Teddy Bear Yorkie Haircut

7 Teddy Bear Yorkie Haircut Ideas That’ll Make Your Pup Even Cuter!

Yorkies are one of the friendliest dog breeds novice owners can adopt. Apart from their elegant coat and refreshingly lively personality, they’re extremely convenient to take care of due to their minimal requirements, and their maximum benefits!

While one of the downsides of having a yorkie is the amount of trim it requires on the daily, it could also be great for those that find enjoyment in grooming their pets regularly. Not only do the owners get a reliable buddy to vent to, but they also get to treat yorkies with the same amount of care they provide themselves with.

Furthermore, although the enjoyment of taking your yorkie to a salon seems rather exciting in theory, it might be extremely difficult to give them the right haircut. That’s when the teddy bear yorkie haircut comes in!

Today’s article will comprise everything you need to know about the teddy bear yorkie cut. Apart from describing the visuals it has, we will be providing you with a tutorial on how you can give your own yorkie a teddy bear haircut at home. We will also recommend multiple other options that you may resort to if the teddy bear haircut doesn’t match your pet’s personality, which will be mentioned in the second half of this write-up. We hope this article encourages you to give your yorkie the teddy bear haircut by the time you reach the end! We also hope you enjoy skimming through the following segments till then!

“Playful, Cute, and Adorable”: A Closer Look into the Teddy Bear Haircut

A Closer Look At Teddy Bear Yorkie Haircut

A teddy bear haircut is the best way to go if you’re seeking a look that will make your yorkie the cutest in the room! It involves framing the face of the yorkie in the shape that resembles the appearance of a teddy bear. The rest of the body receives a slight maintenance cut which further allows the teddy bear shaped face of the yorkie to stand out.

It’s one of the safest options as it looks extremely presentable. It also tends to go with the personality traits that a yorkie contains, specifically their affability and high-spirited energy. The coat also receives an upgrade, as it looks healthier due to the frizz free ends and shinier at the same time after a minor maintenance cut.

However, while the teddy bear haircut comes with a list of positives, it can be ineffective in the long run, especially if you’re working around a tight budget.

As the process itself involves the removal of mainly the ends of each strand, growing the hair back will be easy for the yorkie and can be achieved in a span of 2 weeks at most. To maintain the shape, frequent visits will be necessary, which will undoubtedly shave a significant amount from your savings over time.

7 Elegant Teddy Bear Yorkie Haircut Designs To Give Your Pet This Year!

 A look can be presented in multiple ways, and the teddy bear yorkie cut isn’t an exception.

Below you will find different variations and designs of the teddy bear yorkie haircut. The visuals might be different for each option, but the process of all of them will remain the same.

We hope you find the design you were envisioning, or find a haircut that inspires you enough to implement on your beloved yorkie!

The traditional teddy bear yorkie

The Traditional Teddy Bear Yorkie

One can’t go wrong by giving their yorkie this look. It has the perfect texture that offers a relaxed appearance. The blonde highlights and contrast of the colors stand out incredibly, which further adds to the puppy’s appeal. The hair around the forehead is shaped in a fringe-esque manner, mainly to give the look a distinct feature of its own.

Teddy Bear Updo

Teddy Bear Updo

If you regularly take your dog out for shopping, doing groceries, and to dinner, you may want to recreate this look.

For this design, the length of the teddy bear haircut needs to be slightly longer as opposed to the rest of the options. Make sure the length is at least 4 inches to create the ponytail.

Furthermore, if you feel that the hairdo is a bit too relaxed and lacks texture, use coconut oil or olive oil to present the look with some hold and shine. Brush it afterwards to change the outline of the design.

Short Length Teddy Bear Yorkie

Short Length Teddy Bear Yorkie

If you want to hop on the trend without having to take your dog for regular trims, you can even go for a short length teddy bear yorkie haircut.

Start by using clippers for the body to get rid of the bulk. Trim the face afterwards by using a bigger guard and a hair comb. To shorten the length as much as possible, use hair cutting shears or scissors to gently shape up your yorkie’s face.

The Messy Teddy Bear

The Messy Teddy Bear

Nothing looks more cute than a bedhead-esque hairdo! The messy teddy bear can be the perfect look for your yorkie if they are always calm and collected, even during unfavorable times.

It also has the best visuals, as both the coat and the face are presented with tons of density and fluffiness.

In addition to the admirable visuals, this is a great look for your pup if they’re scared of getting haircuts to begin with. It involves a simple procedure with small adjustments, which can be done at home with the help of the right equipment.

The Curly Bear

The Curly bear

Curly hair is just as beautiful when it’s on dogs. It allows their natural coat to shine and contains a ton of natural texture.

To give your pet this look, all you have to do is trim the edges of the strands. You may use hair cutting shears if you’re inexperienced, but can also use the razor technique for more texture and density.

The Karen Yorkie

The Karen Yorkie

If your dog has a rather stubborn personality and carries a lot of attitude, give them the karen look!

Resembling the visuals of an inverted bob, the Karen cut is a great look not only for relieving your yorkie, but to generate some laughs at the same time. While most designs on this list are extremely pleasant in terms of visuals, nothing speaks sass more than this variation!

The Side Part Teddy Bear

The Side Part Teddy Bear

If your yorkie is snuggly and their favorite activities revolve around laying in bed and taking naps, incorporate this look today! Pair them up with a small hoodie or sweater, and allow them to connect with their desire to stay in bed even further by giving them the side part teddy bear haircut!   

Make Your Yorkie Look Like a Teddy Bear!

If you’re in love with the visuals of the teddy bear haircut as much as we are, you’ll find this specific portion extremely helpful!

Even though going to a hairdresser will definitely allow your pet yorkie to have the best results possible, with the right equipment and technique, you can even give your bubbly yorkie the modification at home!

From bathing your yorkie beforehand to using hair clippers to make things easier, here are the rules you must abide by if you plan to give your yorkie the teddy bear look. The instructions will be extremely handy for those that are going to put their own haircutting abilities to use for recreating the look, but can also be a great set of instructions for those that are professionals.

Give your yorkie a nice bath

Before taking the clippers out or leaving the house for your pet’s appointment, make sure to give them a shower. Doing so will get rid of oil buildup, dirt, and any other residue from the dog’s coat. Removing the residue will allow the dog to have a pain-free procedure, mainly since tangles will be removed once you’ve bathed them.

Use clippers for the body

After the bath, trim the yorkie’s coat with a clean clipper. Get rid of the extra bulk of fur on the body so that the face is more prominent. Using a good quality clipper is also necessary to prevent nicks, cuts, and ensure effective results.

Use scissors to shorten the edges

Once you’ve gotten rid of the bulk, get rid of the extra length by using a pair of scissors. Apart from shortening the length of the fur, using scissors will give the final look a more natural appearance.

In addition to the previous rule, make sure to switch the scissors up with hair cutting shears if you’re creating the look by yourself or through the help of an inexperienced hairdresser. As hair cutting shears are less sharp as opposed to scissors, using them will prevent the dog from getting injured.

Give the head a round shape

The next thing you’ll have to do is use the same pair of scissors or shears to shape up the face of your yorkie! Be extra careful when trimming the fur, and give your yorkie a pat on the back and some love when you see signs of anxiety.

If you’re not confident in your abilities, ask a friend of yours to carry out this portion, especially if they have done it before. You may also reach out to a specialist for achieving the safest results at home

Comb it out

When you’re finally done with creating the teddy bear haircut, use a pet comb to brush out the fur to give it a healthier presence. For giving it a little bit of shine, you may use fish oil or castor oil. Apart from amping up the visuals, it will give your dog’s coat the much needed moisture to recover from any bruise induced from the haircut.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we firmly believe in the phrase “Less is more.”, it’s better to be safe than sorry at times. Giving your yorkie the teddy bear cut can seem like an easy task from afar, but is actually pretty challenging in reality. To minimize the concern, however, we have addressed some of the most common questions regarding the yorkie haircut that you can most definitely skim through. They are placed right below this segment, and we genuinely hope they make things easier for you as well as your yorkie!

Question: What’s the difference between a teddy bear haircut and a puppy cut?

Answer: While both have similar techniques, in contrast to a puppy cut, a teddy bear haircut is for the dog breeds with curly hair. The length is no different than that of a puppy cut, but lenient equipment is used for a teddy bear haircut. For instance, one may use hair cutting shears when creating a teddy bear haircut, but needs to use normal scissors for creating a puppy cut.

Question: How short does a dog coat need to be for a teddy bear haircut?

Answer: While any length would be suitable for the dog coat, ensuring that the coat is 2 inches long would probably give your yorkie the best results.

As opposed to the coat, the teddy bear haircut on the face needs to be at least 3 to 4 inches long to make the face the most noticeable portion amongst the visuals.


Overall, if you want your yorkie to stand out, feel lighter, and become even more manageable to look after, give them the teddy bear yorkie cut! While it will require you to spend a little more on your sweet pupper, the teddy bear yorkie cut will give them visuals like no other. Their coat will stand out, and will also be easier to clean. Their faces will be more apparent, and even cuter because of the teddy bear shaped design!

On another note, if you want your yorkie to receive the best results possible, reach out to a hairdresser who specializes in dog grooming. Not only do they tend to meet the necessary requirements, but they also use the right equipment and the safest method available when trimming dog coats.

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