Body Wave Perm

Body Wave Perm: Styles, DIY Guides & Care Routine 2024

Having been born with a particular hair type doesn’t mean you have to live with it for eternity. Liking something is subjective and it varies from person to person.

Thanks to modern science you don’t necessarily stick with the hair type you are born with, and perm is one of the prime examples. With perm, you can turn your straight hair to natural hair ‘permanently’, and that’s where the name ‘Perm’ comes from.

Body Wave perm is one of the versions of perm that gives the most convincing natural hair look. To make sure you get a perfect perm, we have included a DIY guide, hairstyles for both short and medium hair lengths including a care guide.

Before You Get Into It, What Is Perm?

Perm is a chemical process of permanently changing hair’s texture, turning straight hair into curly or wavy hair. You can curl your hair or add a wave to it with a curling iron but it provides a temporary solution, perm on the other hand is permanent.

Before you jump into a perm after reading about how it makes your dream come true, you have to understand that it’s a chemical process.

These chemicals can often be harsh for your hair. Perm is for healthy hair which can take some rough treatment. If your hair is already suffering from damage, we strongly discourage you from doing a perm.

What Is Body Wave Perm?

Think of it as a low-key version of perm. This perm is for specific persons who want to change their hair type close to natural hair.

This body wave perm gives your hair texture and a wavy look that resembles natural hair. So, this is for those who want to change their hair type or try a perm but don’t want the full curl.

DIY Guide

Body wave perm is completely doable at home as there are many kits available online, but it is recommended that you do it by a hairstyle professional. Only an expert can determine if your hair is healthy enough to apply perm.

If it’s costly for you or if no professional is available in your area, and If you feel confident – then proceed with the guide and give yourself an exquisite Body Wave Perm.

Step 1: Preparation

Before jumping into a perm, make sure that your hair is in top-notch condition. To bring your hair to a better health, try a hair strengthening conditioner one month prior to applying perm. This will help to give the hair more strength and repair damages.

Step 2: Parting

Parting is required to make the process easier. If you try to perm the whole hair together, it will turn out to be a much more difficult process.

Before you begin parting, wash your hair thoroughly first as the chemical needs to go through every part of the hair. Part the hair diagonally as this will give your hair a diffused finish.

Step 3: Rolling

In the rolling process, it’s better to use a large roller since you are working with lots of hair at the same time. A long roller will make it easy to wrap the hair around.

To roll your hair, first make sure your hair is nice and wet. This will help the hair to stick to the roller. While rolling, take special care to the end of the hair so it goes under the roller and does not make a fish hook-like curve.

Step 4: Applying perm solution

After the rolling process, wait some hours and apply the perm solution to your rolled hair. Waiting is needed to dry the hair so the solution can soak the hair properly.

After applying, let it set down on your hair for the time mentioned on the specific solution you are using.

Step 5: Drying Process

After the applying process, unroll all the rollers and let the hair dry. To help the process, crunch the hair upward and leave it. Repeat this process until the hair looks relatively dry and you start to see the wavy pattern taking shape.

You should also diffuse & dry the hair, use low blowing and heat setting and take a healthy amount of time. And finally, you have your very own Body Wave perm at home.

17 Best Body Wave Perm Styles for 2024

Now that you know how to apply perm, you should see the options you can style your into. For better reference, we have included perm styles for both short and medium hair lengths so that you get a clear understanding of which perm style will look good on your hair.

Body Wave Perm for Short Hair

For perm hair, you might think you will need medium to long hair, but to your surprise – even short hair can do perm! Short hair perm will give you a bold look that is both attractive and not irritating.

If you are already rocking short hair, then you are already familiar with bold hairstyles. Nevertheless, here is a list of 10 Body Wave Perm Short Hairstyles that will inspire you to take the next step.

Thin Perm

Thin Perm

This style is for those who have thin hair. This hair will make you look a lot younger and give you a cute look. Since perm is considered a permanent hairstyle you should choose something you can wear every day or can be adapted for any occasion, and this style will do just that!

You can regularly wear this hairstyle and it will never become boring! And as a bonus, you can apply different accessories or tie it your way to diversify the hair for different occasions.

Scarlet Perm

Scarlet perm

Many people love coloring their hair, and with perm you can also do so but it’s not for everyone. As mentioned before, perms are a chemical process thus it’s harsh on your hair.

Dyeing can also harm your hair. So, it is best to dye your hair at least one to two weeks after or before perm and only do it if your hair is in good condition. Apart from the harsh treatment, dyeing your perm is a bold look that will make you stand out from others.

Classic Perm

Classic Perm

We present you this Classic Perm hairstyle which will give you a vintage and elegant look. In the past, people used to get this perm for different parties. Wearing this for everyday hairstyle used to be quite challenging.

But now with modern advancements, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. If you have blonde hair and want to look classy for your next party, grab this style without any delay!

Side Part Perm

Side Part Perm

This is for those who absolutely hate long hair and relates with modern minimalistic styles. Previous arts were defined by their complexity but today we do the opposite, and hairstyles today are also following the same route.

This hairstyle will show that you are up to date with modern styles, which many people find attractive. If you currently have a short and straight hairstyle, then this is the perfect opportunity to try out this Body Wave Perm hairstyle.

Subtle details with short perms really compliment each other. This can be your everyday hairstyle so that you can radiate the gorgeous aura all day every day.

Short Wave

Short Wave

Many actresses and actors had to perm their hair for their roles in movies, so it’s a common practice among them. French actress Marion Cotillard was seen rocking short perm hair that is equally simple and cute.

This hairstyle includes a parting in the middle which allows the hair to fall evenly on both sides. You can try out this hairstyle casually, which makes it a great candidate for a long-term hairstyle. Since perm lasts about 4-6 months, this hairstyle will be great for you if you are looking for a long-term commitment.

Spiral Ends

Spiral Ends

This special and fancy perm will be suitable for women who have to present themselves for their line of work in front desk representatives, personal assistants, or sales representatives. This hairstyle will make you sharp & attractive and radiate confidence.

This look should attract potential customers and keep your clients interested. Besides work-life, this hairstyle in general will give you an elegant look. So, this is a two-in-one package, only to make your life more fun and enjoyable!

Perm For Men

Perm For Men

You might be surprised to know that the perm is not that uncommon among men. If you are a man reading this article and feeling left out, then don’t be! Because this style is specifically for you.

This perm can be paired with a very common hairstyle among men and that is fade. The perm hair on top and fade under it can create a bold and contrastive look. This curly hair on top will give you a sexy and masculine look.

This is a hairstyle that will surely make you stand out from the crowd, and it alone is enough to make you memorable.

Rose Petal Perm

Rose Petal Perm

This one is best suited for special occasions and can be a little overwhelming for an everyday hairstyle. If the boldness doesn’t bother you, then you are good to go.

This is a lovely hairstyle you can wear at your close friend’s wedding or a college farewell party. This hairstyle incorporates the soothing vibe of a rose petal, which makes it simple yet eye-catchy.

The top portion of the hair is straight and the curling starts from the middle section. The intensity increases as it goes further down. Since the curling starts from the middle section, you don’t have to perm your whole hair.

Fluffy Short perm

Fluffy Short Perm

Perms add an advantage to people with thin hair. If done correctly, you can make your hair look fuller. Thin hair is concerning as it always poses a threat to baldness and also limits the option for hairstyle.

This perm is especially for you if you have thin hair. Not only will it make your hair look more voluminous, it will make you cute as well. The perm starts from the root of the hair and ends at the edge. Since the perm starts from the root it elevates the hair from the scalp and gives it a fuller look.

Messy perm

Messy Perm

Messy hairstyles are best for people who don’t want to spend much time styling their hair. You can get this hairstyle to look cute in a smart and effortless way.

Perm Helps a lot to give the hair a messy look. Imagine doing a perm and having messy hair for 4-6 months yet looking good, this will be a dream come true for quite a lot of people.

This hairstyle will not just be your long-term hairstyle that doesn’t need much care but also a long-term solution to your look. The perm adds a natural texture to the hair which makes the hair messy. With just a little adjustment, you can turn this mess into a hairstyle that will make you fabulous.

Body Wave Perm for Medium Length Hair

People with medium hair do more perm than people with shorter hair. You can consider it as the ideal hair length for a perm. So, having medium hair is naturally calling for a perm.

If you feel like answering the call, then let us present you with some of the most appealing perms in 2024, which you can do with your medium-length hair.

The Natural One

Natural Body Wave Perm

This style is for those who just want to add the natural hair-like texture and nothing else. This style is the embodiment of the original idea of the perm.

With this Perm, you will achieve the look and feel of natural hair. So, for those who are looking to only change their hair type, this hairstyle is perfect for them.

Additionally, if you feel confident enough, you can bleach your hair and dye it to your desired color!

Ginger Side Part

Ginger Side Part

Now let’s talk about a hairstyle that mimics many natural features of a hair. For example, using perm to get the natural hair texture and dyeing the hair to achieve natural ginger color which is very rare.

This one is for those who always envied natural hair with ginger color, I mean who can blame you. With perm hair and dyeing, you can get both of what you did not have before and look smashingly beautiful!

Medium Body Wave Perm

Medium Body Wave Perm

Since we are talking about medium-sized hair, let’s explore a fabulous body wave perm that can take advantage of the length and volume of your hair. You might be wondering that you have seen this type of hair many times in shampoo commercials.

Well, if you have straight hair then you can have this hairstyle with the help of a perm. This hairstyle will be a bit difficult to do as the waves are less curvy but much longer. Having naturally blonde hair will be an advantage as you don’t have to bleach your hair to get the reference look.

Black Perm With Mid Part

Black Perm With Mid Part

Let’s now see a hairstyle containing natural ebony color with a body wave perm. It shows how gorgeous you can look with a body wave perm on medium-sized black hair.

The dense hair on the top and wavy hair below that generates a paradoxically aesthetic look that everyone adores. This hairstyle is great for daily life and most public occasions.

So, this could be your everyday hairstyle with a touch of gorgeous. The opposing and fuller look will be the reason for everyone’s envy. As a bonus, you can also color portions of your hair without bleaching, to be in sync with modern styles.

Silky Perm

Silky Perm

If you follow the standard perming method, then you’ll know that you have to wait 72 hours after perm to wash your hair. Even if you don’t follow the standard procedure then you have to wait at least 24 hours before you can wash your hair again.

This waiting period will give you a silky perm that you wanted to have for a long time. The silky nature of this hairstyle will make your head feel lighter, and produce an aura that emanates confidence and passion!

Wide Strands

Wide Strands Perm

Natural hair tends to attach to each other by creating groups of hair strands, and the wavy nature spreads them by giving them a voluminous look. So, the extra perk you are getting with this hairstyle is the volume of the hair.

Voluminous hair is required to do some specific hairstyle like Long Shag, Stacked Bob, or Long Layered Haircut. If you long for voluminous hair, then you can apply this perm to make it dense artificially.

You can then try out the haircuts that require bulky hair. You can consider it as a base hairstyle which you can fuse with other styles or patterns.

Semi Spiral Perm

Semi Spiral Perm

In contrast to a classic perm, let’s look at a modern one. This particular perm is popular among celebrities, so rest assured this hairstyle will give you nothing but a majestic look.

This is a simple look yet it speaks a lot about your personality. Another plus point of this hairstyle is that it’s easy to do and there is nothing fancy you need to apply in order to get this look.

This can be your go-to hairstyle for any occasion. Think of it as an easy way to show your ex what he lost and burn in jealousy.

Care Routine

Let’s check out the care routine for body wave perm hairstyles to keep the perms healthy and neat.

  • After doing a perm, wait at least 72 hours before you apply water or any product to your hair. The perming solution will take about three days to make the intended changes to your hair.
  • The current perming solution is much safer than the ones in the past. Still, this is a harsh chemical process and it makes the hair dry.
  • So, apply deep conditioner and nourishing, hydrating products that will accelerate the healing process of your hair.
  • Use as little shampoo as possible. The shampoo will wash the natural oil from your hat which is needed to keep the hair moist.
  • Change to natural hair products from chemical ones to keep your hair healthy. Also, avoid products with silicone, alcohol, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (also known as SLS).


For offering you a better understating of body wave perm, we have answered a few commonly asked questions regarding it.

How long does a body wave perm last?

Based on your hair type and how you took care of your perm, it can last 4-6 months.

Is a body wave the same as a perm?

Yes, Body wave is a perm, it gives a more curly and natural-looking hair.

Are perms OK for thin hair?

It depends. If the health of our hair is in good condition then you can do a perm despite having thin hair. The chemical is harsh for the hair body, not the hair density.


Perm is a convenient way to change your straight hair to natural hair. In the past, it was a tedious process involving regular treatment of the hair. Chemicals used in the past were also more harmful than today. So, it is high time to perm your hair as it became a safer and more convenient option to change your hair to natural hair.

For your guidance, this article included a DIY process for perm, should you decide not to do it through any hair specialist. For ideas and inspiration, the included hairstyles will be a really helpful guide in choosing the right perm style for your specific hair and will give you an idea of where this hairstyle might be more suitable.

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