Wolf Cut vs. Mullet: Where The Past Meets The Present!

While physical aspects often change and eventually lose against mentally-oriented attributes, wearing a haircut that is timeless could come in handy if you’re seeking an immediate way to regain the self-confidence that you once had.

In fact, one of the most interesting subtleties to personal styling is the way in which we wear our own hair. For both men and women, whether it’s something that’s on trend or a look that is based on improv, just like the clothes we wear, the hair we choose to wear plays a crucial role and tends to leave an impression on those that you’re constantly surrounded by.

Two timeless looks that are somehow still growing in terms of popularity are the wolf cut and the mullet. Despite having their own characteristics and attributes to stand out amongst the pool full of hairstyles, both options have tons in common and could be great looks to take into consideration if you’re looking for ideal ways to give your hair a fresh start.

Although both designs will stay relevant in the fashion scene for years to come, picking one between the two could be a challenging task to comprehend and deal with. However, if you sit tight till the end of this article, perhaps that dilemma of yours will go away for good! From covering all the differences to carrying out a deep rewind on the similar aspects, here is everything you need to know before taking your pick between the wolf cut vs. the mullet!



When all is said and done, the mullet is easily one of the most iconic looks that us human beings have discovered. While the “business in front, party at the back” still receives tons of backlash due to being unprofessional on certain occasions, the relaxed texture of the look is probably also the reason behind its ever growing popularity.

You see, while certain looks like the pompadour often cater to formal settings, the main perk of the mullet is its habit of breaking stereotypes. Just like the perfectly balanced visual aspects that the look comprises, the mullet can be worn with anything and everything. While it isn’t necessarily the most textured hairdo and quite far from being the most voluminous one out there, the laid back nature of the mullet can blend well with the silhouettes of any and every outfit if you have the confidence to pull it off.

Another trait that will always justify the mullet’s rise to stardom since the 80s is its flexibility. Since it doesn’t fit into a certain stereotype, the mullet doesn’t limit itself to one gender, either; further sealing its dominant influence in the fashion scene. 

Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut

Although a wolf cut was first discovered around the same time as the mullet and worn by Stevie Nicks during the early 70s, the wolf cut was often in the shadow of other hair trends such as the mullet, the shag, disconnected layers, and front bob cuts. However, after decades of being an unsung hero, the wolf cut became the ultimate styling solution in the eyes of Gen Z fashionistas, and eventually took the fashion scene by storm in mid 2021.

It rose to stardom even further with the help of Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish; both of whom wear the hairdo to this day.

In addition to containing ample amounts of volume, the messy yet perfect texture of the wolf cut is what makes the hairdo so iconic. It looks exceptional when draped in vibrant shades of colour, is a gender-fluid look that pairs well with the appearance of anyone, and could be the perfect look for those that are discovering their distinct taste in fashion.

Wolf Cut vs. Mullet: Assessing The Key Features That Set Them Apart

Assessing The Key Features Between Wolf Cut and Mullet

A mullet and a wolf cut can be great designs to look forward to if you’re trying to experiment with on-going fashion trends, but have plenty of elements that need to be considered before you ultimately side with one of the two hairdos. From differences within the visuals to having different routines for maintenance, here are some of the key attributes of the wolf cut and the mullet that separate them from one another.


An obvious component that divides the mullet from the wolf cut is the layout it contains. In contrast to a wolf cut, a mullet contains a shorter length in the front, temple, and crown, and comprises a long mane at the back. Although it can be modified into curly variants and even be transformed into a modern slick back, a normal mullet looks extremely natural, containing a small amount of volume in general.

The wolf cut, on the contrary, is all about layers, definition, and texture. Similar to the shag, the hair in the front of a wolf cut contains tons of density that typically starts with the elevated top. It is exceptionally messy in terms of appearance, but also contains long layers around the sides that can be used as framing locs around the face and even be a help in need if you’re seeking to narrow down your face shape.


A mullet is often praised for how simple it is, and its procedure surely backs up that claim. In fact, to create a mullet, all you need is a reliable pair of scissors, with a hair clipper that contains multiple sized guards. While the best results can typically be obtained through the help of a styling professional, you can even create a mullet at home if you want to unleash the Van Gough that you have on the inside!

On the other hand, although a wolf cut is extremely convenient to pull off, bringing it to life might require the creation of layers, which can only be obtained by sectioning the hair on multiple occasions. While it could easily be done at home and could very well be mimicked at a salon, the layers and volume that it comprises could take a while in contrast to creating the textureless, stress-free ends of a mullet.


Another element that gives the mullet an edge over the wolf cut is the low-maintenance it comes with. Even though both hairstyles will surely make you happy, all you have to do in order to keep your mullet in check is, well, wash it on a regular basis. Since the appeal lies in the visuals of the mane, all you have to do is use your patience and grow it out with each passing day.

Maintaining the layers and volume of a wolf-cut is very straightforward in contrast to many hairstyles out there. However, when pitted against the mullet, it is usually at a disadvantage as it requires regular conditioning, brushing, and maintenance cuts to remain consistently glamorous at all times.

The Various Similarities That Reunite The Wolf Cut With The Mullet!

Wolf Cut and Mullet Similarities

Since the wolf cut is a hybrid of a shag cut and a mullet at the end of the day, it too has tons of common ground with the mullet. Listed below are two main characteristics that bring the wolf cut and mullet together.

They Both Have Versatility

A positive about both variants is how adaptable they are. For instance, if the current mullet variant you’re looking into doesn’t fit you or match your aura, worry not! Just incorporate the look anyway and transform it into a curly variant, an afro-textured variant, or buzz it all off to showcase your mullet like a skullet!

While you can’t exactly pull off the formerly-mentioned options through the help of a wolf cut, you can definitely change it up into a look that offers more density like the eBoy look, or make it even more messy by creating uneven fringes like Noah Beck!

They’re Androgynous

Despite having their own identities, both the wolf cut and mullet are often adored by fashion enthusiasts because they always break gender stereotypes. In simpler terms, you don’t have to follow certain guidelines or have a specific gender orientation to wear these hairdos. All you have to do is give it a go without any hesitation!

Wolf Cut vs. Mullet: Things To Consider When Taking Your Pick

Picking between two excellent hairdos is like picking your favourite tv show; a nightmare. However, since modern problems require modern solutions, here are crucial things you have to consider before taking your pick between a mullet and a wolf cut.

Face Shape

Face Shape

Before picking between a mullet and a wolf cut, take into consideration the outline of your face.

While the wolf cut can be a good way to trim down a round face, a mullet can do that and even more due to all the looks it offers to a person. In fact, if you pair a mullet with the right fade, perhaps you’ll never need to switch to another hairdo!

Hair Texture


Another important factor you have to think about before taking your pick between a mullet and a wolf cut is the texture you’d like to showcase.

If you’re all about layers, elevation and fullness, the wolf cut should very well be able to cater to your needs. However, if all that you want to highlight is the size of your mane and attention to detail isn’t a mandatory requirement, a mullet should be sufficient.


Since a hair care routine always comes with each haircut, the amount of time you’ll invest in taking care of your hair should also be considered when choosing the wolf cut over the mullet and vice versa.

If you believe that you’ll make time for your hair by conditioning it on a daily basis and visiting a salon every 2 to 3 weeks, you may consider yourself eligible for getting a wolf cut. However, if you happen to be working around a tight schedule with very little room for hair care, keep it light by rocking a mullet.

Final Takeaway

A wolf cut as well as a mullet can be a great way to give your hair a fresh start and invest less time on your hair due to how low-maintenance they usually are. However, since you can only wear one hairstyle at a time, it’s better if you go forward with one option before you take into consideration the potential of the other.

The outcome of your decision should be based on your priorities, face shape, and hair type. For example, if you want to replace your existing hairstyle and enhance it with tons of volume, various layers, and a messy texture, a wolf cut should be an obvious pick over the mullet. On top of containing a sufficient amount of elevation, a wolf cut is also easy to maintain, and is very cooperative to change if you get tired of wearing your hair the same way in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, if you want to have more control over the front side of your hair, and embrace the length of your mane, explore your distinct taste in fashion with the assistance of a mullet. While it could be a bit inconvenient and be frowned upon during formal events, the mullet will surely make up for it with its straightforward hair care routine and being the perfect sidekick to flamboyant outfits. It can also give your face the slimming effect that it needs, especially if the variant you wear blends in with the shape of your face.

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