Zig Zag Braids

14 Stylish Zig Zag Braids To Steal the Limelight

When it comes to the world of braiding, the styling options are infinite. You don’t have to stick to the regular three-strand braids anymore because there are thousands of braided hairstyles waiting to adorn your hair like never before. From regular box braids to fancy snake braids, each and every one of them will make your hair look gorgeous.

We have talked about several types of braiding styles previously, and most of them include the use of hair extensions to create luscious braids. However, if you are looking for something intricate and can be done on natural hair as well, then zig zag braids can be a great option to go for!

The variations of zig zag braids will easily make you fall in love with them. You can choose from a range of intricate styles or simply opt for the classic zig zag cornrows. These braids will make your hair look beautiful, and you will totally fall in love with the pattern.

How to Do Zig Zag Braids on Natural Hair?

Zig zag braids may sound like something difficult to achieve, but if you follow the right steps, perfecting these braids will become so easy! Here we are going to talk about the zig zag cornrows which you can do right at home without any hassle.

First of all, part your hair in half from ear to ear. Tie up the back section of hair properly, and apply oil to the parting. Now, create two middle parts at the front so that you end up with hair right in the middle divided by two partings on each side. Tie up the rest of your hair, and take this separate section of hair into account.

The next step is to create mini sections out of this separated section. Make sure these mini sections are all neat and uniform in order to achieve the best outcomes. Take your first mini section and start doing a cornrow with your natural hair. When the first mini section is done braiding on the scalp, grab a small piece of hair from your next mini section. This piece of hair should be grabbed from the side where your first cornrow braid has ended in order to create the zig zag pattern.

Adjust the piece of hair with the previous cornrow and keep everything close to your scalp. Now braid your hair in a turn-around process and complete the cornrow. Again, follow the same process on the opposite side to create a complete zig zag pattern. Carry on with the same process for the rest of your mini sections, and you will be left with beautiful zig zag braids in no time!

For ease of braiding, you can create a zig zag pattern when you are separating your mini sections before braiding. This will help you to figure out how to braid in a zig zag manner in an easier way.

Zig Zag Braid Hairstyles That Will Win Your Heart

Now that you know how to do zig zag braids on your own, it’s time to try out different captivating hairstyles. You can go for a look that consists of zigzag braids only, or simply combine different braiding styles in a single look. So without any further ado, let’s jump into our list of the best zig zag braids that you can try!

Long Black

Long Black

The classic long braids are always in style, and many ladies out there love to try out these long braids because they look totally gorgeous. So if lately, you have been thinking that your hair needs an upgrade, then you can try out zig zag braids that are long, sleek, and shiny.

Take this picture for instance. The lady here has beautifully done zig zag braids which look stunning from the very first glance. Braiding hair has been used to create the braids, giving them a fuller and healthy-looking vibe. We love the neatness of the entire style, and the slayed edges at the front are total goals!

Medium Hair

Medium Hair

For those who love to keep their hair in a medium length, zig zag braids can always be a great option. The fact with zig zag braids is that they don’t require much but still look stunning. So you don’t have to worry about whether your braids will look good in a medium-length appearance because trust us, they will.

This picture is a perfect example of what zig zag braids look like in hair that is medium in length. The braids look totally perfect and the partings are so precise that it makes us want to try out this hairstyle right now! We also love the style that has been done at the end of the braids, as it makes the entire style cooler.

With Beads

Zig Zag Braids with Beads

One of the most common ways to adorn your braids is to add beads to them, which helps in giving your braids a traditional look. You can choose transparent beads to give your braids a modern touch, whereas wooden beads surely give your braids a traditional vibe and uplift your style.

This classic hairstyle with zig zag braids at the front half and box braids at the back half looks totally glamorous. We love the size of the braids and love how the length reaches the waist. The use of wooden beads at the end of the braids has totally won our hearts!

Zig Zag and More

Zig Zag Braids And More

Combining two or more braiding styles in a single hairstyle is always a great way to make a statement. Especially if you love intricate styles, you can easily choose different types of braiding options and implement them to make a great braided hairstyle.

Such as the one in this picture. Here, the lady has zig zag braids accompanied by stitch braids and cornrows that look totally stunning. Blonde braiding hair has been used to create the hairstyle, and we love how the ends of the braids have been made curly. The entire style is clean, precise, and approved from our side!

Zig Zag Stitch

Zig Zag Stitch

If you have tried out zig zag braids before, then you might already know about the popular hairstyle known as zig zag stitch braids. In recent times, we have seen many ladies trying out this fabulous hairstyle, so we had to mention this style as one of our favorites!

As you can see from this picture, the zigzag stitch braids look quite intricate when they are done properly. The zigzag partings along with the stitch braids look beautiful, and we love how effortless the entire style is. This one is a must-try the next time you visit the salon!

Red Hair

Red Hair Zigzag Braids

We are here again to remind you of one of our favorite styles of all time-the red braids! Vibrant or subtle, no matter what your choice is, red braiding hair is going to take your entire braided style to the next level. You can opt for a complete red hair look, or simply combine your natural black hair with the red braiding hair to achieve a bold look.

In this picture, red braiding hair has been used to create the beautiful zig zag braids. We love the length of the braids and the neatness of the style. The hair looks quite vibrant down the length, and the zig zag braids on the scalp done using both the natural hair and the red braiding hair look amazing.

With Bun

Zig Zag Braids With Bun

Making a bun out of your braided hair is the easiest way to achieve a hairstyle that keeps your hair in place. This one is also great for everyday styling, and suitable enough for your regular activities. So if you are looking for something neat and compact, a hair bun is always the best way to go.

The lady in this picture has zig zag stitch braids which have been turned into a beautiful low bun. The entire style is faultless, and we love the zig zag patterns as well as the neatness of the stitch braids. Doing the bun has made this hairstyle much more versatile and one of the easiest styles out there!

Half Up Style

Half Up Style

One of the most common ways to style your braiding hair is to make a half up half down style out of your braids. Those who love to try out protective styles often want to try out newer things to make their hair look more stunning. This is why the half up style is always one of our best suggestions for stylish divas out there.

These zig zag stitch braids have been used to create a half up bun hairstyle on the lady in the picture to make her braids look super gorgeous. The long braids flowing down the length look amazing, and we also love how the baby hairs have been styled properly to give the entire style a neat and precise appearance. This one is a must-try for all the half up style lovers.

Big Braids

Big Braids

While some of us like to have small or medium-sized braids to flaunt our braided hairstyle, many women out there prefer the big or jumbo braids. Apart from the fact that big braids comparatively take a lesser amount of time to be done, these braids look fuller in appearance which makes them look stunning.

The lady in this picture has perfectly done zig zag braids which are big in size and look totally amazing. We love how the entire pattern has been created. Also, if you notice carefully, you will find that the ends of the braids have been adorned with colorful beads to give the braids a playful touch. This style is totally approved from our side!

Patterned Zigzag

Petterned Zigzag

Your zigzag braids can be done in different patterns and sizes, which makes them look even more gorgeous. Many women do not prefer the long braids and simply want to keep their braids all short and compact. For that reason, you can choose a patterned zig zag braids hairstyle that is limited to the scalp only.

This is a visual representation of what we are talking about. As the style is quite short, different patterns have been used to do the braids in order to make them look super attractive. The braids are laying perfectly all over her scalp, and we love the style for its appealing outcome. For any glamorous event, this style is sure to win the crowd.

Zig Zag Braids Hairstyles for Men

Zig zag braids are so versatile that people of any age can try them without worrying a bit. Just like women, men can also opt for amazing zig zag braids that will definitely make them look cool and stylish in a great way. So here are some of the zig zag braid hairstyles for men that will be great to try out!

Snake Zig Zag

Snake Zig Zag

Many of us know about the snake braids, but the snake zig zag is nothing like that. It’s your regular zig zag braids done in a way that makes the braids look like snakes. The perfect outcome can be ensured through proper skill, and this style is quite trendy for men of the modern age.

This is what a head full of snake zig zag braids look like. As you can see, the braids have been done in an interesting way to make them look like snakes all over the place. The hair has a great shine and the partings are neatly done to make everything look proper. We suggest you give this style a try the next time you visit the salon.

Side Shaved

Side Shaved

Fade or side-shaved haircuts are the most common ones that men love to try. Side-shaved haircuts have gained their fair share of popularity, so you can always give them a shot. However, combing your side-shaved style with zig zag braids can be a great way to elevate your style.

Take this picture for example. In this picture, the man has a compact hairstyle that consists of shaved sides and braids done in a zigzag pattern right in the middle. The braids look amazing as they have been done with precision, and we totally love the combination of shaved and braided styles in the same hairstyle.

Tied Up

Tied Up

Zig zag braids can be done on natural hair, or you can opt for braiding hair to make your braids longer. No matter what option you choose, your braids will always look stunning. But if the braids become a little bit longer, you can tie them up using a simple hair tie and it will make your hair look even cooler.

In this picture, the man has a head full of braids done in a zig zag pattern. The zig zag patterns are not too small and intricate rather they are larger in appearance. The braids have been done properly down the length, and then a simple hair tie has been used to tie up all the braided ends together-it’s as simple as that!

Man Bun

Man Bun

Among all the braided hairstyles for men, one of our favorites is the man buns that look totally bold. Man buns do not require much effort to be done, but the outcomes are always amazing. So the next time you visit the salon to change your hairstyle, ask your hairdresser to do a man bun out of your braids.

For those with zig zag braids, the buns look cooler because of the zig zag pattern on the scalp. The combination of zig zag braids and man buns is always appreciable. If you do not believe us, then take a look at this picture. The man has beautifully done zig zag stitch braids which have been turned into two beautiful buns. These man buns are totally approved by us, so give them a try right now!


As we have established why you need to try out zig zag braids asap, now it’s time to answer some basic questions regarding zig zag braids. These will help you to understand why zig zag braids will be a great option for your hair.

Are zig zag braids protective hairstyles?

Yes, zig zag braids are protective hairstyles. They are one of those trendiest styles that make your hair look outstanding while providing your natural black hair with the benefits it needs, so we suggest you give them a try.

What things do I need to do zig zag braids on my own?

For at-home zig zag braids sessions, you need some basic things such as a wide-tooth comb, a rat tail comb, hair ties, a spray bottle that is filled with water, and proper hair oil to use on the partings. These handy things will make your braiding session easier and hassle-free.

Can I do zig zag braids with my natural hair only?

Yes, you can, zig zag braids can be done on your natural black hair which is a great option if you want to keep your style short. And for those willing to flaunt their long braids, using braiding hair is a great option to achieve that length.

Final Thoughts

As we are at the end of our article, we hope that these styling options have convinced you to try out zig zag braids the next time you visit the salon. Or you can do them on your own as well, and no one’s going to complain.

Zig zag braids are so versatile and combining them with other braided styles makes the braids look even more stunning. All you need to do is select your preferred length and style beforehand so that the outcomes totally satisfy your needs.

So take care of your hair and style them in the proper protective ways to treat them in the best possible way. Try out the styles that we have suggested here, and carry your braids gracefully every time you step outside!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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