Zero Fade Haircut

Zero Fade Haircut: 15 Unique Styles You Must Check Out

People always go for the easily accessible smart look as they look timeless. Hence, short hairstyles have been part of the trend for their low maintenance, and well-groomed appearance in every era without fail.

Zero fade haircuts are the most perfect gateway to achieving a younger look. These haircuts offer a tidy appearance with minimal effort. Regardless of which length you prefer to possess high, mid, or low zero fade they all look great on almost all genders and face shapes.

Zero fades however are usually paired with other haircuts like a buzz cut, Mohawk, mullet, etc. to enhance the beauty and elegance of that hairstyle. So, if your professional can do justice to your haircut then you will never want to go back to your regular ones.

Let’s dive into the article where you’ll find a brief intro about zero fade haircuts and some intriguing hairstyles. We have also provided some frequently asked questions to help you in this venture.

Get your favorite cup of beverage out and look through the end to get interesting insights on zero fade hairstyles.

What Is A Zero Fade Haircut?

Zero fade haircuts are most famous for their zero maintenance. In this haircut, an attachment-less clipper will be used near the ear and as the haircut is moved up to the top the number of the clippers will also increase and create a slight shadow.

In zero fades the length of the remaining hair is about 0.4 mm. The low zero fade transitions about half an inch above the ear. The med zero one starts transitioning about one inch, and the high zero one starts its transition around temple level above the ear.

Choose your own haircut and jazz up your appearance and go crazy!

Unique Zero Fade Haircuts You Should Checkout Now

Zero fade haircuts offer limitless hairstyles with versatile options of customization. In this part of the article, we are going to introduce you to some of the unique ideas to help you broaden your visualization.

Let’s just jump into it!

The Designed Fade

The Designed Fade

Zero fades create the perfect canvas to construct aesthetically pleasing designs on your head. The designs will suit individuals of every age. So even little boys can try them out for fun.

Designs can be intricate on your whole head or just two straight lines on the side. Get out of your comfort zone and look effortlessly cool.

Depending on your individualization the designed fade might cost a bit much and will DEFINITELY need professional skill and experience. But if you think about it it’s a small sacrifice for a life-changing haircut.

Just go get it!

The Top Braid

The Top Braid

The top braid is an amazing addition to your zero fades. You can turn the end of the braids into a man bun, a Viking braid, or create small braids and turn them into a ponytail as well. The opportunity for creativity is unlimited.

This type of haircut usually has high zero fades mixed up with the braid. Hence, it leaves most parts of the head hairless and creates volume on the crown. You can try them for a special occasion.

Be elegantly powerful with your top braid and zero fades today!

Fade With Highlight

Fade With Highlight

Highlights are always fun to play with. They will give you power and youthfulness. And you can change them any time you get bored.

Platinum or blonde highlights can make everything better while creating a canvas for your future colors. But make sure to match it according to your warm or cold skin tone to make it look amazing.

Moreover, highlights will accentuate your beautiful features prominently with zero fades. So getting them is never a loss.

Get your highlights with fade and rock all the outfits!

The Caesar Haircut

The Caesar Haircut

Does the name seem familiar? You guessed it right. The Caesar haircut takes its fashion similarity from the renowned Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

It creates small layers from the top of your head to the upper part of your forehead. The layers create a cover if you have a receding hairline. The classiness of this powerful haircut is paired with the ultra-modern zero fades. This creates a stylish look.

Get your Caesar cut with zero fades and celebrate your aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake.

The Hard Side Part

The Hard Side Part

The hard part or the hard side part is created by making a straight shaved line on the side. The artistry of this hairstyle can get dramatically enhanced by zero fades.

This haircut might need a bit more maintenance than the other ones to keep it fresh and neat. But you can’t deny its visually pleasing appeal, making it worth all the trouble.

So don’t wait up and mix and match this hairstyle fearlessly. And you will look like the absolute fashionista you are!

V-Shaped Zero Fade

V Shaped Zero Fade

A V-shaped zero fade hairstyle can make a striking definition of your hairline. This helps you to appear more professional and chic.

It creates a lot of layers while creating more volume and helping you cut down your excess hair. It will help your scalp to breathe better. Moreover, the hairdo will give you a refreshed casual look.

With this styling, you can just get up and go outside without caring for your hairdo. So, the haircut that looks flawless with every hair type should be your next go-to!

Curled Bangs

Curled Bangs

Enhance your dramatic aura by paring up curled bangs with zero fades. This is undoubtedly one of the iconic haircuts that work for any gender.

Complements are sure to come pouring down with this hairstyle. This will look stunning and create the drama you want with casual jeans or a suit. You will stand out stylishly in a crowd with this hairdo.

Flaunt your iconic fashion sense and charm, everyone, with this hairstyle now!

 The Faded Buzz Cut

The Faded Buzz Cut

This is the haircut with the most minimal hassle. It looks effortless yet if you do get one person would surely notice the change.

This will give you a look like the new hot protagonist of a show. It’s a great element to boost your confidence.

You can also add some intricate design on the side while you’re at it. Customize as much as you want and enhance its beauty.

Make everyone swoon with your faded buzz cut today!

 The Trendy Mohawk

The Trendy Mohawk

Mohawks are downright edgy with a cool rebellious vibe. It looks majestic on everyone regardless of their age, gender, or face shape.

Mohawks are usually traditional haircuts. However, if you want to be trendy and let your individualization shine then the trendy Mohawk with a zero fade can help you.

You can also highlight the top part of your Mohawk in different colors to create unique styling.

Get your edgiest outfit and awe-inspire everyone with this new look.

 The Mullet Fade

The Mullet Fade

Mullets are definitely back in style and everyone is going crazy about them. It looks dazzling and can spice up even your regular outfits.

If you want an eye-catching hairstyle, then this can be your go-to.  Its unique majesty is hard to resist. The ultimate glam of this haircut will steal everyone’s hearts.

The not-so-subtle hairstyle will make you the star of any event. Hence, slay every vintage or retro style there is like a fashion warrior with this haircut now!

 Faded Fauxhawk

Faded Fauxhawk

A fauxhawk is like the less dramatic sibling of a Mohawk. However, a faded fauxhawk fulfills that missing dramatic element and enhances its charm.

You can add a bit of spike or highlights depending on the length of your hair on top.  Don’t be afraid to give wings to your imagination while trying out different ideas with this hairstyle. You can personalize this hairstyle any way you want and still look fabulous.

Get your fauxhawk faded today and bedazzle everyone!

 The Flat Top Fade

The Flat Top Fade

The flat-top haircut was immensely popular among the men from 1947-the 1960s. As people nowadays are getting into more retro and vintage fashion this could make a comeback.

As the name suggests, the top part of the hair is flattened but with volume, and the sides are faded. The absolutely beautiful contrast between modern and classic retro is sure to blow everyone’s mind.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Get the haircut today and suit up to look utterly resplendent.

 The Wavy Top

The Wavy Top

The wavy top combined with zero fades is the ultimate solution to keep your hair out of the face stylishly.

All you have to do is use some gel to press out the top part of your hair and pull it back while combing and creating a wave. The visually pleasing hairstyle will appeal to anyone and everyone. And you will certainly leave a long-lasting impression wherever you go.

You can get it at home. But having professional help is highly recommended to get a flawless result.

Bring out your iconic fashion sense with this hairstyle today!

 Zero Fade And Box Braids

Zero Fade And Box Braids

Braids and zero fades are already an amazing amalgamation of fashion and taste. The consistently trendy box braid elevates its powerful suave when paired with zero fades.

The aesthetic appeal of the combination of these two haircuts is incredible. It will give a boost to your confidence in no time. The same strong aura will exude if you pair it up with cornrows, dreads, goldilocks, crocheted locs, etc.

Don’t wait up and be your confidently edgiest self with this hairstyle!

 Textured Messy Top With Fade

Textured Messy Top With Fade

As per the name of the haircut the top part of the hair is textured and paired with a zero fade. This particular hairstyle will give a casual effortless cool vibe.

The textured messiness gives a bit of bed-hair vibe as well which was part of the trend. Moreover, nonchalant texture with strict zero fades will make you feel like the protagonist of a rom-com movie.

You can wear this haircut with a sweatshirt or a suit and it can give a different meaning to your appearance. For every occasion, this is a must-try!


You can’t help but wonder about a few things while trying out a new haircut. In this part of the article, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions about zero fade haircuts so that you won’t have to look elsewhere.

Question: How long does a zero fade last?

Answer: It lasts for about 1-2 weeks. After this amount of time, the fades usually start to grow. So, you can just trim your hair at home once every 1-2 weeks to make it look nice and clean.

Question: Are a zero fade and a skin fade the same? 

Answer: A zero fade IS DIFFERENT than a skin fade. Zero fades will leave the hair to your neckline, but a skin fade will continue the shaving process till skin shows.

Question: Do fades cost more than regular haircuts?

Answer: Skin fades might cost more than regular haircuts as they require extra time and care. The average price for a regular fade is 35$ to 50$. However, the cost can vary depending on your location, your stylist, and customization.


So you see zero fades are simple yet possess the ability to take everyone’s breath away with their unified elegance. With all its versatile options it’s a must-try for everyone.

No matter what kind of haircut you choose with zero fades, it all comes down to how confidently you carry it out. The possibilities of personalization are endless. So if you are not too comfortable you can choose comparatively regular ones. If not, then we suggest you have as much fun as you want with your creative ideas.

More importantly, you only live once. The hair you cut today will grow out in 3-4 weeks with some exceptions. And we hope that we have provided enough inspiration to let your innovative ideas fly high with your haircuts.

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