Yella Beezy Haircut

Yella Beezy Haircut: The Best Hairstyles of this Hip Hop Star Men Must Try

Thanks to songs like “Goin Through Some Thangs”, “Bacc At It Again” and “That’s On Me”, Yella Beezy is currently one of the most prominent rising stars in the hip hop scene. Apart from his musical skills, the thing that gets a lot of attention is the Yella Beezy haircut.

Yella Beezy, whose birth name is Markies Deandre Conway, has changed his hairstyle quite a few times over the last couple of years. Most of them were really unique and exciting.

Whether you love the style or not, they usually possess a quality that just draws your eyes toward them. If you want that from your hairstyles as well, you should clearly take a look at some of Yella’s hairstyles.

To make things easier for you, we have already handpicked the best ones. You just need to stick with this article, and you will find the hairstyles that deserve your attention.

11 Striking Yella Beezy Hairstyles for You to Try Out

We have described in detail 11 Yella Beezy hairstyles in this list. Go through the whole list, and we promise that you will definitely find something that works for you.

Buzzed Short

Buzzed Short

When Yella Beezy first arrived on the hip-hop scene, he had short hair. In fact, he used to keep his hair really short, like a buzz cut.

The hair length will mostly be the same all around. That is easy to get, and you just need to use the same guard on your trimmer for all your hair. Yella has sometimes added a fade to his buzzed hair as well.

One way to better carry shorter hair is to go for neatly lined up hair. A Yella Beezy haircut does not always have the neatest hairline, but he does keep it tidy most of the time.

Afro with Fade

Afro With Fade

After Beezy’s hair got some length, the fade became a constant part of his style. It makes sense as well because there are not many ways to spice up your short hair.

Adding a fade can drastically improve your short hairstyle. Yella Beezy usually goes for a high fade, and the fade goes skin deep. That is a smart choice because revealing some skin on the sides will give your shorter hair on the front and top more character.

Another cool thing which he did was create a straight line on his right side. The ‘fading’ began right below that line. This simple straight line can give you a striking contrast.

Blowout Style

Blowout Style

This became the Yella Beezy haircut when his hair got even more length. This is actually a fun style to adopt if you also have a bit of length.

This visually looks like you put your finger inside an electric socket, and then all your hair turned up like a cartoon character. So, basically all your hair needs to be facing upwards.

Yella Beezy goes for a high fade with this one as well. That makes the style more compact and draws more attention to the blown out hair. If you have similar hair length, you should not miss out on this playful style.

Short Waves

Short Waves

Yella Beezy tried out waves when he had shorter hair, and it worked great on him. The only catch is that you’d need to spend a good amount of time to get this style.

The process starts when your short hair is growing back and the curls are starting to form. You have to then regularly comb and brush your hair in a wavy manner to get the ripple patterns.

You will also have to use a wave pomade and wear a durag to keep the waves in their place. When you see the final result, you’d realize that the time you spent was worth it. Also, do not forget to keep a neat hairline that complements the waves.

Headband with Short Hair

Headband With Short Hair

We are going to talk about short hair again. But, this time it is not about a style per se, rather about an accessory.

Yella Beezy is a huge fan of headbands. He has worn different types of bands with all kinds of colors when he had shorter hair or waves. It is actually one of the best ways of making your short hair stand apart.

Another great option is wearing a bandana. Yella has not gone for bandanas too much, but you can choose one that suits your face and appearance.

Drop Shag

Drop Shag

This one is probably the Yella Beezy haircut. We know when you first look at it, it’s a lot to take in. However, you’d be surprised to know that this is a really popular hairstyle in Dallas. That is probably why this rising star from Dallas has gone for this haircut.

This style has many names like drop shag, Dallas haircut, rat tail cut, etc. It has even been called ‘the booty’ hairstyle.

The basic idea is to have short waves in the front and the top. Then, you need to have hair on the lower crown and the nape area with the most length and volume. And we mean it when we say the hair needs to be a lot more in this section than any other area of your head.

Double Braids with Mid-Part

Double Braids With Mid Part

If you think that the previous style is not for everyone, we have something that anyone can go for. This is a simple yet charming fusion between braids and mid-part styles.

To attain this style, you need to begin with creating a middle partition. It’ll be a clear partition that goes all the way to your upper crown area.

Then you need to create two thick braids right at the edge of your sides, where you usually create side partitions. Then, add a high fade to complete this look. Do give this style a go if you’re a fan of braids.

Designed Braids

Designed Braids

This is a more exciting variation of the previous style. You will have a middle partition and two braids on the sides for this one as well.

In the previous style, your hair from the partition to the braids was slickly combed. Here, you need to thinly braid some of the hair on both sides of the partition.

Yella Beezy gives these thin braids zig-zag patterns. You can follow his style precisely if you want, or you can choose any shape or pattern of your own choice. The high fade is present here as well.

Tied Up Box Braids

Tied Up Box Braids

We are not done with braids just yet, and have another braided Yella Beezy haircut for you. This style is Yella’s interesting twist on the classic box braids.

It is really a simple idea, but it creates a huge impact. After creating the usual box braids with your hair, all you need to do is tie up some of the braids with each other. This easy trick makes this a much more dynamic style.

Let’s describe the sides in detail, which is the same for all three braided styles. You need to have some really short hair on the sides, right below the braids. Then create the high fade shape, and almost shave off the hair around your ears.

Afro Mullet

Afro Mullet

Yella Beezy has gone for the afro mullet style as well. Mullet is usually a very divisive style, and many men tend to stay away from it. But, Beezy actually pulls it off really well.

All of you probably already know what a mullet is, but let’s discuss Yella’s style anyway to clear any confusion you might have.  You need to have the same hair-length volume from the front to the nape for a mullet.

Usually you’d have even more hair in the nape area, but Yella keeps it the same. You also have to shave off the sides, or really shorten the hair.

Patterned Cornrows

Patterned Cornrows

Let’s end with the style with a hairstyle that is ever-dependable. We’re talking about cornrows. However, Yella Beezy has his own interpretations of this classic style as well.

You would usually have straight lines for the cornrows style. Yella keeps four such straight braids, with a bit of distance between each braid.

Between every two straight braids, he creates a curvy pattern. These patterns elevate this style from being simple cornrows and turn it into a captivating and charismatic style.


Now that you’ve read the entire list, you have some exciting hairstyles to choose from. There is something for everyone on our list.

Whether your hair is short, mid-length, or longer, you will find a style for your length. Also, you can choose if you want a really quirky and eccentric style like the drop shag, or if you want something a bit subtler like braids or the blowout style.

Let your own heart be your guide, and choose a style that you think will fit you. You can also put your own twist on any of the styles, and create a style for yourself.

The most important thing to remember is to not neglect the daily care your hair needs. If you properly maintain your hair, any hairstyle would look amazing on you.

So, what’s your Yella Beezy inspired hairstyle going to look like?

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