

While the frizzy ends of this look can be ironed out by using conditioner on a regular basis, this option can be a top-notch pick to go forward with if you want an easy look to maintain your loose-textured curls with. Since the styling routine of this variation comes with an open book, feel free to experiment with your hair as much as you’d like to!

Wolf Cut With Short Mullet

Wolf Cut with Short Mullet

Hairstyles are always fun to wear when they’re easy to incorporate; a mantra that the wolf cut follows relentlessly. While some variants on this list cover the wild side of a wolf cut, this option is the polar opposite, serving those with a simple and minimalist approach in fashion.

Featuring a short mullet in the frontal region, this pick could work wonders for you if you’re always late to parties. The styling process doesn’t require any product, and can be carried out within minutes. The pattern can also be changed in minutes if a diffuser is used with the scrunching technique.

Shoulder-length Wolf Cut With Bleached Highlights

Shoulder-length Wolf Cut with Bleached Highlights

Relying on a wolf cut can be great if you’re seeking an immediate way to have a glow-up phase, as it has the perfect aura, visuals, and versatility to serve you at any occasion. Additionally, if you’re seeking a wolf cut variant with a vibrant colour scheme with mid-length strands, this shoulder-length wolf cut should be your one and only pick.

While frequently bleaching to maintain this look could be potentially harmful to your strands if they’re brittle and slightly damaged, the presentability of this wolf cut will make you a start of the show. The hair will surely suit you if you’re a surfer boy, but it will also be at your service if you’d like the layers of your hair to give your face a slimming effect!

Wolf Cut With Ugly Mullet

Wolf Cut with Ugly Mullet

A wolf cut is a recommended hairstyle to try in the eyes of fashion enthusiasts. Though pulling off the look at your regular 9-5 could result in frowns as well as words of support, a variation that you should avoid at all times is this wolf cut with an ugly mullet!

While you can still try it out if you’re simply trying to cheer people up or expressing your sense of humor, the look could be as deal-breaking as an ugly mullet if you’re trying to improve your work or social life. By the looks of it, this variant of a wolf cut might even pass as an unprofessional hairstyle.

Wolf Cut With Fade For Receding Hairlines

Wolf Cut with Fade for Receding Hairlines

Losing hair is quite traumatizing when it’s permanent, and can easily leave a dent in your level of confidence if you don’t do anything about it. While you can easily tackle the issues of a receding hairline with medical procedures, an immediate fix that will give your hair a better appearance and rejuvenate your self-esteem is this wolf cut!

Featuring a skin fade with a side part, this wolf cut can easily introduce some density to your thinning hair. With some hairspray, you can even secure a firm hold with no boundaries or limits. Additionally, if you’re open to skimming through more options, remember to skim through these confident-boosting haircuts for your receding hairline.

e-Boy Wolf Cut With Red Streaks

E-boy Wolf Cut with Red Streaks

Following the resurgence of edgy and messy hairdos, a wolf cut re-entered the fashion scene through the help of Gen Z trendsetters, reaching new milestones and heights overnight. It gradually became a must-have look for e-Boys to try out, bringing this e-Boy wolf cut into existence.

Although the tense nature of the strands is surely a great trait of this design, the most appealing aspect are the red streaks around the face-framing layers. The jarring tone of red is appealing to look at, and gives the strands a subtle boost in terms of fullness. Additionally, if you’d like to explore more e-Boy haircuts that are just as influential as the wolf cut in the modern era, be sure to read our issue on the e-Boy haircut!

Polished Wolf Cut For Blonde Hair

Polished Wolf Cut for Blonde Hair

If you’re a big fan of Owen Wilson or one of the male actors with blonde hair, then this is the perfect queue to pay homage to your biggest idol. And while sending a text or dedicating a post on social media could be sufficient to express the gratitude you have for them, you may also replicate this blonde, polished wolf cut to make it unforgettable!

If you’re not a blondie, you might need bleach to create the visuals of this look. Although you can nail the bleaching process at home if you’re wary of how long you can leave the chemical on for, we would like to recommend you to reach out to an experienced hairdresser if you want to play it safe.

Straight-cut Wolf Cut With Temple Fade

Straight-cut Wolf Cut with Temple Fade

Keeping it simple can go a long way. Similarly, if you’d like to follow modern trends with your wolf cut, stand out with a toned-down version with straight-cut layers and a temple fade.

The temple fade won’t just give your beard a boost by creating a disconnection, but it will also give the strands around the front a subtle amount of fullness.

Although you can keep your hair as it is to satisfy your minimalist mindset, you can also try draping your hair in a two-tone colour combination if you want your hair to have a definite wow factor!

Edgy Wolf Cut With Two-tone Curls

Edgy Wolf Cut with Two-tone Curls

Since Asian hair is prominent for being exceptionally thick and unmanageable to style at times, a good product to take help from is styling pomade. Though creating a wolf cut with gloss isn’t necessarily something we’re the biggest fans of, we can’t deny the potential of a wolf cut on Asian hair, especially when the layers are curled and showcased with a two-tone hair dye!

To generate an outcome that is stress-free and wholesome, create the layers with a diffuser when the hair is partially damp. For introducing a firm hold, use hair mousse or hair spray.

Additionally, if red isn’t your cup of tea, consider changing the hues of this hairdo as per your requirements! 

Platinum Wolf Cut With Subtle French Crop

Platinum Wolf Cut with Subtle French Crop

Wolf cuts look best when the hair is exceptionally messy yet full, which could be difficult to mimic if you have thin hair. However, if you’re willing to do anything to hop on the ever-growing trend of wolf cuts, consider trading the hue and shape of your current hairdo with this platinum wolf cut!

In addition to looking vibrant, the shade of platinum is also great at hiding the thinning symptoms of one’s hair. Due to its light colour scheme, a wolf cut can also look more desirable and presentable in the eyes of many.

Furthermore, if you do like the potential of this look, click here to learn about bleaching, an activity that is mandatory for creating platinum hair!

How To Obtain A Wolf Cut With 9 Easy Steps!

Although the wolf cut makes the styling experience convenient and enjoyable by offering multiple variations to each user, the creation process makes the haircut a bit difficult to comprehend.

To bring the visuals into existence, one might have to take help from reliable pieces of equipment. In certain cases, a pre-styling hair routine might even be required. And while this clip will work wonders for you and your dedicated barber, consider looking into the steps below to discover our 9 step routine for creating an extraordinary wolf cut at home!

Use the right tools: Texturizing shears, hair-cutting shears, comb and elastic band

While we’ll get into the technique in just a minute, the first thing we’d like to request you to do is to use the right tools. Since the wolf cut is a look that requires lusciously wavy strands all over the mane with tons of texture, refrain from using a standard pair of scissors. Instead, try purchasing a pair of hair-cutting shears, and a pair of texturizing shears.

To maintain a guideline, you should also have a wide-tooth comb in hand.

Additionally, keep an elastic band or hair tie with you at all times, since it will eventually ease up the creation process.

On another note, if you can’t find texturizing scissors, consider looking for a pair of thinning shears, a tool that can be used to deliver the same results!

Wash and detangle the hair

A cleaner scalp and residue-free hair are always more cooperative than a sweat-retained scalp with dirty strands. And to really bring forward a procedure with zero pulling and tugging, shampoo the hair thoroughly. You should even condition your hair right after to feed the strands with a bit of moisture.

Once you’ve washed your hair, use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to even out the ends of your hair to make the cutting process less hectic.

Tie it into a ponytail to create layers around the sides

Detangling the hair will make it easier for the strands to keep up with friction, and while the strands are still wet, slick it back with a comb and tie the hair into a high ponytail.

Afterward, use the haircutting shears to chop up the ends of the ponytail by approximately one inch. Although you can trim the lengths a little more if your main aim is density, don’t crop the size of the strands any further if you’d like to maintain the body and the length of your current hair.

Create a middle part and divide the hair into two sections

Once the length of the ponytail has been adjusted, create a middle-part and divide the hair into two sections to deal with the frontside as well as the backside.

To deal with the frontal region, take a handful of strands from one side and comb it in the opposite direction to create a swoop. Cut the ends of the strands right after to create the guideline. Keep repeating the process until all the strands in the front are evenly shaped and equally voluminous and edgy.

Furthermore, if you’d like to incorporate sharp face-framing layers, create a two-layered haircut in the front. While you can opt for straight tresses using haircutting shears, you may also use thinning shears for a messier look.

Use hair mousse to make the hair more bouncy

One of the biggest appeals of the wolf haircut is its appearance, which is typically orchestrated with tons of texture, bounce, and highly-dense waves. While you can skip past this process if you have curly or extremely wavy hair, using hair mousse is mandatory for creating more body and partial waves on straight hair.

To make the hair mousse work its magic, take a quarter-sized amount of foam or mousse and apply it to your hair evenly. To save more time, you can even spray the hair product on your hair comb before using the tool throughout your hair.

Once the product has been applied, manipulate the strands a little with your fingertips. To elevate the roots and make the strands as mesmerizing as possible, try using the scrunching technique.

Use a diffuser to create a wolf cut with a healthy appearance

If you follow the previous steps accurately, your hair will feel pretty full and bouncy by now. However, to keep the strands as magnificent as they are when wet, use a diffuser to absorb all the remaining drops of water from the scalp and cuticles. Prior to using the diffuser, you should also use a heat-protectant spray to prevent the final results from looking all frizzy.

Use texturizing shears to add more definition

Once the final results come in, you’ll either feel satisfied with the feel and the visuals of your wolf cut or find discontentment in the layout. And if you do feel the need to make changes, do so by using texturizing shears to add more elevation, edginess, and fullness to your look.

Create a supporting haircut if needed

If your hair is thick, a wolf cut that is fully grown out could weigh your sizable strands down, ruining the final results. Even though you can always resolve that issue temporarily with tons of hair products, you can also pair your wolf cut with a fade, a temple fade or a taper, all of which we’ve demonstrated in the first half of this article.

Seal the look with some texturizing powder, styling pomade, and sea salt spray

On the contrary, if you love the outcome of your wolf cut, seal the hold with effective styling products. To add more fullness and volume, sprinkle some texturizing powder and give the strands a lift with sea salt spray. Use a styling product(matte-based or water-based) of your choice beforehand to incorporate some flexibility and shine to your wolf cut!

Need more visuals to create your own wolf cut? If so, click the link below!  

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the previous segments, we hope you’re able to learn about the current influence the wolf cut has on the fashion scene. The textured cut is a great look to resort to if you’d like to introduce some excitement in your life. It also has plenty of variations that you could experiment with.

While we’re sure that the tutorial will enable you to bring a wolf cut into existence, here’s a questionnaire you can benefit from if you still have feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

Q: How do I maintain a wolf cut?

A: While a wolf cut is extremely fun to wear and offers tons of variations, it could be difficult to maintain a wolf cut. Since the textured layers aren’t as long-lasting and bend pretty easily, make sure you manipulate the tresses using the scrunching technique. Try using a diffuser as well for creating playful waves or subtle curls.

You should also keep a pair of texturizing scissors and hair-cutting shears at home to keep the face-framing strands consistently clean and sharp, and to maintain your wolf cut’s choppy yet dense appearance. 

Q: Will a wolf cut suit my face shape?

A: With the help of the creation process mentioned above, you can easily make the wolf cut a part of your regular aesthetics. And while the styling products you use will shape the visuals of the strands, finding a variation that pairs well with your face shape can bring forward unforgettable results as well!

In short, if your face shape is on the round, oval, or chubby side, consider growing your hair out before creating a wolf cut. Doing so will allow you to shave some pounds from your facial structure and give your face a slimming effect.

On the contrary, if you were born with a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face, consider pairing your wolf cut with a skin fade or a tight taper to make the distinct features more defined. You may also manipulate your normal waves into enhanced curls if you want to amp up your appearance significantly!


Overall, if you’re looking for something that contains an easy styling process and excels when it’s messier than ever, a wolf cut is a hairdo that should be added to your bucket list. While the look initially rose to fame when the Hippie movement commenced in the late 60s, the overly-textured and laid-back aura of the wolf cut made a resurgence in the fashion scene when it blew up on Tik Tok in recent times.

Although the amount of flair was already noted during its discovery, the wolf haircut enhanced that trait of theirs by adding variations under its belt after edgy individuals took the haircut under their wing. In addition to offering classic wolf cuts from the 70s and 80s, the wolf cut also has modern hairstyles that feature the likes of waves, perms, and natural curls. It also comes with options for audiences with straight hair with fades and high and tight tapers.

Creating it is easy, too! In fact, if you have a pair of texturizing scissors and haircutting shears, you can create a subtle version of it on your own! Consider using sea salt spray as well, especially if you want your waves to look voluminous and bouncy. To create the elevation, use a diffuser. However, don’t forget to spray the roots with a heat-protectant spray beforehand!

That’s all for now, folks! We hope this article enables you to find the right wolf cut for your taste in fashion, facial structure, and personality. If you do like this write-up, remember to leave a comment below. Moreover, to discover more ways to shape your hair, consider skimming through the materials on HairstylesFeed, the ideal hub for your styling needs!

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